The Science of the Stars

The world of astrology owes a great debt to the M*gi* Society!
They were the first astrological organization to utilize true broad-based statistical research to begin to discover the real keys to accurate astrology.


AND... there is BIG news:


I have left the Society. I’m FREE!

YEP! I did it. I feel so LIGHT.

Get the story in this video:



When you level up, energies which used to align and attract, start to repel.

I’m super excited about the future, my wings were clipped for too long.

I will be forever grateful to Master Huang for teaching me the importance of objective astrological research and HOW. TO. DO. IT. MYSELF.

Now, I’m working on next-level discoveries and products that will BLOW YOUR MIND. The easiest, most convenient, most affordable, most intuitive astrology calendars, relationship reports, and some brand-new offerings too.

I’ll be announcing an exciting collaboration.

And my next book is continuing to move forward.

Will I keep the name Magi Helena? Not sure yet. I need to sit with it and give it time.

Stay tuned. Check back. This page will become a lot more than just a breakup video... : )

I’m still me. And now, I’m free.

As always, I love you.

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* You may see the word M*gi here and there on my site. I'm trying to help the Society. Google loves me a lot and I'm trying be supportive...