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   Second Quarter 2009
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     Ask the Magi  

"What constitutes
 Cinderella and Golden
aspects and transits?"


Cinderella and Golden aspects and transits are wonderful!

   Cinderella aspects (linkages) between romantic partners are part of Romantic Super Linkages, which indicate soulmate potential. Even when Cinderella linkages stand alone, they are wonderful for helping people stay in love.

   Cinderella linkages in other human relationships help people see the best in each other and help them to help each other.

   Cinderella transits aid us in both our romantic and professional lives by making others see us in the best possible light. Romantically, Cinderella times are crucially important as Magi Society research has proven that these are the times when we can meet and marry our soulmate. In business, these are the "wunderkind" times when we can promote our causes and agendas, sell ourselves, sell more products & services, and get promotions. All the people we meet during Cinderella transits are likely to be better for us and better to us than those we meet at other times.

   Cinderella linkages are enhancement angles (conjunction, trine, quincunx, parallel, contra-parallel) within Magi orbs of the following: Venus/Chiron, Jupiter/Chiron, Neptune/Chiron, Pluto/Chiron. Cinderella transits include the preceding, as well as transiting Chiron in enhancement aspects to natal Sun or Moon, or the brief transits of Sun or Moon to natal Chiron.

   Golden aspects (linkages) between people reveal the ability to make money together. Between business partners, I consider two or more Golden linkages to be essential. They are also important between employee and employer (employer's birth date and/or incorporation date) for mutual profitability. Golden linkages are even beneficial in romantic relationships.

   Golden linkages are also essential between our chart and the chart of almost any business or financial venture we initiate: new businesses, bank or brokerage accounts, lease or mortgage signing dates, partnership agreements, domain name purchase dates, employment dates.

   Golden transits show the times when we can make the most money. All the people we meet during Golden transits are more likely to help us make money than people we meet at other times.

   Golden linkages and transits are enhancement angles within Magi orbs of the following pairs: Venus/Pluto, Venus/Chiron, Pluto/Chiron, Jupiter/Pluto, Jupiter/Chiron.

   By the way, Silver linkages and transits are also excellent, with the same general meaning as Golden linkages and transits, but with about 1/2 the power. 2 Silver linkages or transits = 1 Golden linkage or transit.

   Silver linkages and transits are enhancement angles within Magi orbs between the following pairs: Venus/Neptune, Venus/Uranus, Venus/Jupiter, Jupiter/Uranus, Jupiter/Neptune.
More information on Magi Linkages

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     Patterns in the Sky July - September 2009  
      Patterns in the Sky describes major planetary patterns in the sky for this quarter. These are NOT intended to be a general list of "Best and Worst Days."  The Magi Society publishes general "Best and Worst Days" for each month. For the current month, go to and click on the "Best and Worst Astrological Days" link at the top center of the page. Members of the Magi Society can see an additional month ahead- one of the benefits of membership.        
      Remember that the individual effects of any pattern will be improved by, or worsened by, your personal transits. The last 2-3 days listed in each date range (the peak of the cycle) will be the dates when the pattern is strongest. In the case of difficult cycles, actions which are unavoidable should be taken as early in the cycle as possible, as the cycle's negative effects are most detrimental at the cycle's peak. With positive cycles, actions should be taken as close to the peak  as possible to maximize the cycle's positive influence. The single simplest and most powerful way anyone can use astrology is to avoid universally bad days for new initiatives. It's not fun to dwell on difficult cycles, but forewarned is forearmed- this can give you a huge advantage long-term.

Main cycles for the Third Quarter:

Saturn-Chiron transdimensional Universal Heartbreak clashes
Saturn and Chiron are again applying in the geocentric declinations- this time with nasty Sedna parallel Saturn and contraparallel Chiron. This is not a pattern I like to feel of-- I especially don't like Sedna when it teams up with Saturn or Juno. The applying trio peaks July 12, and that same day is a Grand Trine of Saturn-Sedna-Earth.
Also in helio, the continuing Saturn-Chiron quincunx peaks August 5.

Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune triple Cinderella conjunction
     The triple conjunction of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in geo becomes transdimensional July 27, as Jupiter catches up with the other two in the heliocentric longitudes. This is a stunning and rare configuration, but unfortunately there are a few snags.... In helio, then later in geo, the 3 are in an applying quincunx with Saturn. : (

Here is when the various pieces of these Saturn clashes fall apart:

The Sat-Chi clash in helio peaks August 5, as previously mentioned.
Sat-Jup clash in geo peaks Aug. 19
Sat-Chi clash in geo peaks Aug. 31
Sat-Nep clash in geo peaks Sept. 12
Sat-Jup clash in helio peaks Sept. 16
Sat-Nep clash in helio peaks Sept. 26

Sedna cycles are nearly over- but...
    As touched on in the last few issues of StarGazer, Magi Society research has concluded that the trans-dimensional squares from the planet Sedna to Neptune since 2004 and Chiron since 2008 set the stage for and pulled the trigger on the worldwide financial meltdown. The good news is that these squares are nearly over, with the last geocentric pass ending in the third/ early fourth quarters of 2009.

    Now in the third quarter, we get one of the last passes: Sedna enters a transdimensional square with Jupiter and with Chiron. Things heat up as Saturn enters the fray in geo as well as helio... for a few days in late August we have a transdimensional mystic triangle with Saturn, Sedna, and the "Cinderella 3."

    General advice is to avoid new meetings and new initiatives at least 3 days before and after the peak days of the stressful cycles mentioned above.

