Clashes & Captivations in Scientific Astrology

Online Lesson 6: Clashes and Captivations in Scientific Astrology

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35+ years of statistical research shows what really works in astrology. Some of the most universally helpful work has been in the field of human relationships – isolating the causes of relationship stress and breakups, and of undue control of one partner over another.

Clashes in Scientific Astrology

Clashes and Turbulent Aspects are terms in Scientific Astrology for stressful aspect angles in any dimension. These include all Squares and Oppositions. Also considered to be Clashes are the Quincunx, Contra-parallel, and Contra-latitude IF the aspect includes a Saturnian Planet.  Several serious clashes are known for their ability to cause trouble in all types of relationships- love relationships, friendships, and business associations. The two most difficult clashes are the Heartbreak Clash and the Nuclear Clash.

The Heartbreak Clash   Also a Captivation. Celebrity couples with this clash 
The classic heartbreak clash is a Saturn-Chiron clash, or Sat./Chi. midpoint clash with Chiron, Sun or Earth. Additional heartbreak-type clashes are Saturn clashes with the other Romance Planets, Venus and Neptune. These clashes often begins with a powerful attraction. These clashes can hold a couple together with the illusion of love, sometimes for years, before disappointment sets in and the clash ultimately breaks one or both of their hearts. Often there are many, smaller heartbreaks along the way. The Saturn person (the person who contributes the Saturn to the inter-aspect) is more often the heart-breaker, and the Chiron (or Romance Planet) person is more often the one who ends up with the broken heart. This seems to happen even when the couple truly loves each other and the Saturn person has no intention of doing harm.

The Heartbreak Clash can be overcome by a perfect or nearly-perfect wedding date. More information on the importance of a favorable wedding date: Weddings One Heartbreak Clash can also be overpowered by three Cinderella Linkages under certain circumstances.

The Nuclear Clash Also a Captivation.  Celebrity couples with this clash 
Saturn-Jupiter clash,  or Sat./Jup. midpoint clash with Jupiter, Sun or Earth. Represents major differences between the couple that can never be resolved. Often these are differences in key areas that are integral to the way each person lives their lives. Couples with Nuclear Clashes often don’t stay together for long- these key differences just don’t let the relationship take root and grow.

The Nuclear Clash is best worked with by “agreeing to disagree.” Since there will never be a meeting of the minds on certain issues, in order to stay together the couple must learn to accept these differences and leave them alone.

The Impossible Dream Clash  Celebrity couples with this clash
Venus-Chiron Clash. A sign of possible Heartbreak. Relationship happiness is seemingly not meant to be.

The Clash of War
Saturn-Saturn clash, Sat.-Jup. midpoint clash with Saturn, or Mars clash with Neptune. Agreement on any issues- big or small- is hard to find. The couple battles over everything.

The Nuclear Heartbreak Clash Also a Captivation. Celebrity couples with this clash
Saturn/Jupiter midpoint clash with Chiron. An extremely damaging clash- can be highly crazy-making and create unbelievable Heartbreak for the Chiron person.

The Saturn-Vesta Clash Incompatibility Super Clash “Hurt feelings clash”* – Also a Captivation
The Saturn person may not care deeply about the Vesta person or may harbor animosity toward the Vesta person. The Saturn person can hurt the Vesta person’s feelings seemingly without caring. Almost as bad as a Heartbreak Clash.

The Saturn-Neptune Clash “Ball and chain clash”* – Also a Captivation
This clash can create the feeling for the Neptune person that the Saturn person is a dead weight, a serious drain of time and energy, or just a bummer to be around.

The Saturn-Mars Clash “Friction clash”*
Mutual intolerance. A Classic Schism aspect. Strong antagonism. This pair can bring out the worst in each other and can engage in much fruitless fighting. The Mars person may actually feel their energy level is lowered around the Saturn person. The pair can be so harsh to each other when angry that it may to hard to repair the damage done.

The Saturn-Pluto Clash “Clash of the Titans”*
Can be a relationship-breaker. Can lead to battles-royal over every disagreement. The couple is likely behave so destructively during arguments that relationship repair and forgiveness can be difficult.

The Saturn/Chiron Midpoint to Sun or Earth Heartbreak Bondage – Also a Captivation
Holds people together but can lead to heartbreak.

Other Saturn Clashes
All Saturn Clashes create some stress in a relationship. Refer to the Planetary Symbolisms lesson to help interpret Clashes not listed here.

