Scientific Astrology Q and A’s

Online Lesson 9: Science-Based Astrology Q & A's


This lesson is a compendium of technical Q & A's from my old Facebook group.

New general interest Q & A's are posted on my Astrology Q&A Blog here

Keep in mind that Scientific Astrology research is ongoing, so some of the answers may be out of date, especially in the oldest Q & A's.

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Question from Nini: Interaspects with Calculated Points
Hi helena, just thought I'd ask you if you knew anything about the significance of CAC interaspects such as saturn parallel descendant, or chiron contraparallel descendant, and also vertex parallel desendant. Would Saturn parallel descendant be similar to a captivation, which takes control of the other person's close/intimate partnership? And would Chiron enhancement of descendant be indicative of marriage? Thanks.

Hi Nini, Keep in mind too that all calculated points are a little suspect due to the possibility of birth time errors.
As I’ve said before: “The issue of birth times is murky at best. For one thing, there is no standard definition for "birth" time. Is this when the baby’s head crowns? When the infant is fully delivered? When the infant draws its first breath? When the umbilical cord is severed? Then, there were no atomic clocks until recent years. What if the doctor’s or nurse’s or midwife’s watch or clock was off? What if birth time was written down later and mis-recalled? Due to this, all birth times should be taken with a little skepticism, especially times which may have been rounded, like 12:00, 2:30, etc. Rectification is also suspect, since there is no way to prove this- at best it’s an educated guess.”
Much Love, Helena

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Question from Nini: Identifying Romantic Super-Linkages      
Nini: Hi Helena, I have a question that's been on my mind for some time. In Romantic Super Linkages, I understand that the Chiron linkage between 2 people has to be within Magi orb, for example bob has venus quincunx amy's chiron, and amy has natal venus trine jupiter(within orb of 1 degree). In this way bob's chiron is square amy's jupiter by 3.3 degrees---does bob's chiron require to be within magi orb with amy's jupiter to be permissable as a romantic super linkage? If bob's chiron (which is the planet not involved in the chiron linkage in the RSL) is out of magi orb what would be the permissable orb in Geo and Declinations and Latitudes to form the RSL? Thank you

Hi Nini,
In an RSL, all planets must be within Magi Orbs. This example doesn’t appear to be an RSL to me. Since the Chiron linkage is between Bob’s Venus and Amy’s Chiron, either Bob’s Venus OR Amy’s Chiron must link to or clash with a third planet. More information on RSL’s and Magi Orbs is below. Much Love, Helena

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Questions from Stephen: Captivations and Divorce Date
Stephen: Helena Is it possible to just clarify my last questions on captivation's and clashes so I can help Julei get her answers and lastly a really curly question what type of a day would you look for if you wanted to get divorced to break a bad marriage chart so that you could get back together?
Helena, It is all starting to make sense. Just two last questions. with Sat, Sat/Chi captivation's and Sat clashes should Sappho be included on the Saturn side? Are Chiron clashes only with the Romance planets (obviously the Saturn ones above are already included) or do we take all planets and asteroids? Thanks Stephen
My biggest concern is to not have any Captivation's so it is a healthy relationship instead of doing things out of desperation. Obviously no incompatibilities are a must and a minimum of Juno linkages as well. You have given me quite a few things that I had overlooked and believe it or not despite 2 Masters degrees concentrating on Financial Astrology the RSL's may have given me what was missing in my Financial work.

Hi Stephen,
I am provisionally including Sappho as a planet which CAN BE captivated by Saturn, Sat/Chi, Sat/Jup and Sedna. This is not a result of sufficient Magi research, but anecdotally I will say that it seems so far to work this way.

I don’t know that I’ve seen any relationships which are completely Captivation-free. Captivations can be positive since they act like glue holding the relationship together, IF…. The keys to keep Captivations fairly healthy are:

Saturn Balance- exact or very close
Fairly close balance between the # of Chiron linkages and the # of Captivations.
More Chiron linkages than Juno linkages
Fairly evolved/self-aware partners who truly love each other.
All Chiron clashes are worthy of note, but the worst are with other Romance planets.

To divorce with the hope of reconciliation, I’d choose a day with a Sun-Jupiter enhancement, few or no Saturn clashes, and with positive linkages and no bad clashes in the CAC’s with the date. So glad Scientific Astrology has helped you!! Much Love, Helena

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Questions from Stacey, Marlene and others: Has my Zodiac sign changed?

Dear Ones,
This “revelation from astronomers” hits the news cycle every few years!! It’s heralded as proof that astrology doesn’t work by skeptics, and causes many who believe in astrology some concern.
Here are the facts:
The zodiac as it is used in traditional astrology is a way to divide the sky into 12- 30° segments. THAT’S ALL. Going all the way back to the Babylonians, the zodiac has always been metaphorical, not an actual map of the constellations. And, due to the precession of the equinoxes, the placement of the actual constellations within the zodiac has been gradually changing ever since. Neither the Tropical nor the Sidereal zodiac includes a 13th constellation, Ophiuchus, which is present in the sky.
Scientific Astrology doesn’t use signs. True! Our empirical statistical research over the last 30 years has proven that astrology really works more consistently and more accurately when you use our proven principles. We use 4 dimensions, some differing planetary symbolisms, multiple asteroids, new planets and midpoints in a way that is unique to Scientific Astrology, and WITHOUT signs, houses, or exact birth times.
For traditional astrologers, it’s a new way of viewing astrology and may seem really strange! It was for me- I was a traditional astrologer for nearly 20 years before I found M*gi Astrology. Then, I spent a year applying Scientific Astrology principles to my accumulated chart data before I proved it to myself, conclusively, that Scientific Astrology IS SIMPLY MORE ACCURATE. Try it yourself! Many Blessings and Much Love, Helena

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Questions from Veronica: Natalizations
I think possibly good natal transits outweighs the bad magi days. And I have a theory about repeated bad natalizations, like if you collect many bad dates for something, it will bomb the project eventually, like a nuclear effect. One can collect many good times too this way. Maybe it isn't only the first natalization that is alpha omega. Oh, so there is a possibility if the first time was a bad date, to harness it on other days too. Hm, how do one do that I wonder, if it is a one time deal. Like to hear more:)

Hi Veronica,
Good transits help to offset bad days, but do not overpower them. The day of a natalization rules one piece of the puzzle, the transits rule another piece.

