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“Thank you for all you do and for this fantastic service that you offer! 🙏 💖 After past experiences, I would never trust any other astrologer and astrology method! Many blessings ✨”

“It was fabulous to be in your energy and to learn even more about this amazing work that you dedicate yourself to. Bless your ever expanding heart! You are a brilliant light of love and wisdom..”

“The last time you announced one of those Cosmic Caution Days [in your newsletter], I was invited out for dinner at someone’s place…. I went there, it all went to hell…”

“Hi Helena, Thanks for the session and guidance into 2025. I know your programs are super-complex etc, but one thing I took away that seems to relate to my Natal Chart… so it seems Natally, there is a nice flow around Ixion…. Thanks so much for the insights… Good to know I am about to press ‘Going Up’ from the Basement. Love and Blessings…”

“I love the calendars.  I have the Love and Success one for the next year.  Now I never want to live without them.”

“I got the complete relationship report, i love it! Of course it confirms what i already felt but plenty of insight also, our connection is better than i thought. well worth it ❤❤”

“… your star timers have become such an important part of our lives that we can’t imagine going without them :)”

“Hello Helena, Once again, thanks for an amazing and accurate reading! Love you!”

“Just received my 2024 yearly calendar and it’s terrific! You’ve worked hard and it shows! Love and appreciation…”

“Helena, Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Superb New Year!!! I am a Winner with you on my Team!”   

“Helena, I really appreciate you working with me to find such a good solution! Thank you again so so much for your help, it means so much to me to have your guidance.”

“I ordered the complete relationship report yesterday and it really touched me.”

“It [Success + Love Calendar] gave me some really great results! I won $3500 on a jackpot…”

“Hi Helena! Our sweet pup is doing great, and I am so grateful for all of your guidance in choosing his immunotherapy vaccine and chemotherapy start dates!  🙏🥰  He is continuing to have clear CT scans following his tumor removal surgery, and will be completing his follow-up chemotherapy series soon! I wanted to see about getting another Premium All-1 Calendar for him for the remainder of December, January, and February, so that we can choose the best dates for him to start his maintenance therapies and other supportive supplements/treatments as he starts to wrap up his chemo series. Thank you so so much for all your support, empathy, and expert guidance throughout this process – his vets have all been so amazed with how well he’s been doing and I am grateful beyond words to you for helping make that possible!! 🐾💕”

“My dear Helena, Thank you for your kind reply. I never got anywhere with the M*gi Society… You’re the right astrologer for the age of Aquarius and these turbulent times.”

“My mother and I swear by Helena and ALLLLLL of her products! She is the literally the best thing since sliced bread. I purchased my first report from her in April of 2018 and I’ve been a loyal client ever since. I’ve received about twenty reports from her total. I consult with her before I make ANY major decisions in my life, and the results are ALWAYS dead on! So far I’ve received SEVERAL instant date faxes, SEVERAL instant compatibility reports, SEVERAL beautiful cosmetic procedure dates, a Business Incorporation date, and several love calendars, health calendars and more. She’s saved me from terrible disastrous outcomes in more ways then she will ever know and I’m eternally grateful. I even went to the lengths of making compatibility reports for past relationships and they were EXACT. NOT ONE ERROR. THERE WASN’T NOT ONE LINKAGE I DIDN’T FEEL. Helena is the best and I’ve recommended her to all of my family.”

“… She covered SO many points on my initial meeting with her that NAILED everything, where as traditional astrology although good, still left me with questions and my own research proved painful and longwinded. I have been talking to her since March 2009. One of my better decisions.”

“Keep Up the Good Work! A note of support: I’m aware of what’s been going on at the M*gi Society and I applaud you for taking an ethical stand and leaving (as has Kevin McCorry). Your work is still tops and it’s unconscionable that the Society is trying to blacken your name.”

“I love talking with you!!!  You are very special person on this earth, and I have grateful to have crossed paths with you.”   

“Thank you so so much Magi Helena, I really appreciate it!! Thank you so much for getting these to me so quickly (especially during such a busy time of year, it means a lot!) Thank you again so much for all of your guidance and heartfelt caring… we appreciate you more than words can say! Sending lots of love and wishing you an amazing holiday season and a wonderful New Year!! ” 💕🙏🤗

“Dear Helena, I’ve used your date selection services for myself before and had great results, but this time I’m looking for some help for the light of my world, my dog Samwise “Sam”. Sam is my heart dog and I want more than anything for this treatment to work out for him. Your date selections have helped me so much with my own surgeries, and I would love to give my sweetest boy the same advantage.”

“I have been speaking with Helena for 6 years off and on. My first session was an overview of my chart and then we we into depth at the problems I had encountered with my ex-girlfriend that I was keen to get some insight on. Since then we have talked further about my career choices and about my compatibilities and problems with old and new people in my life. Often I would write in advance and give an indication of the topics I wanted to cover, or other charts I wanted to analyse. I have always found Helena to be really accommodating with all of my questioning. My knowledge of astrology is only traditional astrology, so this was a real eye opener for me.”

“Helena, huge congratulations on your new calendars!!! This is awesome!”

“Thank you so much, the calendar has been helpful as ever.” 

“Helena, Am so sorry you’ve been caught up in this… On the other hand, the astrological genius in you has been able to calculate a way forward without having to rely on their data any more.  Fantastic work – Congratulations!  Yes, was thinking how many people were depending on the Best and Worst days worldwide, including myself, were suddenly left in the lurch during the pandemic and other disasters when they badly needed some star guidance in their lives like never before….. shocking!   And I mean after years of trying to see how the Best and Worst Days were calculated and spending long hours doing a paper for certification – we still hadn’t learnt how this was done!  We weren’t meant to!  Congratulations again!”  

“I’ve been talking with Magi Helena off and on for 8 years. She is cool.”

“The bad days in your August 2023 Best-Worst Advance calendar were spot on ……. the Maui fire disaster starting around 7th, 8th August! It just didn’t make any sense at all to me when looking at M*gi’s August 2023 calendar showing the 7th and 8th August as good days! I was shocked ! And ___’s August calendar is talking about a Jupiter trine Sun early on 7th August… What’s going on there?”

“Hi Magi Helen, I can’t tell you how much your video struck me this morning.  I am so pleased at your news.  I have been struggling the last year or so myself with the direction the Society had been taking and have been feeling more and more disconnected from them.  When I saw your video, I felt like a weight had lifted for me too – almost as if the universe sighed in happiness. Literally.  I can’t explain it any other way. I think my first reading with you was in 2003 and I’ve always trusted your guidance.  I will always be with you whatever direction you may take.”

“I was very angry when I read what the M*gi Society said about you… I didn’t renew my membership [with them]… Thank you so much for all you do.  I pray for you and your family and for Kevin and his family. every day.  God Bless”

“Thank you so much for the time it took to not only sort through the issue, but to send such a thoughtful and detailed explanation to me… I would like to let you know that I had a bad experience not long ago with a different metaphysical vendor, where a complicated issue I had with a purchase went completely unanswered for almost a week. I had bought from this group more than once too. I finally received a refund through PayPal, though the vendor *never did* reach out to me at all. Just a thank you to let you know that your approach truly makes a difference! Thank you again, and praying God’s blessings on you and those you work with!”

“Hi Helena!  I hope all is well with you!!!  <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much for your picks and my Star-Timer Calendar!   Here’s hoping with a little strategic planning I have a much better year all around! Sending Love, Light and Many Blessings to you!”

“Hi Helena, Thank you very much for this wonderful (compatibility) report. Thank you for being there. I am so so grateful really that someone like you exists. I had tried other astrologers like Liz Greene and other twin flame sites for readings. But they cannot give me this much info as you did. Bottom line: I am so happy I finally got this chance to secure these reports from you.”

“Helena, you are a genius with a heart of gold!!!”

“Hi, thank you so much! I really appreciate the great customer service! I practice basic astrology and wanted to give these calendars a try along with my basic natal transits regarding relationship issues and (hopefully success). Thank you for your reply and wonderful help.”

“Helena, you are truly a guardian angel for humanity!”

“Helena you have my love and support! Always! Excited for you for all of us… You have been my astrologer since the mid 2000s – that’s almost 20 years. I’ve been with Magi since 1998.  You have my respect and my support and you’ve been nothing but fabulously supportive and kind beyond words! A consummate professional in every way.”

“Dear Helena, thank you so much for your response. Have a beautiful day, and thank you for your amazing work!”

“Coming to terms with my “attachments” and “being captivated” has made this the hardest six months of my life,  However, in what turned out to be a moment of unexpected levity, I stumbled upon the recording from our 2+ hour session on August 15, 2016 and it made me laugh.  Your insight and humor was spot-on. I could almost “hear” your eye-rolls with every attempt I made at “rationalizing” these issues.  It was actually quite amusing, but downright frustrating to listen to 16 months later. Your “reports” do, indeed, work.  Now, if you could figure out a system to compel your clients to listen to the advice they contain, that would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!”

“I congratulate you on forging your own path separate from the M*gi Society. To be honest, I have held back from being more involved myself because of the excessively secretive nature, because it seems to me that scientific astrology should be public knowledge…

“Goodness, I had no idea all this was happening… I have always loved your positive energy, keep being yourself , I am sorry that you are going through this.”

“Helena, you masterminded my and my entire sales team’s move to a new employer. 4 years later it’s a great success, with one exception. All of us that signed on the day you recommended have found our greatest successes ever. Sadly, one team member signed on a different day and it didn’t work out for them.”

“Thank you Helena! I really love your calendars. You are the best. I can’t wait to look at it.”

“You are amazing to work with! Thank you for being so thorough and sending these over I am truly pleased and will update you on how it goes! Will also be back soon for more stuff when the need arises.”

“Helena, I’m positive the angels chose you to safeguard the knowledge of the stars after the M Society turned away. Yours is the legacy of light.”

Thank you again, wholeheartedly! Blessings to you and yours!”

“I got my love report – thank you so much. It is most helpful!’

“I am delighted and intrigued by my thorough and insightful love report! I’ve been studying astrology as a passion for decades and have not heard of this branch of astrology before but can see how accurately it reflects my experience and our dynamics so far. Wow!”

“The surgery date you picked for my mother’s facelift was unbelievably good! For starters, she couldn’t have gotten better cosmetic results. In addition, her recovery was easy given the type of surgery. She was in the OR for 7 hours and 5 weeks after surgery (some women are still in compression after 8 weeks), she looks absolutely beautiful. Even the surgeon looked shocked! :).”

“Thank you for my love report, it was great..”

“Thank you very much for the calendars!  Thank you for sharing your talent and expertise by offering the calendars. In gratitude…”

“And our relationship, truly the combination of the ‘talk it over and engagement dates’ has brought (as suggested) a profound wisdom and beautiful ease with our communication. And if you recall what we spoke about on the phone one time, well all of that has just fallen into place and I feel so free and in my real woman space. Mostly though, the feeling of love as a force of nature is profoundly around and in me all the time. The energy is so pure and free. I do smile a lot still saying…just get there for the wedding date because from knowing all of this it’s going to be even more divinely exquisite!”

“Helena, that is just so kind of you. I got a previous love calendar and really feel there is something very magical about it indeed. Happy Valentines day 🙂 you showed the true spirit of it with your generosity.”

“I enjoyed the compatibility report. Makes me want to order a bunch more! 😊”

“Helena, Thank you so much for your time, generosity and insights.  I look forward to utilizing your skills again as we discussed.  I will be in touch. Blessings my dear,”

“Helena, Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Love and prayers to you!”

“Helena, Thank you SO MUCH.  I see that you have had to go above and beyond, and I profoundly appreciate your efforts. Thank you also for the extra advice based on witnessing similar scenarios…we will bear it all in mind as we move forward with our eyes open. Thank you for your kind heart.”

“… I do appreciate that you provide all of this for everyone. The calendars are brilliant! I don’t have enough words to express how fabulous all of this is….!!”

“Thank you, Helena!! I really appreciate all the work I’m sure you had to put in for this. I feel so much better now. We will be in touch soon! Lots of love,”

”You are so lovely! thank you for taking the time to write all those details for me when you have numerous numerous clients it touches my heart. ”

”Also, the star timer calendars you sent earlier brought so much joy and delight. I’m going to print, laminate, read the guides and really enjoy them….so excited. Thank you Helena…it is such an honour knowing you and having divinely blessed access to these tools! Much love to you xo”

”I wish everyone would get your compatibility reports! ”

”Thank you again for all your beautiful work, I’m going to enjoy my calendar and it’s going to be so useful!! Much love and blessings”

”Dear Helena, I can’t thank you enough…for your in depth reading, your encouragement, your kindness and kind words.  It comes at a time when I needed it the most. It means so much 💖 I shed a few tears reading your email..you are such a beautiful and comforting soul.  I listened to our session yesterday, I try listening whenever I have a crybaby day.  I don’t know what kind of choices I will make in the future, but at least I have you as a guide.  Thank you once again for everything…I honestly don’t think I could have made it this far without you.  I’m going to schedule another reading to look at my life in general once I can get my emotions straight. I can’t wait to see you again, hopefully with much better circumstances.  You are so awesome! ”

“OMG, I thought Magi Helena was the name of a committee based on the body of work, hard to believe you are just one person!”

