Universal Calendar

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  • Longer calendars = best value: Get the long view to plan ahead + great savings!
  • Easy to use: Simple day-by-day calendar format for each area of life.
  • Universal days only: Applies to everyone in your time zone. No personal cycles.
  • NOT INSTANT: Please allow 7 business days.

Longer calendars= best value! It's super-helpful to be able to plan ahead by seeing not only day-to-day ups and downs but also long-range trends.

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30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Understand the basic energies of each day – applicable to everyone in your time zone. UNIVERSAL DAYS ONLY – NO PERSONAL CYCLES.

The Universal Calendar is NOT a Best & Worst Days Calendar and should not be used as one.  This calendar was developed by special order from a client, and is for just seeing and understanding the component energies of each day.

See all the options for Best & Worst Days for 2023 & 2024 in 4 regional time zones here

Universal Calendar Includes: Money Days, Cinderella Days, Benevolent Days, Wisdom & Blunder Days, Super-Fame & Outcast Days, Health & Beauty Days, Romantic Days, Sex Days – 15 cycles total.

Also includes a detailed guide to understanding and using your Star-Timer with strategic planning advice: how to choose the best days for every activity, how to get the most out of negative cycles, and how to make the best choices of days during bad cycles when necessary.

Sent via email, please allow 7 business days. Please check your spam folder.
Due to the size of the Universal Calendar, it is sent as 4 separate sheets, as shown in product image.

How to use? Read the Calendar Key.

1 review for Universal Calendar

  1. This Universal Calendar is the perfect compliment to my Personal Everything Calendar. It gives a larger overview of the prevailing astrological winds, so that I can see how the universal stars are working for or against my personal stars. I’ve been buying calendars from Magi Helena since 2015 and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made for my astrology repertoire.

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