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"The best astrologer on Planet Earth: Magi Helena. ♥"


"America's #1 Astrologer"

Magi Helena’s “Your Daily Astrology” column is syndicated to hundreds of newspapers throughout the United States and internationally, with a daily readership in the millions. Helena has clients across the US and in more than 40 countries around the world.

Former Co-Director of the M*gi* Astrology Certification Program and formerly a Certified Level IV Magi Astrologer, Magi Helena left the Society in 2022.

An astrology pioneer, Helena is the inventor of Star-Timer® Personal Astrology Calendars and Love-Stars® Love Compatibility Reports, the only reports which can predict love compatibility with 95% accuracy. She's now helped tens of thousands of people find their love match, understand their love compatibility, get their best astrology dates, and more, to measurably up their odds and speed their process toward achieving their dreams.

Helena is the author of two books: Build Your Dream Life, and How To Sing the Uni·Verse, and is currently at work on her third book, Astro-Goddesses.

Helena is the winner of the 2019 Best of Los Angeles Award for best astrologer. She is also a member of Mensa, the High IQ Society.

This is the business-y professional cred part. Scroll down for the personal overshare... 

Best of LA Best Astrologer 2019 Los Angeles

Los Angeles' Best Astrologer 2019

"Congratulations!  You earned it with your dedicated focus and natural talent!  Awesome!" A.S. Illinois
"Richly deserved, Helena!"
L.O. North Carolina

"You are a rockstar! So deserved. Wishing you continued success & amazingness always!" E. J. Texas
"I know why… you are the absolute best at your trade! A true artisan." S.S. California
"Helena, You absolutely deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!" S. M. Massachusetts
"So pleased to hear ... You are a great teacher too! I am honoured to know you." F. M. London, UK
"Congratulations & continued thanks to you... an honor and a pleasure to work with you!" C.T. California
"Congratulations Magi Helena!! You deserve it - you really are the best!" S.P. London, UK
"Wow! Wow! Wow! Congratulations!" C.B. Idaho


Magi Helena Astrology


Helena's Astrology Journey

"Drawn toward trying to understand the Universal spiritual laws that govern the way things really work, I have spent almost 50 years as a dedicated student of Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Yoga, & many other metaphysical and spiritual disciplines.

"I was incredibly fortunate to be taken on as a protégée by the president of the M*gi Society in 1999, and I was honored as a Certified Level IV (the highest level) Magi Astrologer in 2002. From there, I gradually segued into full-time practice as a Magi Astrologer.

"I’ll be forever grateful to Master Huang for teaching me the importance of objective astrological research and HOW. TO. DO. IT. MYSELF. After 23 years with the M*gi Society and serving as Co-Director of the M*gi Astrology Certification Program for 9 years, I parted ways with the Society in 2022.

"I have been blessed with extraordinary clients and students, which include corporations, political and business notables, celebrities, and professional astrologers located throughout the United States, and in more than 40 countries worldwide. Even so, I still take every client and every session to heart.

"I try every day to do my best, to give my best, to act in love and let the Angels guide me. I feel so very blessed my heart overflows - I am grateful every single day to be able to do what I do for a living. I dedicate my practice to most benevolent and most loving God, Source of All-That-Is, and my resource and inspiration in all that I do. I seek only to be an ever-clearer channel for thy Divine Word."


Up Close with Helena

Many of you have asked to know more about me personally...

This became a perfect time within my own process to tell my story, hope this doesn't seem like TMI!

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I've had an interesting life, pivoting when necessary to follow my heart. No one could ever accuse me of playing it safe!

I've been an entrepreneur since my early 20's.

First, I was a CCIDC-licensed commercial Interior Designer and won a prestigious international design award for my design of a new California State Appellate Court building. I loved design and was quite successful, but I felt deeply called to serve people in their growth and healing, so I trusted my gut and leapt!

I went back to school, became a Jungian Hypnotherapist, and facilitated a weekly women's support group for 9 years. I was so blessed with such wonderful women in my group - what an amazing experience! (Get the book that came out of this group here)

However, after becoming certified in M*gi Astrology, I pivoted again, feeling I could help people more quickly and effectively through science-based astrology. Not only do I get the joy and satisfaction of helping others, but by using the power of Right Timing, I'm reaching loftier career heights than I ever dreamed possible.


I'm happily married to my soulmate of 20 years. To meet him I invented the first-ever Love Calendar. I was in 3 concurrent Cinderella transits the day we met.

I have a grown son in his late 20's. He's wise beyond his years and has a loving heart. He's utilized my help with timing since his teens. Combining timing with being an extremely hard worker, he's been an incredibly successful entrepreneur for almost a decade.

I have 2 wonderful step-kids, and a wonderful step-grandson. I'm an only child, but I'm very close with my wonderful cousins. LOVE my family!