”My calendar is great, thank you! ”

”Your insight is gold. I trust your insight wholeheartedly. Thank you so much honey. Love you so much. ”

”My reading with Helena was enlightening as always. ”

”Dear Magi Helena, I love your calendars! ”

”Thank you so much for everything!! ”

”This is wonderful!!! Thank you so much for the date! I am so proud of this boy and want to help as much as I can, so gifting him with this super success LLC date makes me happy!! Thank you for the encouraging words, as you know I am a fan of yours as well so it means a lot! Thank you Helena! God bless you and your work! ”

”Ohhhhhhh, thank you thank you thank you Helena! I’m so happy xo”

”Yes Helena was magic 🙂 ”

”I am so grateful to have received the love report so swiftly. I’ll be back to ask for more. Blessings

Helena, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for taking your valuable time to talk with me last night. You certainly are part of my healing process. I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to speaking with you again! ”

”As always much love, love, love to you xo”

”Amazing lesson! ”

”By the way, your love tips are very helpful. I have a tendency to write more than I should instead of keeping it equal or less in emails, texts, etc. I will be very careful from now on. Thank you, Blessings and love, ”

”Thank you, Magi Helena!! I really appreciate your advice and wisdom!! ”

”I’m seeing things play out with some transits we discussed and I am paying a lot more attention to favorable star days. I got a lot from the session. Thanks! ”

”Hi Helena, I wish to thank you for your words of wisdom during our July reading. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking really clearly back then and the words you said helped me through my no contact period. Even though I still sometimes feel sad, disappointed and angry about the breakup, I can sense I am surely healing from this ordeal and I definitely felt better than when I first sent that e-mail requesting for a reading. I really appreciate the work you do for everyone to improve their lives…”

”Thank you so much Helena for being honest. This is super helpful. ”

”Such extraordinary feelings, thank you! And I always know it’s perfect timing, perfect ways with you so today is actually fantastic. We are loving and appreciate you💗 Blessed 💗”

”You are the best! Thank you so much!!! Blessings! ”

”Always impressed but never surprised, Helena. Thanks for the super prompt response and outcome  —  and on a weekend, no less. “Consummate professional” is what comes to my mind:  someone whose actual mistake count is likely to be a fraction of a fraction of one-percent  —  relative to work handled,  to products delivered, and to commitments fulfilled  —  but someone who also does not hesitate to immediately jump in to successfully address any error event, no matter how rare and small it might at first appear. Thanks again for being such a great “translator” for all this fascinating and useful M*gi Astrology “stuff”. My best to you always, ”

”Thanks so much Helena! I never thought this would get resolved so fast!! Wonderful and many thanks again. I hope you’re doing well. Take care ❤️”

”Dear Helena, Thank you so much for the kindness you extended in lengthening the time of my calendar and even sharing your insight on the best days for me! I am a massage therapist and a single mom of two girls and as such I sometimes feel as if I’m giving constantly (even though I love what I do and being a mom!)… To be given back to so graciously in moments like these (even when originally spurred by a computer glitch) means a lot to me and touches my heart. Thank you so much. I hope you have a light and love filled holiday with your loved ones. ”

”You are exceedingly kind and helpful. ”

”I’ve been going over the notes I took during my amazing natal chart reading with Helena yesterday! ”

”M*gi astrology is pure pearl of astrology world, what a mindblowing system of astrology…realy m*gi astrology unlock the stars! ”

”Thank you again. I really felt so much better today for the first time in a long time because of you! ”

”Had a Great Day! Paid off a big debt and continue to clear my runway for take-off soon. Getting the hang of being creative in my blackout periods. Its a razor edge of being positive and joyful but also realistic. Thank you Big Angel Helena for the encouragement, I sure need plenty of that. ”

”Dear Helena, Thank you for your kind words, we’re very grateful to everyone who has helped us through this surreal period of time. ”

”Thank you so much Helena! I appreciate you honoring the coupon and also the quick response. ”

”Dear helena, I am from india, … astrology system is a truly god’s science, what a amazing theory of this branch of astrology, i love this system, i will always follow… astrology. Helena ,heartful thanks for your’s discovory. ”

”You have to be one of the sweetest souls on planet Earth Helena!  😉 So kind and generous. I really don’t feel I’m so deserving but am at the same time truly grateful…thank you. I have not had the chance to take a peak at (my calendar yet) what I regard as the best xmas present I’ve had in decades yet…but they are downloaded and when my daughter finally beds down I will delve headfirst into the wonderful world of Magi Helena… Thank you once again…you are something of a gem… ”

”With your fairly prolific writings over the years, with your extensive and very consistent collection of (dutifully earned) testimonials, and with the work and re-work of your continuously evolving web site’s design and content, there is much objective evidence that you deserve many, many compliments. ”

”Your a-z of all things M*gi Astrology is in itself a thing of wonderment and beauty and highlights a woman whose knowledge is simply immense, monolithic even and I feel everyone will instinctively desire (at the very least) a small part of that knowledge 😀👍”

“…like clockwork, it happened right when you said it would – actually kind of creepy!”

“Having a personal calendar has relaxed me more. When I feel bad I know why, and when it will end.”

About Love-Stars® Compatibility Report: “It’s weird how accurate these reports are… I mean it’s really weird.”

“My father was an astrologer and I’ve worked with many astrologers over the years. I’m sticking with you Helena for a reason – you are so wonderful and so insightful… I want to learn astrology too when I have time and want to learn from you – it makes sense to study with someone who really knows what they are doing.”

“More than an astrologer, you have been a friend and mother to me. I really appreciate it!”

“You’re an angel, I wish everyone was like you!”

“What an amazing hour – I got so very much more than I expected!”

“On point. Nailed it.”

“____ and I broke up… I’m heart broken…  You of course, were right, regarding his commitment anxiety.  You’re always right!

“Helena you really helped me the way you analyzed the whole thing, the way you took it all apart for me scientifically – almost like a doctor would!”

“What I love about you is how kind, wise and humble you are… plus you explain it so well!”

“Thanks so much!! I love your calendars, and the way you are so observant, organized and always do your due diligence…”

“You always help me to circumvent disaster – it’s priceless!”

“Hi Helena, just wanted to thank you for the great reading and insights yesterday, and for the love report. It has made me remember a lot of things from that time, mainly all those intense feelings that didn’t make sense. Since you picked up on my empathic tendency, the report made it easier to see which feeling would belong more to whom. I think I’m beginning to understand some things better that I knew were there but couldn’t or don’t know how to see clearly before. I’m sure I still have some questions but none that seem pressing for now so will be looking forward to talking to you again in the future. 🙂”

“Thank u so much. U r so amazing. “

“I want to discuss my career and job with you. I also want get your input as I consider you one of my mentors.“

“This is such a great tool many of us are not aware of.  I’m so glad about this discovery and it’s such an eye opener about “knowing thyself”.  Thank you for sharing your talent and gift to the world as I’m one of the many recipients who’s grateful about this knowledge.  May you’ll be blessed above and beyond. Thank you and more power!”

“Hello Helena! Thank you for my session recording.  I’m still blown away by the accuracy.  It’s simply amazing!!! I really appreciate the chance to have this consultation, delighted and felt empowered of what I’ve learned in this process.”

“Hello! I’m pleasantly surprised with my Astrological reading with Helena.  It’s amazingly accurate!” 

“Thank you, beautiful Magi Helena”

“Hi Helena, Thanks so much! _______ and I would not have made it this far without you! with much love and care, _______”

“Hi Helena!!! Thank you so, so much for all of the thoughtful insights, precision and care with which you have put forth to help me in finding the best timing choices for the important actions to be taken in the near future!  I’m so incredibly grateful for the blessing of your time, consideration and expertise in making these choices! I can’t thank you enough!  <3”

“Thank you very much Helena! Feel very blessed and much love;)”

“Hi Helena! Thank you for always helping us with your readings!!”

About Star-Timer® Calendars: “Ahhhhh, fantastic! I love, love, love these…so much fun knowing where the universe is at…”

About Star-Timer® Calendars: “This is great, thank you so much!  🙂 “

“Many thanks Helena !! ☺”

“Helena, Just wanted to let you know, we got an offer on the house yesterday.  Day after we spoke.  Second time big angelic natalization happened rt after a reading, interesting….”

“Thank you Helena, you’re the best!!! You are very kind.”

“… and thanks to your help and guidance and thru the astrology reports…I’ve been fortunate to dodge some serious bullets. Whew. You showed me I’m really better off being alone than with the wrong person, and I’ve learned to really trust and love my own company over the years. Thanks so much! Love you.”

“I can not thank you enough for all the readings you did for all of us!  Thank you so much and it means more than you will know!  I plan to “hang in there!”  I do not plan to be a victim, but victorious.  Your insight will help guide each of us to be such that!” 

“Thank You, Helena!!!  OMG!  That’s great news!  Thank you so much for your extra time and the service you provided.”  

“Thank you for all your hard work and effort.  I love Astrology Exciting stuff!”

“I have very much enjoyed the reports I have purchased. Please keep up all of your most important work!”

“Thanks Helena, You’re so cool!!!”

“Hi Helena, I successfully filed my incorporation today. Thanks again for everything and helping me pick the a day with great potential! I’m looking forward to what the future holds :)”

“Hello Helena!  Yes, your report is amazing!” 

“Dear Mrs.Helena; I’m writing this letter to say that “thank you so much” to help me truly believe in myself and the way I choose to go. I’ve known about astrology through my friend, and when I learn more about it, it makes me believe that… astrology is really a science-based astrology as it’s really logical and proven by research. I feel that I am very lucky to know about astrology when I’m still very young so I totally believe that my life will be greater and much happier by using astrology.”

“I just had a fabulous session with Helena and I’m writing to schedule an additional 15 min. session…”

About Love-Stars® Compatibility Report: “Thank you. I find these reports so fascinating and very telling. I have purchased a report for various men I have had relationships with in the past and also currently. “

“Helena, By the way–I have absolutely felt your prayer! You have very positive, powerful, and protective prayers!”

“…suffice to say, your astrological accuracy is highly reliable. Thank you! I Appreciate You!”

“Thank you for your good wishes, prayers and sharing your talent.”

“Hi Helena, Thank you for the extremely helpful consultation session. I am really glad I was able to consult you about _____ first before breaking any news to my parents and close friends and letting them assess the situation. I also believe your excellent love/success calendars helped to make the news an overall success.”

“Dear Helena, Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I have also referred another person to you – _____, who in turn has referred another person to you – _____. They both ordered personalized calendars in last week or so. Thank you for all the time you have given me to teach me more about Magi Astro.”

“Hi Helena, Thank you so much for our wedding date!  We are so excited and happy about it.  We are very grateful to you for putting so much time and work into this.  We very much appreciate the detail you sent to us.  We are still going over all of the information and are thrilled with your pick,  We can’t thank you enough!  This means so much to us!  Many blessings to you too! “ 

“Hi Helena! 😁😸 Thank you so much! 💖💖💖 Sincerest thanks to you for your guidance in divine timing! Many Blessings, and Lots of Love & Light to you! 😘💞💕💓💖💗”

About Love-Stars® Compatibility Report: “I had a feeling you’d be playing cupid! Sending lots of Aloha, Love and Light! Thanks for creating a smashing report!”

About Tutoring: “… last week’s lesson was great. (They all are)”

“Helena, Thank you very much for the Beauty Calendar. It’s fabulous, and I spend a good amount of $ on beauty, so I’m grateful to know.  The reading was the highlight of my week so far.  Thank you, and good service!”

About Star-Timer® Calendars: “Thanks very much, Helena. Appreciated as always!”

“Hi Helena! Awesome! You Rock!!!”

“Many thanks to your replied email with detailed explanation and helpful encouragement. M*gi Astrology is really a gift of Providence, guiding through the darkest phase of my life. It helps me explain and let go many crazy things that have come to my life. Moreover, my life has been improved a lot ever since I plan my future based on this knowledge. Things like Cinderella transit, Golden transit, Heartbreak transit DO work in real life. I feel so blessed to be aware of this amazing system. Not only my life has improved, I have also helped so many people around me with M*gi Astrology.”

Testimonial from Helena’s office manager: “Just wanted to thank you again for being an amazing person to work with, I appreciate you so much!”

“You’re the best. Thank you!!!”

About for Star-Timer® Calendars: “Thanks Helena, your calendars really work.”

