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 Second Quarter 2013
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Wishing you a warm and wonderful springtime!

   Springtime in the garden is a magical time and a
constant reminder that miracles happen every day. Nature is so very profligate with her beauty - no hesitation, no holding back. This time of year inspires me greatly and fills my heart with joy.

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 Ask the Magi
  Hello Magi Helena, Love your site and would love to know more about celebs and their love lives from a "Magi Astrology" perspective. What does Magi Astrology say about the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise divorce? Maybe I'm in the small minority, but really was pulling for these two to "make it" together.    
  The personal and professional lives of celebrities make wonderful examples of Magi Astrology principles, since both their birth data and the outcome of their situations is known.

   This simplified analysis does not look at every detail of this relationship, only at the following basics:

Romantic Super-Linkages (RSLs)- The basis for true love
Sexual Linkages
Wedding Date

Please note: I omit below notable references to principles of Magi Astrology which have not yet been released to the public.

Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise (Tom's Moon is omitted as there is no known birth time for him.)

Romantic Super-Linkages: 3, Tom's Chiron is involved in one, Katie's Chiron twice

A Chiron-Neptune-Venus RSL in the declinations is super-romantic.
The Chiron-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune RSL in the geo longitudes contains a Nuclear Clash, injecting serious differences.
The Chiron-Pluto-Mars-Earth-Saturn-Saturn RSL in the helio longitudes adds hot but temporary sexual desire and a Heartbreak Clash.

Sexual Linkages:

In geo- The Venus-Juno Ultimate Sexual Linkage which is killed by marriage, one Venus/Juno sexual clash.
In helio- A Mars-Juno sexual clash - this combined with the sexual clash in geo makes 2 sexual clashes = 1 Super-Sexual Linkage. A Pluto-Venus linkage - lasts forever. A Pluto-Mars linkage - very hot but always burns out.

Captivations:  Katie - 12, Tom - 15


Heartbreak Clashes- 3 total - 2 with Tom as the Saturn person, 1 with Katie as the Saturn person.
Nuclear Clashes- 5 including 2 pairs of reciprocal Nuclear Clashes in geo.
Other notable clashes- Katie's Sat/Chi MP opp Tom's Sun, K's Sat/Jup MP sq Tom's Mars, several Sappho clashes, a Saturn-Saturn Clash of War.

Wedding Date:

A Sun-Jupiter-Venus eclipse on this day looks lovely, but both the Sat/Chi MP square to Neptune in geo and the Saturn-Neptune opposition in helio indicate a short marriage. Sat/Chi MP conjunct/opposite Mars in geo signifies dramatic and crazy-making fighting, and the Sedna-Neptune-Sappho-Saturn Grand Cross in helio indicates a marriage shortened by take-no-prisoners power struggles.


   Katie and Tom had short-term highly romantic love and short-term hot sexual chemistry which camouflaged their intense incompatibility. The romantic nature of their love was shown in 2 Venus-Neptune linkages (one 1 in an RSL) and they did have true love for each other as shown by 3 RSLs. Their love was heightened in the beginning by their 3 Heartbreak Clashes. Heartbreak Clashes initially draw people together before these clashes ultimately shatter their hearts. Unfortunately, while RSLs always show true love, they don't guarantee "happily-ever-after."

   It truly is compatibility and friendship that have much more to do with making relationships peaceful and lasting. Unfortunately for Katie and Tom, 5 Nuclear Clashes create multiple irreconcilable differences, and their wedding chart doesn't support compromise or "agreeing to disagree." Sexually, all except one of Katie's and Tom's sexual linkages were temporary - Juno sexual linkages are ALWAYS killed by marriage and the Pluto/Mars linkage ALWAYS burns out, so about 80% of their sexual attraction was short-term.

   The number and ratio of their captivations is fairly normal - not enough "glue" here to make Katie and Tom stay in an unhappy marriage.

   So, their story is a fairly common one: when the love and sex failed, all that was left were the serious incompatibilities, and their strong potential for heartbreak unfortunately came true.

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Patterns in the Sky April - June 2013
       As you read above, there are many new mind-blowing discoveries resulting from Magi Astrology research. Since these newly-proven principles have not yet been shared with our members or even with our Certification Candidates, I can't mention the new patterns here. What these new discoveries do however, is change our view on the significance of the patterns I previously mentioned in this section of StarGazer newsletters.
It begins to seem less relevant to mention only the publicly-known patterns each quarter. It's not that these patterns don't work, just that they
are less important than the new principles we've proven in our copious research. Therefore, effective with this issue of StarGazer, I am discontinuing this section of the newsletter. To keep abreast of Magi discoveries, keep reading StarGazer, or request information on how to join the Magi Society.

Excerpt from the Angels
  Be thou with us daily. We cannot emphasize this enough. Each day that begins in the angelic stays there. This changes your own experience of your day and spirals out to touch all those whom you touch. Dwell with us for a time each morning in meditation as the first thing you do.
Zodiac Sign Predictions for April - June 2013
       Birth date ranges shown may vary by a day or so either way. Be aware that these are general predictions, and that a detailed analysis of your personal transits and progressions will always show much more pinpoint accuracy. As in all predictive columns, this is written based on the Solar House system. If you know your Ascendant (Rising Sign) read that section as well as your birth sign.

