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"Millionaires don't use astrology. Billionaires do!" - J.P. Morgan

Success Astrology

30 years of statistical research has proven...

In Success, Timing is EVERYTHING!


Work smarter:

Like grabbing the golden ring on a carousel, success can hinge on precise timing. Use the Science of Star-Timing to maximize your day-to-day opportunities. Harness the power of the stars to super-charge your career and finances. 

During your Golden Cycles
you can:

Start a new business for maximum success
Make the most money
Get a promotion or a raise
Get a profitable new job

During your Cinderella Cycles
you can:

Be your most convincing & charismatic
Successfully submit applications
Ace an interview
Get a promotion or raise

During your Blackout Cycles
you'll only:

Fail at a new venture
Risk your career if you aren't cautious
Lose money in new investments
Risk disaster in a new job or project



Super-Success Dates

Success Astrology

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Super-Success Dates

Day-to-Day Success Timing

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Maximize ongoing opportunities-
Know when to act & when to wait

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Success Astrology: Successful Businesses and Products


Like grabbing the golden ring on a carousel, success can hinge on precise timing....

30 years of statistical research by the Magi Society has proven beyond doubt that WHEN you do something has a powerful and predictable effect on your success in that venture. Initiation dates for any business relationship or enterprise are CRUCIAL and can actually determine the relationship's or enterprise's ultimate success or failure.

Only a dozen or so of the days in any year can be successful incorporation, partnership or product release dates--and only a handful of those would bring Super-Success both in a particular industry AND for a particular owner/majority stockholder or for particular partners. Beyond all the traditional due diligence, timing MUST enter into the equation to insure success- statistical computer analysis of thousands of successful businesses has proven our principles beyond doubt.

Harness the astrological keys to success discovered in the incorporation charts of:
Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Dell, General Electric, Oracle, Exxon Mobil, Apple (since its 2004 re-incorporation), and so many more
Super-Successful corporations are incorporated on days with Super-Success planetary aspects.

Harness the astrological keys to success discovered in the product release charts of:
Windows, DOS, the iPod, the iPhone, all of the highest-grossing movies.
Super-successful artistic and product releases are made on dates with Super-Success aspects.

Learn how to avoid near-certain failure:
Why the AOL/Time Warner merger failed disastrously
The day the merger agreement was signed (1/10/2000) was a triple Financial Heartbreak day.

Why the multibillion-dollar energy giant Enron Corp. collapsed in an unprecedented debacle
The merger agreement that originally formed the modern Enron Corp. on July 16, 1985 had 4 Golden super aspects, 2 Silver super aspects, and the specific patterns to support super-success in the energy industry. Enron's re-incorporation on July 17, 1996, had 0 Golden or Silver aspects, a Financial Heartbreak aspect, and a pattern indicating it would be a short-lived entity- just 5 years later, after its stock dropped from $90.00 to $0.30, Enron filed for bankruptcy.

The worldwide economic meltdown of 2008/2009
Magi Society research has concluded that the trans-dimensional squares from the planet Sedna (discovered in 2003) to Neptune since 2004 and Chiron since 2008 set the stage for and pulled the trigger on the worldwide financial meltdown. Sedna/Pluto oppositions caused (or correlated with) the stock market crash of 1987, and Sedna/Pluto squares were prevalent through 1927-1930. Not surprisingly, Neptune rules real estate, and Pluto rules the stock market. Learn to be prepared for future Universal economic cycles.



Success Astrology: Successful Teamwork


Some partnerships catapult the partners into the stratosphere. Others sink into obscurity or consume themselves with in-fighting.

 Not all partnerships are have the requisite components of success. Magi Society research has isolated the keys to money-making ability - Golden and Silver Linkages, and the seeds of disaster - Heartbreak and Nuclear Clashes.

What are the keys to the successful partnerships of Bill Gates/Paul Allen, Sergey Brin/Larry Page, Ron Howard/Brian Grazer, Steven Spielberg/ Harrison Ford, Johnny Carson/ Ed McMahon, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, U2, Sean Connery/(007's) Albert Broccoli?
Super-successful partners share multiple Golden Linkages.

In the notoriously tough music business, how could the members of the rock band U2 have become multi-millionaires while the eldest was still only 24- and still be winning Grammys almost 3 decades later?
Together, the 4 members have a whopping 15 Golden linkages and 25 Silver linkages.

The 20+ year radio empire of Howard Stern with sidekick Robin Quivers
Stern and Quivers share an extraordinary 7 Golden linkages and 6 Silver Linkages

Why did the Beatles succeed only after original drummer Pete Best was replaced by Ringo Starr?
Astrologically, Ringo Starr brought in the Golden & Silver linkages with the other band members which were needed for success.

Why was rock band Van Halen's super-success with lead singer David Lee Roth not repeated with his replacement, successful solo rocker Sammy Hagar? What destroyed the Van Halen/Roth partnership despite its financial success?
Lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth share 4 Golden and 12 Silver linkages, but their 7 deal-breaker clashes made their feud one of the most famous in rock music. Eddie Van Halen was much more compatible with Sammy Hagar, but they only shared 1 Golden Linkage and 3 Silver linkages-- not enough for large-scale success.



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Success Astrology: Get the Super-Success Edge


New Ventures: Incorporations, LLC's, partnership agreements, leases, mortgages, creative release dates, starting a new job

Legal matters: Filings, hearings, trial, mediation, arbitration, depositions

Business Relationships: Partners, consultants, associates, talent, new interviewees, new hires, tenants, employers, employees

Financial matters: Bank accounts, brokerage accounts, when to invest (and when to sell)



 Read how marriage or divorce can make or break your career
as it did for Andre Agassi, Kevin Costner, Sylvester Stallone, Meryl Streep, and many others.



Success Astrology: Success Consultations


Find out:

• when to incorporate for super-success
• when you have the Midas touch
• when anything you begin is likely to fail
• when to change jobs
• when to ask for a raise
• when to open bank or brokerage accounts
• when to take important steps in litigation
• when to release creative materials for super-success

• how to defuse office squabbles

• choose partners, key employees & employers for super-success

• the fields in which you can make the most money

The likely outcome of any business, job, project, or partnership.


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Ancient kings and emperors had their court astrologers or soothsayers; modern CEOs nationwide and worldwide consult privately with Magi Helena. Magi Helena is 1 of 2 practicing Certified Magi Astrologers with the highest certification in Magi Astrology. Magi Astrology is an incredible tool which offers specific and direct knowledge of how, and when, to act for maximum results. Magi Helena uses the world's most cutting-edge Professional Level computer software for knowledge far beyond the realm of most astrologers and for total accuracy in all calculations. Her interpretations are based upon 17 years of experience and deep study & training in Magi Astrology, and are enhanced by her 30+ years as an entrepreneur and business owner.

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