“Hi Helena, Thank you for the awesome reading a couple days ago. I would like to follow up with ­­­­____. Thank you for sharing your experience in learning this divine science!”

“Good morning, Helena! Thank you so, so much for all that you do!  <3   I truly appreciate all of the efforts and expertise that go into your calendars!”

“Thank you Helena for this most uplifting of messages.”

 Testimonial for Helena’s office manager: “Wonderful, thanks again for all of your help! I appreciate it!! I appreciate you guys taking the time to resolve the issue so quickly and efficiently!!” 

“Thank you.  You were right, yet again. This time, about ___’s tendency to fixate on the negative, etc…plus I’ve learned our low sex number is actually a problem for me. I need higher than a 3. It’s like kissing my brother goodbye. Oof. Playing this one out, trying to elicit, but it’s not looking good. The Date-Fax was the first indicator of this boring platonic relationship, and my session with you, even more telling. I guess I’m just saying “you’re the bomb”…And I love you!! Thank you for all your guidance.”

“I can’t thank you enough, Helena. What a wealth of information! I’m so very grateful for your wisdom and research! I will spread the word!”

“Thank you so much for your help. I am glad I checked with you, and I feel relieved knowing that it’s the best choice of day, given the parameters. Again, thanks for being there.”

“Thank you so much!!! The reading helped me immensely!! Very grateful!”

Testimonial for Helena’s book, Build Your Dream Life: “Your step by step guide to building our dream life is amazing and I strongly recommended it as compulsory reading for anyone serious about life-improvement.”

“Thank you so much, Helena, for this generous gift of knowledge! Sending lots of love and light ~ 💖💖💖”

“Helena, Thanks so much for your insight, wisdom and compassion. I am working on myself now for some time (I mentioned that to you in your reading). So your reading gives me support and inspiration to continue learning about my self and my wants. I’m impressed with 7-level M*gi Astrology. . Horizontal, Vertical, as seen from Earth, take a look here from the Sun, watch out! you’ll burn both feet. I enjoyed our long walk through the dark woods of M*gi Astrology. You had the flashlight, I didn’t even have a match. Later, last night, I waved goodbye at my old flat plane, uni- dimensional, chart on a piece of paper in Black & White… If I was a dog in the backyard last night, I’d be howling @ Her Brightness – Ms. Moon. “

“I always feel so much better after I talk to you!”

“It’s always so valuable talking to you Helena, I always lean so much practical stuff I can really use.”

“After the first time we spoke I said to myself, I’m done with therapy. It helps me more to talk to this lady.”

“You couldn’t be more of a fairy godmother to me!”

“You predict things to the day!!!! It happened like clockwork just like you said.”

“Helena in 2014 you gave me a 2 year forecast of my peaks and valleys – OMG so accurate!”

“Thank you for your wedding date- I can already feel a change!”

Testimonial for Helena’s book, How To Sing The Universe: “It’s an amazing book!”

“You’ve been advising me since my son was 5 years old. Now he’s 12 and he’s doing so much better – he’s happy and it’s peaceful in the house.”

“Love your products! I feel so empowered knowing I can get answers from you 24/7 now.”

“M*gi Astrology has got it right. Much closer to Truth with a capital T.”

“Helena you are the best. Really you are the best astrologer in the world!!!”

“OMG you’re so accurate it’s almost scary.”

“I like to have everything by you – you’re always so right on.”

“Over the last 6 years you’ve helped us dodge so many bullets – without you we’d have gone over the cliff. We all love you Helena!”

“Dear Magi Helena, Thanks so much for the reading. It was very timely and informative. Your insights were spot on. It’s given me a lot of ideas for improving myself…. I appreciate your guidance.”

“The best 60 minutes I’ve ever spent with ANYONE!”

“Helena Thank you for a great year! Because of your advice this year has been so much more peaceful!”

“When it comes to guidance, you’re all that I can trust…”

“Every time I talk to you it’s a blessing.”

“…. It didn’t turn out to be bad, just like you said!”

“Everything you said in last year’s reading was profoundly accurate for both me and my husband.”

“You’re the best straight up. I’ve tried others….You’re the best – knowledge, integrity, passion – I couldn’t recommend you unless I really believed in what you offer.”

 “Helena you are my fairy godmother.”

“Dear Helena, thank you for your deep and amazing reading! Now is easier for me to follow and grow my talent…and I know what I am good on. God bless you!”

“Helena, Whenever anything happens I know I’m always going to be better off if I talk to you – I thank my lucky stars for you!”

“Dear Helena, I can’t believe how you told me so much of what my therapist tells me…”

“I love it that you are so transparent and ethical and have such a good heart! Thanks for taking the extra step for us.”

“Thanks for your quick response Helena… Looking forward to talking to you soon and sharing the positive progress I’ve made with your guidance.”

“Helena’s readings have proven to be invaluable tools to navigate the trials and tribulations of life. Her level of accuracy is amazing, to think all I gave her were dates, times and locations. Her sessions are warm, illuminating, eye opening, empowering, therapeutic & healing. I leave her sessions feeling guided and i would even say blessed. I highly recommend her!!!”

“Last month, I purchased a love report. Like everything else you have produced, I find it to be first-rate and to be of tremendous value  — including significant instructional value.”

“If you read the description of this very special type of astrology, you’ll see that “M*gi Astrology is the ONLY scientifically-proven predictive technique”. One session with Helena, and you’ll know that it’s true. When she first started reading for me, I didn’t always follow direction, and that got me into trouble. When she tells you now is not a good time to do something, you will quickly learn to listen and comply. She is spot on, not to mention highly intuitive, sensitive, and genuinely sweet and loving. I highly recommend you give Helena a try. She will instantly become one of your most valuable resources.”

“Thank you Helena!  Appreciate everything you do!”

Feedback from the producer of a radio show – “The guys loved having you on! I just listened to the episode and was hanging onto every word you were saying. You were definitely spot on with ____ and his personality.”

“Dear Helena, As your very large set of testimonials virtually shout, you are the best at what you do, partly because you are an ‘explainer extraordinaire’. And combine that skill set with your enviable levels of empathy, sympathy, understanding and drive to help people — I’ve read your ‘stuff’ — you are likely to be a standout member of any ‘one-percenter’s club’ that would be a less controversial equivalent of the economic and/or social class example now mentioned so frequently in the media. (I am not talking merely about the Magi niche, nor the astrologers niche. I am thinking of the universe of ‘caring’ professions and best practitioners.) Besides the fact that you are in that highest ‘1%’ strata already, the truth is that you are fundamentally a ‘clinician’. In my experience, I have learned that one can have the same aptitude (as yours), one can have the same motivation and drive, one can have the same funds for all the software, books and classes, and one can feel like that they were ‘chosen’ to do the work, but the real truth is that there is NO (ZERO) chance of replacing the ‘reps’ that you have accumulated over the many, many hours (and years) of successful practice. (That’s why your explanatory texts are so valuable to me — they have been empirically validated, within some acceptable margin of error.) In my estimation, anyone older than forty now cannot ever catch you — there just isn’t enough time. And anyone younger than forty, who might eventually be competitive with you, would likely have to come up to your level by way of your personal mentoring.”

 “_____, I would like to thank you for being such a a great office manager for  Helena. You helped me so much with your e mails! THANK YOU!” 

“Dear Helena, Thank you for all of your incredible insight and wisdom. I would like to schedule an appointment to go over the calendars with you…”

“I did my facelift on the date you chose – everything went great and recovery was smooth. And OMG, how I look! My friends are jealous and I am so grateful to you, Helena.”

“Thank you so much again. My session with you was amazing. I can’t wait to book another session with you again in the near future. Many thanks.”

“Hi Helena: Our wedding  was an exalted and amazing event. Thank you for choosing such a great date!” 

“I really appreciate the way you were able to respond to what I needed.”

“Thank you so much Magi Helena. I felt empowered when speaking with you today. I’m looking forward to speaking with you again. Many thanks!”

“Hello Helena, I enjoyed our conversation. It was very interesting and informative. You have given me a lot to think about. I really appreciate the fact that you are blunt and straightforward.”

 “Magi Helena is a consummate astrologer.”

“I just talked my friend into getting a Love Report too so we can have fun discussing them!”

“Thank you so much Helena, these love reports rule! Xoxoxo” 

“Hi Helena, Thank you so much for all your help!! You’ll definitely hear from us again as we love your calendars and will always order them regularly. Thank you very much again.”

“When you consult with Helena, be prepared for a consultation unlike anything you have ever had before. M*gi astrology is unlike any other metaphysical consultation that you have experienced – I think of it as astrology in 3D. Helena has been practicing M*gi astrology for 20+ years and is among only a handful of these amazing astrologers (only 4 in the U.S.) that are trained in this particular field of astrology. Her advice on relationships, business, or just about anything that you are seeking advice on is right on target. She will always give you the straight answers, even if it’s not what you’d like to hear but because they are what you need to know to better your life. Among my favorite services that Helena provides are the business and relationship calendars – they are charted on day by day basis with a code to give you guidance on relevant decisions. She is a warm, compassionate individual and I truly value her insightful readings. Thank you, Helena!”

“Thank you Helena! Our session was awesome. Thank you for taking some extra time with me. I really appreciated it. I will reach out to set up a follow up appointment soon! “

“Hey Helena. I am really impressed.”

“Thanks Helena! I just listened to your radio interview! You did great ! I loved it! Thanks again for everything! Always a pleasure when I talk to you!” 

“Thank you so much for the reading, so useful as ever and it’s always a pleasure speaking with you! Thanks so much for the calendar as well, what a fantastic tool! I’m going to make the best use of it.”

“Thank you very much for your prompt and detailed reply, Helena.”

“I think you are fantastic, (I’ve been following magi for years and I sincerely think you are the best)”

“I love M*gi Astrology!”

“I am a 48 year old woman who has been to psychics and tarot card readers since I was 16 years old, and this was, by far, the most real, truthful, no bs reading I have ever had in my life. All I can say is WOW. Cannot WAIT to see her again! Have already recommended her to 7 people! Outstanding!”

“I really appreciate Magi Helena’s work. I was happy with my first consultation, not because she said things I necessarily WANTED to hear, but because she was extremely accurate and told me things I had known in my heart and NEEDED to hear. I gave her no background at the start to read off of other than dates in time/names. She has given me a plethora of opportunities and potentials to think about and I feel much better after sitting with her for a reading. Secure, safe, comfortable setting. I highly recommend Magi Helena to anyone wishing to explore the stars and gain more insight into your life and/or relationships.”

“Helena has been reading for me for many years and has given me insight into both business and personal matters. She has always been right and has helped guide me through life’s troubled waters. One reading and you will know what I’m talking about. I highly recommend her!”

 “Life was getting the best of me, and I wasn’t really sure why. During my reading with Helena it became clear to me what I was up against, and how to approach things from a different angle. It was sort of like astrological life coaching. Helena has a very kind and gentle way about her, and at the same time can be very direct in her delivery in order that you get the message. Very cool stuff, would definitely seek out her counsel again.”

“Every reading I have had with Helena has been incredibly insightful and accurate. The ability she has to help guide someone in matters of relationships, business, and finances is truly invaluable. This form of Astrology is incredibly accurate and Helena is truly a master of her craft. I would highly recommend that anyone consult with her no matter what issues you have. The light that she shines on your situation and the clarity provided by her will help you to navigate through the ups and downs of life.”

“I did not have an appreciation of astrology, it seemed cool and mystical but random. Helena changed all of that for me. She gave me clear advice that was relevant and useful. Her counsel was helpful in strategic business and life event planning. If you are looking for confidentiality, honesty and integrity, then Helena is for you. She is the real deal!”

“I have been working with Helena for over 10 years and she is with out a doubt the best astrologer I’ve ever worked with. Her knowledge of all things astrology is on another level, she was able to predict a certain life change 8 years before it happened. Her ability to work with me, with my wife, the care and love she puts into us and the way she makes us feel like family is rare to find. Highly recommend.”

 “I’ve been working with Helena for nearly 20 years. It always seemed to me that she was such a natural at her work. She has guided me through years of dating… helped separate the frogs from the princes, helped choose the best dates to take action on certain financial matters, among so many other things. Her accuracy has always been uncanny and, at times, downright scary. I was convinced years ago that there’s something very scientific about the type of astrology she practices because nothing else can explain (to me anyway) how she knows the things she does. On top of her skill, she has a counselors heart and is always able to serve up information to me in a kind, and yet, clear way. She would never sell me short on something I should know about or take action on. I depend on her. She has proven herself to be incredibly reliable, safe and comforting every time. If you have not yet sat with Helena, you’re in for an incredible treat! It’s worth a try to find a resource you will probably use forever.”

“Helena’s readings have always been spot on! Nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend you see her if you’re considering getting a reading. She’s the best.”

