Romantic Super-Linkages in Scientific Astrology

Online Lesson 4: Romantic Super-Linkages in Scientific Astrology

Magi Helena explains Soulmate Astrology: How to use astrology to find your perfect love match.

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35+ years of statistical research shows what really works in astrology. Here’s one that helps make the world go around:

You can identify Soulmates with Romantic Super-Linkages (aka Soulmate Linkages or RSL’s) between their 2 charts.

Couples who form one or more romantic super-linkages are inclined to marry – the more romantic super-linkages, the greater the chance of marriage. In fact, the presence of romantic super-linkages is the most reliable indicator of true love and marriage.

Romantic Super-Linkages Defined

Romantic Super-Linkages are multiple planet configurations in the Combined Alignment Chart (CAC) of two persons which include one person’s Chiron. Certain specifics must exist:

• The Chiron aspect must be between the two charts and must be a linkage, not a clash.
• The romantic super-linkage must include 3 or more DIFFERENT planets.
• Only Magi aspects with Magi orbs may be used.
• Romantic super-linkages may be in any of the 6 Dimensions of Magi Astrology
• Permissible planets to create a qualifying 3-planet romantic super-linkage are:

Moon – ONLY if exact birth time is known
Chiron – required
Vesta – used provisionally, not official yet

Other points may be included in the configuration if it is comprised of more than 3 planets, but the minimum required 3 planets must all be on this list.

Juno MAY NOT count as one of the 3 minimum required planets in the super-linkage.

See allowed aspects

Romantic Super-Linkages Differ

Even though all romantic super-linkages are indicative of soulmate potential, they are not all created equal in terms of the total energies they bring to a relationship.

Venus, Neptune, and Chiron are the most powerful and most romantic planets in an RSL. However, Chiron clashes, even as part of an RSL, can be indicators of difficulty.

Sun, Earth, Moon, Jupiter and Vesta in an RSL are typically very favorable.

Pluto in an RSL is usually favorable.

Saturn in an RSL will bind a couple but will not bring happiness. See Captivations. If in a clash aspect, Saturn can bind the pair for a long time before ultimately creating havoc. However, the whole RSL will need to be analyzed to assess Saturn’s likely effects.

Uranus in an RSL adds distance, fluctuation, and possibly increases the likelihood that a partner may wander. A further note on Uranus is that it is usually prominent in the charts of celebrities, so is often part of their CAC’s.

Mars can add a drive to marry, but can also indicate an adversarial element in an RSL.

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Example of Romantic Super-Linkages

The geocentric CAC of Julia Roberts (10/28/1967) and her husband, Danny Moder (1/31/1969). Julia’s planets are black, Danny’s are red.


In the chart above are 2 romantic super-linkages in the longitudes (planets outside the circle.) Conjunctions & trines are green, quincunxes are blue, squares & oppositions are red.

Though all this could be considered one complex piece of Planetary Geometry including both Chirons, there are 2 stand-alone romantic super-linkages, each with more than the requisite 3 planets:

• Julia’s Chiron conjunct Danny’s Venus & trine Danny’s Neptune;  Danny’s Venus conjunct his own Chiron, trine his own Neptune & opposite her Uranus.

• Danny’s Chiron quincunx Julia’s Jupiter which squares his Neptune  & his Chiron opposite her Uranus; Danny’s Chiron conjunct his own Venus & trine his own Neptune.

There are actually more planets involved in the couple’s Planetary Geometry, but they have been omitted for simplicity.


In the chart above are 2 romantic super-linkages in the declinations  (planets inside the polygon.) Both parallels and contra-parallels are green.

As in the chart at left, though this could be considered one complex piece  of Planetary Geometry including both Chirons, there are 2 stand-alone  romantic super-linkages, each with more than the requisite 3 planets:

• Julia’s Chiron contraparallel Danny’s Jupiter and Uranus, parallel his Chiron, and parallel her own Uranus.

• Danny’s Chiron parallel Julia’s Uranus and Chiron, which in turn are contraparallel his Jupiter & Uranus.

Famous Couples with Romantic Super-Linkages

Al & Tipper Gore
Andre Agassi & both Steffi Graf & Brooke Shields
Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson
Angelina Jolie & both Billy Bob Thornton & Jonny Lee MIller
Anna Nicole Smith & J. Howard Marshall II (they did marry)
Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver
Barbara Streisand & both James Brolin & Elliott Gould
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner
Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor
Beyonce Knowles & Jay-Z
Britney Spears & Kevin Federline
Caroline Kennedy & Edwin Schlossberg
Celine Dion & Rene Angelil
Prince Charles & both Princess Diana & Camilla Parker-Bowles
Cher & both Sonny Bono & Gregg Allman
Courtney Cox & David Arquette
Dave Novarro & Carmen Electra
David Bowie & Iman
David Duchovny & Tea Leoni
Demi Moore & both Ashton Kutcher & Bruce Willis
Denzel & Pauletta Washington
Diane Lane & Josh Brolin
Donald Trump & Melania Trump, Ivana Trump, & Marla Maples
King Edward VIII & Wallis Simpson
Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillip
Elizabeth Taylor & all of her 7 husbands
Ellen DeGeneres & Portia deRossi
Sir Elton John & David Furnish
Elvis & Priscilla Presley
Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
Fergie & Josh Duhamel
Frank Sinatra & Mia Farrow
Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood
Gavin Newsom & Jennifer Siebel

