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 First Quarter 2011
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Wishing you, and all Beings,
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    "Why are there sometimes contradictions in Magi Astrology? They make me feel doubtful."


  The only systems in which no contradictions arise are those which are closed or finished, which of course severely limits such systems' vitality and accuracy. In any truly scientific system, ongoing research is performed to continually expand knowledge.

   In the years since the Magi Society began publishing the results of our research, we have at times discovered new principles which modify, sometimes significantly, earlier findings. The goal of the Magi Society is to continually seek new pieces of the astrological puzzle which are consistent and provable.

   We will no doubt unearth additional contradictions in the future. When things don't unfold as we predict, we just consider it a sign that more research is necessary.

   If you find a contradiction, consider it proof that Magi Astrology is continually endeavoring to improve upon our legendary accuracy. Simply look to the most recent information as being representative of our most cutting-edge techniques to date.

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     Patterns in the Sky January - March 2011  
            Patterns in the Sky describes major planetary patterns in the sky for this quarter. For the Magi Society's monthly "Best and Worst Days" go to and click on "Best and Worst Astrological Days" at the top center of the page.
Individual effects in the moment from a Universal Cycle are only likely if the cycle aspects your own planets, and will then be improved by or worsened by your other progressions and transits.
    Universal Cycles are very important for everyone, however, as they apply to new meetings, new ventures and other important natalizations.
For example, relationships and initiatives begun during a Universal Heartbreak cycle could easily end in failure or heartbreak.
          The last 2-3 days listed in each date range (the peak of the cycle) will be the    
  dates when the pattern is strongest. In the case of difficult cycles, actions which are unavoidable should be taken as early in the cycle as possible, as the cycle's negative effects are most detrimental at the cycle's peak. With positive cycles, actions should be taken as close to the peak  as possible to maximize the cycle's positive influence. The single simplest and most powerful way anyone can use astrology is to avoid bad days for new initiatives. The more concurrent negative cycles are present, the worse the day for natalizations. It's not fun to dwell on difficult cycles, but forewarned is forearmed- knowing when to avoid new meetings and starting new ventures can give you a huge advantage long-term.

Get a personal calendar of your own individual Best and Worst Days. 

Main cycles for the First Quarter:
   The Jupiter-Uranus eclipse in geo continues through January 27. This could be an excellent time to natalize things for Uranus-ruled businesses or to push for fame IF AND ONLY IF your own transits agree and you avoid the clash peaks below.

   A Universal Heartbreak clash in the geo declinations (Sat/Chi midpoint parallel/contraparallel Chiron) begins January 8 and continues through February 27, but it stays wide and doesn't go exact before breaking up. Magi research has proven that transits which do not reach exact before separating (we call these incomplete transits) are less powerful than transits which do become exact.

    The Sedna-Chiron clash in the geo declinations which began Nov. 29 peaks Jan 21, 2011. Again, our research shows that the Sedna-Neptune and Sedna-Chiron clashes of the last few years were the stellar contributors to our worldwide economic meltdown. Avoid any type of important natalizations near the peak.

   The looooooong clash of the Sat/Jup midpoint to Neptune in the helio latitudes finally ends Feb. 9 without going exact, though it has been fairly tight. This clash began May 11, 2009, and with the clash midpoint parallel Earth, I can't help but think that this was a factor in the various problems we've had in Neptune-ruled matters during this time, such as the US health-care reform bill, the BP oil spill, the Haiti earthquake, the Chile earthquake, the floods in Pakistan, and the earthquake, tsumani, and eruption of  the volcano Merapi in Indonesia.     Neptune symbolisms in Magi Astrology

   A Nuclear T-Square of Jupiter, Saturn and the Sat/Jup Midpoint in helio began forming in mid-November, and the Saturn-Jupiter opposition reaches its peak February 22. This is another peak to avoid for new beginnings.

   A similar Nuclear T-Square in geo starts to shape up beginning March 9. As with the helio T-Square, the Sat/Jup midpoint clash to Jupiter never goes exact, which waters down this portion of the negative influence. The peak of the Saturn-Jupiter opposition in geo is Mar. 28.

    A third Universal Nuclear cycle- Saturn contraparallel Jupiter in the geo declinations- begins March 7 and peaks March 16. Don't natalize anything during March 9 -16, while 2 of these 3 Nuclears are applying.

    Avoid new meetings and new initiatives at least 3 days before the peak days of stressful cycles mentioned above. With good cycles, time your natalizations as close to the peak as possible IF your own transits agree.

Glossary of Magi Astrology

     Zodiac Sign Predictions for January - March 2011  
              Birthdate ranges shown may vary by a day or so either way. Be aware that these are general predictions, and that a detailed analysis of your personal transits and progressions will always show much more pinpoint accuracy. As in all predictive columns, this is written based on the Solar House system. If you know your Ascendant (Rising Sign) read that section as well as your birth sign.

     I attempt to write these predictions for all degrees of each sign, however, your own Sun and Ascendant may be anything from 0-30 of a sign.  If these predictions seem way off, your Sun or Ascendant may be  at the extreme beginning or end of your sign. In that case, check
out the predictions for the sign immediately before or after yours and you may find a closer match. (If you are a Pisces, check out Aquarius and Aries, for example.)