“It is such a comfort to have Magi Helena “waiting in the wings” any time I have a major, difficult, or life altering decision to make. With her very personable and professional style, and her expert knowledge of the science of M*gi Astrology, light is shed on what once was dark and confusing. Within the session, Magi Helena reveals the best choice for the client that brings the best overall results. I always feel a sense of relief and surety of my direction at the end of my session. With Helena’s help, life evolves much more smoothly.”

“If you read the description of this very special type of astrology, you’ll see that “M*gi Astrology is the ONLY scientifically-proven predictive technique”. One session with Helena, and you’ll know that it’s true. When she first started reading for me, I didn’t always follow direction, and that got me into trouble. When she tells you now is not a good time to do something, you will quickly learn to listen and comply. She is spot on, not to mention highly intuitive, sensitive, and genuinely sweet and loving. I highly recommend you give Helena a try. She will instantly become one of your most valuable resources.”

 “Helena’s skill and expertise combined with her positive, upbeat and compassionate personality allows for an in depth precise analysis of your present and progressed situation. Helena’s one on one sessions are delivered with kindness and warmth and truly amazing insight. I have had readings with several leading astrologers over the years and none have been as accurate as she has. If you are looking for an astrologer to guide you through personal and financial situations short and long term, you have fortunately found the right one with Helena.”

 “Helena is, in a word, is Amazing. She has done readings for me before and has not only hit the nail on the head in terms of understanding the dynamics of my life–about which I had never spoken–but also in lending wisdom both modern and ancient. Her advice is indispensable. The only mistake you can make after a reading with her is not following though on her recommendations. She is very forthright in the kindest way imaginable. She walks the line between good, straight forward advice, and kind, compassionate wisdom. Whether you are feeling delicate or strong, unsure or just a little off, spend an hour or two with her. She’ll help you sort things out in a quick, efficient manner. And your life will be better for it.”

 “My experiences with Magi Helena have always been right on, her readings are in depth and she takes the time to find out what you want out of the reading. It is obvious that she has astrology mastered and her insights are extremely sharp as well. She has provided me with quite a few readings and every time I leave not only do I feel so much lighter but I have a clearer path. Her abilities to see what you have gone through at certain times in your life are surreal. Helena will not only give you the absolute BEST reading ever but you will also find that she cares deeply for her clients. Give Helena a try and let her blow you away with a reading specific to you and your desires. I recommend her to all of my friends and family and once you have a reading with her you will be singing her praises as well.”

“Not only is Helena a gifted and insightful astrologer, she can offer solutions to problems that may not be apparent. I have enlisted her services on a number of occasions over the years and she has never been wrong in her assessment of the situation. I give her 5 STARS because she is definitely an excellent practitioner.”

“Thank you again for your accommodation and quick response. Amazing customer service and I can’t imagine life without your spirit! Eternal Gratitude!”

Cc’d on this letter from a client to a friend: “I would recommend that you contact Magi Helena. If your company is super interested in changing their future and signing an important deal she is the one to help you with this. It all depends on the birth of the company. The date it was incorporated. Helena would do this for you and she is far more knowledgeable than I am. It’s worth it. In fact you can call her to do an up to date reading of your present reality. I have relied on her numerous times in my recent past to know or better understand the changes in my life. There is nothing suspect or voodoo about her method ….it is beyond accurate and is nothing like regular astrology. Many big companies use  this astrology to assist with their success. A company is like a person – it will have ups and downs and successes and failures. Best to know when to sign a deal and when not to. Gotta run…”

 “Thank you for your above-and-beyond customer service…”

“I love my report and already referred three people. Including my x husband haha.”

 “I hope your Thanksgiving day is full of joy and happiness. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for having you in my life. Your guidance, encouragement and kindness is highly valued and I am truly thankful. Best wishes and lots of love!”

 “As a child I would often look at the starry sky and ask the stars to reveal their secrets. I remember the deep, and sometimes even painful longing for understanding the voice of the stars which I could hear in my heart. It was a long time ago, and finally after all these years, and quite some time looking into Traditional Astrology, I know that I have finally found the match to my expectations, the key I was hoping to find one day, to unravel the secrets and messages of the stars at the high-level I was seeking – M*gi Astrology. Your readings have started to open doors for me which I always knew were here but had never been able to push wide open. One of the greatest gifts of M*gi Astrology’s approach to me is the reading of one’s chart in terms of gifts and potentials to grow into, and seeing every aspect as a Divine gift. How empowering this is! And how true it resonates within my heart! Even the most challenging parts are revealed as what they truly are, a promise of our highest gifts and personal unfolding to bring to light. Since our sessions together I have been doing some more work on my charts … and also just simply connecting with my chart to get a deep feel of it. I would compare this with looking into a multi-dimensional, high-definition mirror. As I look at each geometric pattern and into each dimension, I can feel a connection at the core of my being, and something deeply embedded starting to vibrate, like tiny little seeds suddenly awaken, responding to the call in unison, their embedded code activated by an invisible force and ready to unfold the programmed growth and life plan. I have no doubt that we resonate and have a deep connection with the Stars and the whole Universe at a cellular level, hidden at the core of the core, where everything is energy and light and where matter no longer exists as matter. As I observe with no surprise but with a feeling of wonder and excitement, something tells me that it’s only the beginning and that all the best things are yet to come. Hope shines again, and I find myself empowered and more able than ever to align with my highest potential and destiny. Our charts reveal and remind us of our soul choices (that make themselves known to us as deep desires), and for those of us willing to embrace the growth and power that lie in the process, one more gift awaits: the Divine promise that everything is already accomplished. I am forever grateful for M*gi Astrology and the joy and empowerment that I am being blessed with. Lastly, following our last session and the calendar that you emailed me (which by the way is amazing, and I have been experimenting and noticing evident correlations between some transits and my thoughts, moods, general state and so on…) I will definitely make another appointment with you soon. Helena, I cannot thank you enough for the gift of you being here and guiding us. (And for your time reading this long, long, long, long, long email) I look forward to the next time we’ll speak, and in the meantime I will carry on enjoying your facebook posts 🙂 “

 “The Love Stars report was amazing. Helpful on such a deep soul level. Much of it I had sensed, or had played out a bit, yet, the report went far beyond what I had understood – and provided such healthy, loving guidance and explanations. Spiritually kind. A real Gift. THANK YOU.”

 “Your reports have been stellar (I’ve ordered several over the past week!)”

 “… I’m amazed at the detail [of the Love Report]. Unreal.”

 “The Love-Stars report allows ‘All Would-be Lovers and Mates’ enhanced awareness! As I read it, I’m aware of which elements in the chart are being focused upon, the report goes way beyond, synthesizing all that and ties it up succinctly with its considerable ability to weigh it all. Well done!”

 “Many Thanks 😀 … I can’t tell you how much this [Love Report] helps to clarify …”

 “Thank you so much for the [Love] report. it was very insightful!”

 “This makes so much more sense than western astrology!”

 “Thanks, Helena, I am really impressed!”

 “Thank you Mama Helena! (Yes that’s what my friends and I all call you.) It’s so great to have a wise woman to call on who really cares!”

“I can’t say enough – you’ve really given me a reality check – really a RELEASE. It’s amazing! It really helped me, I can’t thank you enough. You have made such a difference. You have my heartfelt thanks – I am so grateful for your integrity.”

 “…. it was amazing talking to you – Thank you!”

 “I am sure by now you know how much I appreciate your star timer calendars. Thank you for shining the light of wisdom into our lives and helping to turn pumpkins into carriages, mice into horses, lizards into footmen, geese into coachmen and Ellas’ into Cinderellas.”

 “You found a wonderful (Magical Wedding) date, and I have passed the information on to them. You went above and beyond and I appreciate all that you have done to find them a fantastic wedding date. I will be asking again when my younger daughter gets married. You have been so helpful and supportive. All the best.”

 “You are an inspiration to many, thank your guidance.”

“Many thanks to you for your wisdom…Thank you for your service to life!”

 “Helena, good things can come out of bad times, and your support and your heart are the greatest gift! I couldn’t ask for more. I love you!”

 “Dear Helena, You are a wonderful, healing person. Thank you for doing what you do!”

 “My sister and I and EVERYONE we know swears by you – you are so DEAD ON!”

 “Magi Helena, I really felt everything you said was so on point.”

 “Well Helena, that’s the last time I invest into a relationship without checking with you first! I should have known better – you could have saved me a lot of heartache.”

From a psychotherapist: “I even played our session recording for my therapist – she was so impressed at how accurate you were about my boyfriend and our relationship issues…”

 “I love your book, How to Sing the Uni-Verse!”

 “I really felt your prayers and support and feel so much better – How much I appreciate you!”

 “You always make sense, Helena.”

 “Oh you are so wonderful! Thank you Helena! I will speak with you again sometime soon I’m sure! xoxo”

 “Thank you so much for that date! I’m sure it was difficult to find and I appreciate your taking the extra time to locate it. I now have a lot of thinking and deciding to do.”

“Dear Helena, Thank you for all your persistence and thanks for your expertise. “

 “Thank you for your book. It’s been my go-to companion when I’ve had a quiet moment.”

 “Dear Helena, You have truly touched our hearts! What would humanity do without you!”

 ” Hi Helena, It was really good to speak with you today! You are lovely, gentle and insightful, and really amazing at what you do! Many thanks, and many blessings to you”

 “Thank you Helena, I continually find myself fascinated and awed as I watch how M*gi Astrology works. …………..This month on one of my best days part of a song suddenly started playing in my head over and over again. I had maybe heard it once or twice many years ago but did not know all the words. So I looked it up because I felt that someone was trying to tell me something. And i understood that GOD was trying to tell me that although things have been tough in the past HE had never abandoned or forgotten me. The bonus was GOD’S way of saying I remember you. HIS way of making me aware of his love with a gift. For me it was a Cinderella moment and I just stood there staring at the sky. It was a good day. And of course this magical moment was foretold on my Cinderella calendar prepared by beautiful you. Thank you again so much love, ______”

 “I started my new job on the date you gave me and everything is going great! Thank you for the guidance.”

 “Helena, Hope you are doing well. I know how you like to do research. To that end, I thought it might be useful to you if I updated you on my realized situation in comparison to your analysis of my astro cycles. Sort of a comparison of how the analysis aligns with reality. The reality that has occurred to date has been very much reflective of (your predictions.) The dates (of events) line up amazing well with the dates you gave me. My attitude and spirits are amazingly good, especially all things considered. You have helped with that by putting these cycles in perspective. Just found the above interesting and thought I would pass it on. Stay well, and all my best, _______”

 “Thank you so much for such hard work for our date! We are both excitedly looking forward to it! Thank you so much!”

 “Helena, Thank you so much for your guidance.”

 “My Dearest Magi H, I’m hangin’ in there, thanks. Yes, I was given a lot to chew on, I’ll say that. The car ride home seemed to be five minutes as my mind just kept going. I said I was going into this thing open minded and open minded I shall remain. I can’t swear on it all but I also cannot discount it and I don’t use convenient belief (if it’s good news, it’s Gospel, if it’s bad, that’s bullshit). And I definitely cannot ignore the accuracy to some things in the past. You opened my eyes on a great deal and I am thankful. On a personal note, I believe you to be a sincere and caring woman and I appreciate that in a world of contaminated souls. It is sad when a genuine person is the rarity. And the proof for me about you and your abilities is when we said good-bye. I am prone to energies, that’s usually how I communicate with people. they think we are just conversing but it’s the flow of energies that is really doing the talking. And when we said good-bye, I felt the flow. That gives credence to your talent. Be well, my friend- and yes, you may call me that.”

 “We love our calendars! We have definitely noticed improvement when we timed her projects, etc around the favorable days & I think we’ll be even more proactive around those times this year, now that we are getting the hang of it. 🙂 I’m planning on getting my yearly calendar when my current one is done in February.:

 “Thanks again for all your help, Happy Holidays, and even though I know you have a lot of work to do over the next 2 weeks I hope you are able to take a little break because you truly deserve it.”

 “Dear Magi Helena, I wanted to tell you I did the natalization on the date per your consult. I put my heart and mind into it and I just had to tell you it’s been unreal!”

 “Dear Magi Helena, Because I was feeling very nervous and anxious about getting off the phone quickly, I wasn’t able to express my appreciation of your kind and caring support, or how grateful I am for the information and guidance I received. I feel so fortunate to have someone like you to turn to, in times of need. I had been feeling depressed, frightened and lost, but with your help, my anxieties are now feeling more under control. It is such a relief to have a time line, with knowledge of the best times to act. It just makes things so much easier and simpler. In the meantime, I can start to relax while quietly taking care of details. It was so thoughtful of you to give up part of your holiday in order to counsel me, as yesterday was probably the last day for a long time before I could book ahead of time with surety. Again, many, many thanks. I will be touching base with you again, as this process unfolds. I hope you enjoyed celebrating the rest of your Thanksgiving Day with your family.”