George & Barbara Bush
George W. & Laura Bush
Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady
Princess Grace & Prince Ranier III
Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale
Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin
Heather Locklear & both Richie Sambora
& Tommy Lee
Heidi Klum & Seal
Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall
Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner
JFK, Jr. & Carolyn Bessette Kennedy
James Carville & Mary Matalin
Jane Fonda & Ted Turner,
Tom Hayden, & Roger Vadim
Jay & Mavis Leno
Jennifer Lopez & both Marc Anthony & Cris Judd
Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
Jerry Seinfeld & Jessica Sklar Seinfeld
John Kerry & Teresa Heinz Kerry
John Lennon & Yoko Ono
John Travolta & Kelly Preston
John Stamos & Rebecca Romjin
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
Juan & Eva Peron
Julia & Paul Cushing Child
Julia Roberts & both Danny Moder & Lyle Lovett
Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson
Kate Winslet & Sam Mendes
Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos
Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa
Kobe & Vanessa Bryant
Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon
Liv Tyler & Royston Langdon

Madonna & both Guy Ritchie & Sean Penn
Marilyn Monroe & both Joe DiMaggio & Arthur Miller
Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green
Melanie Griffith & both Antonio Banderas & Don Johnson
Meryl Streep & Don Gummer
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones
MIchael J. Fox & Tracy Pollan
Mick Jagger & both Jerry Hall & Bianca Jagger
Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban
Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne
Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee
Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe
Renee Zellweger & Kenny Chesney
Richard Gere & Carey Lowell
Ron & Cheryl Howard
Ronald & Nancy Reagan
Russell Crowe & Danielle Spencer
Russell Simmons & Kimora Lee Simmons
Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher
Sandra Bullock & Jesse James
Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick
Scarlett Johanssen & Ryan Reynolds
Shania Twain & “Mutt” Lange
Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag
Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw
Sting & Trudie Styler
Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson
Warren Beatty & Annette Bening
Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown
Will Smth & Jada Pinkett Smith
Woody Allen & Soon-yi Previn

Romantic super-linkages explain why people fall in love and marry, but they do not guarantee “happily ever after.” Couples have many other linkages and clashes in addition to their romantic super-linkages. These other linkages and clashes are also highly definitive of the relationship.

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Evaluating Romantic Super-Linkages

One key to understanding a love relationship is evaluating the Romantic Super-Linkages. Romantic Super-Linkages differ depending upon the planets involved, the aspects involved and their exactness, and any planetary geometry that is created.

In general, linkages are more favorable than clashes in RSLs, but clashes from most planets are actually more favorable than Saturn linkages, which can create Captivations. The exception to this is Chiron. Chiron clashes can spell big trouble in a relationship. The fewer the RSLs in a couple’s CAC, the more important it is that they be strongly favorable. When a couple has only 1 RSL in all 6 dimensions of their CAC and that RSL includes Uranus or Saturn, that is a fairly weak indicator of soulmate potential.

Planetary geometry also greatly impacts the interpretation of RSLs. Symmetrical Planetary Geometry is the strongest, followed by non-symmetrical geometry. A grand trine is the most powerfully favorable geometry for an RSL. Mystical triangles and yods can also be favorable, depending on the planets involved and their positions. T-squares and Grand Crosses, while typically unfavorable, would have to include a linkage to Chiron somewhere and would be assessed in light of that, but would still be likely indicators of some difficulties for the couple.

In essence, the more RSLs in a couple’s combined charts which are comprised of favorable planets making favorable Planetary Geometry, the better. However, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship in life, and as a reflection of life, no such thing as a perfect CAC. Few if any couples have absolutely perfect RSLs. Every relationship has challenges, which can always be seen in the chart comparison of the couple. The quantity and quality of the RSLs illustrate the strength of the partner’s true love for each other and their Soulmate potential with each other. RSLs also help to define a relationship’s resilience in the face of the stresses that all individuals and all relationships go through at times.

It is also important to understand that even plentiful & outstanding Romantic Super-Linkages do not cancel out or completely overcome serious clashes in the couple’s charts. Instead, the combination of compelling RSLs and serious clashes is more apt to create “Heaven and Hell” Relationships.

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The now-parted couples discussed below are excellent examples of couples who have few and/or weakened Romantic Super-Linkages. A lack of strong RSLs undermines a relationship, and incline a couple away from staying married, or even away from getting married in the first place.

