Current Newsletter- Second Quarter 2006


StarGazer by Magi Helena, Certified Magi Astrologer
Second Quarter 2006

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to announce my soon-to-be released, all-new website with lots of new content, including:

     •  Online Capsule Lessons in Magi Astrology™
•  An explanation of the differences in Sexual Linkages in Couples
     •  Celebrity Examples of Magi Principles:
        1. Famous Couples with Soulmate Linkages
        2. Famous Couples with Heartbreak Clashes
        3. Celebrities who Married on a Heartbreak Day
        4. Celebrities whose Marriages/Divorces Strengthened/Devastated their Careers
        5. Celebrity "Heaven and Hell" Relationships

The new site will debut on a great astrological day. Watch for an announcement, coming soon!

  An upcoming cycle to be aware of is a Universal Saturn-Uranus contraparallel in helio, with Earth at the midpoint. This is a long transit, but will probably be most felt from 4/23 until its peak on 5/14. 5/6 to 5/14 will probably be the worst of it, as the Saturn-Uranus quincunx in helio is just days past its peak, and Juno in the geometry adds to the confusion. Possible effects of this Universal cycle are difficulties with the internet, aviation, the entertainment industry or mass-media, (or astrology); universal pessimism, and perhaps the tarnishing of a major public figure or the revelation of infidelities. Another possible situation is a divisive pull between needed but perhaps adventurous changes and remaining with a "safe" but stultifying status quo. This dilemma could happen within an individual, or broadly in the world. If within the self, remember to wait for clarity before taking action, and that the urge for change is not in itself a reason for change, any more than the fear of change is not in itself a reason to avoid it.

   Saturn and Chiron resume their Heartbreak slam dance in the celestial mosh pit 5/27- 6/20. The nastiest portion of this being 6/15- 6/20, with an aspected T-Square of Mars conjunct Saturn and poor Jupiter debilitated at the Saturn-Chiron Heartbreak Apex. This time, readers with planets in the 7°-10° area of each sign will likely be most affected, which includes readers whose birthdays fall approximately from the 27th - 1st of each month. Those readers should take special care not to begin anything new, to take things slow and easy, and to maintain a low profile during this time.

   The single simplest and most powerful way anyone can use astrology is to avoid universally bad days for new initiatives- so these days are pointed out, not to be negative, but to help everyone keep their lives moving in positive directions.

   A reminder on dates quoted in StarGazer- dates are quoted for the US. If you are in a part of the world in a far different time zone, calculate your dates accordingly earlier or later as appropriate.

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In This Issue
  • Ask the Magi
  • Magi Days- Second Quarter 2006
  • Predictions for each Zodiac Sign for April - June 2006
  • Discussion: The Key to Love
  • Ask the Magi
       "If a couple has a heartbreak clash such as his Saturn in exact square to her Venus, how can that be overcome in the marriage chart?  Does it help to marry on a day when Saturn is retrograde?"

       Saturn square Venus is certainly a clash to reckon with in analyzing a relationship, but is not a heartbreak clash in Magi Astrology. In Magi Astrology, the Saturn-Chiron clash is the primary heartbreak clash, though the Saturn/Chiron midpoint can also create a type of heartbreak clash, and the Venus-Juno Ultimate Sexual Linkage can have a heartbreak component as well.

       When there are noteworthy clashes between planets in a couple's charts, an outstanding wedding day is very important to help the couple deal with their clashes. Though a clash between two people cannot be completely "overcome," whatever linkages and clashes a couple has can be greatly improved or greatly exacerbated by the choice of their wedding date.

       I really can't make blanket statements about Saturn retrograde in a wedding chart. There are many parameters considered in electional Magi Astrology. (Electional astrology simply stated is the science of selecting a date for beginning something new.) We look at the linkages and clashes in the chart of day, the progressions set up by the day, and the linkages and clashes from the wedding chart to both partners, among other things. Many other factors come into play as well to determine what is the best possible wedding date for both partners'  happiness, safety, career and financial success, and satisfaction with the marriage

    More information about Wedding Date Selection

    Magi Days- Second Quarter 2006
     Using the principles of four-dimensional Magi Astrology, these are noteworthy days- either positive or negative. Be aware that these are general predictions, and may be improved by, or negated by, your personal transits.  

    April 1- A heartbreak day, avoid new beginnings of any kind.

    April 6-8 Fairly good days for new initiatives, both personally and in business.

    April 16-20 More fairly good days for new beginnings in general, as long as your personal transits agree.

    April 24- May 3- Saturn square Sun or Earth make these days to avoid for any new starts in business or pleasure.

    May 4-8 Interpersonal cooperation could be at an all-time low, and enmities begun now could be lasting, so tread carefully.

    May 6-14 Expect some troubles with the internet, the entertainment industry, mass-media, or aviation. It is especially important to avoid natalizing any dates relating to the above sectors, and guard your public reputation carefully.

