Video: Magi Helena explains Beauty Timing... Timing cosmetic surgery or a major procedure requires a custom date selected just for you.


Planning cosmetic surgery or a procedure?


Timing is Everything!


The DAY you have a
beauty procedure or plastic surgery
has a profound & predictable influence on the outcome.


Especially unhappy with your appearance? You are probably in Ugly Cycles!

Be careful - beauty activities done under Ugly Stars create ugly results.


It makes sense that not every day is equally good for beauty procedures -
how else can you explain all the horrifying work you see out there?



Don't ignore TIMING - the #1 most simple, most basic Beauty Secret.

Time plastic surgery & major procedures under your personal BEAUTIFUL stars - Avoid Ugly results!

During your personal Beauty Cycles

You can up your odds of BEAUTIFUL results.

During your personal Ugly Cycles

You can end up with Ugly results. No one wants that!


Planning minor procedures or treatments? Get an Instant Personal Beauty Calendar


Beautiful Cosmetic Procedure Date or Surgery Date

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  • Get the most beautiful & safe date for your important procedure.
  • Date selection within a 1 year time window.
  • Standard delivery time is 6 weeks.
  • For cosmetic and ALL SURGERIES.

Magi Helena’s custom date order queue is always full and orders are processed in the order received. Standard delivery time is 6 weeks.


Get your most beautiful procedure date within a 1 year time frame.

For cosmetic and ALL SURGERIES.

A Beautiful Procedure date is for procedures with potential health consequences: Cosmetic Surgery, major Cosmetic Procedures, or major Cosmetic Dentistry. It factors in:

Your personal Good & Bad Health cycles
Your personal Beauty & Ugly cycles
Universal Favorable & Lucky days
Universal Health & Beauty cycles
Your doctor’s available dates for your procedure
Your doctor’s personal Wisdom & Blunder cycles (if doctor’s birth dates is available)

Your order confirmation email will contain a link to an info form for all your details and preferences.

Delivered via email within 6 weeks after receipt of your order and info form.

Expedited Delivery: Helena’s order queue for custom dates is always full to overflowing so when someone needs faster service she must give up appointment times to meet these deadlines, hence the stiff upcharges.

For timing minor beauty procedures without potential health consequences, get an Instant Personal Beauty Calendar here:

Seems pricey? Well….. What are you spending on your procedure? How important is the outcome to you? Custom dates can take 8 HOURS or more to select! Get a peek at what’s involved here.

Submit this form for special pricing if your time frame is 3 months or less (please specify time frame.) This is not recommended just to save $$! Please keep this in mind: Longer time windows greatly increase the odds of finding a spectacular date to promote beauty and safety, while searches within shorter time windows for the best available date require less time and therefore cost less. Though a short time-frame date may not be as strong as the very most powerful day possible, it will still be infinitely more powerful than a random date, or one chosen using an unproven system.The best available date within your time frame will be chosen.

Need multiple procedure dates (lasik, cataracts, or other)? Get a custom price quote here:

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  1. I ordered a date for this an it really worked out well. So happy with my results.

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