Video: A Super-Success date greatly ups your odds of success!


What if the date you start your business could influence your future success?

30+ years of research has proven – it does!

Harness the astrological keys to success discovered in the incorporation charts of:

  • Amazon
  • Apple -since its 2004 re-incorporation
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Tesla


"Millionaires don't use astrology. Billionaires do!" - J.P. Morgan


Like grabbing the golden ring on a carousel, success can hinge on precise timing....

It makes sense that not every day is equally good for starting a business, otherwise every entrepreneur would be a BILLIONAIRE!



Will a Super-Success date do it all for you?


Even the most powerful date won't deliver success to your door with no work.


You still absolutely have to do the real-world part:

  • You still have to have a marketable idea.
  • You still have to have sufficient capital.
  • You still have to have the right team.
  • You still have to work hard, be smart and never give up!




Plenty of businesses do all of the above and still fail. Why?

Because they incorporated on a disastrous day.


Statistical research into 10,000+ incorporation charts have made it crystal clear:

Timing really is a key difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE.


What your super-charged date will give you is the key timing necessary to actually succeed.


Don't need an Incorporation/LLC date, just need day-to-day success timing? Get an Instant Personal Success Calendar

Starting a new job? Email us for special pricing - please include the time frame for your start date.


Super-Success Incorporation/LLC Date


  • Super-charge your success!
  • Date includes 1 – 2 principals only.
  • Date selection within a 2-3 year time window.
  • Standard delivery time is 6 weeks.

All principals must be considered for maximum success.

Magi Helena’s custom date order queue is always full and orders are processed in the order received. Standard delivery time is 4-6 weeks.


Maximize your success! Your incorporation date is CRUCIAL and can actually determine ultimate success or failure.

The most super-charged date within a 2 – 3 year time window.

Your order confirmation email will contain a link to an info form for all your details and preferences.

Magi Helena’s custom date order queue is always full and orders are processed in the order received. Delivered via email within 6 weeks after receipt of your order and info form.

Includes detailed information about why your date was chosen for you.

Seems pricey? Well….. How much is success worth to you? Custom dates can take 8 HOURS or more to select! Get a look at what’s involved here.

Email us for special pricing if your time frame is 1 year or less (please specify time frame.) This is not recommended just to save $$! Please keep this in mind: Longer time windows greatly increase the odds of finding a spectacular date to promote super-success, while searches within shorter time windows for the best available date require less time and therefore cost less. Though a short time-frame date may not meet all requirements for a Magi Super-Success Date, it will still be infinitely more powerful than a non-Magi date. The best available date within your time frame will be chosen.

“Hi Helena, Thanks for choosing the incorporation date for my newest company- it’s already in the black….”


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