    May 17-19 More days which are ill-omened for new beginnings, with a Sun-Saturn parallel and multiple difficult clashes in helio.

    May 29- 31 Are double and triple Heartbreak Days, with Saturn and Chiron now in opposition in geo, and Sun and/or Earth at the Heartbreak midpoint.

    June 5-8 A nasty Grand Cross in geo + a similarly unappetizing T-Square in helio make these days to avoid for anything important- especially related to romance.

    June 16-21 More difficult days for friendships, relationships, and cooperative ventures of all kinds. A double-aspected T-Square anchored by the peaking Universal Heartbreak Transit definitely make these days to avoid for all new meetings and initiatives.

    June 28-30 Lovely days to finish out the quarter. These days can be excellent for new relationships and weddings, as well as some kinds of new business enterprises if they make the right linkages to your natal chart.

    More information about Magi Astrology


    Predictions for each Zodiac Sign for April - June 2006

    Quarterly predictions for each Zodiac Sign for April - June 2006: Birthdate ranges shown may vary by a day or so either way. Be aware that these are general predictions, and that a detailed analysis of your personal transits and progressions will always show much more pinpoint accuracy. As in all predictive columns, this is written based on the Solar House system. If you know your Ascendant (Rising Sign) read that section as well as your birth sign. I attempt to write these predictions for all degrees of each sign, however, your own Sun and Ascendant may be anything from 0°-30° of a sign. If these predictions seem way off, your Sun or Ascendant may be at the extreme beginning or end of your sign. In that case, check out the predictions for the sign immediately before or after yours and you may find a closer match. (If you are a Pisces, check out Aquarius and Aries, for example.)

    Aries- Mar 21- Apr 20:  Venus passing through your solar first house ups both your attractiveness and financial power. Long-term relationships should still be on a steady course. Career plans made now should help you make great strides as long as they are carefully considered. Your domestic life may be up in the air in some way, and disagreements could be very easy to fall into. Work to keep things amicable and fair.

    Taurus- Apr 21- May 21: You shine early in this quarter, and are able to impress with your quick thinking. Even so, communications are riddled with a potential for being misunderstood- avoid coming across a know-it-all, a syncophant, a con artist, or a trouble-maker- all things that you really are NOT. Career power is on the increase, though some pitfalls remain-- stay realistic!! Rest easy in committed relationships.

    Gemini- May 22- Jun 21: Your financial situation can be tumultuous this quarter. Stay 100% up-front and avoid anything remotely suspect. Career changes are on the way if they haven't already begun. Long-term relationships continue to test your mettle, but single Twins will have good times dating. Times with friends can be very enjoyable and stimulating; later in the quarter you will want some time to retreat and replenish yourself.

    Cancer- Jun 22- Jul 23: You may be a hard person to understand this quarter, as your persona shifts between several poles. Your home life should continue to be fairly stable and satisfying. Learning and travel will be especially enjoyable- try to make time for both. Routines may feel stultifying, but make sure any changes you want to make are really an improvement. Romantic plans may be in the offing.

    Leo- Jul 24- Aug 23:  Career is a focus and you should be able to move ahead with your quick wits and good communication skills. Relationships can be a problem- changes large or small may be required- but long-term partnerships should still offer romance. Your home life will begin to settle down, or has already begun to do so. Lots of things are jumping around in your subconscious mind- introspection and dream analysis may yield interesting insights and allow for healthy catharsis.

    Virgo- Aug 24- Sep 23: By all means get away this quarter if you can, and try to expand your horizons too by learning something new. Money matters should be positive and protected. Domestic partnerships are in a period of change- use this time to eliminate unworkable habits within the relationship. Self-discipline toward accomplishing daily tasks may not be at its best. Friendships can be a challenge- stay on your toes.

    Libra- Sep 24- Oct 23: Those "few extra pounds" that have crept up should be easier to take off soon. Your career could be all over the map now- keep your eye on your long-term goals and don't be tempted to skip any steps or to get involved in anything risky. Coming on too strong is still a possibility, so keep communications light. Committed partnerships should pass part of this quarter in a time of extra sweetness and romance. Dating Librans may find stimulating but ultimately unstable times.

    Scorpio- Oct 24- Nov 22:  Long term partnerships are highlighted, and communication should be good. Sources of income are evolving and still haven't found a final form. Avoid any financial disputes like the plague. Travel and even schooling could become problems so it's probably best to stay closer to home and work if possible. Beware of a tendency put on weight beginning sometime in the quarter.

    Sagittarius- Nov 23- Dec 22:  Are you a strong leader and reformer, or just a steamroller? Make sure you know the difference. Daily chores become more interesting with your creative twists. Keep your eye on your own relative financial stability and avoid getting caught up in your partner's financial dramas. By all means, stay away from any money-related disputes. If it hasn't started already, your home life is in for a change.