 “Thank you Helena, I always thank GOD for leading me to beautiful you and the fascinating, magical world of astrology. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year.”

 “Helena, I just re-listened to the session you did with me several years ago. It always helps me remember who I am and helps me settle.”

 “The reading was really great. Besides being a great astrologer, I found you to be a great, loving person and a delight to be around. It was truly a pleasure meeting you!”

“Dear Helena, Thank you for taking so much time just talking to me. I really appreciate it. You are very kind and dear.”

 “Hi Helena, I want to take a moment and thank you for such a wonderful and enlightening experience, I am sure I will be scheduling time with you and purchasing several charts. Helena, you have brought me some peace, understanding and renewed faith.”

 “Dear Helena, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I have known you for some time now and have always enjoyed our conversations. Today – was extra special. You confirmed so many things for me and reassured me that I am on the right path. Your compliment that I am ____________ made me feel proud, especially coming from such a special soul as you. I have learned so much recently and come a long way despite the bumpy road. These transitions, as you know and experienced yourself, were heart felt and traumatic, but enlightening. I dedicate this song To You and Me — “I Am Woman, Hear me Roar” by Helen Reddy, do you know that song and the lyrics? I do feel a sense of relief and look forward to a peaceful, loving and rewarding future. I really did feel chills during our phone hug. 🙂 Much love to you now and always.”

 “Thank you so much Helena for choosing our wedding date. I am excited to begin planning and am so grateful for your help in choosing the right date for us! I truly appreciate all the time that you put in to choosing it, and can’t wait to marry the love of my life on this MAGIcal day! :)”

 “Hi Helena I told a few friends how wonderful you are, so I hope they get in touch with you….”

 “Hi Helena, Today was really great for me. I know that we have a connection and some similar experiences but I hope you know you truly do have an amazing gift as well. Thank you for the wonderful advice you gave with the reading. “
 “Dear Helena, I quick thank you for today. Warmest regards.”

 “Dear Magi Helena, you’ve changed my life. I have found your readings to have been so rewarding and have enriched my life in so many ways, but mostly in finding my centre and grounding me in who I am. I’m quite sure I would not be the same person today had I not had my first reading back around 2004/2005. Your suggestions at the time were so gentle, it could hardly be called advice. As you read in my chart, I’m very _______. I still practice your suggestion of _________. I also _________. These simple acts changed my whole perception of myself and my response to the world so much. Yet, they were just the start of a very powerful change in me. I cannot ever thank you enough. You are truly an enlightened and gentle soul and I consider myself truly blessed to have benefited from your gifts. Although it seems inadequate, many, many thanks as always for everything.”

“I’ve had readings before, even had one with another Magi Astrologer, but you picked up on things everyone else missed. I’m blown away! You made my day- thank you!!”

“Thank you for your help today! It was such a gift and blessing meeting you! You are a light and surely a guiding light to many…what a beautiful soul you do have. I see it…I feel it. You are important and make a difference in this world! Much love and many hugz to you always! I will be in touch…you can count on it! ;)”

 “Dear Helena, I’m listening to (the recording of) your reading….. Holy C**p!! So much more powerful now!! (1 year later) After listening to that I just have to buy a session for my best friend…..”

 “Another great Reading….Most of my friends know that I’ve studied the cosmic craft of Astrology for over 40 years…I’ve worked as a student and a practitioner…So when I say that I’ve had a great reading from MAGI HELENA, I mean it…we discussed health, business, love and money and she is DEAD ON as far as her assessments. I recommend anyone looking to be guided to answers within themselves to check out her website and schedule a reading….She is truly gifted.”

 “Dear Helena, God bless you and your work.”   

“Dear Helena, Thank you so much for my incredibly accurate reading, you prove that astrology does work. And most of all thank you for opening my eyes. Maybe just another day in your office for you, but a life change for me. Truly grateful!”

“Dear Helena, You were right about ______ (the one you warned me about)…..” 

“Thank you so much for the reading yesterday! I truly appreciate all the time that you have spent helping me with my personal crisis. It truly makes me feel better to see that there are other factors at play that contribute to these difficult times. I really hang on to the hopeful things that you say to me and try to just keep patient through the bad things. I love and appreciate you SO MUCH!! XOXO”

“Dear Helena, Thank you for literally the best hour I’ve ever spent!”

“Dear Helena, I am very, very deeply, deeply thankful. You have no idea how much you are helping me put together my life.”

“Dearest Helena, Words cannot express the magnificence of your contributions or the brilliance of your abilities on so many levels.”

“Dear Helena, First I so want to thank you for an incredible hour on Tuesday! I was truly blown-away and still in awe. I have had different readings over a 20 year period and a combined 4 years of marriage counseling and psychologist therapy, but nothing like what you saw and were able to bring to my awareness. I honestly feel so much freer, calmer and ready to make a significant change in how I will react to the _____ pattern I have been in for years and years. . . . the self-destruct mode that I did not recognize. I shared much with (my partner) and it has opened much for both of us. I can’t thank you enough and can’t wait to tell my friends all about you!”

“Dear Magi.helena – I referred ______ to you and he has been delighted too.”

“Dear Helena, I can’t tell you how much you’ve meant to me over the years that I’ve worked with you. The things you’ve told me and suggestions you’ve made have changed my life since 2005…”

“Helena finds the balance in analyzing and presenting information with compassion, integrity and strength — direct and powerful support! Thanks Helena”

“Just wanted to take a moment and thank a wildly powerful and intuitive woman in my life, Helena Magi Astrologer. If you haven’t had a session with her, do it. 🙂 Now! :)”

 ” Thank you for my calendar. I have found the Key and the principles to picking days extremely useful.”

“Hi Helena, It was a pleasure talking with you today. I appreciate all the information you shared with me. I’ll let you know how things develop between _____ and I, we met on a Chiron quincunx Sun day in 2004. And I believe that God put him on my path for a very important purpose. Your added analysis of each us helped clarify a lot of my puzzlement. Love and Light”

“Dear Helena, Thank you for the chance to speak with you about this issue that has been troubling me for a while. From some additional information I have right now, I found that it would seem wiser in the long run to stick to the original plan. There are some difficult parts but I will try to find a way for them. You are not just a really good astrologer, you are a great counselor and I am glad that you were able to bring out from me that I see myself wanting to work as close to this field as possible. It has not been easy to say it out or convince myself about it with the low confidence within and some negative self-talk. I still cannot clearly see what I want to do or where I want to go, since I am still exploring at this point of time. Even if the plan to convince Dad does not work out, I will have no regrets and will have other plans in place if this happens. There’s a lot more I wanted to write about the session but I know you are really busy and won’t have much time to read all of it. This is about all that I want to say. I will keep you updated on the outcome.”

“Hello, Thanks you for yesterday’s consultation, it brought some peace to my mind. I have a referral for you :).”

“Hello, _____ loved her calendar! She is absolutely delighted by it! If I would like to order another calendar. Thanks”

“Hi Helena, thank u so much for the great reading!”

“Thank you again for your support and advice yesterday, you have been invaluable to me during this crappy time! ¬¬¬-_____ and I had our own Therapy Session today together and it was WAY more productive. I spoke to him about his pattern with ______ and he got it right away 🙂 We were able to trace it all the way back _______. And he completely saw how unhealthy it has been for him and also saw that it stems from his childhood mistreatment. So again “Thank you!!” for your insight into our situation. Have a wonderful weekend, sending Love!!”

  “Today was really great for me. I hope you know you truly do have an amazing gift. Thank you for the wonderful advice you gave with the reading.”

 “I’m so grateful for your guidance; the whole planning process has gone SO much smoother since you helped us pick our wedding date.”

“It was a blessing to speak with you this afternoon!”

“Thank you so much. You have been wonderful and such a big part of all of this. I really do appreciate you.”

“Hello Helena, My mom was so thrilled with her visit with you. She already has thought of several additional life situations she is anxious to talk to you about so I am certain you will be hearing from her within the next few weeks!”

“Thanks again for helping me to understand all of this, I find it fascinating and can’t wait to put it to use in my life!”

“Hi Helena, It was my pleasure meeting you. And your reading fascinated me . I will definitely be back for more and I will make referrals to close friends.”

“Hi Magi Helena! Several months ago you gave me a great mini session where we addressed one question (career). I found your information very helpful to me! Because of this, I’d like to schedule a full, one hour session sometime soon.”

“I think it’s wonderful that you do this work, it’s priceless, I see you serve so many people, edifying lives, giving us guidance. You’re a blessing in this life and an example.”

“We are even thinking of having another calendar through next year… As you can see, we think your calendars are an amazing tool to plan our future projects.”

“Hi Helena, You provided a wonderful reading yesterday, thank you.”

“So good speaking with you tonight. Thank you for the priceless, valuable insight. I look forward to continued conversations & success.”

“Hi Helena, It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier today and the reading. You are so gifted and very professional. I really appreciate you. You have helped me more than you know. The time went by so fast!”

“It’s written in the stars for all to see
But only those can read who have the key
Your compassion and insight illuminates the way
Teaching us about our aspects, allowing us to live with ease every day

It’s a testimonial to your skill
That I may now avoid the pitfalls and landmines that threaten still
It’s written in the stars for all to see
But it helps to find someone who has the key”

“Dear Helena, Thank you so much for the calendar! I really enjoyed my last one and am excited to see what patterns the next year has in store! 🙂 With love and gratitude-“

“Dear Helena, I have been referred to you by my friend ______ from London who speaks highly of your work.”

“Thanks so much, Helen! I’m so glad it all worked out and my mom is meeting with you. She’s really excited!

“Hi Helena, I am so grateful to you for your assistance in getting us the help that was needed the other day! —– and a few family members, as well as some friends of ours listened to some of the session recording together tonight after —– meeting. Everyone seemed to appreciate the knowledge and to be interested in learning more. This is my hope for people: that they may see how, literally, this is a holographic universe we are in, and, that everything is interconnected. I was so proud to show them your skills! There could be no one better!

“Thanks a lot for all your help :-))))))”

“Thank you Helena for a wonderful session!”

“Hi Magi Helena, My name is —-. You helped me pick a wedding date a couple of years ago. I am now married! The wedding was wonderful…Thank you so much! I don’t know if you remember me, but…I had a real challenge managing to have a wedding to my longtime lifemate. You were so very very helpful. Hope and trust that life is good with you.”

“Thank you Helena! I’m going to take you up on your suggestion to add the super fame cycles to my calendar. By nature, I’m a behind the scenes person, but I’m also not one to look a gift in the eye especially in a period when I need to get so much done. It’s probably the universes way of getting me out there. I just submitted an order to add the super fame cycles to my calendar.”

 “Thank you so much for your calendar service. It has been a great help in dealing with my life. I don’t know how bad it could have been had I not avoided inauspicious times. So far, I am moving along and I can say that knowing when to act and when to hold off is of tremendous benefit to me. I can deal with issues much more confidently with this knowledge. Thank you.”

“I’m so excited and look forward to getting some insight about who I am!”

“As a client since 2006 I am grateful I can contact you to provide me with the light of the a special day. Thank you Magi Helena for sharing your gift in helping me find my MAGIcal wedding date. I am also very grateful there is a true expert in the field of stars.”

“Thanks Helena. So if I got married in Switzerland…and I mean it, no joke…I lived there I can safely assume it would be 6 hours ahead…sorry, but you are like the only astrologer I trust on this. You are amazing!”

“Thank you so much for doing the reading for my son today! He was really blown away at how accurate you were with the things that you told him. As we all know being 16 is pretty tough and I could see that his spirit was much lighter after speaking with you. It is so valuable to have enlightened guidance at any age but especially in these formative years. Just having a light shined on different aspects of yourself regardless of good/bad is so helpful in how we deal with life. It was also a great confirmation to me as well; as I have heard myself say so many of the same things to him. Again, you have been such a blessing to me and my family! I can’t imagine what we did before you came into our lives :)”

“Thank you. I am so appreciative.”

“Hello Helena, I hope all is well with you. I am still amazed whenever I listen to the recording of the reading you gave me. I really want to start to grow my astrology hobby further and hopefully make it my career one day. Once I start feeling a little more comfortable financially I would like to be taught by you and maybe even become your apprentice! Thanks again.”

“Recommended by my best friend ______, I’m here to asking for your favor to book me an one-hour Relationship analysis reading at your earliest convenience. Actually i heard a lot from _____ that how much she inspired from the session with you, and I’m so excited to have it for myself.”

“Thank you so much, you are wonderful and I look forward to being a ‘lifelong’ client.”

 “Thank you so much, Helena!!! Especially for going above and beyond with regard to the date timeframe. You are so sweet. I am excited to have an official date. :)”

“Magi Helena! I went to the dentist and had a near miraculous experience! My bad tooth essentially feels all better! And he did not even charge me! It was so loving! And I have done so much healing during these few days you suggested! Wow! Thank you! Blessings during this momentous time.”

