Special Beautiful Cosmetic Procedure Date


  • Get the most beautiful & safe date for your important procedure.
  • Date selection with customization as specified in our email.

Magi Helena’s custom date order queue is always full and orders are processed in the order received. Standard delivery time is 6 weeks.


Don’t ignore TIMING – the #1 most simple, most basic Beauty Secret. The DAY you have a beauty procedure or plastic surgery has a profound influence on the outcome. If you’re unhappy with your appearance, you might be in Ugly cycles. Be careful – beauty activities done under Ugly Stars create ugly results. It makes sense that not every day is equally good for beauty procedures, how else can you explain all the horrifying work you see out there?

Get your most beautiful procedure date within the time frame you specified.

A Beautiful Procedure date is for procedures with potential health consequences: Cosmetic Surgery, major Cosmetic Procedures, or major Cosmetic Dentistry. It factors in:

Your personal Good & Bad Health cycles
Your personal Beauty & Ugly cycles
Universal Favorable & Lucky days
Universal Health & Beauty cycles
Your doctor’s available dates for your procedure
Your doctor’s personal Wisdom & Blunder cycles (if doctor’s birth dates is available)

Your order confirmation email will contain a link to an info form for all your details and preferences. Delivered via email within 6 weeks after receipt of your order and info form.

Expedited Delivery: Helena’s order queue for custom dates is always full to overflowing so when someone needs faster service she must give up appointment times to meet these deadlines, hence the stiff upcharges.

For timing minor beauty procedures without potential health consequences, get an Instant Personal Beauty Calendar here: https://magihelena.com/health-beauty-astrology-calendar/

“It’s a dream come true!”

“Everything went smoothly and my Dr. said I’m healing faster than normal…”

“The surgery date you picked for my mother’s facelift was unbelievably good! She couldn’t have gotten better cosmetic results and her recovery was easy. She was in the OR for 7 hours and 5 weeks after surgery (some women are still in compression after 8 weeks), she looks absolutely beautiful. Even the surgeon looked shocked! :)”

“Helena I know you said to wait to do my breast augmentation. I didn’t want to wait and figured I’d be safe with the best surgeon in town. OMG it’s a nightmare. I’m devastated! Please help me choose a date for reconstruction.”

“Remember you recommended I wait 5 weeks for my ‘simple outpatient procedure’? Well, I thought nothing could go wrong -BUT IT DID – and they just released me from the hospital (5 weeks later). I wish I had listened to you.”

“OMG, how I look! My friends are jealous and I am so grateful to you, Helena.”

“My mother and I swear by Helena and ALLLLLL of her products! I purchased my first report from her in April and I’ve been a loyal client ever since. I consult with her before I make ANY major decisions in my life, and the results are ALWAYS dead on! So far I’ve received SEVERAL beautiful cosmetic procedure dates and more. She’s saved me from terrible disastrous outcomes in more ways then she will ever know and I’m eternally grateful. Helena is the best and I’ve recommended her to all of my family.”


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