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   Second Quarter 2009
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     Ask the Magi  

"Exactly what is the
'soulmate linkage'
that you mention;
would it be the
Chiron-Venus contact?"

   What I refer to as "soulmate linkages" on the website for the sake of simplicity are technically called "Romantic Super-Linkages" in Magi Astrology. RSLs are 3-planet combinations including Chiron in a couple's Combined Alignment Chart. One partner's Chiron links to a planet in the other partner's chart, then either the other planet, or the Chiron, forms an aspect within the respective natal chart. While the Chiron aspect must be a linkage, the aspect to the third planet may be a linkage or a clash.

    The Chiron-Venus contact you mention could be part of an RSL if it is a linkage, not a clash, and there is a 3rd planet involved.

     I have 2 in-depth lessons on understanding RSL's on my current website- links are below. I hope this will answer your question fully.

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     Patterns in the Sky April - June 2009  
      Patterns in the Sky describes major planetary patterns for this quarter. Remember that the individual effects of these patterns will be improved by, or worsened by, your personal transits. The last 2-3 days listed in each date range (the peak of the cycle) will be the dates when the pattern is strongest. In the case of difficult cycles, actions which are unavoidable should be taken as early in the cycle as possible, as the cycle's negative effects are most detrimental at the cycle's peak. With positive cycles, actions should be taken as close to the peak  as possible to maximize the cycle's positive influence. The single simplest and most powerful way anyone can use astrology is to avoid universally bad days for new initiatives. It's not fun to dwell on difficult cycles, but forewarned is forearmed- this can give you a huge advantage long-term.        
Main cycles for the Second Quarter:

Saturn-Jupiter and Saturn-Chiron midpoint conjunction
    As of the beginning of the second quarter, the Saturn-Jupiter and Saturn-Chiron midpoints are conjunct and mutually applying between 3-6 degrees of Sagittarius in geo. These two "ugly twins" discussed at length in a recent StarGazer newsletter will dance together for the rest of 2009. For this quarter, they are most directly and negatively impacting people with geocentric planets in the 5 and 7.8° range of the following signs: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces. Most natal planets are adversely affected by these transiting midpoints; the shorter list is that of those natal planets less likely to become a problem during these cycles: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto.  
    If you have vulnerable planets (especially in the signs listed above), it would be wise during this quarter to follow the standard advice during negative transits:

          Initiate no important new beginnings
          Make no major changes
          Make no major decisions
          Try to get along rather than challenge others in personal relationships & business

 As with all negative cycles, as long as we don't start anything new or do anything stupid, when the cycle is over, it's over!

Sedna cycles are nearly over
    As touched on in the last issue of StarGazer, Magi Society research has concluded that the trans-dimensional squares from the planet Sedna to Neptune since 2004 and Chiron since 2008 set the stage for and pulled the trigger on the worldwide financial meltdown. The good news is that these squares are nearly over, with the last geocentric pass ending in the third/ early fourth quarters of 2009. Needless to say, the economic recovery process will take time as the consequences of planet-wide fiscal mismanagement are dealt with, but at least the main "causative" factors will be over and the healing can begin.

Saturn-Chiron transdimensional clashes
One Universal Heartbreak cycle (Sat-Chi contra-parallel in geo) peaks on April 4. This cycle will most affect those with personal planets in the 7.2 - 8.7° ranges of North or South declinations, and anyone making important new beginnings at this time. A second Universal Heartbreak (Sat-Chi quincunx in helio) is already in process, peaking August 5, 2009. This second cycle will most affect people with helio personal planets in the 18.6° - 23.5° range of the signs Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces (again- these are in helio) AND anyone starting significant new initiatives.

Day by Day:
Universal* cycles apply to everyone, If not shown as Universal*, cycles only apply to people with planets indicated above in the midpoint section.

April 3- 4 Universal* Saturn and Chiron are in a peaking contra-parallel in the geocentric sky. Everyone should avoid starting anything new on these days.

April 22- 24 Universal* Both midpoints are in an applying quincunx to Sun- making them heartbreak and nuclear days for everyone. Everyone should follow the advice below for these days.

April 25 The above midpoints will now be within a 1.2
° mutually applying power orb beginning at 4.25° and 5.45° on this day

May 23 the midpoints form a conjunction at 5.58° (effectively 6°).

May 23- 26
Universal* Both midpoints are in an applying opposition to Sun- again making them heartbreak and nuclear days for everyone and again making it wise to follow the advice below.

May 27 Universal* Saturn starts south again in geo and again applies to Chiron by contra-parallel, peaking in July. If you can, avoid new beginnings until then. If not, the earlier in this cycle the better to do things, with the worst days July 10-13.

June 17 the midpoints also begin their conjunction from 4-7° in helio, making this a trans-dimensional situation. People with helio planets in these degrees are now affected too. The midpoints will go exact (just once in helio) on Sept. 4, 2009.

     Zodiac Sign Predictions for April - June 2009  
              Birthdate ranges shown may vary by a day or so either way. Be aware that these are general predictions, and that a detailed analysis of your personal transits and progressions will always show much more pinpoint accuracy. As in all predictive columns, this is written based on the Solar House system. If you know your Ascendant (Rising Sign) read that section as well as your birth sign.

     I attempt to write these predictions for all degrees of each sign, however, your own Sun and Ascendant may be anything from 0°-30° of a sign.  If these predictions seem way off, your Sun or Ascendant may be  at the extreme beginning or end of your sign. In that case, check
out the predictions for the sign immediately before or after yours and you may find a closer match. (If you are a Pisces, check out Aquarius and Aries, for example.)

