Astrology FAQ

What if I don't believe in astrology?
Science-Based Astrology doesn't require belief to work. It works predictably, like anything else which operates according to laws which have been discovered and tested. I don't advocate wholesale belief in anything - it's always best when you take time to observe a system or a practitioner and decide for yourself.

Is Astrology against God? Could if interfere with my religion?
I believe God is beyond all human beliefs and constructs... God, by whatever name, the Divine Source of all-that-is, is certainly beyond astrology. We don't worship astrology or the planets. We don't believe that the planets "cause" events. Rather, they correlate to or reflect the energies of the person, relationship or time. God made the planets, and I can only believe that God made this system of correlations too. It's too beautiful, too helpful, and too miraculous to be accidental. Other "natural systems" have been reviled as being against God in the past, such as the notion of the Earth rotating around the Sun. Sooner or later, if a system proves itself sufficiently, it ceases to be some kind of threatening mystery and becomes accepted as a simple natural law. I believe that sooner or later, the accuracy of Magi Astrology will be recognized and accepted as simple natural law, clearly separate from any religious beliefs.

Who is the Magi Society?
The Magi Society was founded in the year 1625 in China. Today, it is the largest and fastest-growing astrological organization in the world with more than 5,000 members in 32 countries. More about the Magi Society

Why is Magi Astrology different?
Before the Magi Society, no astrological organization had ever conducted the extensive scientific research necessary to discover the real and consistent secrets of astrology. Since the dawn of the computer age, the Magi Society has conducted modern statistical analyses of hundreds of thousands of astrological charts of famous people, famous relationships, successful businesses and world events. The results of this massive study comprise the principles of Magi Astrology. Our research is ongoing as we continually seek to broaden astrological knowledge. More about Magi Astrology

Why is Magi Astrology more accurate than other forms of astrology?
The accuracy of Science-Based Magi Astrology is due to research, pure and simple. Empirical research leads to repeatable results which in turn leads to valid principles. All of Magi Astrology's principles are based on our extensive research.

Does Magi Astrology work without a birth time?
Absolutely! One of the great strengths of Magi Astrology is that we don't need a birth time to be amazingly accurate. However, we always use a birth time when it is available.

How can I find the right astrologer?
Look for a professional tone in the astrologer's website and correspondence. Look for a clear and standardized rate schedule. Avoid any astrologer who claims he/she has the power to change your life or fate or bring a lost love to you. Avoid any astrologer who claims you are "cursed" and must pay them to remove the curse. An astrologer's aim should always be to empower you. Use your intuition. If something feels wrong, it probably is. Intuition is a skill that we are all born but that greatly improves with practice. Astrologers are human too- all astrologers will inevitably make occasional mistakes and no astrologer will connect perfectly with every single client. Still, you have a right to expect a counselor who conducts himself/herself honorably and professionally and gives his/her best to you during your session.

What is the difference between levels of Certified Magi Astrologers?
The Magi Society certifies four levels of Magi Astrologers. In ascending order of achievement, they are: Magi Instructor, Assistant Magi Astrologer, Associate Magi Astrologer, and Certified Magi Astrologer. Not all Magi Astrologers online clearly define their level of certification. There are only two fully Certified Level IV Magi Astrologers in the United States. Level IV Certified Magi Astrologers teach and train the other three levels of Magi Astrologers, helping them to expand and hone their skills in preparation for certification in higher levels of Magi Astrology. Magi Helena is one of only 2 Magi Astrologers in the US, and the only woman, who has attained Level IV Certification by the Magi Society.

What questions can Magi Helena answer?
Using the proven principles of Star-Science, I can accurately tell you the likely outcome of any relationship or business venture. In love and relationships, I can give you the "crystal ball" to understand the previously inexplicable parts of your relationship, and to see the relationship's probable future. In business and finance, I can guide you toward success and away from failure by helping you to choose the right timing, the right partners, and the right sectors for profitability. Personally, I can help you understand your past and the present, and plan your future.