“Great reading with ____.. your insight, wisdom and readings were in-depth helpful sensitive and right on target… You’re the best…..”

“Dear Helena! That’s just totally awesome! i already got a new role with raise! hope i can find LOVE soon too! 😀 pray for me 🙂 Thank you so much for your assistance and effort! much love, _____

“Dear Helena, Thank you so so much! We we definitely keep the date you recommend. Thank you for easing my mind and doing this so quickly for us. We are very excited!”

“Hi Helena, Thank you for making the time to read for me. I really appreciate it. I very much enjoyed the session and hope to have another soon. I will go through the links and study them further. Have a great day 🙂 Love & Light!”

“Hi Helena, I hope you are well. Thank you for looking at my calender. It is now up on my wall.”

“You are the best darling – so lucky and happy to have met you. Thank you so much for making me believe on myself more.”

“Dear Helena, this has been a great learning experience for me – the awareness you’ve given me is priceless!”

“Helena, everything you said was 100% accurate! Chills were running up and down my body as you were speaking. Amazing!”

 “Spent half my life floundering around in the dark in wrong relationships till Helena got me on the right track, feels like a new lease of life!”

“Hi Helena, Thank you so much for the session the other day. I am greatly relieved. You are so talented at what you do, you are a real inspiration.”

“Helena, Thanks for another great reading!”

 “Helena, Thank you for the investment calendar and real-estate stuff….I went to court today and won my case (as you predicted) ..”

“Thank you very much for the calendar, Helena, and for all your help and the wonderful work you do. Even though there is a lot of blackout period on mine this time, knowing what is going on and what to do, really, as you say it, helps to minimize the trouble and damage that horrible transits can cause. Thank you again! Warmest regards.”

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and supporting me during my time of need. You are doing great work!”
“Hello Helena, Thanks again for your guidance and insights. I look forward to receiving your work on the additional two charts that we discussed during our last consultation. Thanks so much for your assistance!

“Thanks Helen. I look forward to receiving the recording. Eager, actually. :)”

“Thank you again, Helen. 🙂 Yet again you blew me away. Thanks-Hugs!”

“Thank you Magi Helena, Your session has helped me to think more positively about the future. Although it’s a few months off now, at least I know I won’t be having a hard time of it forever.”

“Thank you Helena, I got the recording last night and listened to it again. It helped to put me in the right place for today. Thank you for the reading, and I will be in touch later for more, as I am considering becoming certified. I have studied Jyotish for the last 5 years and am intrigued by this new astrology that seems to be so accurate.”

“Hello Helena! I want to express much thanks for finding a date for my daughter’s braces to be removed. She got them off the other day, and everyone is surprised at how great she looks now. It’s kind of mysterious that, with the removal of the braces, suddenly, even the rest of the bone structure of her face seems to have the appearance of greater balance and harmony–without facial surgery. . . and she is VERY pleased. Yay!”

“Happy New Year, dearest Helena, Wishing you such an exceptional year this year and a quick note to express my deepest appreciation for the work we did together. It was such a joy and such an honor. I deeply appreciate your profound generosity of knowledge and spirit, and wish the most magnificent year to come!”

“Thank you so much for providing this valuable service.”

“Thanks so much for the reading – it was a pleasure meeting you! Love and light and a big hug back to you!”

“THANK YOU SO MUCH HELENA!!!!! I will Incorporate on that date and do the Domain. Hope you are well and happy holidays soon.”

“Hi Helena, thanks for your amazing reading yesterday. I look forward to hearing it again! I would like to order a gift certificate as well.”

 “I have thoroughly enjoyed the directions offered by Helena Magi Astrologer, what a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend who could use some insight!”

“My dear Helena, It has been a long time since we talked. I miss your wise perspective on my life, but these days my focus is providing my daughter with opportunities for your input to her thinking. I may yet seek a consultation with you regarding my own life, as I look forward to the summer of 2012 showing a culmination of possibly major changes in this coming year for me. You remain a Shining Light for me. I respect and admire your work in helping others and wish the very best for you, now and into the future.”

“Thank you is not enough, Love You. GOD bless you and always make you very very very happy. You already know this, but let me repeat, you are my guardian angel. And Dad is right: You are GOD-sent.”

“Dear Magi Helena, Just back from our honeymoon. Well, it was more of a chaperoned excursion, since we brought the little one along. She is now seven and swimming well and we honored her long time dream of swimming with dolphins. We were out on the boat and, at some point I was sitting relaxedly staring out at the ocean to the side of the boat. For a moment, another passing boat came by and encompassed the entire view. On its side it said the words, “The Magi.” I smiled inside and out. And out there on the water, after a wonderful celebration and enjoying the whole feeling of being married and in my life this fully and all that that entails for me, I understood that…I really did do something by relying on your advice. Things are still dancing forward with some questions but…I feel the change of the (MAGIcal Wedding) date, and somehow, that…(everything is) in a perfect concert that is somehow… conducted from behind the scenes by the special date… Its like I am…born again on a different day and one that…is taking proper care of us… and…that it is now truly available to experience freedom from any past obstacles. I get it. On the boat I got it and i feel it again now as I write to let you know. And to say thanks. You are so awesome! Thanks!! xo”

“You are wonderful! Thank you so much for the valuable advice and insights from the natal reading! You were right! With your reassurance and help in confirming my heart’s message, I can finally regain hope and be at peace with myself. Best regards and blessings!”

“I’ve had readings before, even had one with another Magi Astrologer, but you picked up on things everyone else missed. I’m blown away! You made my day- thank you!!”

“I referred my Mom to you, She loved her reading by the way! I knew she would. 🙂 Have a blessed Sunday! Peace and Love to you…”

“Thank you so much Magi Helena. I really enjoyed the reading. You were very accurate. You are a wonderful person. When I have another relationship question, I will definitely be in touch.”

“Helena, Don’t ever quit!! I need you. You make me believe so much in tomorrow that I stop crying about yesterday.”

“I’d like another short compatibility reading. I’m finding that I like talking to you at the beginning when I start dating someone and since I’ve gone through a few the past several months, it feels like I’m talking to you quite a bit! But, you always end up being quite accurate. I’d like to do a 15 min reading now….”

“Thank you for your email! You are wonderful…how could I not refer you!”

“Thank you for the unexpectedly quick turnaround of audio from my last session. I save these and enjoy referring to them.”

“Helena, Because of you, the book is finished…thank you so much for your wonderful advice…I’ve attached the Acknowledgement page..”

“Thank you so much for the excellent reading…you confirmed things that I saw and prodded me on others…”

“That session was so amazing to me today. I had flashes of insight and could literally feel my soul transforming and raising in consciousness all evening. Wow!”

“Hi Helena, I hope all is well with you. I have a friend that i know who i feel he needs to get a reading and i told him of your accurate readings. As a gift to him i will pay for his reading so if you can kindly contact him when you are available i will appreciate it.”

‘Hi, Helena — It’s funny how I happen to read over the notes I transcribed from our last session every so often. It is somewhat a reminder but also a great help when I think of past business ventures and ways to look toward a better future. I would like to receive a reading from you again. Hope to hear from you soon on possible dates for our next session. I am so enthused about another chance to have a reading from you! Thanks so much!”

“Helena, Thank you for the great, uplifting reading…I have referred you to a number of friends and look forward to our next contact…looking forward to listening to the recording.”

“Hello, So sweet of you to ask and think of me 🙂 I am through the most harsh time in my life .. 🙁 I will try to give myself time And relax .. I might see things clearly. I really appreciate your email and care, it made me really really smile 🙂 you have a pure soul. God bless you.”

“Had another wonderful reading yesterday. Thanks so much for the expanded view on my future prospects and also for taking the time to thoroughly go over my questions and concerns. I am looking forward to getting the audio session so I can keep myself ready and reminded about the end of October..”

“Hi Helena, Thank you so much for the AMAZING reading today! The reading really was amazing and everything you said really resonated with me, I can’t wait to get the Audio so that I can listen over and over again 🙂 The only complaint I would have is that it was just too short! There are just so many things to ask! I feel much better about things that I have been recently questioning and feel hopeful about where I am heading now. I can really see the value of what you do and your clients are certainly lucky to have your insight and wisdom. I can’t wait to learn more about M*gi Astrology :).”

“Thank you for the reading! I’m blessed for you & the guidance you offer. You renew my faith & give me hope…I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. You are loved!”

“Dearest & Sweetest Helena, Thank you for being so Kind and Caring 🙂 Love your advice & You. Thanks for being extremely Patient and answer my silly questions. GOD bless You. Love you, Good night & you have a Lovely day ahead!”

“Thanks again for the great counsel and well-wishes!”

“I really think I need to see you. I feel a strong connection with you and very much appreciate and respect your wisdom, experience and natural intuition. I always leave you feeling so centered, calm and ready to take on the world. Or at the very least handle it the best way I know 🙂 and I could really use that right now.

“Hi Helena, Thank you again for your wonderful tutoring and reading yesterday! I have received insight already into my own _____ issue from what you said about that. This will help me better recognize and understand my program given to me at birth as a tool to gain experience, and which is activated under certain situations of duress. You help me become empowered and wiser through astrology–can’t say enough “thank you’s.” Thank You I love you and appreciate you.”

“Hi, thanks for the great reading, it really got _____ interested in Astrology, you were so accurate with her.”

“Thanks again, as always you have given me tremendously valuable insight Helena. Thank you so much for your support and love. The time I spend with you really made a big difference.”

“Thank you so much, you are a blessing in so many ways!”

“thanks you so much for your kind words about ________. It really helped to have your perspective on ________, and then see that she has turmoil and karmic challenges in her own life that have little or nothing to do with her experiences with me or _______. Thanks again for the reminder and the validation.”

“Thank you for the wonderful reading! I have told so many people to contact you. There was not a single thing you revealed that didn’t resonate or ring true. And I gained much-needed clarity. You are a beautiful spirit, Helena, and truly an Earth Angel.”

“I went from being a 99% skeptic of astrology to being a 99% believer in M*gi Astrology in one session. Incredible!”

“Hi Helena 🙂 so, I loved your reading and would like to schedule another. Thank you.”

“Dear Helena, Thank you for the readings. They were incredibly informative. As I think I mentioned before, I would like to have another as soon as I can, Again, thank you for everything you have done so far!”

“Helena, Thank you so much for the call today. As I listened a lot of stuff “clicked” inside of me. Almost like getting permission to be me without needing to be anything or anyone else. You rock. I’m looking forward to re-listening to our talk a few times.”

“Helena, I am so impressed. Quite frankly, I don’t know how you do it. You are a walking treasure!”
“Thank you for your help today! It was such a gift and blessing meeting you! You are a light and surely a guiding light to many…what a beautiful soul you do have. I see it…I feel it. You are important and make a difference in this world! Much love and many hugz to you always! I will be in touch…you can count on it! ;)”

“Dear Magi Helena, I want to thank you for the two readings you gave me. I learned quite a bit from them. At any rate, as soon as I am able I would like to try and schedule another appointment. I have learned a great deal from you and hope to learn more. Thank you for all that you do.”

“Dear Helena, It was really very insightful talking with you today. Your readings were precisely to the point. The best part of today’s session is the assurance you gave me that __________. That gives me hope to move on. Thank You for Your Patience, Take Care and Have a Good day!! With Lots of Love”

“Thank you so much for the time, attention and the information you provided during our session today. I was very interested in receiving your insight after hearing you on BlogTalkRadio in January, as well as referrals from the M*gi Astrology web page(s). First, the details you provided were details I hadn’t before heard or read from other astrology readings or printed information. Your insight touched on some unique aspects of myself, and were precisely on target. You really provided details about me and the situation I asked you to research with succinct depth and clarity. Because of [this] I was able to correlate my behaviors to certain aspects of my failed business arrangement. The information you provided is a welcome start to my closure with this partnership. It has also renewed my strength toward other interests I plan to develop. I sincerely thank you for your service, all your consideration during the process, and the knowledge you provided. I look forward to receiving the audio track of our discussion and will contact you this month after I review it. Thank you again for everything.”

“Thank you for a very insightful conversation last week! You are truly brilliant and one of my favorite people on planet earth! Much love and light to you my friend. Xo”

“Hi there- Wanted to thank you again for my reading. I had a long talk with _____ last night, only to discover that he doesn’t like the idea of marriage, nor does he have any interest in having children (it seemed slightly like a bait and switch.) ……..his fears don’t work for me. You were right. I ended up breaking his heart last night. :(“

“I would like to have another session with you. The last one was very enlightening!”