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Aries- Mar 21- Apr 20:
High energy is a plus, but having a chip on your shoulder is not. Make sure you aren't being combative or pushy. Friendships continue to be a highlight, and you are able to touch diverse people with your sincerity and caring. With 3 sexual planets in your 12th house during part of this quarter, your sexual feelings may seem a bit difficult to access. Be patient, everything you're afraid you're missing will be popping into visibility soon. A focus on finances and financial planning should bring rewards, and a venture or partnership with a friend is a possibility. Make some plans for your home.

Taurus- Apr 21- May 21:
You can dazzle with mental gymnastics this quarter, and you are very likeable overall. You may also be a wunderkind in your career- now is the time to push forward and make sure not to hide your light under a bushel. If you are single, the possibility of finding yourself attracted to someone who has been 'just a friend' exists. Make sure there is a real basis for a relationship and not just some short-term sizzle before you make a move. You may have to make an effort to release anger constructively rather than suppress it this quarter. Some situation at home may seem uncomfortable or restrictive for a time.

Gemini- May 22- Jun 21:
For a portion of the quarter you will need to find some quiet time alone. This is a worthy investment in the long run, as this period of retreat will be intensely revitalizing. If you try to continue to go at your normal pace and ignore the inner promptings, you could find a cold or flu or other temporary limitation could take the choice out of your hands. Your continue to be in a period of expansion of philosophy and world view. Too much flirtation in the workplace could undermine your credibility, so save that for after hours. One-to-one relationships of all kinds continue to refine themselves. Avoid spats with friends.

Cancer- Jun 22- Jul 23:
Shared finances could be looking up even if your personal cash flow is stuttering a bit. Consider forming business or investment partnerships now if you are not currently so involved. Your intense career drive will pay huge future dividends, but you must exercise patience if other people or situations aren't moving as fast as you would like. Avoid being overly touchy at work as well. You can be a force for change as long as you temper your pace to that of those around you. Friendships should be very rewarding now.

Leo- Jul 24- Aug 23:
Yes, noble one, you are usually right. And yes, you are usually able to take the lead and be applauded for it too. Right now however, you could come across as over-controlling, too stodgy, or a general party-pooper---- which will certainly not do. Tread lightly, let others keep their opinions, however misguided, and this cycle will pass. As long as you heed these words, love and relationships could be especially fulfilling. Strategic alliances could play a real role in your career now as well. Beware of investment schemes unless you are exceptionally diligent in doing your homework and not at all subject to wishful thinking.

Virgo- Aug 24- Sep 23:
Whistle while you work- your ability to serve selflessly provides enormous satisfaction now. You may also discover new and more joyous ways to do the same old tasks. Love and sex rate high now, enjoy! Even so, you may find relationships difficult to understand or get a fix on for a time. At some point this quarter you may find yourself entering a cycle of acting in a pompous or controlling way- watch for it and find a better way to respond. Try to get in some travel- even a short getaway will do- or take a class and expand your horizons that way. Make plans with friends.

Libra- Sep 24- Oct 23:
Romance and sex play and important role this quarter. Ongoing relationships will benefit, and if single, you could meet someone very special. This is certainly a quarter to make merry and enjoy in all ways, but do avoid non-productive spats. Despite the emphasis on your personal life, you will still be making some career plans. Keeping a grip on correct handling of your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities could take self-discipline as you would rather not be burdened now. Consider a financial partnership of some sort. Friendships may still be restricted in some way for the time.

Scorpio- Oct 24- Nov 22:
Domestic bliss is a very real possibility. Even if you are single, your home life should be especially well-favored now. You still will be feeling restless at times, so don't just sit around the house- get out and enjoy the Spring! Like Libra, you will also have some focus on relationships, though single Scorps are less likely to meet "The One" now, and should be a bit skeptical of new flames. Career could feel more weighty or burdensome, but real progress should result over time. You may find yourself physically attracted to a friend, but take care that a real basis for a relationships exists before acting.

Sagittarius- Nov 23- Dec 22:
Your home life is most likely still in a state of flux. Be proactive and use the energy to make needed changes and improvements- make sure your plans are sensible, though. Travel may be limited for the time, and you are probably not interested in learning anything new at present. Avoid going to court now, and don't drive in a way that could earn you a ticket! Committed relationships enjoy a basis of solid companionship and friendship. Your communications are especially poetic at this time. You can give your all to your daily responsibilities now with great satisfaction, and may be thinking up new ways to do things. Do some financial planning.

Capricorn- Dec 23- Jan 20: 
In terms of your personal cash flow you are under lucky stars, though any business agreements or investment partnerships should be scrutinized with great caution. Going it alone, you should be blessed with the Midas touch. Take extra care to be clear in all communications and not to say anything too unexpected unless you have considered the consequences. This is also a time to work in some recreation and creative or artistic expression. At home, stay busy, avoid being testy, and don't get embroiled in no-win disagreements.

Aquarius- Jan 21- Feb 19:
You  are the golden child now and win favor wherever you go. Use these blessed stars to blaze a trail- it is almost as if you can do no wrong- especially in any area that depends on charisma. The only caveat here is the possibility of saying the wrong thing in haste. Don't be too blithe though in the financial arena-  do your due diligence, since a lack of clarity could create a sudden loss. If you avoid this, money flow should be fairly strong. Domestic affairs are another focus, and should be amicable.

Pisces- Feb 20- Mar 20:
You are especially charming this quarter, and may even find yourself reeling people in without meaning to. Take care to follow through on any promises you do make. Your aggressive pursuit of career and cash flow should yield results, but don't be too much of a bulldozer. You have many ideas now and can sell others on their merits with relative ease. Take breaks from daily tasks when you can without shirking real responsibilities. Relationships may begin to feel a bit heavy or restrictive, but this is only one cycle, and it will pass in time.


     Last Words  
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