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  • Easy to use: Simple day-by-day calendar format.
  • Get: Your best & worst days for just what you want.
  • Birth Time optional: Don’t worry if unknown.
  • NOT INSTANTCustom calendars are hand-prepared & delivered in 7 business days.
  • Need it NOW? Choose one of many standard calendars here.
  • Choose your Custom Cycles:
  • Price: $0.00


Mix and Match your custom cycles: Money, True Love & Charisma, Wisdom, Super-Fame, Health, Beauty, Romance, Sex & more.


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30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Custom calendars are hand-prepared for you and delivered in 7 business days. For best value + 1 hour delivery, choose one of many standard calendars here.

Be sure to include “opposite” cycles:
Many custom cycle options are in pairs, you automatically get both the relevant good and the relevant bad. Cycles listed below do not include the relevant bad or opposite cycles. If you only order good cycles, you won’t know the days you need to be cautious and take special care. Knowing your worst days can be even MORE important than knowing your best days, it can prevent disaster!

Good Cycle Opposite 1 Opposite 2
Money Nuclear Blackout
Cinderella Nuclear Blackout
Romance Nuclear Blackout

Includes a detailed guide to understanding and using your Star-Timer with strategic planning advice: how to choose the best days for every activity, how to get the most out of negative cycles, and how to make the best choices of days during bad cycles when necessary.

Sent via email, please allow 5 business days. Please check your spam folder. If you add Magi Helena’s Personal Picks, please allow 2 additional business days.

How to use? Read the Calendar Key.

You’ll add your birth data & other info during checkout.

*Guarantee Exception: Calendars ordered with the Magi’s Picks option are ONLY refundable before work has begun on your personal Magi’s Picks. If you ordered Magi’s Picks, you only have 2 days to request your refund.

2 reviews for Personal Custom Calendar

  1. Magi Helena’s calendars are great! I don’t know how I ever made do without them. It’s easier to know when and how to go forward with projects and decisions, and when to back off and focus on other things. I highly recommend these calendars.

  2. I wanted my own custom mix of transits, great to get this.

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