The examples shown are all in Standard Zodiac 12, but RSLs are equally valid in Magi Zodiac7.

Example: The Geo & Helio CACs of Madonna (8/16/1958) & Guy Ritchie (9/10/1968). Madonna’s planets are black, Guy’s are red.

See 6 Dimensions of Scientific Astrology

Madonna & Guy Richie Astrology 1

In the chart above are 2 romantic super-linkages in the longitudes (planets outside the circle.) Conjunctions & trines are green, quincunxes are blue, squares & oppositions are red.

• Madonna’s Chiron quincunx Guy’s Sun and Pluto, though Guy’s Sun is square her Saturn and her Chiron is opposite Guy’s Mars

• Guy’s Chiron quincunx Madonna’s Neptune and Pluto and trine her Venus, but Madonna’s Neptune is opposite Guy’s Saturn

See allowed aspects

Madonna & Guy Richie Astrology 2

In the chart above are 2 romantic super-linkages in the longitudes (planets outside the circle.) Conjunctions & trines are green, quincunxes are blue, squares & oppositions are red.

• Madonna’s Chiron quincunx Guy’s Pluto and conjunct her own Earth, however her Earth squares Guy’s Neptune and his Pluto squares Madonna’s Saturn.

• Guy’s Chiron conjunct Madonna’s Mars and quincunx her Pluto, but her Mars is opposite his Uranus.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie do form a number of RSLs, which is why they got married. Unfortunately, all but one (not shown) of their RSLs are problematic. Each RSL contains at least one significant clash. Of all RSL clashes, the most troublesome would be Chiron clashes and Saturn clashes, and all but one of these clashes is a Chiron or Saturn clash. Additionally, their RSLs contain 2 Neptune clashes, which probably shortened their relationship. After 8 years of marriage, the couple divorced following Madonna’s much-publicized affair with Alex A-Rod Rodriguez. Julia Roberts and Danny Moder (see charts above) also have one Chiron clash, but they also have many highly favorable Chiron linkages.

Example: The Geo & Helio CACs of Heather Locklear (9/25/1961) & Richie Sambora (7/11/1959). Heather’s planets are black, Richie’s are red.

See 6 Dimensions of Magi Astrology

Heather Locklear & Richie Sambora Astrology 1

In the chart above are 2 romantic super-linkages in the longitudes (planets outside the circle.) Conjunctions & trines are green, quincunxes are blue, squares & oppositions are red.

• Heather’s Chiron trine Richie’s Neptune, but opposite Richie’s Venus and Neptune

• Richie’s Chiron trine Heather’s Mars and Mercury, but opposite Heather’s Uranus.

Heather Locklear & Richie Sambora Astrology 2

In the chart above is a romantic super-linkage in the longitudes (planets outside the circle.) Conjunctions & trines are green, quincunxes are blue, squares & oppositions are red.

• Heather’s Chiron trine Richie’s Neptune but opposite his Pluto.

See allowed aspects

Heather and Richie’s 3 RSLs all include Chiron clashes, one being the very difficult Venus-Chiron “Impossible Dream” clash. The couple divorced after 12 years of marriage.

It’s important to reiterate here that chart clashes and the problems they cause are no one’s fault! No one can help the elemental way their chart reacts to someone else’s. We can, however, learn from these examples in making our own choices or in counseling clients about their relationships.

Romantic Super-Linkages are only one factor to consider in the analysis of a relationship. Many other factors must be considered, including the astrological components of sexual attraction, friendship/compatibility, captivations,  serious clashes, and much more.

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Additionally, the date the couple met or married also contributes a great deal to the ultimate success or failure of a relationship.

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Another CRUCIAL caveat: This lesson is not intended to suggest that RSLs which contain difficult planets or stressful planetary geometry are any kind of kiss of death to a relationship. They are NOT. This is a FREE WILL UNIVERSE and all people have the option to choose to manifest the highest potentials of their relationship.

The intention in this lesson is simply to deepen the student’s abilities in relationship analysis by being able to recognize the relative strength of the RSLs present between partners. If a couple truly loves one another and does have RSLs, they can learn to build on the strengths of their relationship and better manage their planetary clashes if they so choose.

Online lessons in Scientific Astrology are tutorials in elementary and essential principles. They are not intended to teach basic astrological concepts – some knowledge of simple astrology is very helpful.

Each lesson is an important building block in learning to be proficient in Scientific Astrology. This system makes chart analysis much easier by providing clear-cut guidelines to understanding and interpretation.

Formerly Co-Director of the Magi Certification Program and formerly a Certified Level IV Magi Astrologer, I left the Society in 2022. When I was a member of the Society I was limited in what I could reveal. Now, I can tell you about many exciting discoveries!! Check back periodically to see new material.

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