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StarGazer by Magi Helena, Certified Magi Astrologer
First Quarter 2008

Dear Friends,

I send you all Holiday Blessings during this season of the return of Light, and wish you and your loved ones a Joyous and Abundant New Year!

A universal Saturn/Chiron contraparallel in geo is applying through January 23, 2008. This is not an optimal time for any new beginnings so postpone these when you can. We all know that life can't stop just because the stars are unfavorable at a given time, but when we can time our most important new beginnings to avoid these negative cycles, research shows we definitively increase our chances for success.

New for 2008:

On the Reading List are books helpful to students of Magi Astrology and to those
in pursuit of spiritual growth and/or personal healing. This list also includes books which are moving, inspirational, viewpoint-expanding, or useful as reference.

Resources for Crisis Several of the people closest to me have been in fairly serious crises in the last few months. This has inspired me to put together a page which offers suggestions and ideas for use during stressful times.

The Quotations Page includes some of my personal inspirational favorites.

A Links Page: if you are interested in a link exchange I would be happy to consider it. Please include your name, the way you would like your site listed, and the URL.

A second page on Love and Relationships featuring new research on Love Captivations with celebrity examples.


Magi (May'jī) Helena has been a dedicated student of various metaphysical and spiritual disciplines for 29 years.
Of the 4 levels of Magi Astrologers certified by the Magi Society, Magi Helena
is one of only 3 Magi Astrologers, and the only woman, at the highest level
of certification.

Over the years, Magi Helena has helped countless people- throughout the US and around the world to understand every aspect of their lives, and to harness the power of the stars for an extra measure of success in everything they do.


I send out my vision for all of us, and invite you to hold it with me-a vision for all Beings of all Universes--of Peace and Compassion, Love and Light. May it be so- with every thought we think, every word we speak, and every action we take- may we all choose to co-create Paradise.

Holiday Blessings, Peace, and so very much Love,



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In This Issue
  • Ask the Magi
  • Magi Days-First Quarter 2008
  • Predictions for each Zodiac Sign for January - March 2008
  • Discussion:
  • Ask the Magi

    "Would you expect a relationship with three Nuclear Clashes and few Chiron linkages to be successful? I know a relationship lasting 18 years with three Nuclear Clashes and only 1 Romantic Super-Linkage. It kind of makes me wonder about Saturn."

    Dear Reader, Generally speaking and without looking at the charts in question, multiple Nuclear Clashes create divisions between partners that can be hard to bridge. However, Nuclear Clashes can be modified somewhat by the following:

    A great wedding date

    A willingness on the part of both partners to "agree to disagree" and to "live and let live"

    Neither partner being innately highly controlling or needing to be RIGHT

    Both partners being highly independent and living somewhat separate lives

    Many needs of each partner being met by the partnership overall

    Further, much can depend on how you define "success." A relationship can last a long time without bringing much joy to the partners. Many things can bind a partnership, including Saturn bonds known as Captivations. You might also want to look again for Romantic Super-Linkages- there may be one or two more hiding in the comparison charts. Good Luck and Many Blessings to you!

    Email your questions to

    Magi Days First Quarter 2008
    Using the principles of four-dimensional Magi Astrology, these are noteworthy days- either positive or negative. Be aware that these are general predictions, and may be improved by, or worsened by, your personal transits.  The single simplest and most powerful way anyone can use astrology is to avoid universally bad days for new initiatives.  

    Due to the Universal Saturn-Chiron contraparallel peaking Jan. 23, any significant new beginnings which can be postponed, should be postponed.

    Jan. 8-11 With the caveat listed above, these are fairly favorable days otherwise for things which can't wait, with the 8-10 favoring business endeavors.

    Best Days: 2, 8-11, 28-31
    Worst Days: 14-16, 21-23, 25
    Best Days: 1, 4
    Worst Days: 7-8, 13-15, 18-20, 22
    Best Days: 5-7, 10-11,
    Worst Days: 14, 19-21, 24-25, 31


    More information about Magi Astrology


    Quarterly Predictions for each Zodiac Sign for January - March 2008

    Birthdate ranges shown may vary by a day or so either way. Be aware that these are general predictions, and that a detailed analysis of your personal transits and progressions will always show much more pinpoint accuracy. As in all predictive columns, this is written based on the Solar House system. If you know your Ascendant (Rising Sign) read that section as well as your birth sign. I attempt to write these predictions for all degrees of each sign, however, your own Sun and Ascendant may be anything from 0°-30° of a sign. If these predictions seem way off, your Sun or Ascendant may be at the extreme beginning or end of your sign. In that case, check out the predictions for the sign immediately before or after yours and you may find a closer match. (If you are a Pisces, check out Aquarius and Aries, for example.)

    To receive a special gift each year on your birthday, click here and follow the update instructions to add your Sun Sign to your subscriber profile.

    Aries- Mar 21- Apr 20: Much of your attention continues to be directed into interaction with the outer world in the first quarter. Your viewpoints and perceptions are still transforming- but now a there is a caveat to apply the test of time to new insights before making sweeping changes- you may find for several months that some of these "a-ha's" aren't as true or profound as you might currently believe. Career is moving into a major phase of expansion, and you are also motivated to give back some of your good fortune to your fellow humans. Be sure to set aside time to think and plan, and you may have to almost force yourself to relax enough to have some fun. Continue to steer clear of needless wrangling.

    Taurus- Apr 21- May 21:  Financial partnerships could be deceptive in some way early in 2008 despite how promising they might appear. Be sure to complete all due diligence and word all agreements carefully to avoid future disputes. Your career offers many blessings flowing both outward and inward, and all your hard work should feel extremely worthwhile. Career alliances formed now may serve you well for a long time to come. It's a wonderful time to teach or to learn something new, or to broaden your horizons with travel. For some, domestic affairs continue to require more effort and attention and, at least in the short term, offer fewer rewards. Be patient as this is a cycle which will pass.