About Sexual Clashes

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Captivations in Scientific Astrology

A Captivation occurs when a Saturnian Planet in one person’s chart forms a linkage or clash with one of certain planets in the chart of another person. In each Captivation, the Saturn person holds a measure of control over the other person. Linkage Captivations differs from Clash Captivations in that Clash Captivations also indicate some form of incompatibility, whereas Linkage Captivations do not.

In a Captivation, I call the Saturnian person the “Controller.” Captivations can hold a relationship together, sometimes seemingly against the other person’s will. They will sometimes feel trapped, or feel that they can’t live without the Controller. An imbalance of Captivations gives the Controller the upper hand in the relationship. Captivations never indicate soulmate potential or happiness though the other person almost always believes that they are in love with the Controller and that the Controller is their soulmate – often despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

All captivations indicate a hold or bond – they function like glue to hold people together. This can be a good thing if the two people truly love each other (indicated by Romantic Super-Linkages) and are good for each other – Captivations can help hold such a relationship together during difficult times. Captivations can be horrible if the Controller doesn’t truly love the other person and/or if the Controller is unwise, selfish, is a narcissist or a sociopath, or is otherwise not benevolent. In this case Captivations perpetuate a negative situation, sometimes with catastrophic results. Captivations can drive people into making desperate or ultimately self-destructive decisions that they might not otherwise make. Captivations explain most narcissist-empath relationships.

Celebrity couples with Captivations
Definition of linkages – See Glossary
Definition of Saturnian Planets – See Glossary

Planetary Aspects in Combined Alignment Charts (CACs) which create Captivations

Captivations occur when a Saturnian Planet in one person’s chart forms a linkage OR clash with one of these planets in the other person’s chart.

Moon (if exact birth time is known)

List of Saturnian Planets – See Glossary

There is one crucial exception to this rule: Sappho, which is a Saturnian planet does NOT Captivate other planets. Sappho is Captivated by other Saturnian Planets. This makes sense when you consider that Sappho represents weakness, vulnerability and fears. Our research is not yet complete, but it appears that some of the very most powerful Captivations occur when another Saturnian planet captivates Sappho.

Sexual Captivations
A Captivation becomes a Sexual Captivation when there are also Juno Sexual Linkages in the couple’s charts. Sexual Captivations create extreme sexual intensity coupled with an imbalance of power unless there is Saturn Balance. Can create desperate obsessions and can be very destructive. All sorts of negative scenarios can play out with Sexual or other serious Captivations.  Definition of Juno Sexual Linkages- See Glossary.

Emotional Captivations
An Emotional Captivation is created whenever one person’s Saturnian Planet makes a linkage OR a clash to another person’s Romance Planet (Chiron, Neptune or Venus). Emotional Captivations are Saturn Bonds with an added emotional element.


Just a few Celebrity Captivation examples (updated celebrity examples coming soon!)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Why did Pitt leave wife Jennifer Aniston for Jolie? Jolie’s Saturn captivates Pitt’s Neptune in geo.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Why did Monica allow herself to be used so selfishly by Clinton? Bill Clinton has a bi-level captivation of Monica’s Sun, and a captivation of Monica’s Venus in the helio latitudes.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Why did Britney marry Federline and let him party on her money while she bore him two babies? Federline captivates Britney’s Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron in geo.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles Why did Camilla devote most of her life to a man who dumped her once and whom she thought she could never have? Prince Charles’ Saturn-Chiron midpoint captivates Camilla’s Neptune in the declinations. Why did Prince Charles keep leaving his young wife to return to his older mistress, eventually leading to royal scandal? Camilla’s Saturn-Chiron midpoint captivates Prince Charles’ Earth in helio.

Donald and Melania Trump Why did the Donald overcome his reluctance to marry again? Melania captivates Trump’s Sun and Venus in the declinations, and Trump’s Chiron in the helio latitudes.

King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson Why did the King of England abdicate his throne to marry a twice-divorced commoner? Simpson’s Saturn-Chiron captivated King Edward’s Sun in geo and her Saturn captivated his Venus in helio.

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher Why did recent widow Taylor steal her good friend Debbie Fisher’s husband? Why did Fisher leave his wife for Taylor? Eddie captivated Liz’s Jupiter trans-dimensionally and her Venus in helio; Liz captivated Eddie’s Jupiter in helio.

Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche Another troubled couple with a difficult parting: Ellen has a geo captivation of Anne’s Venus, and captivations of both Anne’s Jupiter and Neptune in the helio latitudes. Anne captivates Ellen’s Moon in the declinations.