     I attempt to write these predictions for all degrees of each sign, however, your own Sun and Ascendant may be anything from 0°-30° of a sign.  If these predictions seem way off, your Sun or Ascendant may be  at the extreme beginning or end of your sign. In that case, check
out the predictions for the sign immediately before or after yours and you may find a closer match. (If you are a Pisces, check out Aquarius and Aries, for example.)

   To receive a free 10-minute reading* each year, click on your Sun Sign in the aqua box above left.

Aries- Mar 21- Apr 19:
Use the drive you have now to make strides toward your goals, but don't roll over others to do so. You communicate most effectively when you speak the other person's language and stay on point. Living up to other people's expectations may chafe. Channel any inner disquiet into artistic, poetic or musical expression in some way.

Taurus- Apr 20- May 20:
   Duty calls more often than you might like but be sure to give yourself at least some breaks in the routine. Don't be afraid to express yourself creatively. Verify all the facts before making career decisions. A financial alliance could be profitable. Remember, on a karmic level the end doesn't always justify the means.

Gemini- May 21- Jun 21:
    Your sunny nature and benevolent spirit is a strong attractant now. Any unsettled feelings you have about your domestic life should ease soon. Don't be afraid to think outside the box at work - a creative leap could catapult your career. Keep communications simple and straightforward. Take time to meditate or otherwise clear your mind.

Cancer- Jun 22- Jul 22:
   Speak up - don't let doubt keep you silent. New insights may be the antidote for a temporarily stagnant home front. Great performance of even small tasks can push you ahead in your career. Avoid financial partnerships for now - you don't have all the facts. Have fun with friends and don't anything to do with them too seriously.

Leo- Jul 23- Aug 22:
   Strike a balance in communications between saying too much and saying too little. In long-term relationships, let wisdom guide you instead of assumptions or wishful thinking. Dating Leos could meet someone with star power, but remember that alone isn't enough to spell true love. Start a new course of study in a career-related field. Relax and unwind with friends.

Virgo- Aug 23- Sep 22:
   Though you may have itchy feet, remember the urge for change and the need for change are two different things. Don't turn your life upside down unless there is a real NEED. Your desire to expand your horizons can be satisfyingly expressed by learning something new and interesting. Forge strategic alliances at work. Some inner disquiet is possible - do your best to attain clarity but you may need to wait for this until the stars shift.

Libra- Sep 23- Oct 22:
   You could be way off base about a friend now so reserve judgment. Continue to take care in all communications as the world is watching (and listening.) Relationships with children - and the dating world for single Librans - could be all over the map. You may have to really work on self-discipline now. This is a wonderful time to achieve a deeper understanding of the reality behind the 3D veil.

Scorpio- Oct 23- Nov 21:
 In committed relationships, let communication shed light into dark corners and release fears and concerns. Your influence extends widely, so take responsibility for setting a good example. Use caution and conventional wisdom in your career - don't risk a novel approach now. Dating Scorpios are attracted to unusual people now but you'll eventually go back to your usual preferences. Friends may be less supportive than usual for a time.

Sagittarius- Nov 23- Dec 21:
  You are especially charismatic and magnetic now but don't take this as a license to behave inconsiderately. Enjoy your friends but don't expect to much of them. You may feel pulled in too many directions now task-wise and focus may be difficult. You should be enjoying an added dose of peace and compatibility in ongoing relationships. Travel could run less smoothly than usual.

Capricorn- Dec 22- Jan 20: 
  Continue to allow your creative expression an outlet this quarter. Avoid insular thinking - don't be afraid of or resistant to new ideas. You may not be getting the attention you deserve but as the stars shift that will change. Separate fact from fiction, especially in money matters. Get help from friends - many hands make light work.

Aquarius- Jan 21- Feb 18:
When clarity is hard to come by the wise person waits before making a decision. You may need to wait a bit for clarity, especially in long-term relationships. For single Capricorns, a friend could become a lover, or vice-versa. You are more influential than usual at work. Expect some fluctuations in income - these could be down OR up. Plan a springtime get-together at your place.

Pisces- Feb 19- Mar 20:
   Don't let yourself run on at the mouth - be sure to listen as much as you speak. Also use caution with cutting statements or jokes, as once said, things can't be un-said. The home front should be much more peaceful now. Take one thing at a time - don't worry about everything that needs doing all at once. Spiritual seeking and practice continue to be satisfying.

Last Words
     Please email me with any questions you would like to see addressed in future issues.

   If your friends might enjoy StarGazer, input their name and email in the aqua box above left or email them a link:


I send out my vision for all of us, and invite you to hold it with me -
a vision for all Beings of all Universes - of Peace and Compassion, Love and Light.
May it be so - with every thought we think, every word we speak, and every action we take -
may we all choose to co-create Paradise.

Many Blessings, Peace and so very much Love,


 ~Shalom, Salaam, Shanti~

    Beloved readers, use your own judgment and factor in what seems right to you out of this newsletter. By reading any of this material, you agree to these terms of use: The information expressed herein is opinion. Magi Helena makes not claims whatsoever concerning the validity of the information provided for any particular individual and cannot be held liable for any use thereof.


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