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StarGazer                                by Magi Helena, Certified Magi Astrologer

  Fourth Quarter 2012
       In This Issue

Wishing you a joyous and bountiful autumn!

   The wheel turns, and summer moves into fall....
(Not so of course for all my wonderful readers in the Southern Hemisphere.)
Autumn and spring are both seasons of transition and learning to balance polarities - work and play, exertion and rest, spiritual and physical, inner and outer, self and relationship. Take enough time this autumn to be mindful of the balances and transitions needed now in your life.

   One of the most amazing things I find in my daily practice as an astrologer is the sameness of people's concerns worldwide. From Sweden to Shanghai, from Colorado to Qatar, we humans are much more alike than different in our dreams, desires, fears and sorrows. Let this truth remain in our hearts as we view our world and its peoples.


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   As I wrote in my October 2010 StarGazer, there seems to be little corroborating evidence that the Mayan Calendar which has caused so many worries really predicts the end of the world in 2012. Once again, the cartoon that seems to say it all:          Fears and anxieties can poison our lives - taking us out of our actual moment and placing us instead into a nightmare fantasy which isn't even happening in the NOW. Do what you can to live each moment to the fullest IN each moment - there are great techniques for this is my Build your Dream Life Book, below. Spend your moments and your life in Light, in Love, in Gratitude.

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  Calendar Testimonials:

 "Thank you very much for the calendar, Helena. Even though there is a lot of blackout period on mine this time, knowing what is going on and what to do, really, as you say it, helps to minimise the trouble and damage that horrible transits can cause. Thank you again. Warmest regards!"

 "Dear Magihelena, I am delighted with my calendar. I need another one as it runs out in mid-August. Would you please contact me to do another one."

"OMG!!! I just burst into TEARS when I saw this (personal astro-calendar)!! This is wonderful! Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"  

 "I LOVE this new tool you offer. It is clear, concise & easy to refer to when planning the future. It's quicker than looking over reading notes, trying to find dates... Very cool!"

 "Iím happy to report that things have been proceeding satisfactorily. If I have to do something important, I always check the calendar and act accordingly (or do nothing, as the case may warrant). Iím less stressed out and Iím happier and more confident. I sent in my order for the next 6 months today. This is a great service you provide. Thank you so much!"

 "Thank you so much for the wonderful calendar!  It's just fantastic - I'm still digesting all the contents. I will be printing copies.... What an invaluable tool!"

 "I appreciate all that you do, Helena! Sometimes I have to make a very quick decision regarding the timing of things, so the calendar will be a key tool over the next few months."


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     Ask the Magi

   "Helena, I was wondering why Magi astrology does not mention anywhere Mercury retrograde as bad when starting projects, beginning something new, etc.?"

   Great question!

   In Magi Astrology we do not follow a traditional astrological belief UNLESS we have been able to prove scientifically that it works reliably and consistently. Though some people do note anecdotally that they experience difficulties or interruptions in the areas ruled by a retrograde planet in the moment, copious research by the Magi Society has actually proven that retrogrades can be VERY positive in natalization charts.

   One of the main keys to creating a MAGIcal natalization chart is setting up strong, favorable progressions. Our research has proven that when an aspect is formed by one direct planet and one retrograde planet (called a bi-directional aspect) in a natalization chart, the resultant progression is generally stronger and more favorable than when an aspect is formed by two planets moving in direct motion (called double-direct) or two planets moving in retrograde motion (called double-retrograde.) When both planets in an aspect are moving in the same direction, we call this a mono-directional aspect. 

   Here are the specifics:

Bi-directional turbulent aspects are less turbulent than mono-directional turbulent aspects.
Double-retrograde turbulent aspects are more turbulent than bi-directional turbulent aspects.
Double-direct turbulent aspects are the very most turbulent.
Double-direct quincunxes are considered turbulent.

Bi-directional enhancement aspects are more favorable than double-direct enhancements.
Double-retrograde enhancements are the very best of all.

   All of the above considerations pertain to NATALIZATION charts, and do not pertain to a person's natal chart. In Magi Astrology we consider ALL aspects to be gifts in a person's chart.

    Much Love and Many Blessings, Helena

Email your questions to helena@magihelena.com

     Patterns in the Sky October - December 2012  
            Patterns in the Sky describes major planetary patterns in the sky for this quarter. For the Magi Society's monthly "Best and Worst Days" go to http://magiastrology.com and click on "Best and Worst Astrological Days" at the top center of the page.
Individual effects in the moment from a Universal Cycle are only likely if the cycle aspects your own planets, and will then be improved by or worsened by your other progressions and transits.
    Universal Cycles are very important for everyone, however, as they apply to new meetings, new ventures and other important natalizations.
For example, relationships and initiatives begun during a Universal Heartbreak cycle could easily end in failure or heartbreak.
          The last 2-3 days listed in each date range (the peak of the cycle) will be the    
  dates when the pattern is strongest. In the case of difficult cycles, actions which are unavoidable should be taken as early in the cycle as possible, as the cycle's negative effects are most detrimental at the cycle's peak. With positive cycles, actions should be taken as close to the peak  as possible to maximize the cycle's positive influence. The single simplest and most powerful way anyone can use astrology is to avoid bad days for new initiatives. The more concurrent negative cycles are present, the worse the day for natalizations. It's not fun to dwell on difficult cycles, but forewarned is forearmed- knowing when to avoid new meetings and starting new ventures can give you a huge advantage long-term.