Here is an excerpt from an earlier FB question:
"Ideally, in choosing a natalization date, we can find a day with excellent aspects which also forms excellent linkages with our natal chart. However, this isn’t always possible.

Here is the reason we choose a day in which we have superior personal transits over a day with superior aspects, but without superior personal transits:
The chart of the day of a natalization is the chart of the entity or enterprise in itself. Obviously if possible, we want this to be a strong day. The combined chart (CAC) between you and the day (your transits on that day) shows what you can get from the entity or enterprise. I like to think of this as the “harvest”… the CAC shows what you can potentially reap from the entity or enterprise, for good AND for ill.

For example, we could set up a company on an excellent day, but if we don’t have the necessary golden, silver and cinderella linkages with that day, we will be unable to profit from the company for some reason, despite its excellent natalization date."

And yes, natalizations do have a cumulative effect. Think of each natalization as creating an energy imprint. The natalization of the entity creates the major energetic pattern, and then like attracts like. So strong initial natalizations tend to attract beneficial subsequent natalizations and poor initial natalizations ten to attract poor subsequent natalizations.

In the case of something which had an inadvertently poor natalization, you can help to at least shift some of the energy to the positive by carefully selecting subsequent natalizations. Example:

A business with a poor incorporation could always re-incorporate on a favorable day. Until that day came, the business could at least do subsequent things on good days, such as signing a lease, opening a bank account, buying a domain name, launching a website, hiring key employees, meeting important clients, etc. None of these smaller natalizations would overpower a bad incorporation date, but each one would help some until the new incorporation date arrived.

I hope this helps to clarify! Blessings, MH

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Question from Purrkins: Quick Yes or No
helena, can you answer just one question real quick with a yes or no? I am having difficulties with a friend and would like to know if this is going to be a long-term friendship or not?

Hi Purrkins,
Love this spelling!! Yes, with Magi Astrology we can tell the likely outcome of a relationship in a 15 minute session. You can email me here to schedule:
Much Love!! MH

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Question from Karina: Magi dating service
Hi Magi Helena, the Society is apparently planning an Astrological dating service. The launch seems to be being put off. Do you know when it might be operating?

Hi Karina,
They have been working on this project since 2003.... Much Love, MH

Question from Mary: Am I “purdy?”
What are the indicators--in a transiting chart--of escalating physical attractiveness?
Also: do only applications apply when looking at transiting charts? I believe I've read such in the past.

Hi Mary,
1. We all tend to look our best during the following linkage transits and progressions:
Venus to Sun or Earth
Venus to Juno
Juno to Venus
Neptune to Sun or Earth in the sense of looking younger

2. Yes, in transits and progressed transits, the power of the transits ends immediately after the peak (when the transit goes exact and begins to separate.) With progressed alignments – also known as pure progressions- the power of the progressions slowly dissolves.
Great questions Mary! Many Blessings to you, MH

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Question from Indrani: Sappho & Juno in CAC’s
Helena, have I said before how very much I appreciate what you do here for us? I learn so much for your notes, not to mention your website, which is chockful of information I am sure I've missed before. One quick question: I'm beginning to investigate Sappho in CACs and natal charts according to what you've said about it. What, in your opinion, would be the result of a Juno-Sappho contact in a CAC (in geo or helio)… linkage or clash? Would obsession play a part by any chance? What about one-sided attractions? Could there two planets be involved in such a case? If not, which ones? Also, what, in your opinion, are the Magi requisites in a CAC vis-à-vis unrequited love? Thank you so much in advance!! Indrani.

Hi Indrani,
These are excellent questions!
For myself, I am still playing with Sappho in CAC’s, and I don’t like to publish my own theories until I am quite certain. I do think it would be fair to say that based on their planetary symbolisms, Juno and Sappho could create obsessions- most likely the Sappho person obsessed with the Juno person, since Juno’s obsessions are always fleeting.

As far as one-sided attractions and unrequited love, sorry there isn’t more I can say about your questions at this time!!! Much Love, Many Blessings! MH

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Question from S: Here is my question can an Aries zodiac sign ever be good with a pisces?  Can personal life experiences and growth ever change the dynamics for two zodiac signs that are suppose to not be Ideal? Short answers are good.

OK, here's my short answer. : ) Yes, any two zodiac signs can be good together. Forget the generalities. People are as individual as snowflakes. We can't know whether two people can be good together unless we look at the complete birth charts, and then still, life experiences and growth can improve the likely dynamics. Love, MH

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Question from Ailie: Saturn-Mars aspects
How would Saturn square Mars be interpreted in Magi? Actually, how would Saturn linkages and clashes be interpreted in natal charts? Sorry did I make it clear that I meant Saturn-Mars square in the natal chart, thanks.

Hi Ailie, All the following comments relate to a simple two-planet aspect. If this clash is part of Planetary Geometry or Synchronization, this will greatly influence the interpretation of the aspect. Also the rest of the chart in all four dimensions will influence how this aspect plays out.

I would say that in my own practice I have observed the following with a natal Mars-Saturn clash:

A possibility of having an abrupt on-off switch with energy—over-doing and then burning out.
A possibility of having an abrupt on-off switch with sexuality.
This combo sometimes signifies someone who had to develop a certain toughness early in life, then later when that toughness is no longer needed, may need to work on gentleness. I hope this is helpful! MH

Question from Victor: Natalizations
Thanks a lot. I don't want to overload you with questions but here is a hypothetical situation I really want to ask about. Suppose in the weird case of employment, I sign the contract today and start working 10 years later. Is it still fair to say that the natalization is today, not 10 years later, even though they are so far apart?

