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   "This is now my 4th calendar and working with it has become a habit... Life 'with calendar' really does run more smoothly."
   "My first 6 month calendar was a great help and really matched what was going on in my life. Here is my order for a new 12-month calendar - looking forward to another year of guidance!" 

   "Now I can better strategize and plan first   meetings & initiations on favorable days...."




Timing is Everything!  Find out YOUR days to make dreams come true.

You only need to work with the stars if you want to succeed.
Extensive scientific research has proven beyond doubt that WHEN you start something has a powerful and predictable effect on the outcome. The start date for any relationship or enterprise greatly influences ultimate success or failure!

A Super-Success planning tool:
Plan ahead - see your year at a glance. Maximize your success and avoid heartbreak or failure. Use the long-term view to plan for the future and know the best days each week. See windows of opportunity when you can advance your dreams and when to take utmost care to avoid disaster. Plan business or romantic first meetings, special occasions, performances, presentations, submissions - everything you really want to succeed!

Star-Timer owners love their Calendars so much that over 80% order again!
Read Star-Timer Testimonials.

Star-Timers are custom-made just for you:
Unlike mass-produced one-dimensional generalized astrology reports showing the same trends for everyone or for every sign, Magi Helena's Star-Timer Calendars utilize the research-proven principles of six-dimensional* Magi Astrology and illustrate your own unique and personal cycles.

Longer Calendars offer great savings! Save 15% on 6 month calendars, 30% on 12 month calendars.
Star-Timers are priced based upon the number of cycles included and include a detailed calendar key with strategic advice for use. Order for yourself, as a gift, or for extra insight into someone special! See calendar length recommendation. Sent via email in .pdf format. Allow 2 weeks or order 4-day RUSH service. Calendars shown are examples; your calendar will vary based upon your personal cycles.  

          Most Popular Star-Timers
Love Star-Timer
Finding Love is all about TIMING! Know your days to meet your Soulmate, when you can only meet a heartbreaker, your best & worst days to push for commitment, and more.

Cinderella, Nuclear & Blackout

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%




Success + Love Star-Timer
Like grabbing the golden ring on a carousel, success can hinge on precise timing.... Know your best & worst days for both success AND love whether committed or single.

Money, Cinderella, Nuclear & Blackout

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%
$130 $220 $365

Health & Beauty Star-Timer
Cosmetic procedures are PROFOUNDLY influenced by timing. Time your surgeries, procedures - even salon visits -  for beauty & safety and avoid ugly results. 

Good & Bad Health, Beauty & "Ugly"

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%
$145 $245 $395


          More Star-Timers


Thinking & Big Decision Star-Timer:
Your best & worst days for mental clarity and making wise major decisions with no future regrets. Cycles:
, Blunder, Blackout

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%
$85 $145 $235


Charisma & Fame Star-Timer:
Your best & worst days for selling yourself / your ideas & for recognition and fame. Cycles:
Cinderella, Super-Fame, Outcast, Nuclear & Blackout

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%
$110 $185 $305

Investment Star-Timer: Your best & worst days to make investment decisions, buys and sells. Cycles:  Good & Bad Investment, Magi's Picks of Best Investment Days  *see note

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%
$230 $390 $640


Real Estate Star-Timer: Your best & worst days to list or make offers on real estate and to close escrow. Cycles: Good /Bad Offer, Good/Bad Listing, Personal  & Universal Mortgage-Signing Days, Magi's Picks of Best Offer, Listing & Signing Days   *see note

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%
$310 $525 $865


Everything Star-Timer: ALL cycles from these calendars: Success + Love, Health & Beauty, Romance + Sex, Thinking & Decision, Charisma & Fame - graphed on 4 pages for ease of use.
  + get an extra 10% off

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%
$450 $765 $1260

Romance + Sex Star-Timer: All Love cycles from Love Calendar and all Sex cycles from Sex Calendar - see when it all comes together - true love, romance, great sex! Cycles: Cinderella, Romantic, Good & Bad Sex, Blackout

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%
$150 $255 $420


Sex Star-Timer: Your best  & worst days for libido &  performance, when your satisfaction is lessened, when you could feel unusual temptations. Cycles: Good & Bad Sex

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%
$80 $130 $225


Fertility & Health Star-Timer: When you are most likely to conceive, when your health is best able/less able to support a pregnancy. Cycles: Good & Bad Health + Fertility *see note

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%
$115 $195 $320

Custom Star-Timer: Choose your desired cycles: Wisdom, Super-Fame, Romantic, Good Sex, Fertility, & more.
See available Cycles & Pricing
See cycle definitions

3 months

6 months

12 months

  save 15% save 30%

Magi Helena is 1 of only 2 practicing Magi Astrologers
and the only woman
with the highest level
of certification
  by the Magi Society.  

