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Second Quarter 2008

Dear Friends,

Wishing you a Blessed Springtime!

New for 2008:

A second page on Love and Relationships featuring new research on Love Captivations with celebrity examples.

On the Reading List are books helpful to students of Magi Astrology and to those
in pursuit of spiritual growth and/or personal healing. This list also includes books which are moving, inspirational, viewpoint-expanding, or useful as reference.

Resources for Crisis Suggestions and ideas which can help during stressful times.

The Quotations Page includes some of my personal inspirational favorites.

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Magi (May'jī) Helena has been a dedicated student of various metaphysical and spiritual disciplines for 29 years.
Of the 4 levels of Magi Astrologers certified by the Magi Society, Magi Helena
is one of only 4 Magi Astrologers, and the only woman, at the highest level
of certification.

Over the years, Magi Helena has helped countless people- throughout the US and around the world to understand every aspect of their lives, and to harness the power of the stars for an extra measure of success in everything they do.


I send out my vision for all of us, and invite you to hold it with me-a vision for all Beings of all Universes--of Peace and Compassion, Love and Light. May it be so- with every thought we think, every word we speak, and every action we take- may we all choose to co-create Paradise.

Starlight Blessings, Peace, and so very much Love,



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In This Issue
  • Ask the Magi
  • Magi Days-Second Quarter 2008
  • Predictions for each Zodiac Sign for April - June 2008
  • Discussion: Building your Intuitive Powers
  • Ask the Magi
    "I know the Magi system considers linkages in the natal chart between Juno and Mars/Venus/Pluto as super sexual aspects. I've not been able to find much said about squares/oppositions from the same planets. A super sexual activation I suppose you call it. I assume it would function as somewhat of a sexual barrier or clog?

    Both linkages and clashes among the 4 sexual planets (Venus, Mars, Pluto and Juno) can indicate an especially sexual person. How that sexuality manifests itself is revealed through a number of factors, so it can be difficult to make general comments on sexual clashes.

    In Magi Astrology, we would first look for geometric patterns, called "planetary geometry," formed by the sexual aspect or aspects. If there is planetary geometry, the nature of the pattern formed as well as any other planets in the pattern would give us major clues to how the sexual energies play themselves out.

    For example, if Chiron were involved, the pattern could point to a person whose strong sexuality is only comfortable coming out within a committed relationship. Saturn in the pattern could be potentially more difficult and more complex to analyze as well. I would say generally that Saturn in the pattern could make any sexual linkage OR clash aspect operate like more of a "barrier" or "clog" than just a sexual clash aspect without Saturn. Pattern-wise, if the sexual clash is part of a T-Square or Grand Cross it could be more difficult than a sexual square as part of a Mystic Triangle. (1 square + 1 quincunx + 1 trine)

    Another part of the puzzle could be this- since there is always more than one possible meaning to any planetary pair or grouping, hard aspects could point to a tendency toward the more difficult symbolisms. A couple of examples- Venus and Pluto can be devoted, sexual and financial, but can also be obsessive and jealous. Mars and Pluto can be both competitive and sexual, but could also symbolize issues with anger.

    Sexuality doesn't operate in a vacuum, and psychological, emotional, and spiritual factors must all be considered to get a complete picture of a person's sexual nature. When these clues are taken all together, much information about a person's sexual nature can be gleaned from a natal chart. Ultimately it takes analysis of an entire chart in all the four dimensions of Magi Astrology to really understand how a person's sexual nature is likely to manifest. 

    Email your questions to

    Magi Days Second Quarter 2008
    Using the principles of four-dimensional Magi Astrology, these are noteworthy days- either positive or negative. Be aware that these are general predictions, and may be improved by, or worsened by, your personal transits.  The single simplest and most powerful way anyone can use astrology is to avoid universally bad days for new initiatives.  

    April 3-6 These days are especially contra-indicated for important new beginnings in business.

    April 9-11 Positive days overall. SIGN THOSE TAX RETURNS NOW, or file an extension.