“Hi Helena, Can you do another reading of my natal chart for me? And maybe with progressions… I think I told you that I’m changing careers but I’m in two minds as to which direction to take…Where are my natural talents? Where will I find long-term success and fulfillment? Also, it’s been so interesting to hear about the guys whose b’days I’ve sent you and it makes me think about myself…”

“Dear Goddess, Well, it’s that time again. First, you were SO right about the last one (bowing.) Thank you. I’ve really listened to your advice and have been LIVING, meeting new people to really figure out what I want and need. What a concept! I’ve met someone that certainly seems to fit all my criteria…. I trust in your insight and what the stars tell through you.”

“Thank you so much for understanding and for really caring. I feel a bond with you. I don’t have better words for it but you are very good to me and I really appreciate the lessons you have learned and I love that you are so open to sharing your experiences and you teach me more. Thanks again.”

“… I am CERTAIN I will be seeking your expert advice as we go along here. I’ve even factored you into my litigation budget!! :D”

“In just the short time I have known you, you have given me so much wisdom and strength. Thanks for everything!. Have a great day beautiful.”

“Thank you for your very thoughtful reading today. You gave me a lot to think about and look forward to. I look forward to the next time we speak.”

“My dear beautiful friend- i thank God you are part of my life. Gracias amiga!!!! God Bless you !!!!”

“Thanks for the “therapy.” I really appreciate it!!”

“Helena, You are just a treasure!”

“Dear Magi Helena, you’ve changed my life. I have found your readings to have been so rewarding and have enriched my life in so many ways, but mostly in finding my centre and grounding me in who I am. I’m quite sure I would not be the same person today had I not had my first reading back around 2004/2005. Your suggestions at the time were so gentle, it could hardly be called advice. As you read in my chart, I’m very _______. I still practice your suggestion of _________. I also _________. These simple acts changed my whole perception of myself and my response to the world so much. Yet, they were just the start of a very powerful change in me. I cannot ever thank you enough. You are truly an enlightened and gentle soul and I consider myself truly blessed to have benefited from your gifts. Although it seems inadequate, many, many thanks as always for everything.”

“Dear Helena, Thank you again for your very helpful insight and guidance last Friday. I think what you said about ______ is a very helpful strategy to take. I will definitely be ordering a personal cycles calendar shortly.”

“You were right on about the kids. Thanks. I really feel like I know where we are going. Not that the path is easy but I understand it better. Had a wonderful afternoon.”

“I really enjoy readings with you :)”

“Thank You so much for the reading!!”

“I appreciate your extra care and integrity!”

“Dear Magi Helena, Thank you so much for the reading this week. Incredible to get and broaden my awareness in the subject on my natal chart and in relation to others significant in my life.”

“You are so wonderful!”

“Hi Helena, thank you for that wonderful reading :)”

“Hi love. I need to see u. U have a gift beyond astrology. I hope u know that, I think u do. U really spoke to me on so many levels that I really couldn’t digest it all. I need more time to get it all and I really want to get into my relationships with my family. Let me know when u have an appt. U have a very calming presence that u bring plus ur love and experience really help.”

“Thanks Helena for the reading. i learned some important things about myself. all the best.”

“Hi Helena, Thank you again for the session on Thursday. As always, you provided me with much comfort and insight.”


  “Helena, I really wanted so much to share my heart specifically with you.…………… Thank you for all your help this year. I really appreciate you and the wisdom you share. For certain I will be contacting you again in the new year.”

“You gave me comfort somehow!!! I feel so confident and trust in you. GOD Bless you!!!”

“Hi Helena, Thanks, that was awesome! thanks for that reading, and answering my questions with full effort 🙂 I really enjoyed it.”
“Thanks, Helena. 🙂 And thanks especially for talking me through my anxieties about the ______. You provided a very valuable sense of perspective!”

“Just letting you know how much your words give me comfort and insight.. with love, kindness, and health.”

“Helena, for some reason I think God placed you on my way.”

“Helena, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and to thank you for a wonderful reading. I really appreciate all you help and support. Thank you very much. Love and Blessings.”

“Hi Magi Helena Wow. This is fantastic!  I can’t thank you enough. I feel so much more confident making this decision now.”
 “I hope you are continuing well. You remain in my wider consciousness and I always look forward to your Newsletters. Keep well.”

“Love you always Helena. I am so grateful for all the wisdom you have given me in your readings. Miss you!”

“Helena ~ I just listened to the recording of our session and it was just as alive and present as when I was sitting with you. Thank you for such an instructive reading – it clarified many things I have already been processing and working towards as well as gave me an enlightened “heads up” for things I had not considered. Blessings!”

“Thank you. The stars have spoken correctly through you!”

“…and thank you for your beautiful words, I keep re-reading them…”

“I sincerely appreciate your help as it is very demoralising when things are tough!!! Your assistance in understanding sheds light and much hope on the situation for me. Thanks again!”

“(Your) report was very instrumental in deciding on a plan of action, and it helped me present the ideas with confidence and clarity. We will be using all three dates. Don’t think I would have pulled it off without your report backing me up!”

“Thank you Helena – your grace and knowledge is much appreciated!”

“Hello Helena, I had a wonderful session with you today. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you SO much, Helena! I really enjoyed our chat and the reading. I especially appreciate the extra long reading and the quick turnaround on the audio file. I am sure we will be in touch!!”

“Hi Magi Helena: I appreciate your extra work! You did a great job putting together ______ and I know it will help us to make the best choice. I am so grateful for your expertise, and your pleasant, helpful personality. Wow, finding these dates for two or more people is complicated, to say the least- making these kind of crucial astrological decisions are beyond my ability. I work on it for awhile, but get confused and bogged down….. Thanks so much!”

“I am incredibly grateful for our session. Your reading was SO revealing and truthful and I so appreciate the light. I’ve got so much bubbling inside me now–things I want to do, actions I want to take, people I want to help, etc. This is precisely the kind of wake up I needed. Eternally, astrologically grateful, sister.”

“I loved all of the things you told me about myself when you read for me originally…. Do you ever do readings for people on their kids? I have a 13 year old son who I would really like to understand and relate to better…”

“Hi Helena, you gave me a reading last December and it was very meaningful to me. I’m listening to it now and it provides some comfort to me as I’m going through a painful transition right now. My relationship has ended and I find myself in a scary unknown place. I know that you can help ground me with your insights. I think that this would be a great birthday gift to myself : ) “

“I want to tell you just how impressed and amazed I am. While I have no understanding if the technicalities (of M*gi Astrology) I know you have enough for the both of us. More importantly, I want you to know that I, for one, appreciate the free time you give to those interested in your craft. You truly are one in millions…”

“Thank you so much for this note. I’m so excited that _______ reached out to you. She’s going thru some stuff right now and I think she could really benefit from your starry insight. 🙂 As for my reading, I was nothing but blown away from it.”
“Helena, You are a godsend, thank you. Seeing your email feels like a lifeline. Hearing from you makes me feel a little better already, I can see some of the light : ) Warmly ______”

“Thanks to you, brilliant Magi Helena, the sky can touch the heart. So grateful for our session and my reading today. You are a heartfelt paver and illuminator of and for life! (You are) a truly remarkable woman and the revelations are beautiful additions to my soul. Much love and gratitude!”

“This reading… was SO accurate, I was just in complete awe. Everything is true…”

“I just experienced Greatness–the greatness of the Universe and the greatness of Magi Helena revealing it to me. To all seekers, divers for Truth and those with big questions, I highly recommend Magi Helena for heartfelt astrological revelations and discovery.”

“Thank you for being so much more than just a great date picker!”

“Look forward to working with you again, everything you have done for me has been so helpful!”

“Thank you so much for the reading. It did shed some light on a several issues for me. I will definitely need more time as I didn’t quite get through all the things I wanted to cover. Thanks again!”

“Magi Helena, I feel empowered by knowing my stars. If I didn’t I would be really bummed right now. I am so enthused- tough times but hopeful. Thanks for standing with me. Much love..”

  “Thanks Helena for your always compassionate thoughtful balanced input. Your reading for me 3 years ago was very productive (too)!”

“Helena I am so impressed with the work you do for your fans, the time you spend answering their questions, the clarity of your answers and the quality of the people who align themselves with your (Facebook) page. Amazing!”

“Hi Magi Helena, Thank you so much. I am kind of amazed that you found a set up (date) for me that really works. Since we spoke I feel a real release feeling. If it lasts, this will be a big accomplishment in my life. Anyhow, I am so appreciative of your kindness in this matter.”

“Hello, Helena, Thanks! I’ve gotten the recording of our thoroughly rewarding session and am happily listening to it. I’m sure I’ll be scheduling a follow-up session with you at some point, and I look forward to that!”

“Helena, have I said before how very much I appreciate what you do here (on Facebook) for us? I learn so much for your notes, not to mention your website, which is chockful of information I am sure I’ve missed before.”

“Again, I thank you very much for the insights that you provided into how my personal energy can be harnessed for profitability. They were enormously useful.”

 “Dear Helena, Thank you again for caring. God bless you and your work.”
 “Magi Helena, Thank you for your time with me and also going above your call of duty. I greatly appreciate what you did in our session. I will contact you soon.”

  “Helena, I wanted to thank you again for the reading. It really helped me relax and realize I have to take life as it comes (without worrying about it!) It also gave me optimism and confidence about my career and life path in general. I look forward to keeping in touch now and again and I wish you all the best!”

“Thank you so much for your kind words about ___. It really helped to have your perspective. Thanks again for the reminder and the validation.”
“Greetings Helena, I just wanted to put down in words the immense appreciation and gratitude for reaching out to me. Your generosity of spirit is so inspiring! It’s truly amazing what kind and wise words can do for a weary heart. Please know that you are on my mind and in my heart. In gratitude…”

 “Dear Magi Helena, Thank you for handling the whole thing so well the other day. Very helpful… Thank you for letting me get out my feelings on the phone and for checking in about me handling it. There are certain moments, no matter how skilled we are with ourselves, that are meant to be supported. Thank you for recognizing that and offering me that grace. Yes, real love. Gratitude…”

“DEAR HELENA, I just wanted to say few words to thank you a million times. The private phone session with you today was a super eye opener. As a student of astrology, it was invaluable all the answers you gave me about the whole 4 dimensions of my natal chart and also of the CAC with my soulmate. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You are gentle, understanding- a wonderful woman. Please continue what you do because you are THE BEST.”

“Thanks so much for all the work you share on Facebook. It’s great learning so much.”

“Dear Helena, Thank you so much! I really appreciate the time you give to sharing your Magi knowledge. You really are the beautiful, approachable face of M*gi astrology! Kind regards…”
  “Dear Helena, Thank you for a great, in-depth and honest reading. I really needed your expert counsel. I appreciate your words of wisdom. I know you speak the truth. I enjoy your readings and your incredible insight. I certainly intend having more readings with you. Many, many thanks and all the very best to you Helena!”

“Thanks so much Helena, Your reading was so good for me and to the point. Thank you again for the details and knowledge about the guy. I am feeling much better all in all. Thank you! Blessings!!”

“Thanks so much. I am very excited about the golden calendar. I will be in touch soon because I have a feeling I will need to schedule another session soon. As I have said before, I am soooo glad I found M*gi Astrology and YOU!  Thanks again : )”

“First of all, I can’t tell you how valuable the reading has been for me, I LOVED it!” 

“I really enjoyed our consultation. It certainly has given me a lot to think about and contemplate.” 

“I’m trying to hang in there. Thank goodness for you and M*gi astrology or else it would have been even harder to handle….”

“Ah I am so touched by your email, Helena! I appreciate so much your knowledge, wisdom and trained eye, and know how m*gi astrology helps see the potential that is hidden from us. Again, thank you for your fascinating and insightful reading. I learned so much. You’ve “captivated” me too, haha! Big hugs back to you.”

“Hi Helena, It was so nice to talk to you today. You always lift my spirits!”

“Hi Helena, Thank you so much for your email. Your reading did affect me profoundly and I did have a moment of much sadness after it. But I am extremely grateful for your insights and honesty. Everything you said resonated with me as true. Your reading showed me that I have to remember to listen to my intuition and stay true to myself and my journey. Thank you so much for that gift. This is definitely not an easy time for me, but a powerful one. One of the things I love most of what you said is that we can learn as much from joy as from pain. I have learned a lot from pain and am looking forward to some joyful lessons!”

“Yet again, you were right about the last guy I asked about.”

“Thank you so much for your reading! I really* appreciate your honesty and directness- You have a lovely voice, exactly the way I imagined. Very kind… Anyway, thank you so much for all your care and loving, honest advice Helena, I would like to get another reading from you soon! Take good care. Much love and blessings to you~”

“Thank you so much, you are so helpful!”

“I never said thank you for giving us that original wedding date which really helped me tremendously (in my career)…”.

“Thanks for the big hug! That was nice! Also I’d like you to know that you are more confirming, and understanding about my relationship problems than any professional counselor I have attended. That means a lot!”

“Thank you for everything!”

