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  • Option A: The best date for super-success. Your date will be chosen as close to your ideal time frame indicated below as is consistent with choosing a super-successful date. Spectacular dates for incorporation for a particular type of business are infrequent. * I urge you to choose this option. 30 years of research clearly shows that regardless of other considerations, it is far better to wait for a great date that will bring super-success to your business.
  • OR Option B: The best date available in your time frame indicated below. *I DO NOT recommend this- but if you must....... The best date available in your specified time frame may or may not meet all the stringent requirements for a Super-Success date, but will still be the best available within your limitations. Bear in mind that the longer your specified ideal time frame, the greater the chances of finding a super-successful date.
  • Be SURE you'll be ready to take action by this date. Your chosen date could possibly be found on this date or shortly after.
  • Be SURE you'll be ready to take action by this date. Your chosen date could possibly be found on this date or shortly after.
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