Strict Confidentiality

Full Confidentiality Policy


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              Many Blessings  
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Testimonials for Star-Timers:

 "...among my favorite services that Helena provides are the business and relationship calendars - they are charted on day by day basis with a code to give you guidance on relevant decisions."

 "Sometimes I have to make a very quick decision regarding the timing of things, so the calendar will be a key tool over the next few months."

"Thank you so much for your calendar service. It has been a great help in dealing with my life. I don't know how bad it could have been had I not avoided inauspicious times. So far, I am moving along and I can say that knowing when to act and when to hold off is of tremendous benefit to me. I can deal with issues much more confidently with this knowledge. Thank you."  

  "...your calendars are an amazing tool to plan our future projects."

 "Thank you very much for the calendar, Helena. Even though there is a lot of blackout period on mine this time, knowing what is going on and what to do really helps to minimize the trouble and damage that horrible transits can cause. Thank you again!"

 "Dear Helena, I did meet someone new in the favorable dates you gave me. Things seem to be developing nicely with this wonderful new fella. You gave me the confidence to forge ahead, make contact and meet a really nice guy...."

 "Dear Helena, I'm still working on the great advice you gave me! You gave me a date to record music for the first time. Through a series of "coincidences" on that date, my recording project has turned from an a cappela recording for my friend's wedding video into a full-length CD produced by a record label! Thank you!"

                         More Testimonials

Star-Timer Consultation with Magi Helena
Get more insight into your Star-Timer Calendar and personal strategies for using it most advantageously. Available only with a current or previous calendar order.

15 minutes
for $59

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* All Star-Timers include Geocentric & Heliocentric Longitude cycles in Standard Zodiac12 and Magi Zodiac7, Geocentric Declinations, and Heliocentric Latitudes.

       Star-Timer Length 
Order the longest calendar you can - your cycles can fluctuate dramatically over time. Shorter calendars are oriented toward "best available days now." Longer calendars give you the best available days now, AND the long-term view. You will be able to see if bad cycles will get better soon  (it would be better to wait to do something important)  or if what you see is the best for some time (it would be better to move ahead now.) However, all Calendars, no matter how short, give you incomparable guidance to make the best possible choices for day-to-day actions in every aspect of life that you select. Plus, longer also calendars offer great savings! Save 15% on 6 month calendars, 30% on 12 month calendars.
    Star-Timer Key Included with all calendars

Your Calendar Key is a detailed guide to understanding and using your Calendar. Calendar keys are regularly updated and incorporate the most frequently-asked questions about using your calendar - the current version for most calendars is 14 pages long. Your key will include detailed information about each cycle you order. It also includes strategic planning advice for making the most of your Calendar, such as how to choose the best days for every activity, how to get the most out of negative cycles, and how to make the best choices of days during bad cycles when necessary. It also teaches you how to combine your personal days with Universal Best and Worst Days for maximum advantage.

Read the Personal Star-Timer Key

Read the Real Estate and Investment Star-Timer Key

    Custom Star-Timers  Pricing is based on the possible number of occurrences of each cycle. Investment and Real Estate Star-Timer cycles are not available in Custom Star-Timers.
Important Custom Star-Timer note:
Please be sure to order all cycles - positive and negative - which pertain to your areas of interest. If you "cherry-pick" only the positive or only the negative cycles your Star-Timer will not represent a balanced view of your concurrent cycles on any particular day, which will distort your ability to make important timing decisions.
For example, if you are looking for a soulmate, you must know not just your Cinderella cycles but also your Blackout (Heartbreak) cycles. Knowing BOTH positive and negative cycles is necessary to give you the insight you  need to achieve your dreams and avoid disaster. Negative cycle "opposites" are listed below.
Cycles Available for Custom Star-Timers

3 mos.