    April 14-15 Sun quincunx the heartbreak midpoint make these very poor days for new beginnings.

    Could be strong days for business starts, but be sure to read the fine print.

    April 21 Favorable for Love or Money.

    April 28-29 Avoid new beginnings and making important decisions.

    May 1-2 More generally unfavorable days.

    May 9-11 Could be very helpful to certain business ventures, especially if $$ in the bank matters more than appearances.

    May 16-19 is a run of heartbreak days- avoid any new beginnings if at all possible.

    June 1-2 Mixed days, but safer to avoid for important initiatives in business or romance.

    June 7-8 More mixed days- but again probably better to avoid for new beginnings.

    June 9-10 Significantly better- could be quite positive if your personal transits agree.

    June 16-17 Heartbreak days- wait to start anything new.

    June 25-26 Difficult days for cooperative efforts.

    More information about Magi Astrology

    Quarterly Predictions for each Zodiac Sign for April - June 2008

    Birthdate ranges shown may vary by a day or so either way. Be aware that these are general predictions, and that a detailed analysis of your personal transits and progressions will always show much more pinpoint accuracy. As in all predictive columns, this is written based on the Solar House system. If you know your Ascendant (Rising Sign) read that section as well as your birth sign. I attempt to write these predictions for all degrees of each sign, however, your own Sun and Ascendant may be anything from 0°-30° of a sign. If these predictions seem way off, your Sun or Ascendant may be at the extreme beginning or end of your sign. In that case, check out the predictions for the sign immediately before or after yours and you may find a closer match. (If you are a Pisces, check out Aquarius and Aries, for example.)

    To receive a special gift each year on your birthday, click here and follow the update instructions to add your Sun Sign to your subscriber profile.

    Aries- Mar 21- Apr 20: You'll probably seem like quite the "egghead" now, and your intellectual perceptions and planning skills are valued. Both finances and career may make significant forward strides now, and though it may seem like a time of too little play, you should still be satisfied overall. Domestic relationships may be a bit strained as both you and any living partners are likely to be more confrontational than normal. Do your best to cooperate and create win-win scenarios. High ideals motivate you toward charitable pursuits or at least toward charitable thoughts- at least toward humanity in general.

    Taurus- Apr 21- May 21:  You are the little darling now- all charm and dimples- at least until that sharp or cutting thing suddenly slips out of your mouth. You may feel very stuck in your home life in some way, but your mind is roaming in new pastures with the promise of wonderful rewards. If you feel called upon to do so, delve deeply into the mysteries of Self and Universe. Work hard with love, but don't martyr yourself- it may be a fine line to walk.  You may become impatient with stodgy pals doing the same old boring things- wacky friends and unusual activities are especially appealing now.

    Gemini- May 22- Jun 21:  At some point this quarter you will feel that your light is under a bushel- or maybe 10 bushels. This is an approximately 4 week cycle- hang in there and you will soon emerge once again into the visible Universe. Differences could crop up in financial matters so make any new agreements with great care. Relationships could continue to be somewhat difficult to puzzle out- don't mistake sexual or other intensity for true love. The flux in your career continues, but unexpected gains are as likely as unexpected losses-- cultivate flexibility in this area. New insights which come to you now could be profound, though communication in general is likely under some constraint.

    Cancer- Jun 22- Jul 23:  You could be testy or overly forceful now so tread with care to avoid making enemies or annoying your friends and associates. Otherwise, committed relationships should purr along smoothly. Spiritual or personal growth breakthroughs are a strong possibility as you sense the oneness of all things in a new way. A neat new friend may come along, or if you are single, an old friend could become a romantic possibility. You have a large capacity for hard work now, and your planning abilities are put to good use. Even so, be sure you are working toward tangible goals and not chasing some wild goose. If finances seem a bit slow, be patient as this will right itself in time.