Hi Victor,
If the original contract date is considered by the company to be the employment date for all matters of seniority and compensation, then yes, that would be the employment date. Remember that the actual start date is also important. The employment date is the natalization with the company. The start date is most likely the natalization with co-workers and possibly even with the immediate boss.

Clarification from Gordana: Chiron-Venus linkages 
This references my post 8/28/10: Question from Gordana: Chiron-Venus linkages
1.Concerning Chiron-Venus clash as well enhancement in one CAC but in different dimensions, I’ve actually came across all sorts of combinations, but lets take the e.g. Chiron-Venus clash in geo while enhancement in helio (there was actual case when both combinations were also part of Romantic Mystical Triangles);
2.The reason for my first Chiron-Venus question is because I have natal Chiron-Venus contra-parallel in declinations, so the slow moving Chiron of many guys of several generations makes (contra)-parallels to my Venus. WOW if I only knew there is such love potential in store for me (just kidding).
3.I must add one more comment – I am actually testing some M*gi Astrology postulates here on Facebook and I must admit it works.
+ Comment from Jürgen: I wonder who is the most affective part, the one with the Venus or the one with Chiron, in my experience is the one with Chiron...

Dear Gordana,
Of the two possibilities, it would be more favorable to have the Chiron-Venus enhancement in geo and the clash in helio. In any case, if the Chiron-Venus clash is part of a Mystical Triangle, the rule of enhancement dominance might help to make the clash more favorable.

It’s true that people born with Venus within orb of the Chirons of people within their generation certainly have more likelihood of making a Chiron-Venus linkage.

Dear Jürgen,
I would agree with you that the Chiron person is more likely to feel the effects of the aspect, though with Venus it would be close.

For more information on this, see my post: Question from Emily: Vesta in inter-aspects.

Follow up to Questions/Comments from Stephen & Ailie re: Soulmate Software
Comment from Stephen: Helena, Thank you so much for your valuable input. My wife and I have 7 RSL's but have in Magi Ken's opinion possibly one of the worst Marriage charts, marrying only 7 days before a Heartbreak and currently have a progressed Nuclear clash ....1 degree away (but we lasted 23 years). We are divorcing as friends and I know we have a special bond but the chart has taken a toll on our lives in every area.

I did reduce the Saturn clashes (after what you said in a previous post about the 3 days) orb due to Saturn being slow and in transit to 1 degree and got 10 matches over a 15 year period. My biggest concern is to not have any Captivation's so it is a healthy relationship instead of doing things out of desperation. Obviously no incompatibilities are a must and a minimum of Juno linkages as well. You have given me quite a few things that I had overlooked and believe it or not despite 2 Masters degrees concentrating on Financial Astrology the RSL's may have given me what was missing in my Financial work.

Thank you again, Stephen
Question from Ailie: Helena - research in 4 dimensions? What are these? Heliocentric/geocentric/and the declinations for both?
Hi Everyone, I’m posting follow-up information to this post a bit out of order to hopefully put out clarified information before Stephen re-does his entire program. : )
@ Stephen: my earlier post on Saturn time orbs “Question from Steve: Orbs for transits 8/18/10” refers to Saturn TRANSITS, and not Saturn linkages or clashes. Please DO NOT reduce your orbs for Combined Alignment Charts. You must count ALL linkages and clashes which are within Magi Orbs.
You can, however, weight (assign importance to) the linkages and clashes like this:
Linkages and clashes forming Planetary Geometry are more powerful than two-planet aspects. Clashes in otherwise favorable Planetary Geometry may be offset by the rule of Enhancement Dominance. Linkages and clashes with tighter orbs are more powerful than those with wider orbs (all within Magi Orbs.)
@Allie: Yes, the four dimensions of ScientificAstrology are the Geocentric longitudes and declinations and the Heliocentric longitudes and latitudes. Now we also use 2 more dimensions, both the Geocentric and Heliocentric Longitudes in Zodiac 7.
Many Blessings!!! MH

Question from Stephen: Soulmate Software
Dear Helena, I have just separated and I am writing software to find a soulmate. Requirements are at least:

1 of
All planets & four asteroids (Chi must) RSL

1 of
Ven/Chi Romantic Love Linkage
Ven/Plu Lifelong Love Linkage

1 of
Ven/Nep Physical/Emotional Affection Linkage
Jup/Chi Lifelong Success Linkage
Chi/Nep Lifelong Romance Linkage

Can have
Sun/Ven Cupid Linkage
Mar/Chi Marital Sexual Linkage
Chi/Jun Love Making Linkage
Ven/Mar Lifelong Sexual Linkage
Mar/Plu Incendiary Sexual Linkage

Ven/Jun Ultimate sexual blindspot Linkage
Sat Chi-Sat / Sun Ven Jup Nep Chi Captivation Linkage
Sat / Sun Ven Jup Nep Plu Chi Incompatibility Captivation Clash

Over a 40 year period no matches appear even without the Sun in the clash. Do I need to reduce the orb? I have used all Magi aspects.