6 mos.
save 15%

12 mos.
save 30%

Money: Golden & Silver Cycles $75 $125 $210
True Love & Charisma: Cinderella Cycles $30 $50 $85
Thinking & Decision-Making: Wisdom and Blunder Cycles $60 $105 $150
Popularity & Fame: Super-Fame and Outcast Cycles $30 $50 $80
Health: Good & Bad Health Cycles $100 $170 $280
Beauty: Beauty & Ugly Cycles $60 $100 $170
Romance: Romantic Cycles $15 $25 $48
Sex: Good & Bad Sex Cycles $80 $130 $225
Fertility: Fertility Cycles $20 $35 $55
Nuclear: Nuclear Cycles $25 $40 $70
Blackout: Blackout (Heartbreak) Cycles $25 $40 $70
Magi's Picks Vary    

Need a special cycle not listed here? Email for more information.
    About Star-Timer Cycles

Money Cycles:
Golden and Silver cycles
- The best days for business and financial opportunity. Meet new people in business, start a new venture or a new job, sign important agreements, incorporate a business, launch a product or website for maximum profitability. 
Opposite cycle: Blackout (Heartbreak).

True Love and Charisma:
Cinderella cycles
-  When people see you in your best possible light. In business: meet new people for greatest acceptance, sell yourself and your ideas, go on an interview, ask for a promotion or a raise, start a new venture or job, launch a product for maximum popularity. In love: meet your soulmate, push for greater commitment, get married. Opposite cycles: Nuclear and Blackout (Heartbreak).

Thinking and Decision-Making Cycles:
Wisdom cycles- Times when your judgment is most clear and far-seeing. Make crucial decisions for your career and your personal life. Your mind is calm and centered and you are most likely to receive Angelic guidance in your life.
Blunder cycles- Blunder cycles incline us toward making mistakes, sometimes BIG mistakes. The worst possible cycles for making major changes or decisions. Blunder cycles can incline us to delude ourselves and also make it more likely to be deceived by others.

Popularity and Fame Cycles: (Also see Cinderella Cycles)
Super-Fame cycles- Times when you can most easily achieve fame and broad recognition. Make public appearances, schedule performances, release movies, music, books or other creative materials.
Outcast cycles- When you are most likely to be disliked and to offend or alienate others. Times when you have to work extra hard to avoid creating enmities, the worst times for important new meetings, interviews, public appearances or releasing creative materials.

Health Cycles:
Good Health cycles
- Good Health cycles are the times when good health and healing is most supported by the stars. These are the best times to schedule any type of surgery or procedure, including dental work.
Bad Health cycles- Bad Health cycles are the times when health and healing are NOT supported by the stars. These are the times to take extra care of your health day-to-day and to avoid any type of elective surgery or procedure, including dental work, to avoid risk of complications.

Fertility Cycles- When a woman has the greatest likelihood of conceiving a child.

Beauty Cycles:
Beauty Cycles
Beauty cycles are the times when you look most radiant, attractive and photogenic. These are the best times to schedule special events, public appearances and photo sessions. Beauty cycles are the best times to schedule cosmetic surgeries and procedures, including cosmetic dental work, and even important salon appointments.
"Ugly" Cycles- “Ugly” cycles are the times when you look your worst and should avoid all cosmetic procedures and cosmetic dental procedures, even salon appointments, to avoid "ugly" results!

Romance Cycles:
Romantic Cycles- During Romantic Cycles you are a starry-eyed romantic looking for love. You just may find it – but only if you ALSO have concurrent Cinderella Cycles – Cinderella Cycles are the times when you can really meet your soulmate. Romantic cycles can also inject greater romanticism into existing relationships. Enjoy these cycles to the fullest but be very careful in making major decisions in your love life under their influence. Romantic cycles have a dark side. If you are single, you may be yearning so for love that you are willing to overlook too many negatives in a potential new flame. If you are in a basically good but no longer very romantic relationship, you may hunger so much for romance that you are willing to step outside the relationship to find it, or even end the relationship in the hope of finding more romance in a new relationship. Be careful about your choices under Romantic cycles, especially if you have no concurrent Cinderella cycles or have concurrent Blackout cycles! Otherwise you might wake up one day when the Romantic cycle is over and say to yourself, “What was I thinking???”
Good Sex Cycles - The best days to plan a vacation or seduction, or just get a babysitter. Good Sex cycles are times when both your libido and performance are at a peak.
Bad Sex Cycles -
Bad Sex cycles are the worst times to plan a seduction or vacation. Bad Sex cycles may kill your libido – or sometimes may actually boost your libido – but regardless of libido your ability to perform may be seriously challenged. Furthermore, even if you can muster a good performance, your enjoyment may be lessened. Bad Sex cycles can also create dissatisfaction with your sexuality and tempt you into unusual directions. The downside of experimentation during Bad Sex cycles is that you may find it difficult to return to your normal sexual expression after these cycles pass.