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley Why did Presley, already a popular recording star at 24, become so enamored of 14 year-old Priscilla that he dated her for 6 months, convinced her parents to let her move in with him when she was 16, and then married her when she turned 21? Priscilla’s Saturn captivated Elvis’ Jupiter in helio.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Why did Anthony leave his beauty-queen wife and two young sons for Lopez? Lopez captivates Anthony’s Venus in geo and Vesta in helio,

Jerry Seinfeld & Jessica Sklar Seinfeld Why did ultra-successful Seinfeld who already had a gorgeous girlfriend get involved with newly-married Sklar, creating scandal? Sklar captivated Jerry’s Sun in the declinations, and his Jupiter in the latitudes.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. & Carolyn Bessette Kennedy A couple who couldn’t seem to live without each other, though their marriage was unhappy and tumultuous and ended in tragedy: JFK Jr.’s Sat-Chi midpoint captivated Carolyn’s Venus in geo.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono Again a couple who couldn’t seem to live without each other, though their relationship was troubled: Yoko captivated Lennon’s Chiron in geo and his Venus trans-dimensionally, Lennon captivated Yoko’s Neptune in helio.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Why did Depp leave his long-time partner Vanessa Paradis and his children by her and marry Amber Heard? Heard captivates Depp’s Venus and Chiron.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Another musical couple in a troubled relationship fans could not understand: Love captivated Cobain’s Venus in geo and Neptune in helio. Cobain captivated Love’s Chiron in geo and Venus in helio.

O.J. Simpson & Nicole Brown Simpson Why did Nicole stay too long in her abusive marriage? O.J. captivated Nicole’s Sun in the declinations, and her Jupiter in the helio latitudes.

Rihanna & Chris Brown Why did Rihanna return to Chris Brown, despite his violent assault? Brown’s Saturn captivates Rihanna’s Neptune in geo and her Jupiter in helio; also in helio, Brown’s Saturn-Jupiter midpoint captivates Rihanna’s Venus.

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening Another long-time bachelor who finally settled down: Bening captivates Beatty’s Jupiter in geo and Neptune in helio.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Why in the world did Whitney stay in a marriage that was so destructive to her life and career? Bobby Brown has a bi-level captivation of Whitney’s Jupiter in geo.

Obviously, there is never just one reason for people to make the choices that they make. However, these examples do serve to illustrate the concept of Captivations, which can help explain certain actions and relationships that were previously inexplicable using traditional astrology.

Complete list of celebs with Captivations and Sexual Captivations

Can captivations be mutual?
Yes. As shown the the examples above, they often are. Mutual captivations can balance power in a relationship with the crucial caveats noted below.

Are captivations always bad?
Whenever Captivations are out of balance they do give the Trapper the upper hand in the relationship. If the Trapper is a person of high integrity and maturity who genuinely and unselfishly loves the Captive, AND the pair have solid soulmate linkages (Romantic Super-Linkages) AND the pair have very few if any serious clashes, then the Trapper will have much influence, but it isn’t likely to be toxic. In that case, the pair can be called Controller and Controlee.

If the Trapper is unethical, immature, doesn’t genuinely love the Captive, if the couple have weak or no soulmate linkages, OR if the couple has toxic clashes- look out!

If YOU are a Trapper/Controller, the future of the relationship depends on your wisdom and benevolence. If you truly love this person and want what is best for them, everything can work out fine. If you consciously or unconsciously and repeatedly use your influence against the Captive, sooner or later they are likely to want to make their escape.

If YOU are a Captive, please don’t rationalize this all away. You owe it to yourself to be honest with yourself. Captivations are only one facet of a relationship, but they are significant in that they can distort the way a Captive sees the relationship. If you are in a relationship that has your family and close friends baffled or you suspect isn’t good for you, please reassess things in the light of this information and take whatever action is necessary for your survival and well-being.


Saturn Balance in Scientific Astrology

All clashes which include Saturn can create an imbalance of power in the relationship unless there is Saturn Balance. Saturn Balance is determining by counting all the Saturn linkages and clashes in a couple’s CAC. For Saturn Balance, the number of Saturn Aspects in which Person A is the Saturn person should be roughly equivalent to the number of Saturn aspects in which Person B is the Saturn person. This creates balance between the two people- though each has some power over the other, neither is in total control. If the Saturn aspects are not in balance, the ratio of aspects in which Person A is the Saturn person to the aspects in which Person B is the Saturn person reveals the relative balance of power present in the relationship.


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