“Hi Helena, I really appreciate the reading you have done and given me an insight of what I am supposed to do and also where I am going from here. The in depth reading through your own and Magi charts is fantastic. Looking forward in the future to consulting you when I have any other questions.”

 “Hi Helena! It’s me again!!! Thanks again for the reading. It was very enjoyable, and very helpful.”

(Re: Star-Timer Calendar) “I LOVE this new tool you offer. It is clear and concise and easy to refer to when planning the future. It’s quicker than looking over notes taken during a reading or listening to a download, trying to find the dates you are interested in. Very cool!” 

“Hi Helena, I have been listening to the reading you did for me in December and it has given me comfort since my relationship ended this weekend. So much rang true and it helps to know that the stars are on my side.”

“THANK YOU again Helena, you’re a Class Act!”

“Thank you for checking up on me and I hope we meet again : )”

“Hi Helena, Just wanted you to know I am very grateful that your light is in this world- you are a wonderful woman and I appreciate all the great insight and advice you gave me. Take care and again thank you so much- you came into my life and said what I needed to hear at the right moment.”

“I had my first reading yesterday, and I totally LOVED it! I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants a spiritual, meaningful, insightful astro chart reading!”

“Dear Helena, Thank you again and again.. and again for walking through this with me. I tell you that you have a friend for life (and beyond)… You have been a beacon of bright light in my life through the dark night of Soul. Thank you for your help, for your caring, and the incredible information… whatever the outcome of my situation.”

“Hi Helena, Listening to my reading again reminds me of how fantastic it really was. You over-delivered and I can’t tell you how helpful all your practical advice and wisdom were for me as well.”

 “Dear Helena, I want to thank you for the hope you have given me. I really feel like I learned so much more about myself than I have in all the years of therapy. It was also so comforting to find out that this dark cloud that has been hanging over me will pass. Thank you so much and God Bless you.”

“Dear Helena, Your insight is very enlightening. You are a special part of my prayers…”

“Dear Helena, Thank you for your lovely reading and audio download. It was a truly comforting experience which helped refine my understanding with regard to my relationship and self-knowledge. Your insights and expertise were truly impressive, accurate and helpful. I look forward to having more readings with you in future!!!”

  “Thank you so much for the work that you’ve done so far. It’s been very helpful through these times. I went through it very, very well with the knowledge of M*gi Astrology.”

“Dear Helena your reading was invaluable to me. I know it’s all true and I’m sure you saved me from more heartache! I will call on you again. The insights are brilliant! Very grateful!”

“Hi Helena, Thank you very much again for your time and for your advice. It was such a pleasure talking with you and having the opportunity to benefit from your insight. Your evaluations made great sense. I have a more objective view in terms of what is going on around me as well as inside me. I will look forward to having your expert advice in the future, Kindest regards and many blessings.”

 “Dear Helena, I would like to talk to you again. I have a few things I need to figure out and you always put me back on the right track. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again for all your help in the past. You are such a wonderful person.”

“Thank you again for your wonderful reading!!! It was truly amazing!!!”

“Greetings Magi Helena! Thank you for the very insightful and helpful session today. Thank you again…”

“Dear Helena, Thank you again for a wonderful reading. Not long ago, I decided to take a look at my career strengths through testing at _____________. After two days of testing and $600, I learned that my abilities indicated success in ________ and ________. In your reading, after less than five minutes, you echoed everything I learned in that two-day testing! But you went further than that to narrow the direction of this path, and I’m confident that as I undertake my job search, I’m well prepared to find the best possible position. Thank you!”

“Dear Helena, My consultations with you were incredibly helpful! Your life experiences have contributed greatly to your effectiveness, but I think there is something about you and your particular cognitive style and empathic manner that cause you to be a quite exceptional astrological consultant. Be assured that I will be keeping in touch with you.”

“Dear Helena, Just wanted to say again, thank you for the words you have give me/us over these years. They have helped to carry me through some really tough times that I am not sure I would have had courage to face and overcome without your clarifications, and glimpses of a light at the end of the tunnel that wasn’t a train!”

“I have been feeling much relieved of a burden since your reading. Grateful thanks indeed, dear friend.”

“I was quite pleased with my session with Helena and look forward to more readings in the future. First, I think that Helena’s level of experience and insight comes through in every facet of her readings. She has thorough knowledge of both traditional and M*GI astrology, readily expressed to the client, even when preparing charts on the spur of the moment. I found Helena quite personable, and very professional, prompt and attentive in email correspondence, etc. I recommend her to others and look forward to more…..”

“Dear Helena, After you did the reading for me, I did meet someone new in the favorable dates you gave me– Thanks for the way to proceed …. Things seem to be developing nicely with this wonderful new fella. You gave me the confidence to forge ahead, make contact and meet a really nice guy….”

“I want to thank you for such an inspiring reading earlier today. You do not waste time and have a manner and ease about you that makes the client feel at ease as well. You were accurate, thorough and communicated in a down-to-earth style that made it easy for me to make connections.”

 “It blows me away the insights you have given me as far as relationships go…. I’m in shock about how accurate you are explaining certain dynamics in relationships… (about a past relationship- I thought) Wow, no wonder it couldn’t work. Thank you.. I’m grateful.”

“Dear Helena, Thank you for the outstanding reading today. I really appreciated your ‘being present’ with me, and the interaction. Anyway, I can tell you speak many different ‘styles of communication’ and you’re to be commended for the skill. You’re a natural astrologer and communicator in a very professional way. You are one remarkable woman.”

“….your insights were fascinating. Surprisingly accurate. Explains quite a bit of what I’ve been going through lately…”

“Dear Helena, I want to thank you for the reading. You were very accurate in interpreting my chart and ______’s as well. I appreciate your unbiased reading and will keep in mind what you told me.”

  “Dear Helena, Thank you so much for all the valuable information. I feel like you are an astrological Sherlock Holmes poring through all the indicators to help me chart the next few months. It helps to know the best time to indulge myself in wild optimism and the other times to take care. Thanks again.”

“Hello, It was a pleasure meeting you. You have a wonderful warmth and caring way about you. Thank you for the reading.”

“Dearest Helena, Your knowledge of astrology coupled with your intuition and wisdom has provided answers to life-long questions of mine which have enabled me to find peace and acceptance of many things in my life. In the big picture, I am more able to embrace my ‘gifts’ and not be so hard on myself about my ‘shortcomings’. Your guidance to me in daily events has been incredibly accurate and helpful too! Thank you for being there in the good times and especially the bad. When a crisis hits, I know I can count on you- a true sister-goddess.”

“I can’t tell you how much your support, your listening, your guidance, and just you being you has helped me get thru these hard times! Thank you!”

“Hi Helena, I wanted to say thank you again, you have know idea how happy I am today. You have just reconfirmed all my true feelings, which leaves me free to go on to something new …”

“Helena, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wise words. You helped bring balance to my situation. Thank you so much.”

“I was thoroughly pleased with my astrological reading with Helena by telephone. I’m sure I’ll do another in the future. She is very accurate and possesses knowledge and insights that I have not often found in many astrologers. I was amazed at her accuracy and knowing me, almost too well, at even my first-time reading with her! I was also impressed with Helena’s prompt replies via email and being a true professional when promising deliveries, faxes, etc. I would highly recommend Helena’s services to everyone!”

“Dear Helena, You were right about ______ (the one you warned me about)…..”

  “At first I was skeptical about working with an astrologer (at my client’s request). Then, when the case turned out so much better than I expected, I changed my mind……” Attorney

“Hi Helena – I really enjoyed the reading today and I definitely look forward to listening to it again. Thanks so much and again, thank you for all of the information you shared with me today.”

“Dear Helena, I’m still working on the great advice you gave me! During the reading, you gave me a date to record music for the first time. Through a series of “coincidences” on that date, my recording project has turned from an a cappela recording for my friend’s wedding video into a full-length CD produced by a record label! Thank you!”

“Helena is by far one of the most accurate and insightful oracles we have today. Her psychological training combined with her intuitive gifts and metaphysical background can help anyone to see what steps they may need to take or just gain clarity with life in general. Helena is a true gift!”
“Dear Helena, Thank-you again for the reading. Your expert assessment of _______ made me feel that even while in a vortex of hell, life can still be a bowl of cherries. Affectionately, __________”

“Helena- M*gi astrology, and you, as the Magi Astrologer in particular, have been more illuminating than any other astrological system that I have ever encountered.”

“Just wanted you to know that I am still thrilled with your reading, it helped me so much! What really helped me was the information about my emotions. All of my life astrologers have told me I am…………… and that insight didn’t help me at all. You helped me find the missing pieces. Thanks again — I think you’re a wonderful astrologer……”

“Its funny, I feel after listening to what you had to say about my past relationships, that you just nailed them, even to the point of having me re-evaluate my rosy view of a few things to realize that what you said was more accurate than what I had been thinking….”

“Dear Helena, Thanks for helping us choose the right attorney. He’s the right man for the job, and we have great confidence in the outcome.”

“Helena helped me gain a much greater understanding of a man I had been thinking of starting up a relationship with. Helena is a total straight shooter. She gave me both the pros and cons of this potential relationship– both were amazingly accurate! — and helped me make a very wise decision. She interpreted my personal chart with both skill and intuition, clearing up some long-standing problems that I had been having understanding parts of my horoscope. The information she gave me led to areas of my life running much smoother! The type of information that Helena gives her clients is totally empowering. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“Thank you so much for the reading you did today. It was very enlightening, helpful and confidence-building. You are a kind, knowledgeable and wise soul.”

“I wanted to say thank you again.  I felt you had a deep understanding of my fears this morning when you analyzed my son and my charts.  You really are a compassionate, insightful and evolved astrologer and I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon your existence.  My ‘obsessive’ mind chatter has relaxed and I feel peaceful and trusting again of God’s plan for my life and my son’s role in it.  I very much appreciate your wisdom and expertise.”

“Helena, Please accept this as a token of my sincerest appreciation–you’re a real lifesaver!”

“Dear Helena, Thank you again for your time and wisdom. I have a lot to think about … you covered a lot of ground for me. But as my mind starts to get carried away, I hear things you said that bring me back to reality … and ultimately to a better place for me … and probably for _____ as well. It’s hard when you’re drawn so strongly to someone and they’re just out of reach … but with common sense and logic, you were able to cut through the fog and help me comprehend what’s going on. I can’t tell you how much you also helped me to understand ______ and to get over that relationship … with peace instead of confusion and hurt.”

“Things being what they are, we don’t tell anyone outside top management that we work with an astrologer, but it works! Having Helena on the team is just an extra ace in the hole……”

“…..in case I have forgotten to tell you at any time, you have been such a godsend to me!”

“Dear Helena, Thanks for your advice. You’ve been instrumental in sorting out the reasons behind our interdepartmental squabbles. Now we can focus all our energies on the business at hand.”

“Helena, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for all of your help and assistance. Warmest regards…”

“Helena evaluated all of our key employees and found one employee she said should be watched. Three months later, that employee was caught embezzling funds and was later convicted. Helena proved herself to me beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

“Just wanted to thank you for your excellent, informative and insightful consultation. I thought your metaphor for _________ was hilarious and very accurate. I will be consulting with you again in the near future.”

“To a kindred spirit…. Thank you for all you do…. Thank you for being there for me.”
“Hi Helena, It is such a pleasure to refer people to you. I am still reflecting on your recent tape to me. This current period has certainly helped me to reevaluate my priorities. You have been a big help in my understanding. Warmest wishes.”
“Hi Helena, Thanks for choosing the incorporation date for my newest company- it’s already in the black….”

“Dear Helena, After meeting you several years ago and following your StarGazer newsletter since I have been in Sedona, I have felt an amazing amount of growth. I am in the healing profession as you know. The amount of knowledge you have and your sincere attitude is always a blessing to receive. I am proud and confident to recommend you to anyone. I am blessed to know you.”

“I check out all new tenant applicants with Helena.”

“Hi Helena! I loved your reading. It was fun, helpful and illuminating. Listening to the tapes later helped a great deal. “

“Helena, Thanks for your time & knowledge…”

“Your gift is so special…”

“Can’t wait to hear back from you…”

“Hi Helena- I have been forwarding your newsletter to some girlfriends and they love it! Would you please add them to your list…..”

“Helena, Thanks for the wise words….”

“My session with Helena was extremely informative, highly educational & lots of fun! It was truly a pleasurable experience and Helena was gracious enough to not only explain everything clearly as she went along but also seemed to tailor her approach to fit my personality. I will be sending all of my friends to see her and I plan to consult with her on a regular basis!”

 “Thank-you, Helena!”

“Again thank you for being you, you are wonderful!”

“Thank You Thank You!!!”

“Dear Helena, God Love You in your efforts.”

 “Dear Helena, I have been sending love and light your way since I spoke to you. I would like to see you again. “