Thank you for any help, Stephen

Hi Stephen, First of all, I applaud your ambitious project and your programming skills! Wow!
I would say that in all my years as an astrologer, I have never seen a perfect comparison chart, nor a perfect relationship. I think your lack of matches within the parameters you set really illustrates this point.
Instead, I would recommend sticking with Magi Orbs but concentrating on essentials- having at least a minimum of necessary positive linkages, and the fewest possible deal-breaker clashes. Remember too that you must set your program to search in all four dimensions.
My recommendations for a soulmate-search parameters would be these:

At least one Romantic Super-Linkage where you are the Chiron person

At least one Romantic Super-Linkage where the potential soulmate is the Chiron person
RSL’s are indicators of True Love. (As discussed elsewhere on this FB page, it is my opinion that you can use Vesta in RSL’s, but you may not use any other asteroids. Please refer to the definition of RSL’s in the link below.)
Included in the RSL’s above OR separately- at least one Chiron linkage with Venus, Jupiter, or Neptune. These linkages add sweetness to True Love.
At least one linkage between Vesta and Venus, Jupiter, Neptune or Chiron. These linkages give friendship, compatibility, and the ability to work out problems.
At least one Venus-Mars or Venus-Pluto linkage. These are the only two sexual linkages which are lifelong in all cases.
No Heartbreak Clashes (Sat, Sat/Chi, or Sat/Jup clash with Chiron)
No Nuclear Clashes (Sat or Sat/Jup clash with Jupiter)
No Saturn-Vesta Clashes
Saturn Balance: Nearly the same number of occurrences of being the Saturn person in linkages and clashes for each person- say approximately + or – 25%.
More Chiron linkages than Saturn clashes.
More Chiron linkages than Juno linkages.
Few or no Chiron clashes.

I will be very curious to know how many returns you will get with these parameters. Please let us know. A relationship with all these qualities would be in perhaps the top 10% of all relationships.

Also- don’t forget that excellent natalization dates play a crucial role in relationship success. The date you first meet, the date you first make love, and the date you marry will have a huge influence of the outcome of your relationship.
Good Luck! May you be blessed with lifelong Love! MH

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Question from Roxanne: Website natalization
I have another question about natalization. I have been asked to start a new entertainment-oriented website and have decided that September 17th would be a good day to begin it. Jupiter/Uranus will be nearly exactly conjunct and parallel, while Chi/Nept are conjunct quincunx the Sun. There are no Saturn clashes that day. The site needs to be popular in order to generate revenue to support itself, and these aspects will support those goals.

Will the site's chart be natalized when I purchase the hosting plan for it, when I start work on the server to create it or when it goes "live" and the public can visit it? I've always assumed that sites are "born" when the first post is made, but now I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Roxanne,
Magi research has shown that the domain name purchase date is the most critical natalization for a website. If this has already been purchased, then the subsequent natalizations you mention will all play a role, but they will be somewhat lesser roles. In a perfect world, every milestone of an important enterprise will be natalized on the most favorable possible day.

If your domain name was not purchased on a day favorable to your enterprise, you can sell it to a friend for a nominal sum and buy it back on a great day. You must officially transfer ownership both times through the hosting company, such as,,, etc. This may not result in a completely new natalization, but can help a lot. Otherwise, you can always purchase a new name on a fabulous day!
Many Blessings and Great Good Luck! MH

Question from Victor: Natalization dates
Hi Helena, I have a question on the defintion of natalization.

In Scientific Astrology, it was defined that the natalization date is the day when both sides made an agreement, not when the agreed activity actually took place. For example, if today I sign an employment contract with a company and start working next month, the ...natalization date will be on today, not a month later.

Here is my question: The city of Hong Kong was a British colony. In 19 Dec 1984, the Chinese and British government made a Joint Declaration that Hong Kong would be returned to China on 1 July 1997. In 1997, the handover ceremony took place at Hong Kong time 00:00 on 1 July, and Hong Kong became a part of China ever since.

So, which was the natalization date of Hong Kong? The day of the Joint Declaration or the day of handover ceremony?

Hi Victor,
This could be seen as a little bit of a conundrum, but here is how I would view this:
In the case of employment, the employee’s Employment date with the company is the most important, though the actual start date (first day of work) would ideally also be good. The Employment date is the legal date of hire. The employee’s pay, seniority, etc. would all be linked to this date. Operationally from the company’s perspective, the employee is “born” as a part of the company on the legal Employment date.

The 19 December 1984 Declaration was the natalization date of the AGREEMENT to return Hong Kong to China. The date of the handover, 1 July 1997, was the first day that Hong Kong was actually again part of China. I would liken the agreement date to an “engagement date” and the handover date to a “wedding date.” After the agreement, Hong Kong was still legally under British rule. Hong Kong was not, from either the British or Chinese perspective, able to function as a part of China at that time. Hong Kong was not “born” in its current form, until the actual handover date. I hope this is helpful! Many Blessings, MH

Question from Nini: faithful vs. cheater aspects
Hi Helena, please respond if you can: if a person has a faithful aspect (Vesta parallel Jupiter in helio) but also a serial cheater aspect (Juno trine Sappho in geo), which one cancels out the other? What's your interpretation, I'm very interested. Thanks.

Hi Nini,
In Magi Astrology, we do not believe that any one aspect can cancel out another. Aspects co-exist, even when they seem contradictory. The native with both these aspects would feel both of them. If the native has gone through any personal evolution, they would likely be able to resist any urges to cheat that they might occasionally feel.
Many Blessings, MH

Question from Nini: Vesta in Romantic Super-Linkages
thanks for the answers helena! quick question on the subject, does Vesta count as a permissable romantic super linkage planet? Thank you.

Hi Nini,
As yet, Vesta has not been officially added to the list of permissible planets for RSL’s. However several of my colleagues and I believe that Vesta should be and will probably eventually be on this list, so I do provisionally count Vesta in RSL’s.
Many Blessings, MH

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Question from Gordana: Chiron-Venus Linkages
Dear Helena, I have two questions regarding CACs and would be grateful to have your answer: 1.According to your lessons – RSL(s) which includes Chiron (plus other planets preferably Venus and Neptune) and especially when form symmetrical geometry patterns are indicators of love, but I am still confused regarding the effect of a mere two planet linkage e.g. is there any love potential in a Chiron-Venus linkage? 2. In some CACs, I have noticed the following: in one dimension there is (RS)L which includes Chiron-Venus and the same CAC but on the other dimension there is Impossible Dream Clash. Does this complicate the relationship or the clash predominate or? Thank you,

Hi Gordana,
Question 1: A Chiron-Venus linkage in a CAC is a Magical Linkage- it’s a Golden, Romance, and a Cinderella Linkage between two people and is the most beautiful and powerful linkage two people can share. Of all the two-planet linkages, it’s the most likely to combine destinies and bring marriage. So yes, there is much love potential in this linkage. Still, one would hope for at least one 3-planet Romantic Super-Linkage between two people to increase the likelihood of marriage.
Question 2: It would be easier to answer this question if I knew which dimension had the RSL and which had the Impossible Dream Clash. Would you re-post this question including this information?
Thank you and Blessings!! MH

Question from Nini: Calculating midpoints in declinations
Hi Helena. I have a very important question about finding the midpoint in declinations. If Sun is 6 degrees N and Moon is 4 degrees S, would the midpoint be 2 degrees N or would it be 1 degree N, according to different calculating methods. Please help!!! 