    Leo- Jul 24- Aug 23:  Leo the Lion could be Oscar the Grouch this quarter- try not to rain on anyone's parade. If you avoid judgment and attachment to outcomes, you could be a powerful role model or mentor. Like Gemini this quarter, single Lions could possibly confuse intensity with love, though for you, this would be with someone new. Lions in long-term relationships should continue to enjoy a period of both kindredship and romantic sweetness. Anger and frustration could gnaw away at you inside if you don't make a special effort to release it constructively. Noble efforts produce satisfying results in the work sphere.

    Virgo- Aug 24- Sep 23:  Your home continues to be a work in progress on some level- inner and/or outer. Pushing toward needed transformations is far easier and more useful than to oppose all change or just let the current take you where it will. Personal relationships, especially committed ones, can also deal you the unexpected card at times. Stay very busy and active with friends now- too little movement or exertion with them could lead to petty bickering. Your dedication knows no bounds and you are willing to give much to the career, people and concerns you care about. Creative pursuits please both you and many others now.

    Libra- Sep 24- Oct 23:  High energy constructively expended in career is a positive way to use all that business firepower- far better than descending into work-related squabbles. Love and sex play quite a role for about 4 weeks of the quarter and romantic plans are near and dear to your heart. Your home life is protected now and should be able to grow in peaceful directions. Finding time for friendship may be difficult, or friendships could suffer other constraints. Try to keep the daily grind fresh and interesting in some way. Watch out for miscommunications. Creativity and play both offer diversion- pursuing artistic or musical interests also offers deep satisfaction.

    Scorpio- Oct 24- Nov 22:  Long-term relationships go through a month or so of special sweetness this quarter. Dating Scorps may have a friend cross over to becoming a lover, or vice-versa. Otherwise, single Scorpions continue to find surprises. Authority issues may get triggered, and this is not the time to fight city hall. Career matters may seem stuck for a while and patience may be called for. It is still a wise idea to be a stickler for clarity in financial affairs. You have a real ability to communicate in a winning way verbally and/or in writing. The domestic scene should provide nurture and quiet pleasures.

    Sagittarius- Nov 23- Dec 22:  You continue at a peak in personal magnetism. Financial matters should be on a steady upswing for the present time. You have a real way with words now and can be every bit as charming as you are alluring. Stay very strictly on the right side of the law and avoid any type of legal involvement now- the stars aren't likely to give you any support in this area. The more you can go with the flow at home the better; you're not a rigid controller anyway, but the way things are, the more flexible you can be on the home front, the better. For at least part of the quarter, you should have a real ally domestically.

    Capricorn- Dec 23- Jan 20: You are everyone's best friend and a provide a strong shoulder to lean on. Weight gain is a possibility this quarter, so upping your exercise is a great idea. Cash flow should be just fine for now, but deals involving others should be very carefully screened. Making serious plans on the home front are right up your alley now, and you may feel especially creative. Committed relationships could devolve into squabbling now- stay busy and active together to keep the energies positive. Single Caps could find real love. Watch out for "foot-in-mouth disease"... some of the things you might say could be shocking.

    Aquarius- Jan 21- Feb 19:  Long-term partnerships could feel very LONG now. This is not something to act on; you will feel differently with time. Routines which you typically handle with aplomb bore you to tears now- taking on extra work and plowing through it like a tornado is probably easier than just doing the same old thing. Money may go up and down, but surprise windfalls are every bit as likely as disasters, and a financial ally may show up now. Home life can be sweet, and beautification will be on your mind for part of the quarter. A certain amount of reserve is still wise when it comes to new acquaintances. Existing friendships are likely to be intense.

    Pisces- Feb 20- Mar 20: You are in a long process of change- don't tattoo your latest insight across your forehead as much continuing evolution is in store and today's brilliant "a-ha" could easily be discarded before you finish this cycle. Whispering sweet nothings can be especially effective now. Be careful not to overwhelm co-workers or suck up all the available oxygen now- you could be a career steamroller, and this won't increase your popularity long-term. Old friends can be a god-send and wonderful new friends could appear. You have lots of energy for creativity, but relationships with children can be combative. This is a great time to do some financial planning.


