Wedding Date Questionnaire 2

This is a form for purchasers of a Magical Wedding Date or Renewal of Vows Date. If you haven’t already placed your order, please do so here. If you’ve already placed your order, please allow 6 weeks to receive your date unless you ordered expedited service.

This form is for Partner 2.

The Partner 1 form asks all the main questions about partner birth data and wedding date particulars. It also allows Partner 1 to offer confidential relationship info to Helena. This form allows Partner 2 their own opportunity to give confidential relationship feedback to Helena.

Confidential and honest feedback from both partners makes for the very most customized wedding date solution. See the Partner 1 form here:

Please fill out and click Submit. All information will remain completely CONFIDENTIAL.

  • Your Contact Information

  • Get this from the order confirmation email. #xxxxx.
  • Partner Data & Wedding Date Particulars

    Partner and other data is supplied on the primary Partner 1 info form. This form is to give Partner 2 an opportunity to privately weigh in with their own confidential concerns.
  • Have you and your fiancé/fiancée had any issues you hope your wedding chart will help with, such as cheating, addictions or financial problems? Please be specific about the issue(s) and which of you the issue(s) have been with. This info will be factored into your date choice to help you, but will be kept confidential and will not be referenced in any emails.
  • Date Preferences

    35+ years of research has proven that most days are disastrous for marriage, which may well account for the astronomical divorce rate. In any given year, there are perhaps only a dozen or fewer days outstanding enough to be considered for Magical wedding dates, and only some of these would be appropriate to help create love, happiness and success for YOU in particular. You can have a Magical marriage no matter when your venue is available or when you want to marry, as long as your (private but legal) Magical Wedding Date is before your public wedding. With this in mind, do you prefer:
  • Option A: The most fabulous wedding date for your and your partner's future happiness and success. Your date will be chosen as close to your ideal time frame indicated below as is consistent with choosing a fabulous date. * I urge you to choose this option. our research clearly shows that regardless of other considerations, it is far better to wait for a great date that will bring happiness, harmony, success, and blessed children (if desired) to your marriage.
  • OR Option B: The best wedding date available in your ideal time frame indicated below. *I DO NOT recommend this- but if you must....... The best date available in your specified time frame may or may not meet all the stringent requirements for a MAGIcal wedding date, but will be the very best available within your limitations. Bear in mind that the longer your specified ideal time frame, the greater the chances of finding a fabulous or near-fabulous date.
  • Be SURE you'll be ready to marry by this date. Your chosen date could possibly be found on this date or shortly after.
  • Be SURE you'll be ready to marry by this date. Your chosen date could possibly be found on this date or shortly after.
  • Please use American mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Good weekend days can be very hard to find. Many couples have a private, secret wedding to natalize their Magical day, then have their public wedding on the weekend or on a later date. If you will only consider a weekend day, please specify a longer time frame above in which to find your Magical wedding date.
  • Additional Comments or Information

  • Delivery

    Your MAGIcal Wedding Date (or Renewal of Vows Date) will be delivered via email. Please allow 6 weeks after receipt of this completed form unless you have ordered expedited delivery. Please CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER beginning a few days before your date is due to be delivered.