Hi Nini,
The Sun/Moon midpoint as described above would be 1 degree North.
Many Blessings! MH

Question from Steve: Predicting the Stock Market
I have a financial astrology question too: what do you make of the double T square on July 30 through August 2? geocentric saturn opposite jupiter square pluto and geocentric saturn opposite uranus square pluto would the venus sedna trine on July 30 act as a trigger of sorts?

kind regards

Hi Steve, Of course this answer comes after the dates you describe above, but the question is still relevant. As we saw, the dates above did not seem to trigger anything particularly unusual in the financial markets. I think your question can best be answered by a review of some basic principles of financial Astrology.
The Five Basic Financial Astrology Principles
Venus, Chiron, Neptune, Pluto are Classic  Financial Planets.
Ceres is a Financial Asteroid, and the recently discovered Sedna is a Financial Planet. (These six planets and asteroids are collectively referred to as Financial AstroBodies.)
Whenever any two Financial AstroBodies form a Magical Angle (trine, conjunction and parallel), the alignment creates optimism around the world, and investors are more likely to buy stocks and other financial assets.
Whenever any two Financial AstroBodies form a Turbulent Angle, they create pessimism all over the world. The result is investors are more likely to sell stocks and other financial assets.
If three or more Financial AstroBodies form any Symmetrical Planetary Geometry, the power is substantially greater than the combined individual alignments and the type of geometric pattern will determine the meaning. If the pattern is a Grand Trine, it is very good for stock prices, but if the pattern is a T-Square, it is very bad for stock prices.
The Society’s latest revelation: Sappho Creates Selling Climaxes.
Sappho Is The Key to Stock Market Crashes
When Sappho makes a Clash Angle to any of the six Financial AstroBodies, the alignment makes investors fearful so some of them will sell stocks they would normally hold. The result is that many stocks make a low in price on the day the Clash Angle peaks (is most exact).
If Sappho makes MORE THAN ONE CLASH ANGLE ON THE SAME DAY, it can create so much fear that it can result in a FEAR VORTEX, and the result is a major bear market low. This happened on March 6, 2009 and on October 29, 1929.
Sappho has very powerful financial influences but it is not really a Financial AstroBody because it appears to work only in one direction. Sappho can make stock prices go down, but it will not make stock prices go up.

I hope this is useful! Many Blessings, MH

Question from Steve: Orbs for transits
Hello Helena; question: If a slow moving planet like Saturn is transiting and forming an aspect that lasts 30 days (using a 3 degree orb), how do you assess the significance of the transit:
a) you consider the transit as having an effect only the last 3 days (as mentioned in chapter 12 -section time orb - of the 3rd book ...Magi astrology the key to success in love and money)
b) you consider the transit as having an effect throughout the 30 days that the orb starts from 3 degrees off exactness and finishes at orb=0
c) some combination of (a) and (b)
d) use a 1 degree orb (about 10 days before the aspect is exact) and consider the 3 days before exactness to be the most powerful influence time window, allowing 1 day after exactness for the influence to subside?

What would the orb be for parallel/contra-parallel transits??
0.4 degrees for geocentric transits
i.e. one third of the orb used for natal chart parallel /contra-parallel aspects?
...and using 3 days before exactness for the most powerful influence time window?

Thanks for clarifying ...this topic for me.
Just for clarity:
I have not found any statement for tighter Orb values for transits at the magi website. Maybe such a statement exists but I cannot locate it . I have not seen tight orbs for transits in the 3rd book; only the... 3-day time orb.

I had to rely on web search to find the 1 degree orb for transits at non-magi fora. Still no information on the appropriate orb for parallel and contra-parallel transits. (only 1 degree orb for natal aspects and synastry)
I appreciate your suggestion to study again the magi website;
unfortunately the structure of the site is examples oriented,
a structure that makes finding the rules a very difficult task.

Wishing you a fabulous August

Hi Steve,
I have published the basic Orbs on this page: Planetary Geometry in Scientific Astrology 

In terms of transits, we would consider that a transiting planet exerts power for the entire time of the applying Orb. The 3-day time orb (the last 3 days a transit is applying prior to reaching exact) is really only used for slower-moving planets, since the entire Orb of a transiting Sun, Venus, etc, is only about 3 days. For slower planets, the 3-day time orb would indeed be the time when the transit is most powerful.
I hope this is helpful! Abundant Blessings! MH

Question from Ataul: Interpretation of Natal Mystical Triangle
Hi Helena, I have posted a question before but I have another one if you don't mind. I want to know the significance of having a mystical triangle in a natal chart. I have checked in other sites but they give CAC explanations not natal ones.