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Aries- Mar 21- Apr 19:
A great deal of outward focus characterizes your first quarter, in both your career and your involvement in friendships and community. It can be a wonderful time to push ahead and build strong alliances with two caveats: don't push so hard that you create unacceptable stress between work and home duties, and avoid creating negative financial karma. Committed relationships may still be somewhat strained, but good ones deserve patience- these stars will pass. Extra exercise may be needed to avoid weight gain this quarter. Overall you may find yourself becoming less predictable and compliant in the coming year.

Taurus- Apr 20- May 20:
Less worry about career and more emphasis on expanding your horizons through study or travel will improve your first quarter. Despite this, not every new paradigm you encounter will stand the test of time, so move slowly to make any major changes. Continue to be equally cautious with new flames if you are single. You may have great excitement for new projects and little patience with routine tasks, but the daily grind won't seem so heavy and burdensome forever. Spiritual growth and deep inner healing are strong possibilities.

Gemini- May 21- Jun 21:
Your long-term career changes should gradually be coming to an end and you may find yourself finally feeling "at home" in your work. Going it alone is the best investment strategy for now, though you may be powerfully tempted toward a financial partnership. Love could continue to be a somewhat of a challenge whether you are in a settled relationship or just dating, but the sexual expression could be HOT!!! Even so, be prudent in your decisions. Travel might not be worry-free for a while.

Cancer- Jun 22- Jul 22:
You may wonder off and on how your relationship could be so good some of the time and make you so crazy at other times. Your career should be in an ascendancy phase, don't hesitate to capitalize on this. Some worry about joint finances may be unavoidable but don't dwell on it- it's likely that things are actually better than you think. You may continue to feel that daily tasks and your home life are dragging you down but these stars will eventually dissolve, so be patient.

Leo- Jul 23- Aug 22:
Action is more likely to produce results than analysis- don't get caught in too much thinking leading nowhere. Your ideas can be communicated more effectively using diplomacy instead of force. Stick to the high road like glue in your career- don't even entertain the notion of any gray-area shortcuts. Staying busy with loved ones will keep high energies in relationships positively channeled. Potential investment plans should still be given much careful thought before proceeding. Single Lions shouldn't rush it with new flames.

Virgo- Aug 23- Sep 22:
You may be wildly creative now. Enjoy this energy but don't get so wild that you disturb your inner equanimity. The same goes for hot romances for single Virgos. Committed Virgos are slowly and gradually entering a time of relationship stabilization after a long period of periodic flux. Don't get out on a limb at home- stick to a wise course. If cash flow is somewhat limited, wait for the stars to shift before making major expenditures. Still, joint financial matters should be prospering.

Libra- Sep 23- Oct 22:
Don't play the role of party-pooper or rain on anyone's parade now even if you feel in the right to do so. Be patient with the ongoing changes at home- they should lead ultimately to a beautiful result. Remain steady as she goes with responsibilities, and don't play hooky too much. One-to-one relationships should be growing and stabilizing. Activities with children and creative pursuits are favored. Continue to choose your words with great care to avoid doing harm.

Scorpio- Oct 23- Nov 21:
Your home life is busy, busy, busy and you are feeling especially generous with your energy. Try to take enough time for yourself to recharge your batteries even though you may feel disinclined to do
so. : ) Caution is still called for in any matters affecting cash flow. Your communications can be especially sweet and moving but be sure to be clear. New friends may not be all that they seem so don't rush into anything. Don't worry about anything that's not happening RIGHT NOW.

Sagittarius- Nov 23- Dec 21:
Awareness is needed if you'd rather be taken for Cinderella than the Wicked Witch of the West. Finances should be favorable- don't over-think things to the point of getting too wound up. Changes in your domestic scene may be gradually waning, and good times are ahead. Beware illusions in your career- keep your feet solidly planted on Terra Firma. Limitations or restrictions in friendships may be a bother for now. Enjoy creative or artistic pursuits.

Capricorn- Dec 22- Jan 20: 
You could alternate between being super-congenial, overpowering, and even being confusing or disturbing in some way- be mindful of the way your present yourself. Home time should be quiet and peaceful now but some changes are on their way. Hard work can lead to great progress over time. You are getting ahead, so don't let groundless money worries bother you. Let go of old losses and disappointments so they don't overshadow the present and future.

Aquarius- Jan 21- Feb 18:
It's still advisable to go slow in financial matters and not act impetuously, but better and safer times are ahead. Travel plans may need to be on hold for a while, and it's not a good time to flout authority. Still, you might just be able to talk yourself out of any kind of scrape. If something is troubling you, don't hesitate to get some good advice- then you'll sleep easier. Continue to be patient with friends- they may know not what they do.

Pisces- Feb 19- Mar 20:
Friendships may be both rewarding and the cause for some consternation in the first quarter. If you've been deluding yourself about someone romantically, the truth may soon come to light. Strive to be at your best in your career but don't push things- now is the time to walk softly. Joint financial ventures aren't the best idea for now- you're probably stronger on your own. Soon you may be more interested in pleasing others than you've been for some time.

     Last Words  
        Please email me with any questions you would like to see addressed in future issues.

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