    Cultivating Appreciation

    Most of us have things in life that we can appreciate. Unfortunately, we often fall into the habit of ignoring the things that are going right, and focusing attention on the things that are going wrong. Instead, if we spend time in gratitude and appreciation, we can create real happiness despite knowing that we do not have (no one has) a perfect life.

    So many people focus on the lack in their lives, then work on "getting" whatever it is that they perceive will make them happy. Often, they find that whatever it is, once it is gotten, it ceases to please them and they are again in hot pursuit of "getting" the next thing they think they need. And so on. Hamster wheel, anyone?

    The wiser I get, the more I find that happiness comes from focusing on what I have right now and spending time appreciating and enjoying these things. I have also widened my perspective of what I can "have" and appreciate. Many of the things I love and enjoy most are things we all have at least some of the time: Springtime, a beautiful flower, a sunset, a delicious meal.

    Cultivating a deep sense of appreciation allows us to feel wealthy, right now, even if we don't have every single thing we might want. One of the greatest discoveries I've made is that I don't need to actually own something to enjoy it. I can appreciate art and other beautiful things and "own" the moments I spend enjoying and appreciating these things, then walk away both enriched and free of desire.

    To be happy, to live in appreciation, we must get rid of any sense of entitlement. Appreciation exists in inverse proportion to expectation- the less we expect, the more we appreciate. Viewing our life humbly- knowing that nothing is a given, that life owes us nothing- being aware that so many have so little- opens our eyes to what we can and need to appreciate. When we expect nothing- everything is magical!

    Here are some things many or most of us can appreciate:
    Being alive
    Clothing to protect us from the elements
    Our body and our health
    Our senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, smell
    The outdoors around us
    The beauty of almost any moment

    If we have them, we can appreciate:
    Our family
    Our partner
    Our friends
    Our job
    Our hobbies and interests
    Our spiritual path

    If we have sufficient abundance, we can appreciate:
    A safe place of our own- A nice place to live- Privacy
    Nice clothing
    A car
    Good food

    Simple things:
    A hot shower or bath
    Good books
    Our garden or patio

    Broader things like Freedom -Choices- Options

    We can also actually appreciate:
    Someone else's good fortune
    Someone else's abundance
    Beautiful things we see in passing

    These are just a few examples- there is so much more to appreciate- open your eyes and look around.....

    Fixing our attention on the beauty and goodness in our world does not mean that we cease to strive to improve our lives and solve our problems. We still have to live in the 3-D world and work for worthy goals. Cultivating appreciation means that when we aren't working or dealing with daily life, instead of running the litany of negatives through our mind, we instead drop into a reverie of the good that is right here, right now. It also means noting the transitory beauty and the miracles in each moment as they pass us by.

    Life for all people involves a certain amount of worry, struggle, uncertainty and loss. These things aren't fun and can challenge us to our very core. When we learn to dwell in gratitude and appreciation, we have a reserve of sweetness to draw upon, a cushion of joy to lighten our lives, something to balance the hard times. Cultivating appreciation involves patiently making a new habit of doing just that- training ourselves to focus on the beauty instead of the problems. It is a worthy practice that rewards us every day.

    May you discover, and savor, a multitude of wonders in your life!


    Last Words


    Please email me with any questions you would like to see addressed in future issues-- if you know anyone who might like to receive StarGazer, click here to sign them up-- feel free to forward StarGazer to anyone you want--- and as always, I appreciate your referrals ----

       Given the age we live in, I have started including a disclaimer. Basically, beloved readers, use your own judgment, and factor in what seems right to you. By reading any of the material in this newsletter you agree to these terms of use: The information expressed herein is opinion. Magi Helena makes no claims whatsoever concerning the validity of the information provided for any particular individual, and cannot be held liable for any use thereof.

    Blessings, Love and Light!!

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