Get a personal Astro-Calendar of your own Best and Worst Days. 

Main cycles for the Fourth Quarter:

  A Saturn-Jupiter midpoint in a Nuclear Heartbreak clash with Chiron in the geo declinations begins Nov. 1 and applies through December 13. Avoid new beginnings for love or business during this time.

   The Uranus-Pluto square continues in helio this quarter, and I'm not liking that the Saturn-Chiron midpoint has now joined Pluto squaring Uranus. This midpoint square becomes trans-dimensional beginning Oct. 11, though the geo Uranus-Pluto square continues to separate this quarter. Natalizations for any Uranus-ruled businesses, such as anything on the internet, should be avoided or chosen with great care during this time.

    Avoid new meetings and new initiatives at least 3 days before the peak days of stressful cycles mentioned above. With good cycles, time your natalizations as close to the peak as possible IF there are no concurrent stressful cycles AND your own transits agree.

Glossary of Magi Astrology

     Zodiac Sign Predictions for October - December 2012  
              Birthdate ranges shown may vary by a day or so either way. Be aware that these are general predictions, and that a detailed analysis of your personal transits and progressions will always show much more pinpoint accuracy. As in all predictive columns, this is written based on the Solar House system. If you know your Ascendant (Rising Sign) read that section as well as your birth sign.

     I attempt to write these predictions for all degrees of each sign, however, your own Sun and Ascendant may be anything from 0į-30į of a sign.  If these predictions seem way off, your Sun or Ascendant may be  at the extreme beginning or end of your sign. In that case, check
out the predictions for the sign immediately before or after yours and you may find a closer match. (If you are a Pisces, check out Aquarius and Aries, for example.)

   To receive a free 10-minute reading* each year, click on your Sun Sign in the blue box above left.

Aries- Mar 21- Apr 19:
  Count on careful planning and hard work to advance your ambitions rather than luck and you'll have a real chance to make your dreams come true. Though you may feel allergic to daily tasks, do your best with a good attitude and don't sweat the small stuff. Focus on the good in relationships. Sudden angry feelings should not be vented toward others as the consequences could be unpleasant.

Taurus- Apr 20- May 20:
   If single, use your head to choose a new lover, not just your hormones - impulsive sex could create a backlash now. Impulsive financial partnerships could also backfire. Do what you can to keep things calm on the home front, but don't expect miracles for a while. Remember that in terms of karma, the ends never justify the means. New friends could be interesting and unusual.

Gemini- May 21- Jun 21:
  Ongoing relationships can be nicely spicy but they could also be volatile - try not to stir the pot. Travel and learning new things can be especially sweet, whereas your home situation may seem unsettled or insecure for the time. In career, your thinking is definitely outside the box. Be mindful that it isn't always wise to share your inner turmoil; in all cases, speak plainly and clearly as you could easily be misunderstood.

Cancer- Jun 22- Jul 22:
   If you feel uncertain of the way to proceed in financial matters, refrain from acting until you have the inner clarity of the right action to take. Delegate as much of your routine work as you can as you have little patience for minutiae at this time. At home, be sure to remember that the glass is half-full. Single Cancerians have major-league charm available for new meetings. Expand your horizons in some way, and keep your insecurities to yourself.

Leo- Jul 23- Aug 22:
   Move ahead boldly in your career but be careful to remain on the straight-and-narrow ethically, and don't let temporary financial anxieties motivate you to ignore this caveat or invest unwisely. At home, you can charm your way through almost anything. Long-term relationships should be especially sweet; single Leos should take extra care in the dating world as impulsive choices or actions could be regrettable.

Virgo- Aug 23- Sep 22:
   Give with all your heart to those near you and you will reap greater benefits than you imagine. Financially, there is more good than bad in the stars for you now. Committed Virgos should plan something new and different with their partner. New knowledge should be sought after and could be greatly beneficial. If tempers flare at home, do your best not to fan the flames. Your current self-doubts are temporary and will pass.

Libra- Sep 23- Oct 22:
   Count to 100, not 10, before you speak from anger - your usual diplomacy could fail you and words once spoken can never be un-said. Plan to accomplish your tasks in a new way. If you suspect that anxieties are rumbling around in your subconscious mind, bring them out into the open to diffuse their power. Friendships may be confusing or upsetting for a time. Single Librans could hit the jackpot!