    Gemini- May 22- Jun 21:  Remember the difference between assertion and aggression this quarter and avoid the latter. Pugnacity won't bring you what you seek- nor will an overly pedantic manner or belaboring points in discussion. As difficult as it may be now, let go with grace when things get unproductive. Long-term relationships could be quite confusing for a time. Growth and change continues in this area, but currently an added element of unreality could make things hard to understand or could set you up for disappointment if your expectations get set too high. Go ahead and make career plans, but be flexible and go with the currents as they change.

    Cancer- Jun 22- Jul 23:  New beginnings are highlighted for Cancerians at the start of the New Year, though some things may still need to be worked through and released to pave the way. Allow necessary transformations to maximize the potential of the time. Communication and romance should be running smoothly in long-term relationships. Finding new ways to handle duties continues to be both necessary and helpful, but don't get too wacky with this or waste time frivolously. Any financial limitations you may be experiencing won't last forever, so be patient. Repressed frustrations can sabotage you now- anger release work done privately will allow you to relax and enjoy life more.

    Leo- Jul 24- Aug 23:


    Any tendency you've had toward being stuffy or over-controlling should fade during the fourth quarter. Be prudent financially- don't squander assets that you need for security. Dating Leos could meet a person of real substance this quarter- especially during personal Cinderella cycles. Leos in long-term partnerships may enjoy both romance and excitement if they can let go of preconceptions. If friendships are a little rocky, just give people a little room and check a possible tendency toward sharpness on your part. If your home life seems a bit out-of-focus, time will handle it later this quarter or early in 2008.

    Virgo- Aug 24- Sep 23: This should be a time of primary focus on home and family, though you will likely be working fast and furiously in your career too for at least the first part of this quarter. Though your domestic life will likely remain in an evolutionary period for some time, there should be smooth enough sailing through the fourth quarter that you can count this as a positive. Strive for clear communication and full disclosure, as it would be easy to be misunderstood or to seem deliberately misleading. You will likely be especially attractive and charming but avoid pomposity late in the year. Time-tested methods are best when you want to get things done.

    Libra- Sep 24- Oct 23:  As the quarter progresses, you may find yourself quite busy at work despite the holiday season. You are feeling both creative and playful and may be able to use these energies successfully in a useful way. Your communications now can be both helpful and transformative to your audience. Your home should still be under happy stars. Whatever investments you are considering should be held to the most stringent standards and every detail should be fully investigated. Friends could be a bit disappointing or at least time with them could be curtailed; not many new friendships are likely to be forthcoming this quarter.

    Scorpio- Oct 24- Nov 22:  Finances are looking quite promising now- the only real caveat in that area is the small possibility of a financial dispute of some kind. Career rewards are still in the offing and your continued efforts will eventually pay big dividends. Although seemingly impossible, you are even more magnetic than usual this quarter. People may project onto you a great deal, so be sure they are not reading more into things than they should. At home, staying grounded is the key- the possibilities of an over-idealistic attitude and/or sudden changes could create confusion.

    Sagittarius- Nov 23- Dec 22:  You could be quite the wheeler-dealer this quarter, while still making many more friends than enemies. Career cash flow should be favorable and your ability to charm employers, clients and customers is strong. You are both witty and creative now in your thoughts and communications. Committed relationships could be in an uneven stage lasting a couple of months- during this time there is a tendency for real blow ups over trivia that seem ridiculous in retrospect. Talking things out with good friends will help. No matter what, in the privacy of your own thoughts tell yourself the truth- self-deception is a real possibility now.

    Capricorn- Dec 23- Jan 20: Monetary tugs-of-war are best avoided by careful planning and clear agreements; even so, any new or unusual ideas of yours will likely be met with disinterest or disbelief. New horizons opened up by either learning or travel will be quite enjoyable. Keep things up-front with all friends, and scrutinize potential new friends carefully. You continue to have a gentle and caring persona that is quite appealing. Privately or subconsciously, you may be making ambitious plans. Avoid unimportant disputes with your beloved later this quarter.

    Aquarius- Jan 21- Feb 19:  Your current fanciful and unpredictable outward persona is welcomed by some but may perplex or unsettle others- especially your partner. Be patient with those who just don't get it yet and give them time to see the light. Career matters could be hard to understand, or you could be misunderstood by others in this sphere. Strive for clarity. Business and friendship may mix with profitable results. Income from a partner or from secondary sources could be pleasant. High energy in the realm of creativity, play, and social events is likely; avoid arguments with children.

    Pisces- Feb 20- Mar 20: Any lingering tensions at home should have dispersed, or will do so soon, and committed partnerships should be enjoying sweet times. New insights and "gurus" many not stand the test of time and you could even end up quite disillusioned. At times, grinding your way through daily tasks is the only way. A certain subtle restlessness or "unquiet" in the back of your mind may require conscious efforts at centeredness to dispel. This could be a time of major success for you career-wise- don't hold back any efforts to take things over the top. Good times with kindred spirits nourish the Soul.



    Last Words


    Please email me with any questions you would like to see addressed in future issues-- if you know anyone who might like to receive StarGazer, click here to sign them up-- feel free to forward StarGazer to anyone you want--- and as always, I appreciate your referrals ----

       Given the age we live in, I have started including a disclaimer. Basically, beloved readers, use your own judgment, and factor in what seems right to you. By reading any of the material in this newsletter you agree to these terms of use: The information expressed herein is opinion. Magi Helena makes no claims whatsoever concerning the validity of the information provided for any particular individual, and cannot be held liable for any use thereof.

    Holiday Blessings, Love and Light!!

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