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As Above, So Below



Love Calendar: YOUR days to meet your Soulmate + days when you can only meet a heartbreaker.
Personal Astro-Calendars
Love & Soulmates
Relationship Readings: Brief or
In Depth. Understand relationship dynamics and the likely outcome of the relationship.

Wedding & Renewal of Vows Dates:
"Happy & Successful Ever After"
Wedding Dates
Success Calendar: YOUR best & worst days for money and success.
Personal Astro-Calendars
Incorporation, LLC, &
Employment Dates:
A Super-Charged Date = Super-Success.
Business, Financial, and
Career Consultations:
ow to maximize your success in any area.
  Personal Astro-Calendars
Love Calendar: Your days to meet your Soulmate, when you can only meet a heartbreaker, best & worst days to push for commitment, & more.
More Astro-Calendars
Success + Love Calendar: Your best & worst days for both success and love, whether committed or single.
More Astro-Calendars
Health & Beauty Calendar: Time surgeries, procedures for beauty & safety - avoid ugly results.
More Astro-Calendars
Thinking & Big Decision Calendar:
Your best & worst days for mental clarity and making wise major decisions with no future regrets.

More Astro-Calendars
Investment Calendar: Your best & worst days to make investment decisions, buys and sells.
More Astro-Calendars
Custom Calendar: Choose your desired cycles: Wisdom, Super-Fame, Romantic, Good Sex, Fertility, & more.
See available cycles

How To Sing The Uni·Verse
Messages from the Angels

Learn to connect with Angels  - bring their beauty & blessings into your life.
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Really want to change your life?
Build Your Dream Life

A DIY, Step-By-Step Guide

For Kindle on

Build Your Dream Life Workbook: Full-length exercise worksheets for all 99 exercises in Build Your Dream Life.

Magi Helena is 1 of only 2 practicing Magi Astrologers
and the only woman
with the highest level
of certification
  by the Magi Society.  

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All consultations are
completely confidential

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Magi Astrology Certification Program
Magi Kevin and I are the authors and instructors of the new Magi Astrology Certification Program. Join us!

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Hundreds of  
Testimonials for Magi Helena:

 "I went from being a 99% skeptic of astrology to being a 100% believer in Magi Astrology in 1 session. Incredible!"

 "Dear Helena, Thank you so much for my incredibly accurate reading, you prove that astrology does work. And most of all thank you for opening my eyes. Maybe just another day in your office for you, but a life change for me. Truly grateful!"

 "What an amazing hour - I got so very much more than I expected!"

 “I can see why your clients rave about your compassion and insight. You are very comforting, and it's clear you really feel for people. I'm so glad I found you!”

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Many Blessings  
        & Much Love!

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