    Capricorn- Dec 23- Jan 20: You are the team captain or head planner, but don't be surprised by opposition to your carefully thought-out plans- cooperative efforts may be singularly unsuccessful now. Finances are still not as solid as you would wish for, but career is still in a growth phase. Dating Caps are having fun, but committed Goats should tread on eggshells. You can, and should, be a sweet-talker now. Avoid making any enemies.

    Aquarius- Jan 21- Feb 19: Travel and scholarship are satisfying now, and you'll soon be able to bring your new experiences and knowledge into play somehow in your career. You are still feeling a need to avoid conformity, but it's not necessary to shove it in people's faces. Home life should be a positive focus, but daily responsibilities of all kinds may incite frustration and even occasional fury- just grit your teeth and do what is necessary with as much good grace as possible. Money should be positive now.

    Pisces- Feb 20- Mar 20: Single Pisceans should probably hide under a rock for part of this quarter unless they are up for a very wild ride. You may need to put a bag over your head too, as all Pisceans are especially attractive and charming now. Communications are a focus. Career changes are inescapable, so use this energy to make significant improvements. Plans with friends help to ease pressure, and a partner's finances should still be strong.



          The Key to Love

       There are few topics that occupy humans as much as the search for true love, and few topics are as often brought to an astrologer. Most of us want true love; not nearly enough of us are "lucky" enough to find it.

       One noted psychologist has stated that the vast majority of relationship problems are caused by one single thing, "selection error." And yet far too many people are in a relationship which they are "working on-" a relationship which they think or hope has the potential to make them happy, but seldom, if ever, lives up to their dream.

       True love with a soulmate doesn't need a lot of "work." Yes, issues will arise, and yes, the issues will be resolved as well as the personal evolution and the relationship skills of both partners allow. But with your soulmate, there are just fewer problems, fewer disagreements, less disharmony, and much more natural, easy, unforced interchange. Your soulmate just naturally links harmoniously with you. Unconditional Love is a noble concept, but for most of us, it is impossible to consistently practice Unconditional Love in the face of constant irritation and disappointment.

       So how do we find a soulmate, or how do we know if we've found one? The Magi Society's mountain of statistical research has consistently shown that the key to soulmates is the planet Chiron.

       We are most likely to meet our soulmate during Cinderella Transits. Cinderella Transits occur when there is a positive angle from transiting Chiron to our natal Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, or Pluto. Or, a Cinderella Transit can also occur when transiting Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, or Pluto makes a positive angle to our natal Chiron. Cinderella cycles cause people to view us in the best possible light, and are also great for business! The people we meet when we are not in Cinderella cycles, and/or when we are in Saturn cycles, are highly unlikely to be our soulmate.

      Chiron also points to our soulmate in chart comparison. When the Chiron of one person makes a favorable angle to one of the other person's planets, and either the Chiron or the other planet makes an aspect to a third planet, this is called a Romantic Super-Linkage (with a few exceptions). Romantic Super-Linkages between two people indicate a much higher than normal likelihood that the coupe will marry; coupes without Romantic Super-Linkages are unlikely to marry. Chiron linkages between couples represent not infatuation, but the mystical, kindred nature of true love with a soulmate.

       Helping people to find the beauty and joy of true love and avoid heartbreak are the primary aims of Magi Astrology.

    Last Words

       Think of me when planning parties, special events, or benefits in the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas. Your Party or Special Event becomes truly memorable with fun and fascinating astrology readings! In a party or special event setting, individual or couples readings last approx. 8 minutes each. Readings are upbeat, humorous and fun- but also include important information to create take-home value for your guests. There's always a long line-- guests just love it!!

      Please email me with any questions you would like to see addressed in future issues-- if you know anyone who might like to receive StarGazer, send me their email address-- feel free to forward StarGazer to anyone you want--- and as always, I appreciate your referrals ----

       Given the age we live in, I have started including a disclaimer. Basically, beloved readers, use your own judgment, and factor in what seems right to you. By reading any of the material in this newsletter you agree to these terms of use: The information expressed herein is opinion. Magi Helena makes no claims whatsoever concerning the validity of the information provided for any particular individual, and cannot be held liable for any use thereof.

    Many Blessings!

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    Magi (May'jī) Helena has been a dedicated student of various metaphysical and spiritual disciplines for 27 years.
    Of the 4 levels of Magi Astrologers certified by the Magi Society, Magi Helena
    is one of only 3 Magi Astrologers, and the only woman, at the highest level
    of certification.

    Over the years, Magi Helena has helped countless people- throughout the US and around the world to understand every aspect of their lives, and to harness the power of the stars for an extra measure of success in everything they do.


    I send out my vision for all of us, and invite you to hold it with me-a vision for all Beings of all Universes--of Peace and Compassion, Love and Light. May it be so- with every thought we think, every word we speak, and every action we take- may we all choose to co-create Paradise.

    Starlight Blessings, Peace, and much Love,


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