Magi Astrology Is Star-Science

Magi Helena, Certified Level IV Magi Astrologer, explains the unique differences between science-based Magi Astrology and all other astrology.


Before the Magi Society, no astrological organization had ever conducted the extensive statistical research necessary to discover the real and consistent secrets of astrology.


Research-tested, statistically-proven,

 Science-Based Magi Astrology

really does work!


 Results of the Magi Society's early research have been published in 3 books:


Astrology Really Works! (1995)
The Magi Society Ephemeris: Including Secrets of Magi Astrology  (1996)
Magi Astrology: The Key to Success in Love and Money  (1999)
Results of ongoing Magi Society research are available on this website, and on



 The Magi Society

The Magi Society (pronounced MAY-JĪ) traces its roots back to a secret society founded in 1625 by a small group of Shao Lin astrologer-monks in China, led by a Jesuit/Shao Lin monk who had converted to Christianity, then lived in Europe and studied astrology under Johannes Kepler. Ever since that time, the Magi Society has been studying the stars and recording their discoveries. Over centuries, Magi Astrologers have been astrologers to the emperors of China and to some of the wealthiest and most powerful Chinese and Southeast Asians. Anticipating that the communists would take over China, most members of the Magi Society left their homeland by 1948.

With the publication of its first book in 1995, the Magi Society left behind its years as a Chinese secret society and emerged into the public eye. Today, the Magi Society is the largest and fastest-growing astrological organization in the world with more than 5,000 members in 32 countries.

Since the dawn of the computer age, the Magi Society has conducted scientific statistical analyses of hundreds of thousands of astrological charts of famous people, famous relationships, and world events, as well as statistically analyzing all the data collected throughout the Magi Society's nearly 400 year history up to present times. It is our hope that our continuing scientific studies will help bring a worldwide acceptance of the validity of astrology for the benefit of all humankind.

Key Differences in Magi Astrology

Broad statistical research has caused the Magi Society to rethink astrology. We don't stand on tradition. We ONLY use the principles we can prove scientifically. Some traditional astrological principles we've kept. Some we've changed. Some we've thrown out entirely - all as the findings of our research have dictated. We won't say a traditional principle NEVER works. We will only say that if a principle doesn't work predictably, reliably, consistently, it won't become a principle of Magi Astrology.

Even if you've been a traditional astrologer for years, (I had been for 20 years before I found Magi Astrology) open your mind to the proven principles of Magi Astrology. Test them for yourself. See if Magi Astrology doesn't tell the story more accurately, more consistently than traditional astrology ever could.

So OK. Buckle up. Here are a few of the differences. Reserve judgment until you prove Magi Astrology for yourself!

Some Key Differences in Magi Astrology:

No Zodiac Signs
They're fun but that's about all.  No need to wonder, "What is my zodiac sign?"

No birth time needed for stunning accuracy (though we always use birth time if we have it)
Again, there is no scientifically-accepted "moment of birth", and no atomic time until recently.

6 dimensions/ 6 charts, all with equal weight
Our research has conclusively proven that these are all are necessary to get a full and complete picture: Standard Zodiac 12 Geocentric Longitudes (the only dimension used in pop astrology), Standard Zodiac 12 Heliocentric Longitudes, Geocentric Declinations, Heliocentric Latitudes, Magi Zodiac 7 Geocentric Longitudes, Magi Zodiac 7 Heliocentric Longitudes.

Prime significance given to Planetary Geometry
Research has proven that Planetary Geometry is the strongest influence in ANY chart.

Very tight aspect orbs
Our research findings are very clear that the wide orbs used in pop astrology just aren't accurate.

Significant differences in Planetary Symbolisms for many planets
Research has shown that while some traditional meanings for planets are true, others are completely incorrect.

Transits lose their power once they begin to separate from exact
Again, the research is clear: once a transit peaks and begins to separate, it's no longer an active influence.

Principles of successful Natalizations (electional astrology)
All of our natalization principles are solely based on our 30 years of research.

Progressed planets' aspects & geometry with each other are most powerful
We call these Pure Progressions, and our statistical research is clear that they are stronger than other types of progressions.

No return charts
These just can't be proven to work, based on the same issues with birth time and house systems as discussed above.

Learn Magi Astrology

Key Discoveries made by the Magi Society

The key to soulmates and marriage

The keys to amazing sexual chemistry

The keys to super-success in business

Cinderella Cycles- the times in your life when you are most likely to meet and marry your soulmate

Golden Cycles- the times when you will make the most money and earn the most recognition

Heartbreak Cycles- the times when anything you begin- romantically, or in business- is likely to fail

The ability to predict the probable outcome of any relationship or business venture

Sedna as the key to the 2005-2008 worldwide financial meltdown

+ many, many more.

Our research-tested principles are what delivers the pinpoint accuracy for which Magi Astrology is renowned. Magi Astrology is an ONGOING science. Our research is continual. New principles (and changes to old principles) will be incorporated into Magi Astrology as they are proven.

Learn Magi Astrology.
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Find out your Golden Cycles with a Star-Timer Success Calendar using proven Magi Principles.
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Magi Astrology Certification Program

Magi Helena is one of the two creators and instructors of the Magi Astrology Certification Program. The program is free to Magi Society professional level members - currently this requires that you join the Magi Society for a minimum of 5 years. The 5-year membership cost is currently approximately $300.

The Certification Program has been developed to be an organized, foundational approach to learning Magi Astrology. The revamped study program teaches Magi Astrology systematically lesson-by-lesson and is accessible to participants at all levels of proficiency. As you master basic principles, you will move on to increasingly complex levels of knowledge.

Study program participants receive login access to their group's website, online lessons, and call-in information for teaching teleconferences.

More about the Magi Astrology Certification Program:
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