Why do you use celebrity examples?
People often ask why I use celebrity examples, explaining that they have no interest in the the lives of the famous. The personal and professional lives of celebrities make wonderful examples, since both their birth data and the outcome of their situations is known. I could easily choose examples from among family friends, and clients, but then there would be no way for you to verify birth data, life stories or events.. Obviously, most or at least many celebrities are not totally representative of the average person. However, the birth data and lives of the famous, rightly or wrongly, are in the public domain and their experiences are widely known- therefore clearly illustrating the validity of Star-Science principles.

Can you predict events?
No astrologer or psychic can predict events with certainty, no matter what they say. All methods of foretelling the future, including the stars, illustrate possibilities or probabilities, not absolutes. NOTHING IS FATED. This is a FREE WILL UNIVERSE. The stars may incline us in a direction, but they cannot compel us. The stars cannot dictate the choices we make or the choices anyone else makes. What Science-Based Astrology can do is let you know in advance the right times to reach for the stars : ) , when you need to prepare for challenges, and when bad cycles would doom your efforts to failure.

I'm kind of afraid.... what if you "see" something bad?
As explained above, no astrologer can see a bad event. All an astrologer can see is a bad possibility. How we choose to play out the cosmic "hand" we're dealt is always up to us. As far as seeing an upcoming stressful time, forewarned is forearmed. If we know a challenging time is coming, we can prepare. During a tough times we can avoid making major mistakes. Most people can survive even the roughest cycles when they know it's not their fault, and exactly when the difficult times will end.

What if I don't take your advice? Will you be offended?
Clients don't always take my advice, especially the first or even the second time it is given. After my predictions turn out to be correct twice, by the third time, clients usually DO listen. : ) Whatever you do, I have no attachment to anyone taking my advice nor do I have any judgment about anyone not taking my advice. Use your FREE WILL. I care very much about my wonderful clients and I am here for you no matter what!!!

How long do readings take? What if I just have a quick question? What is covered in a reading?
All the info on readings and consultations is here: Consultations with Magi Helena

How do I schedule a consultation?
To schedule your consultation, prepay it here.
A link to schedule your session will be in your order confirmation email. Please check your spam folder.

How do I prepare for a reading?
At least 24 hours before your scheduled consultation, be sure to send all requested information to Magi Helena. Many people know exactly what they want to ask about. If you aren't sure, take some time to clarify your questions in your mind before your session. It can help to make a list of your questions in priority order- you don't need to send your list to Magi Helena in advance, just ask your questions during your session.

What information do I need for a reading?
At a minimum, your own birth date is required. More information is always better. Your exact birth time from your birth certificate is very helpful, even an estimated time from memory can be useful. For relationship questions, the other person's birth date is required. If possible, please get their birth place and birth time. It is also extremely helpful to know the first in-person meeting date and the date you became lovers if applicable- please try to have these dates available. For business questions, the first in-person meeting dates, incorporation dates, domain purchase dates, bank or brokerage account opening dates are all very helpful.

How can I get my general questions answered?
I receive hundreds of "quick questions" each year and there is seldom a quick answer. Sorry but I am not able to answer questions outside of session time. You can schedule a session with me to get answers for your questions, such as a brief "One Question" phone session or a full one-hour reading. Current clients may also schedule follow-up sessions with a 15-minute minimum.

What is your confidentiality policy?
My work with all my clients is strictly confidential. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) available upon request. Read my full confidentiality policy here.

Can you travel to me for a session?
Special arrangements may be made for travel to your location - Westside LA to Santa Barbara by car, or beyond. Inquire about travel to you.

Do you work with clients on a retainer basis?
Retainer Clients enjoy special contact, availability and scheduling privileges. Inquire about becoming a Retainer Client.

Can I get a copy of my chart?
Magi Helena often uses 10 or more different charts for each session.
Order Natal Charts here.
Order Combined Alignment Charts (CACs) here.