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Miscellaneous payment as described in our email.

“The best astrologer on Planet Earth: Magi Helena. ♥”

“Helena, everything you said was 100% accurate! Chills were running up and down my body as you were speaking. Amazing!”

 “I’m so grateful for your guidance; the whole planning process has gone SO much smoother since you helped us pick our wedding date.”

“Hi Helena, Thanks for choosing the incorporation date for my newest company- it’s already in the black….”

“I can see why your clients rave about your compassion and insight. You are very comforting, and it’s clear you really feel for people. I’m so glad I found you!”

“I knew our wedding date was going to have a huge impact on our lives, but I just hadn’t any idea of how huge – eternally grateful!!”

“I’ve had readings before, even had one with another Magi Astrologer, but you picked up on things everyone else missed. I’m blown away! You made my day- thank you!!”


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