Hi Ataul:
A Mystical Triangle is an example of asymmetrical Planetary Geometry. Here is an excerpt from my Planetary Geometry page:
“Mystical Triangle: Can indicate harmony and synergy, but much depends on the planets and their positions. A more negative planet such as Saturn at the juncture of the square and quincunx can be cause for concern.”
This is easy to understand when you consider that a Mystical Triangle is comprised of a trine (always an enhancement) a square (always a clash) and a quincunx (An enhancement IF neither of the two planets forming the quincunx is a Saturnian planet. If the quincunx contains a Saturnian planet, then it too is a clash.) Therefore, a Mystical Triangle can be comprised of 2 enhancements and 1 clash, or 1 enhancement and 2 clashes depending on the planets involved. The Magi rule of Enhancement Dominance would only apply to the 1st case, where there are 2 enhancements and 1 clash.
We do believe that all natal aspects are gifts of some sort, so even if there is a Saturnian planet at the square/quincunx corner, this is no cause for alarm. More difficult natal aspects just require more effort. Sometimes the greatest gifts life gives us are those which require a little more work to actualize. : )
To assess the relative importance of this Geometry, here is another excerpt from my Planetary Geometry page:
“All Planetary Geometry is powerful, but all patterns are not equally powerful. Several factors determine the relative power of a geometrical pattern.

Number of Planets: The power of Planetary Geometry is directly proportional to the number of planets that form the Planetary Geometry – the more planets involved, the more powerful the Planetary Geometry.
Exactness: Although all Magi orbs seem fairly tight, the more exact the aspects forming Planetary Geometry, the more powerful the geometry.
Symmetry: Patterns which are symmetrical are much more powerful than asymmetrical patterns. The Grand Trine, Flying Eagle, Fortress, T-Square and the declination/latitude pattern B shown above are examples of Symmetrical Planetary Geometry. The Mystical is an example of Non-Symmetrical Planetary Geometry.
Rarity: All Planetary Geometry is powerful, but rare Planetary Geometry is even more powerful- the more rare the Planetary Geometry, the more power it has. The rarest Planetary Geometry is comprised of the most complex patterns and of the most planets.”
To understand your Mystical Triangle,
1. Assess its relative importance
2. Combine the symbolisms of the planets involved
3. Apply the rule of Enhancement Dominance if appropriate
I hope this is useful! Many Blessings, MH

Question from Nury: Orbs, Transits and Progressions
HI HELENA HOPE ALL IS WELL; if ceres 29D,jupiter29D and pluto 25D are in conjucntion in helio chart . pluto form a conjunction there or not??

in helio declination chart: Venus contra latitude Jupiter at 12'18 N AND 10'18 S this aspect count as a contra latitude in helio declinations with those orbs ?

in helio declination chart : mars contra latitude Pluto at 5’42N degrees and 6’12 N. that aspect is in the correct orb used in the declination helio chart or I’m wrong?

In my helio chart I have these transits: the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune in transit at 27and 28 degrees is making a trine with my natal Jupiter and Ceres in Libra at 29 degrees and to Pluto in Libra at 25 degrees. And also in my progressed helio declinations I have Venus contra latitude Pluto: at 6’8 S and 6’8N I am in my golden period now ?what things can bring me these aspects? the Venus contra latitude Pluto what would bring for me? what i mean about this :if ceres 29D,jupiter29D and pluto 25D are in conjucntion in helio chart . pluto form a conjunction there or not?? is that ceres is in 29 degrees with jupiter in teh same 29 degrees in libra and pluto is in 25 degree...s in libra . teh question is pluto count as a conjucntion with those planets in helio regarding the orbs in magi?

Hi Nury,
Question 1: Pluto would not be conjunct with Jupiter and Ceres. The only time we allow one planet to be between 3.0° and 4.0° is in major planetary geometry such as a grand trine.
Question 2: The orb for aspects in the latitudes is 0.3°. This pair has an orb of 2.0° and so this would not be an aspect.
Question 3: This would not be an aspect either, since the orb for this pair is 0.7°.
Question 4: When these transits are applying within orb to the natal planets, you would have Golden and Cinderella transits (Chiron to Jupiter, Chiron to Pluto) and a Silver transit (Neptune to Jupiter.)
Question 5: In the progressions, Venus contra-latitude Pluto applying and within orb is a Golden Progression. It is also a sexual progression.
Question 6: Progressions are both stronger and longer than transits, and so are more significant.
Golden cycles bring us the opportunity to make money. These are times to work hard to fulfill your career and financial dreams.
Cinderella cycles make people see us at our best. This is useful in both career matters and in our personal lives. Cinderella cycles are also cycles when we can meet our Soulmate.
Sexual cycles are times when we have and increased desire and need for sex.
Many Blessings to you! MH

Question from Ataul: Jupiter in a T-square
Hi Helena, I am new here and I must say this astrology is quite cutting edge. I have this question which has been bothering me for quite sometime.........this is the question:- T-squares are a form of turbulent planetary geometry, I have one which comprises of jupiter and ceres with uranus/netune conjunction at apex. Jupiter brings a beneficial influence but HOW? I have this geometry only in the heliocentric chart and its exact.

Hi Ataul,
Welcome to the group! And yes, Scientific Astrology can give you a level of consistency and accuracy that previous forms of astrology lacked.
Though T-squares are indeed turbulent, this T-square has Jupiter and has no Saturnian planets. Jupiter is so very favorable that turbulent geometry with Jupiter is actually more favorable than positive planetary geometry containing a Saturnian planet. Jupiter in a turbulent aspect or geometry doesn’t bring in any negativity- the worst that could be said in this case is that it can contribute immoderation or a tendency to overdo or under-do.
Without any additional information on your chart, I would interpret this T-square to mean that a tendency to be overly idealistic or other-worldly can at times interfere with the ability to grow your business or career. This could be fairly easily overcome by always taking time to seek a balanced perspective and seeking solutions in which humanitarian/spiritual goals, as well as pragmatic ones, are being honored.
I hope this is helpful! Many Blessings! MH

Question from Leslie: 2012
What are your views on the Mayans supposed ended of the world 2012? There is planet geometry of a grand trine between saturn, earthmoon and neptune.