My husband and I are blessed to have an amazing tribe of friends... and I'm lucky to have the most loving, supportive, wise, accomplished, yet BADASS, circle of women friends imaginable.

I love to laugh, dance, and tell silly jokes. I take my professional responsibility to people very seriously, so in my social life I'm goofy and playful and seldom serious at all.

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My two grandmothers for whom I'm named almost tell my whole story. One was a very early female entrepreneur, the other was a farmer and a mystic.

I'm a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner and a "family and friends" homeopath.

I've studied herbal medicine and aromatherapy and I make some of my own elixirs, tinctures, and aromatherapy blends.

I'm a devoted organic gardener. I mostly do edible landscape, but I have a tiny patch of lawn where I "Earth" as often as possible.

I've always loved animals and have had both beloved dogs and beloved cats. Right now we have a rescue kitty named Arya, aka the Flying Squirrel.

I've been vegan since 2016.

I love to be creative: Cooking, floral, interior and garden design, table-setting, sewing, beading, needlework, almost anything!

I love languages and so far I speak English, Spanish, and some French. I collect quotations. My curiosity is boundless... I love learning new things.



I'm not super-big on material stuff, but being a little bougie is fun, and the material does offer a tangible measure of outer world success!

I love cars and after spending years of my life scratching to just get by, I'm super proud that I'm able to provide myself with an awesome car. I only drive a couple of thousand miles a year, but every trip to the grocery store rocks!

What I mostly love about having some money is the freedom from fear. Knowing your bills are covered. After all the years of stressing over money, it's incredible to just know it's handled. I've gone from having a ton of debt to being debt-free with savings. And a nice house. And a cool car.

Using my own Right Timing to build my business made it possible. Yes, I work my butt off, but so do plenty of other people, and not every hard-working person receives the rewards they deserve. You can put in the sweat and do manifestation work until you're blue in the face, but it's still unlikely to come together the way you dream of if you aren't harnessing the power of the stars to give you the extra help almost everyone needs to push it over the top.

Dream fulfillment is every bit as amazing as you imagine it to be. And when you reach one dream, you can generate a new one. My next dream: becoming a major philanthropic force for good.

Magi Helena - my car

Magi Helena - view from my office


I live in the beautiful hills of Ventura County, California, and love watching the skies, trees and wildlife from my office window. Here's a wintertime view near sunset. Hawks sit lookout in these trees by day, owls by night.

I'm in love with Mother Earth and work daily to find new ways to keep my footprints upon her as light as possible. (I know: the CAR... It's my one major unsustainable choice. Hoping being a vegan and generating serious solar from my roof is enough of an offset until I go greener.) Yes, I'm still a work in progress, learning greater selflessness, refining my energetic...

I've always been poised between two worlds: 3D and Spirit.
I balance between intense industry and deep quiet and stillness.

I love watching patterns of light, especially through water or colored glass. Breezes through wind chimes fill me with peace. I love to be surrounded by scented plants: Jasmines of all kinds, gardenias, freesias.

The Angels have told me I'm here to be a bridge between Earth and Sky.


I'm proud of who I've become & what I've accomplished, but there's a backstory that isn't all Love and Light....

You've seen the gloss... here's the GRIT.

It's been a long trek to get where I am now, here's how it came down. I'm sharing it in the hope it can inspire you to be FEARLESS and TIRELESS in pursuing your dreams!

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I'm first to acknowledge, I came into this incarnation with privilege and some great gifts:
White skin - so the system helped me instead of holding me back.
Childhood affluence - so I was housed and fed and got a good education.
Cisgender and straight - so I wasn't discriminated against due to gender or sexuality.
A good mind, a kind heart, and good looks too, once I grew out of being a painfully-skinny freak.

But I've also survived:
TWO of the most pernicious kinds of child abuse ongoing throughout childhood: ACE Score 5.
Being a misfit and bullied in school, so nowhere was really safe.
Losing my father at 17.
Domestic violence for two harrowing years.
Loss of 3 pregnancies, followed by the devastating loss of my precious preemie son who was born but died later the same day.
Losing most of my close family members in one single 20-month period just a few years later.
Breast cancer.
Being a late-discovered neurodivergent. NOW I understand the sensory and motor stuff that made things so hard for me as a kid.
... PLUS ALL THE USUAL disappointments, failures, losses, betrayals and heartbreaks that are part of Earth incarnation for everyone.

I had to literally do YEARS of personal healing work in many modalities to be able to:
Love myself. AS. IS.
Have healthy self-esteem.
Do good self-care (still working on this one).
Make good choices in my personal life and not hurt people around me.
Attract people who were good for me. Sustain a healthy relationship.
Have enough confidence become truly authentic, and share who I really am with the world.

My path made me STRONG.
I was a single mom and full-time entrepreneur with no child support for 10 YEARS! ALL respect to single parents, what a road!!!
And I've:
Beat cancer.
Made 2 major career changes, all for TRUTH. Not at all easy to start over... Twice.
Built an extremely successful business. Not a vanity business. No loans, no investors, not supported by my spouse.