Challenging Cycles for Success and Love:
Nuclear cycles- Relationships and new initiatives begun under these cycles are seldom a "fit" for you and you will likely find yourself with serious and irreconcilable differences with whatever was begun during these times.  Nuclear cycles are also representative of severe bad judgment and are included in Blunder cycles.
Blackout (Heartbreak) cycles- The worst possible times for almost anything, including meeting new people. Starting anything new or trying to push your agenda during a Blackout cycle most often leads to failure or heartbreak. People see you in your worst possible light. In business: the worst possible times to meet new people, to start a new venture or a new job, to invest, to sign important agreements, to incorporate, or to launch a product or website. In love: the times when meeting anyone new is likely to lead to heartbreak, the times when you could make a critical error in your relationship, when you must be on your very best behavior to avoid problems.

Investment and Real Estate Cycles:
Good Investment Cycles and  Good Real Estate Offer Cycles- The best times to make investments of any kind, including investing in real estate. They are the best times to review your portfolio and decide to buy OR sell. During these cycles, it is easiest to have the wisdom and clarity to make the right investment decisions. It is also during these cycles that it is easiest to make money from your investments.

Bad Investment Cycles and Bad Real Estate Offer Cycles- The worst cycles to assess current or potential investments of any kind and to buy OR sell. During these cycles, your judgment is at its worst and you are likely to delude yourself or be deceived by others. During these cycles, the stars are just not with you to make good decisions or make money from investments. The more concurrent Bad Investment/ Bad Real Estate Offer cycles you have at one time, the stronger the influences propelling you toward disaster. Because there are SO MANY Bad Investment and Bad Real Estate Offer Cycles (a whopping 88!) it’s nearly impossible to find a time period with none. Perhaps this one reason why investing can be treacherous. Therefore, the key is to look for time periods with the maximum number of Good Investment and Good Real Estate Offer cycles and the fewest Bad Investment and Bad Real Estate Offer cycles.

Good and Bad Real Estate Listing Cycles- When you are most likely to profit from a real estate sale, and when listing a property could lead to disaster.

Personal Mortgage-Signing Days- The best personal days to sign mortgage documents for ease of future payments and future sales profitability.

Universal Mortgage-Signing Days- These are the best universal days to sign mortgage documents for ease of future payments and future sales profitability.

Magi's Picks
Magi Helena's personal picks for YOUR OWN very Best and Worst Days, considering all the cycles ordered on your calendar. This option is only available with a regular or custom Star-Timer Calendar order.

Need a special cycle not listed here? Email for more information.

*Important Financial Note: There is NO absolutely sure-fire way to make money from investments using Magi Astrology or any other system. A Real Estate or Investment Calendar offers no guarantees – it is only a very helpful guideline. It may not include every possible positive or detrimental cycle – Magi Astrology, like any science, is a growing body of knowledge, and the Magi Society’s continuing research into financial astrology may reveal new key cycles at any time.

*Important Fertility Note: Fertility Cycles are the astrological times when a woman is most likely to be able to conceive a child. They are no guarantee of conception as there are many factors which influence the ability to conceive a child and carry it to term. However, use of fertility cycles allows a couple to add in one more helpful piece of the cosmic puzzle in their attempt to have a family.
Science has proven that birth dates matter: A research study published by Vanderbilt University in 2010 proved the effects of "imprinting" on mammals based upon when they were born. Professor of Biological Sciences Douglas McMahon, post-doctoral fellow Karen Gamble, graduate student Chris Ciarleglio, and two undergraduate students conducted the research with mice. Though McMahon hastens to deny that the study proves astrology, the team's statements appear otherwise: “What is particularly striking about our results is the fact that the imprinting affects both the animal’s behavior and the cycling of the neurons in the master biological clock in their brains,” said Ciarleglio. "If an imprinting mechanism similar to the one that we found in mice operates in humans, then it could not only have an effect on a number of behavioral disorders but also have a more general effect on personality,” said McMahon.

Science has (unintentionally) demonstrated that astrology works. Magi research has discovered its real and consistent secrets. Magi Astrology is the only science-based astrology. All other types of astrology have to be belief systems - they are based on tradition rather than science and don't work reliably enough to be anything else. Magi Astrology is not a belief system. It is a continually-growing body of knowledge based on carefully-crafted statistical research using the highest scientific standards. We focus our research into two main areas - love and success. Our studies have shown that EVERYONE has windows of opportunity for achieving their dreams. Use the research-proven principles of Magi Astrology to make your dreams come true!  More

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