Hi Leslie, I have received so many questions about this! I discuss it at length in the Star-Gazer newsletter here.  Blessings, MH

Question from Isabelle: Chiron linkage to Vesta
Hello Helena. Question Chiron linkage Vesta:
Since you wrote this about vesta: Vesta is sweet and caring, loyal and true. The symbol of friendship and compatibility, I would rank it just after Chiron and even (just barely) above Venus.
I was wondering, what it makes to have (in helio in a CAC) chiron linkage to vesta. They will both feel it nearly the same or so. But it makes friendships or compability in marriage ?

thanks, Isabelle

Hi Isabelle,
This turns out to be an excellent follow-up question to Nini’s question below.
Yes, the couple with this linkage would feel it to the same degree or nearly so.
Vesta rules non-romantic relationships but also rules compatibility WITHIN relationships.
As I said below: “…favorable Vesta aspects can actually contribute more toward compatibility than Chiron aspects, though only Chiron Romantic Super-Linkages can indicate true love. A couple with both Romantic Super-Linkages and favorable Vesta aspects has an excellent chance for lasting happiness together.”

Much Love and Many Blessings! MH

Question from Nini: Interaspects with Vesta
Hi Helena! hope all is well. I wonder what's your take on a CAC interaspect Vesta parallel Jupiter. Is it likely that the Vesta person(a) would be favorably inclined to contribute faithfulness to the Jupiter person (b) , if the couple also shares Vesta quinunx Venus, with the Vesta person (b) aspecting Venus person (a)... so both Vesta persona are exchanged, can both aspects combined signify mutual faithfulness? Provided they both share a Venus-Chiron-Jupiter RSL. person a's Chiron quincunx person's b's Venus, person B has natal Venus trine Jupiter. Person a's Chiron is square person B's Jupiter with orb of 3.26 degress. sorry for the length. I appreciate your help.

Hi Nini,
Any interaspect between the planets Venus, Vesta and Jupiter will contribute to faithfulness in a relationship, so this couple sharing two of these linkages gives double or more the tendency toward faithfulness to each other. I would again say though as I have in the past that a natal analysis of each person would also be necessary to have a total understanding of this portion of their relationship.
Another consideration is that favorable Vesta aspects can actually contribute more toward compatibility than Chiron aspects, though only Chiron Romantic Super-Linkages can indicate true love. A couple with both Romantic Super-Linkages and favorable Vesta aspects has an excellent chance for lasting happiness together.
Please always remember though that Scientific Astrology only works using the correct Orbs. In the longitudes, the maximum allowable orb for any aspect is 3.0° UNLESS the aspect is part of significant Planetary Geometry. In this case, ONE and ONLY ONE planet may have an orb of up to 4.0°.
I hope this is useful! Many Blessings, MH

Question from Barbara: Is Venus-Uranus a sexual aspect?
I was just reading your lesson on Sexual aspects on your webpage and noticed that venus-uranus was not listed as a male sexual aspect. Was I wrong in considering that aspect a male sexual aspect? Thanks for all the great info you have put on your website. I am constantly referring to it during my chart analysis. 🙂

Hi Barbara,
We do not consider Venus-Uranus a male (or female) sexual aspect. A Venus-Uranus natal aspect is considered to be a Super Aspect endowing the native with unusual beauty and radiance. It has also been called a “Heartbreaker Aspect-” I choose to call it a “Wanderer Aspect.” People with natal Venus-Uranus aspects can be more likely than most to have multiple relationships, and may not be the best bet for lifelong love.
Many Blessings to you! MH

Question from Isabelle: COMBINED FLYING EAGLE WITHOUT THE NORTH NODE. Ref: May 27th.
Hello Helena, the North Node is a bonus, the combined flying eagle is formed by Chiron, Venus, Sun, Mercury and Sappho.

The first Mytical Triangle: Her Chiron quincunx her Sun/Mercury trine His Venus square her Chiron.
...The second Mystical Triangle: Her Chiron trine his Sappho quincunx his Venus square her Chiron.
The semi-sextile: His Sappho semi-sextile her Sun/Mercury.

So, you would say that they can soar (fly very high) in the area of those planets which would mean ? Also, fly very high, could you explain a bit more please 🙂

By the way, they have 3 combined flying eagle in their CAC in Geo.

thank you again 🙂

Hi Isabelle,
This CAC Flying Eagle suffers a bit from both the inclusion of Sappho and the Chiron-Venus square. Without Sappho, the Chiron-Venus square (the Impossible Dream clash) could be offset by the rule of Enhancement Dominance. However, since Sappho can act as a contaminant (as can other Saturnian planets) it might make this configuration more problematic. In any event, this planetary geometry could make the couple obsessed with each other, but this could become too anxiety-producing in the long run.

To say that a Flying Eagle can soar or fly high means that it is capable of extraordinary excellence or can achieve unusual good fortune.
I hope this is helpful! Many Blessings, MH

Questions from Emily: Relationship Interpretations
Hi Helena~ I am re-posting the follow-up information you requested in the June 4th reply. Do you prefer that we re-post when you request follow-up info or in the comment box? Just let me know which is easier for you. 🙂

I was looking at two different charts.

The first couple's CAC had Geocentric his Saturn parallel her Pluto and his Chiron parallel her Pluto. Would you say for the first couple's CAC that it would be an obsessive true love relationship for both, but the guy being more obsessed? And the guy having more control over the woman but also maybe obsessed with controlling the woman in the areas of money and sex?
Thank you! (this post continued directly below)
Hi Helena, here is part 2 of my follow-up info for your June 4th reply...

The second couple's CAC is more complicated for me:
Geocentric Chiron 120 Merc
Chiron 30 Moon
Chiron 30 Jupiter
Chiron 60 Neptune
Chiron 120 Pluto
Chiron 90 Juno separating but slightly less than 3 days

The guy is the Chiron person. Also, Chiron 120 Pluto is the tightest orb in the chart in Geo. It is approaching at 0.08 and would be exact in a day and a half. How would you interpret? Would you even bother to include the semi-sextiles since they are weaker aspects? Thanks, Helena!