     Zodiac Sign Predictions for July-September 2009  
              Birthdate ranges shown may vary by a day or so either way. Be aware that these are general predictions, and that a detailed analysis of your personal transits and progressions will always show much more pinpoint accuracy. As in all predictive columns, this is written based on the Solar House system. If you know your Ascendant (Rising Sign) read that section as well as your birth sign.

     I attempt to write these predictions for all degrees of each sign, however, your own Sun and Ascendant may be anything from 0°-30° of a sign.  If these predictions seem way off, your Sun or Ascendant may be  at the extreme beginning or end of your sign. In that case, check
out the predictions for the sign immediately before or after yours and you may find a closer match. (If you are a Pisces, check out Aquarius and Aries, for example.)

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Aries- Mar 21- Apr 19:
You are most likely seeing the world through rose-colored glasses now and idealism reigns supreme. You home life should be genuinely sweet and you may want to work on beautification in some way. Watch for a tendency toward an overly assertive manner in your communications, and be patient if others seem slow to understand your ideas. Seek a balance between hard work and sufficient rest and play. Deep relaxation may be more difficult to access than usual- you may need to cut back on caffeine or try yoga or meditation.

Taurus- Apr 20- May 20:
This continues to be an excellent time to advance your career- the payout for gains made now could be extremely long-term. You may also be putting quite a bit of energy into financial matters of all kinds. As you do this, avoid disputes of any kind. Your opportunities for play may be limited at this time, and if you are single, good dates may be scarce. You continue to be drawn to unusual people in general, but new acquaintances should prove themselves before you bring them all the way into your inner circle.

Gemini- May 21- Jun 21:
You may be a dynamo now, but don't roll over slower-moving people in your impatience or haste. Your home life these days continues to feel limited in some way, or requires more attention than it normally does. This is a wonderful time to travel if possible- you have a real opportunity to connect with people and ideas that will inspire you. Your career may surprise you, and progress is likely to be sporadic and sudden. Make sure all business ideas are well grounded in reality. Communicate your thoughts.

Cancer- Jun 22- Jul 22:
Your popularity could hit a peak this quarter- your gentle charm is captivating. You have a great deal of focus on money and it continues to be a time to make "Cinderella" financial partnerships. Take care with communications- keep information flowing and speak your truth with sensitivity to other's feelings. Routines may feel stifling if you don't allow them to alter as needed- in fact, your whole approach to duties and tasks may be in the process of transformation.

Leo- Jul 23- Aug 22:
Committed partnerships are particularly blessed, and casual relationships could move in a more serious direction. If your normal cash flow is temporarily weakened, just be patient and ride it out... this is not a very long cycle, and money could still come in from unexpected sources. A focus on the spiritual dimension of life is likely to be especially joyous now. Tread lightly and avoid troublesome issues with friends, as disputes or misunderstandings are a possibility.

Virgo- Aug 23- Sep 22:
Take care not to play the heavy or rain on anyone's parade this quarter. Allow the necessary transformations in your domestic life- these energies must be expressed, and with proactive attention the resultant changes can be a wonderful improvement. Though you are a devoted and giving person, you may see-saw somewhat now between feeling joy in service and feeling invisible and somewhat resentful. Stay in touch with your feelings so you can conserve your energies for yourself as needed.

Libra- Sep 23- Oct 22:
If you are a parent, these could be very special times with your children. This is also a time to enjoy your own playful and creative side. Moderate the intensity of your communications if you feel you are a little too much for someone. Alliances can play a pivotal role in your career now with increased income as a result. Avoid traffic tickets and any other wrangles with authority. If you feel spiritually parched, you may need to dig deeper than usual now to find a sense of Universal connection.

Scorpio- Oct 23- Nov 21:
Your home life continues to be under lucky stars- enjoy! Even if something isn't going quite right at home, you definitely have the stars on your side to work things out. You have the ability to intensely focus on cash flow, and there may also be some positive changes afoot with money or real estate. Be patient if friendships are a bit boring, cumbersome, or if they just need to take a back seat for the time being. A getaway could be lots of fun now.

Sagittarius- Nov 23- Dec 21:
You have the ability now to charm almost anyone, either verbally or in writing- any communications are highly favored and can win you points. It is important not to overpower anyone, though- remember everyone has a right to their opinion. In long-term relationships, squabbles are a possibility- try to let go of the small stuff rather than to rise to every provocation. If career is moving slowly or even seems stalled, patience and continuing hard work will see you through.

Capricorn- Dec 22- Jan 20: 
Your income should continue to be strong and blessed with luck. Confusion or miscommunication is possible these days, so try to be as direct and specific as possible. You have lots of energy for getting the job done in almost any circumstance now. Long-term relationships should be especially sweet, with both romance and companionship highlighted. Your ability to travel may be limited in some way for a time, and you are somewhat resistant to new ideas and impressions anyway right now.

Aquarius- Jan 21- Feb 18:
You have lots of energy now, especially in any area that depends on creativity or self-expression. You also have the ability to find serving others and taking care of duties especially satisfying. Your income could be up and down, but a sudden windfall is just as likely as a sudden loss. A partner's income could be slowed for now. You are in a long process of transforming your relationships with friends and your fellow humans- don't expect these areas to completely solidify for some time. You still have extraordinary charm for the present.

Pisces- Feb 19- Mar 20:
This could be an exceptional time for spiritual growth and deepening, and the illumination you find now will shine out to the world in the future. This can be a welcome respite, as your home life could be too busy or even somewhat disputatious, and committed relationships could feel temporarily stalled. If you are single, a new love could emerge. It's OK to fire the afterburners in your career, but don't scorch anyone in your ambition to achieve greatness.


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