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Online Lesson 2: Planetary Symbolisms in Scientific Astrology

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35+ years of statistical research shows what really works in astrology, including accurate and consistent symbolic meanings for planets. These are different in most cases than the accepted meanings in old-school astrology. You have to get the meanings right if you want accurate astrology.

Some of these symbolisms will be familiar, but even if some of these symbolisms seem strange to you, try them for a while. You’ll be surprised at the previously inexplicable information they unlock!

Planets in Natal Charts

In Scientific Astrology, though a planet may have negative symbolisms by transit or progression, all planetary aspects in a person’s birth chart can represent a potential gift of some kind. Depends whether you do your self-work

Everyone has each and every planet somewhere in their chart. The relative importance of each planet is revealed by the importance of the Planetary Geometry within which it is found. See Planetary Geometry Lesson.

Though every planetary energy in the natal chart is always expressed somehow, how a person chooses to express the energies in their chart is purely a matter of Free Will. Every person can choose to rise to the highest potentials revealed by their birth chart, sink to their lowest possibilities, or dwell somewhere in the middle.

Planetary Symbolisms

The self, the person in the birth chart (the native), the day (in electional astrology), the entity (such as the business or the marriage in electional astrology), will, the life force, vitality, self-esteem, the ruler, confidence, leadership, the heart & circulatory system, the essence of the person.

Emotions, the subconscious mind, nurturing, empathy, impressionability, ingrained psychological habits, the mother, intuition, fear, greed, mood swings, compulsions, emotional stability or instability, caprice, dependency needs, self-care, reactivity, subjective beliefs, illogic, fanaticism.

In the heliocentric longitudes, Earth, or the Earth/Moon complex as we call it in Magi Astrology (viewed from the Sun, the Earth and Moon are too close together to be distinguishable from one another), represents the native or the entity in the same way as does the Sun, with some added weight and an added emotional component due to the inclusion of the Moon. In the helio latitudes, the Earth represents all humanity.

Thinking, communication, writing, classification, teaching, intelligence, analysis, the conscious mind, fact-finding, mental and physical exploration, information, intellectual curiosity, travel, automobiles, airplanes, trains, motorcycles and bicycles, speed of all kinds, reflexes, photography, computers, software, the brain and nervous system, the eyes, the ears, the respiratory system, reflexes. Eyeglasses, cameras, lenses, copiers, fax machines, vehicle manufacturing and transportation companies. Authors, writers, singers, architects, any profession whose primary requirement is use of the mind or of communication, travel agents, pilots, flight attendants, delivery services and drivers, truck and taxi drivers. Psychology and psychiatry. Co-rules singing and poetry with Neptune. Co-rules the internet with Uranus.

Beauty and creating beauty, the beauty industry, grace, manners, pleasure, affection and attraction but not true love, charm, diplomacy, harmony, balance, cooperation, poise, fashion, luxury, jewelry, transitory money & possessions, cash flow, comfort, what we value, taste in people and objects, female sexuality, seduction, lovemaking, indulgence, hedonism, laziness, vanity, superficiality, victory.

Energy, dynamism, vigor, stamina, ego drives, assertion, aggression, initiative, frustration, anger, athletes and athletic competition, competitiveness, dancers, dance and ballet, professions requiring physical effort or labor, farmers, carpenters, force, the military, war, weapons, male sexuality, sex drive, independence, enthusiasm, immediacy, action, will, insistence on one’s own way- one’s own beliefs, etc., macho attitudes, vulgarity, willingness to attack/ defend, temper, competition, need to be right, risk-taking, conquest, recklessness, violence, intolerance, the body, muscles. Co-rules competition with Pluto.

Good fortune/ good luck, abundance, optimism, hope, wisdom, genius, royalty, God, spirituality and spiritual Grace, ability to receive higher Guidance, success via synchronicity/ Universal assistance, having needs met and prayers answered, philosophy, benevolence, benefit, overcoming of obstacles, honor, integrity, ethics, conscience, peace, faith, truth, justice, success, reliability, selflessness, protection, truth, leadership, true genius, knowledge and learning, opportunity, open-mindedness, good judgment, banks, lenders, the law, higher education. Co-rules venture capital and investment banking with Pluto.

Control, dominance, criticism, imbalance- too much or not enough, bad luck, severance from God, atheism, inability to receive higher Guidance, bad judgment, selfishness, problems and mistakes- especially problems coming to a head, negative consequences, failure, pessimism, unhappiness, depression, desire to harm, revenge, hatred, bad public image, prejudice, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, being judgmental, fear, loss, disruption, deception, temptation, deceit, rigidity, stagnation, limitation, blocks, obstructions, isolation, loneliness, poor health, low energy, negativity of all kinds, divorce, and break-ups of all kinds. Co-rules deception with Juno. Saturn rules misfortune, but is still not as bad as Sedna- see below.

Independence, the urge for freedom, rebelliousness, unconventionality, restlessness, revolutions and revolutionaries, resistance to limits, iconoclasm, excitement and seeking excitement, change and changeableness, moodiness, coyness, fun-lovingness, always seeking novelty or greener pastures, originality, revolutions, radical elements, innovation, invention, future-orientation, cutting edge, fame and anything to do with fame, mass media- broadcasting & the news, entertainment- movies, radio, TV, acting, fame, positive image, politics, the public and the masses, adaptation and adjustments, universality, technology, astrology, flying, space travel, physical coordination, balance and depth perception. Co-rules the internet with Mercury.