I go all in. If I do it at all, I give it everything I've got! I may pivot, but I NEVER. GIVE. UP.

Magi Helena

I've made Hero/Shaman journeys into the underworld of my subconscious mind over many years, unlocking the power that comes from fully embracing my Shadow. And I know these journeys must be made whenever the call is heard. We're NEVER done!

You have to let go of your bullshit if you want to claim your power. You have to face down your demons.

HONESTY is a key to power. Lying to yourself to stay comfortable is a perpetual obstacle.

You have to traverse your own darkness to claim your LIGHT.

I've looked my failings straight in the eye, forced myself to own them, and forced myself to be accountable. No excuses.

I regularly challenge my assumptions, my biases, my beliefs and my hypocrisies.

I've stepped up and stepped into my own power. You can too.

Your power is stalking you, waiting for each time you dare to have a sacred and profound confrontation with your deepest self.

"If you enter into healing, be prepared to lose everything. Healing is a ravaging force to which nothing seems sacred or inviolate. As my original pain releases itself in healing, it rips to shreds the structures and foundations I built in weakness and ignorance. I am experiencing the bizarre miracle of reincarnating, more lucidly than at birth, in the same lifetime." ~ Ely Fuller

Magi Helena - view from my office

Surviving my tests + the healing work I've done has brought me fully into my blessings:
Daily attunement with the glorious, numinous, exquisite, All-That-Is.
Hearing the Angels, seeing the miracles in every moment.
Understanding the "cosmic downloads" I receive. I write in the dark most nights while "asleep," one recent night was 16 pages.
Being able to truly love and be loved.
Being surrounded by high-vibration people.
Being healthy in body, mind and spirit.
Able to live with being a highly sensitive empath.
Being able to truly help others.
IMMENSE gratitude.

Just like my glass suncatchers, I've been dropped and broken more than once, but I can still sparkle.
The work to be my own best self never ends. Even a year ago, I  wouldn't have had the courage to publicly share so much about myself.
The name Helena means light, and I claim it now. LIGHT is what I am.

NO regrets!

I talk a lot about the many ways you can utilize the stars to fulfill your dreams. It's true, I've taken astrology to a new level of usefulness by providing unique and actionable tools based on scientific astrology that anyone can use. I've brought astrology down to Earth. You don't have to study for years to be able to use sophisticated and complex techniques to understand love compatibility, get your own personal best and worst astrology dates, or find your love match.

But here's a deeper truth: If you don't do the work on yourself, you're a lot less able to make the right choices, sustain your focus, or enjoy your accomplishments.

You may have been as broken by life as I've been, or a lot more, or a lot less. But regardless of your wounds and who did them to you, only YOU can heal yourself.

If there is any takeaway for you, I hope it is this:

  • Everyone can heal. Investing in your healing is the best investment you'll ever make.
  • You can pivot when needed to build an authentic life.
  • Anyone can claim their power if they DO THE WORK.
  • Do the real-world stuff AND harness the stars, and you can achieve your dreams, just like me!

The love in my heart is boundless. I pray for Mother Earth and all beings, including YOU, every day.

My frequency is JOY.

With humility... thank you God, thank you Angels, thank you Universe!


"I send out my vision for all of us, and invite you to hold it with me -
a vision for all Beings of all Universes ---
of Peace and Compassion, Love and Light.
May it be so -
with every thought we think, every word we speak, and every action we take -
may we all choose to co-create Paradise."

Magi Helena Astrology


"I’ve had readings before, even had one with another Magi Astrologer, but you picked up on things everyone else missed. I’m blown away! You made my day- thank you!!"

"You are wonderful! Thank you so much for the valuable advice and insights from the natal reading! You were right! With your reassurance and help in confirming my heart's message, I can finally regain hope and be at peace with myself. Best regards and blessings!"

"These Compatibility Reports are the BEST and I’ve tried them all!”

"The report is fascinating and impressive in its accuracy and thoroughness, wow!"  

"... now I can better strategize and plan my goals, projects, meetings and initiations on favorable days."

"My Star-Timer really matched what was going on in my life...”

"I did meet someone new and wonderful in my Cinderella Days...”   

“..and of course this magical moment was foretold on my Love calendar...” 

"I really do see greater improvement by starting new products on my beautiful days!"   

"So much less stress knowing when to schedule my little beauty tweaks." 

"Dear Helena, Thank you so much for my incredibly accurate reading, you prove that astrology does work. And most of all thank you for opening my eyes. Maybe just another day in your office for you, but a life change for me. Truly grateful!"

"Helena, everything you said was 100% accurate! Chills were running up and down my body as you were speaking. Amazing!"

“I can see why your clients rave about your compassion and insight. You are very comforting, and it's clear you really feel for people. I'm so glad I found you!”

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