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How to Sing the Uni-Verse

How To Sing the Uni-Verse


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Filled with inspirational messages from the Angels arranged by topic, How To Sing the Uni-Verse can teach anyone how to hear the messages of the Angels for themselves.

Chapters include:

How to Connect with Angels, Making Dreams Come True, Love, Finding a Soulmate, Financial Increase, Creating Change, and Maintaining Attunement.

Invite the beauty and the blessings of the Angels into your life:

“Remember always you are neither isolated nor alone but rather a vital and precious part of the All-That-Is, God. All the power and beauty and Love of the Uni-verse sings right where you are, right now, within you, always. You are loved.”

Reviews for How To Sing The Uni·Verse

“I got your book ‘How to Sing the Uni-Verse’ and started to read it last night. Already I feel compelled to write you, to say that your book is a true wonder. The messages of the Angels are pure and true, and they carry their healing energy, their light and their wisdom into the very cells of my soul. Just the fact of reading is a healing experience on more than one level. And their words carry more meaning than the same words spoken in the context of a ‘normal human conversation’. I want to thank you and the Angels for all your gifts, for it is not only a true healing experience, but also a rekindling of faith and trust…”

“Thank you Helena! I just stated reading. I recently lost a soulmate after dating for her for a year and have been going through a period of grieving for the loss of the relationship. This is a real godsend. Thank you thank you.”

“Dear Helena, Thank you. Thank you for writing this book. It has a very soothing effect. There is no doubt I will refer to it over and over again as I continue to draw closer to and learn more and more about the Angels.”

“How To Sing The Uni Verse” is a beautifully written glittering gem, that takes the reader on a light filled journey toward spiritual awakening. I would highly recommend this book as a must read for those who desire to bring more love, happiness, peace, beauty, abundance and freedom into their lives and the world around them. After reading it, I felt comforted, soothed, uplifted and inspired. So why don’t you also get on board, order a copy for yourself or a loved one and let the messages from the Angels illuminate your world and prepare you to: ‘Be transformed by the renewing of your mind’ Romans 12:2.”

“Thank you Magi Helena !The messages in this book are very inspirational and offered me much comfort during a difficult phase in 2015. The consistent sense of being loved and encouraged on our journey as human beings resonated very deeply. Thank you so much for making this available.”

“Excellently written, this book provides wonderful messages for meditation, contemplation, inspiration. I enjoy referring back to it often, and look forward to this author’s next works soon!”

Build Your Dream Life

Build Your Dream Life


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Learn. Grow. Get Inspired. Change your life.

Before giving up her counseling practice for a full-time Magi Astrology practice, Helena spent nine years as the facilitator of a weekly women’s support group. Build Your Dream Life includes 31 key topics and example worksheets for 99 exercises to show you how to create the life you want. Written in a simple, direct, and easy-to-understand style, Build Your Dream Life is woven throughout with inspirational quotations and is a pleasure to read, reflect with, and learn from as you build the life of your dreams.

Chapters include:

Self-Esteem, Self-Care, Self-Sabotage, Anger & Forgiveness, Self-Image, Power, Authenticity, Heart Healing, Make Your Dreams Come True

Stop being driven by the past. Learn to accept yourself, love yourself, and have the courage to live fully and actualize your dreams.

Reviews for Build Your Dream Life

“This book has changed my life, not only things I needed to learn for myself but things I want to teach my kids. Thank you, thank you.”

“This has been a great learning experience for me – the awareness is priceless!”

“Build Your Dream Life helped me relax and realize I have to take life as it comes (without worrying about it!) It also gave me optimism and confidence about my career and life path in general.”

“Thanks again for helping me to understand all of this, I find it fascinating and can’t wait to put it to use in my life!”

“It has been a great help in dealing with my life.”

“Dear Magi Helena, you’ve changed my life.”

“This book can help anyone to see what steps they may need to take or just gain clarity with life in general. A true gift!”

“Build Your Dream Life is a wonderful step by step guide to help you create a more peaceful and fulfilling life. I highly recommend this book. Magi Helena is an insightful teacher with a beautiful heart.”

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Build Your Dream Life Workbook


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Full-length exercise worksheets for all 99 exercises in Build Your Dream Life.

Instant download in .pdf format for you to print. Build Your Dream Life Book sold separately above.