Health and healing, romance, unselfish love, creativity, inspiration, artistic talent, gentleness, tolerance, serenity, inner peace, oneness with Spirit, nirvana, universal love, transcendence, impressionability, idealism, rose-colored glasses, sensitivity, ecstatic experiences, empathy, intuition, long-term relationships, longevity of all kinds, music, poetry, medicines and the medical professions, youthfulness and being young at heart, long-term assets such as real estate, land, minerals and mineral rights, all natural resources, copyrights, inheritances, long-term financial security, selling, food, electricity & electrical devices, computers, water, the sea, shipping, creative inspirations, all creative professions. Co-rules life and death with Chiron. Co-rules patents with Pluto.

Power of all kinds and preservation of power, love of power, hunger for power, powerful people, entrepreneurs, big business, the establishment, corporations, politics, advertising, great wealth, investments, banking, stocks, bonds, the stock market, loaning money, the ability to repay loans, acquisitions and the urge to acquire, capitalism, gambling and betting, never being satisfied, professional sports, lust, raw sexuality, intensity, extremism, dictatorships, ego, arrogance, oppression, secrets, mysteries, possessiveness, jealousy, greed, research, metamorphosis, destruction and rebirth, inevitable change, sex organs, detectives, nuclear power and weaponry. Co-rules competition with Mars. Co-rules venture capital and investment banking with Jupiter. Co-rules obsessions and compulsions with Sappho.

Soulmates, true love, marriage, serious courtship, promises, commitments, vows, fertility, pregnancy, family, children, parenthood, lovemaking, kindred spirits, karmic ties, reincarnation, the New Age, progress, free will, actual freedom (Uranus rules the urge for freedom) free enterprise and free trade, personal and public trust, charisma, public image, public recognition, career, earning power. Co-rules life and death with Neptune. Reincarnation.

Sexual magnetism, allure, casual dating, desire, sexual attraction, sex without emotional involvement, deception, illusion and delusion, addiction, manipulation, infidelity, selfishness, broken promises, narcissism, ambition, unrealistic expectations.

Friendship, fans, loyalty, gentleness, harmony, compatibility, caring, giving, social relationships, trust, altruism.

The “little godfather of business,” supercharges anything it touches, often selfish, materialistic, focused, goal-centric, can even be unethical at times.

Logic, analysis, ordering and sequencing, organizing, plans.

Sedna has no conscience whatsoever – success and expediency are all. It rules corruption, destruction, lies, immorality, disaster, upheaval, stolen wealth, and illegal gains.

Anxiety, fear and panic, neurotic behavior, stock market crashes. Co-rules obsessions and compulsions with Pluto.

The emperor, the undisputed leader.

The most powerful of all financial astro-bodies.

Talents and abilities. Potentials. Skillsets. The ability to work up to your potentials.

A financial planet.

A financial planet.

Gives the desire and ability to marry into royalty.

Saturn/Chiron Midpoint
The Heartbreak Midpoint. Operates similarly to a Saturn-Chiron Heartbreak Clash. May create initial attraction in a combined chart but usually leads to disaster. Devastating mistakes, bad judgment, being seen at your worst, failure. More about the Heartbreak Midpoint

Saturn/Jupiter Midpoint
The Nuclear Midpoint. Operates similarly to a Saturn-Jupiter Nuclear Clash. May create initial attraction in a combined chart but usually leads to irreconcilable differences. Devastating mistakes, bad judgment, confusion, agitation, distress, overwhelm. More about the Nuclear Midpoint

Jupiter/Chiron Midpoint
A Cinderella and Golden Midpoint. Operates similarly  to a Jupiter-Chiron enhancement. Helpful in both career and love.

Fraternal and Contra-Fraternal Symbolisms

Fraternal planets are planets which share certain symbolisms. Each of these Fraternal Planets have one or more symbolisms which fall into the same category as at least one symbolism of the other planets in that category. You can see that a planet can fit into more than one category and share Fraternal Symbolisms with more than one other planet.

Romance Planets:
Venus, Neptune, Chiron

Sexual Planets:
Venus, Mars, Pluto, Juno

Financial Planets:
Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Ceres, Sedna, Odin, Midas, Quaoar, Eris/UB313

Creative Planets:
Venus and Neptune

Competitive Planets:
Mars, Pluto, Sedna

Charismatic Planets:
Chiron, Venus, Uranus, Vesta, Juno

Saturnian Planets:
Saturn and its midpoints, Sedna and its midpoints, Sappho

Obsessive Planets:
Pluto, Sappho

Contra-Fraternal planets are planets which have primarily opposite symbolisms.

Contra-Fraternal Planets:

Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter and Sedna

Vesta and Juno

Chiron and Juno

Online lessons in Scientific Astrology are tutorials in elementary and essential principles. They are not intended to teach basic astrological concepts – some knowledge of simple astrology is very helpful.

Each lesson is an important building block in learning to be proficient in Scientific Astrology. This system makes chart analysis much easier by providing clear-cut guidelines to understanding and interpretation.

Formerly Co-Director of the Magi Certification Program and formerly a Certified Level IV Magi Astrologer, I left the Society in 2022. When I was a member of the Society I was limited in what I could reveal. Now, I can tell you about many exciting discoveries!! Check back periodically to see new material.

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