Special Magical Wedding Date


  • Be a Magical Bride, not a Heartbreak Bride!
  • Date selection with customization as specified in our email.
  • Input your $ amount from our email.

In blended families, children must be considered to achieve a successful wedding date and blended family.

Add additional good fortune to your MAGIcal Date – get the most favorable window of time for the moment of your final vows. Your time window chosen will be as long as possible. Most vary from 8 – 30 minutes.

Helena’s order queue is always full – standard delivery time is 6 weeks.


Make your marriage Magical!

The DATE YOU GET MARRIED creates the astrological birth chart of your married life.

Keep your love alive ~ Fall in love with your marriage ~ Boost career success for both!

The best date for the wedding for love, success and protection, as described in our email.

Includes detailed information about why your date was chosen for you.

Your order confirmation email will contain a link to an info form for all your details and preferences. Delivered via email within 6 weeks after receipt of your order and info form, or within the time frame specified in our email.

Expedited Delivery: Helena’s order queue for custom dates is always full to overflowing so when someone needs faster service she must give up appointment times to meet these deadlines, hence the stiff upcharges.

“I knew our wedding date was going to have a huge impact on our lives, but I just hadn’t any idea of how huge – eternally grateful!!”

“You picked our wedding date & now after just two weeks my husband has been offered a new job, we sold a house we had tried to sell for years, and we finally received money from an old tenant who was not willing to pay us at all.”

“The planning process has gone SO much smoother since you picked our wedding date.”

“Thank you so much Helena for choosing our wedding date. I am excited to begin planning and am so grateful for your help in choosing the right date for us! I truly appreciate all the time that you put in to choosing it, and can’t wait to marry the love of my life on this Magical day! :)”

“I never said thank you for giving us that original wedding date which really helped me tremendously in my career…”


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