Scorpio- Oct 23- Nov 21:
 Friendships could be the source of some anxiety this quarter. Guard your income sources and don't take on any financial gambles. Income from a partner could be very helpful now. If you feel confused regarding career matters, fortify your patience and don't act before achieving clarity. You continue to be dazzling to those around you and your intelligence shines as well. Your home life should be able to soothe most irritations.

Sagittarius- Nov 23- Dec 21:
   Mindful awareness of your approach toward and impact upon others is needed now - you could really push other people away if you are careless. Much can be achieved with methodical efforts - you can build your mountain a spoonful at a time if necessary, so never fear. This could be an up-and-down time with friendships and group associations. Travel could be anything but relaxing now.

Capricorn- Dec 22- Jan 20: 
   Take plenty of time to sort out inner feelings. The more you bring hidden frustrations, resentments and impulses into the light of day, the less turmoil you will feel and the less these feelings will subconsciously drive your behavior. Don't be afraid to learn or try new things. Career may be up and down this minute but your goals are attainable. Your wit is especially quick. Friendships can be a saving grace.

Aquarius- Jan 21- Feb 18:
You may be tempted to air grievances with friends now but the stars aren't supporting much resolution for the time - it's best to wait until you feel more centered to discuss issues. Likewise, committed Aquarians very much need to wait for clarity before making any major changes, while single Aquarians may be more likely to find friendship or a business partner for the time. Your career star is shining and your abilities are clear.

Pisces- Feb 19- Mar 20:
  Your ability to make a witty retort has never been stronger but it's better to save this for social events and walk cautiously through the current minefield at work. Keep your eye on the ball give things time to settle down. Love and duty alike may stir up some worry or confusion now but this will pass. Travel or a new area of study could be inspiriing. Any time you devote toward spiritual practice will be abundantly rewarded.

     Last Words  
        Please email me with any questions you would like to see addressed in future issues.

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email in the aqua box here or email them a link:


I send out my vision for all of us, and invite you to hold it with me -
a vision for all Beings of all Universes - of Peace and Compassion, Love and Light.
May it be so - with every thought we think, every word we speak, and every action we take - may we all choose to co-create Paradise.

Many Blessings, Peace and so very much Love,


 ~Shalom, Salaam, Shanti~

    Beloved readers, use your own judgment and factor in what seems right to you out of this newsletter. By reading any of this material, you agree to these terms of use: The information expressed herein is opinion. Magi Helena makes not claims whatsoever concerning the validity of the information provided for any particular individual and cannot be held liable for any use thereof.

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 "Spent half my life floundering around in the dark in wrong relationships till Helena got me on the right track, feels like a new lease of life!"

 "Thank you Magi Helena, Your session has helped me to think more positively about the future. Although it's a few months off now, at least I know I won't be having a hard time of it forever."

 ďHelena, Donít ever quit!! I need you. You make me believe so much in tomorrow that I stop crying about yesterday.Ē

 "You are wonderful! Thank you so much for the valuable advice and insights from the natal reading! You were right! With your reassurance and help in confirming my heart's message, I can finally regain hope and be at peace with myself. Best regards and blessings!"

 "Thank you so much for the excellent reading...you confirmed things that I saw and prodded me on others..."

 "That session was so amazing to me today. I had flashes of insight and could literally feel my soul transforming and raising in consciousness all evening. Wow!"

 "Helena, Thank you for the great, uplifting reading...I have referred you to a number of friends and look forward to our next  contact... looking forward to listening to the recording."

 "Hi Helena, Thank you so much for the AMAZING reading today! Everything you said really resonated with me, I can't wait to get the Audio so that I can listen over and over again :) The only complaint I have is that it was just too short! There are just so many things to ask! I feel much better about things that I have been recently questioning and feel hopeful about where I am heading now. I can really see the value of what you do and your clients are certainly lucky to have your insight and wisdom. I can't wait to learn more about Magi Astrology :)."

 "Helena, Thank you for the investment calendar and real-estate stuff....I went to court today and won my case (as you predicted) .."

 "Thank you very much for the calendar, Helena, and for all your help and the wonderful work you do. Even though there is a lot of blackout period on mine this time, knowing what is going on and what to do, really, as you say it, helps to minimize the trouble and damage that horrible transits can cause. Thank you again! Warmest regards."

 "Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and supporting me during my time of need. You are doing great work!"

 "Hello Helena, Thanks again for your guidance and insights. I look forward to receiving your work on the additional two charts that we discussed during our last consultation. Thanks so much for your assistance!

 "Thank you Helena, I got the recording last night and listened to it again. It helped to put me in the right place for today. Thank you for the reading, and I will be in touch later for more, as I am considering becoming certified. I have studied Jyotish for the last 5 years and am intrigued by this new astrology that seems to be so accurate."

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  'Hi, Helena -- It's funny how I happen to read over the notes I transcribed from our last session every so often. It is somewhat a reminder but also a great help when I think of past business ventures and ways to look toward a better future. I would like to receive a reading from you again. Hope to hear from you soon on possible dates for our next session. I am so enthused about another chance to have a reading from you! Thanks so much!"

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