Hi Emily,
Yes, please re-post follow-up information on the Wall. Thanks!!!
Question 1: Your interpretations of the person A’s Saturn and Chiron parallel person B’s Pluto are absolutely within the realm of possibility- good job! You are stating things very strongly, and the dynamic might not play itself out as strongly depending on the natal tendencies of the individuals. Also, since all of these planets are fairly slow-moving, this aspect could exist for any couple born within several weeks or possibly even several months of these people’s birthdates.
Question 2: I am not sure from your description if the CAC has a Chiron/Pluto/Mercury Grand Trine… but in any case I would call this a complex multi-planet Romantic Super-Linkage. Taken separately, trines and squares are much stronger than sextiles or semi-sextiles, but they are certainly a part of Planetary Geometry.
In this Romantic Super-Linkage (without accounting for any other RSL’s or other aspects), the guy is the Chiron person and so would be more attached to the relationship. This geometry could be interpreted as a loving, romantic linkage with great communication, a real sense of belonging together and with the potential for great longevity. The only real issue is the Juno-Chiron clash. This would be OK most of the time under the rule of enhancement dominance, but could in some cases create a great deal of disenchantment.
Thank you, Emily. Many Blessings! MH

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Question from Victor: Choosing days to natalize
I read your calendar guide some weeks ago which I found to be a great primer on electional astrology. However, I have some questions on two things:

1. You suggest to prefer an average day with great transits over a great day with average transits. What would you make such a preference? Are there times ...when we should prefer the opposite?

2. You also suggest cycles are the strongest at the end. However, transits are supposed to be the strongest when they are the most exact, so with this logic why aren't cycles strongest in the middle instead?

Thanks a lot. Victor

Hi Victor,
Question 1: Ideally, in choosing a natalization date, we can find a day with excellent aspects which also forms excellent linkages with our natal chart. However, this isn’t always possible. You are referencing a passage in my “Key to your Golden Calendar” which tries to help a person choose the best day if both a favorable day and favorable transits are NOT available in the necessary time window.
Here is the reason we choose a day in which we have superior personal transits over a day with superior aspects, but without superior personal transits:
The chart of the day of a natalization is the chart of the entity or enterprise in itself. Obviously if possible, we want this to be a strong day. The combined chart (CAC) between you and the day (your transits on that day) shows what you can get from the entity or enterprise. I like to think of this as the “harvest”… the CAC shows what you can potentially reap from the entity or enterprise, for good AND for ill.
For example, we could set up a company on an excellent day, but if we don’t have the necessary golden, silver and cinderella linkages with that day, we will be unable to profit from the company for some reason, despite its excellent natalization date.
Question 2: Research has clearly shown that separating transits do not exert an influence on our lives, though they can be natalized. The end of a transit occurs immediately after the exact peak of the transit. Your Calendar only illustrates applying transits, so the last day of any transit shown on your Calendar is actually the day the transit is exact.
I hope this helps to clarify things! Enjoy your calendar. Many Blessings, MH

Questions from Nury: Juno conjunct Saturn and Cinderella aspects
Hi Helena for me is a pleasure to contact you !!my name is nury ,i want you to make some questions!! i will appreciate your answer . you are doing a lot for me . god bless you helena!!!
what can you say about a juno conjunct saturn in a synastry? its good or bad for a relationship? what can it brings?
i was born on feb ...11 1982 at 9:31 pm and i have this aspects inmy natal chart: venus trine chiron and that chiron also makes a quincunx with my mars. chiron is in my 8 house i have chiron contra parallel venus , chiron contra parallel sun , chiron contraparallel jupiter . juno parallel jupiter , juno parallel sun. and i also have juno conjunct my neptune ; do you think i have any cinderella aspect? or a sexual aspect in my natal hart? what can you say? this aspects will bring good things?
thank you so much!!!!

Hi Nury,
Question 1: Here is a compilation describing Juno conjunct Saturn in a CAC:
LINKAGE OF BLIND TRUST. The most common result of this Linkage is that the Saturn Person has control over the Juno Person because the Juno Person has too much faith in the Saturn Person and believes almost anything the Saturn Person says, and is blind to his/her faults. But because Juno is involved with this linkage, this condition will not last and when Juno turns, it turns with a vengeance, with the ultimate result that the Juno person will think nothing the Saturn person does is right. We advise you to not get involved.
Question 2: Venus trine Chiron + Venus contraparallel Chiron would be a bi-level natal Cinderella aspect. Chiron contraparallel Sun and Chiron contraparallel Jupiter are both natal Cinderella aspects, too. You are a natal Cinderella many times over!
Certainly natal Cinderellas have many advantages, and not only for the way they often seem to just fall into extremely positive situations in love or career or both. Natal Cinderellas also seem to have unusual resilience in life, and even when times are very tough they usually land on their feet.
Your Juno conjunct Neptune is a female sexual aspect.
Much Good Luck to you! MH

Question from Nathan: Insights on Orcus
Can you give any "freebie" insights into the position of Orcus as well?

Hi Nathan, I do not have any persuasive hypotheses as yet. Sorry!!
Many Blessings, MH

Questions from Ailie: natal Sedna + Venus/Vesta in CAC
Dear Helena, I hope I'm posting this question in the right place now. I was wondering how Sedna is interpreted in a birthchart - I mean say someone has Venus opposite Sedna?
I was also wondering if a Vesta/Venus conjunction would be experienced in the same way for the Vesta and the Venus people or differently - would the Vesta person feel loyalty or the Venus one?

Hi Ailie,
Thank you for your questions!
Question 1:
First, remember that natal charts only represent potentials, NOT the qualities which people actually manifest according to their FREE WILL. Natal charts can be seen to symbolize a range of possible behaviors or feelings which will be determined by the choices the native makes.
Second, Even though Sedna has negative symbolisms based on definitive research, EVERYONE has Sedna in their birthchart somewhere, and many people have Sedna in aspect to other planets. To assess the relative importance of Sedna (or any planet) in a chart, look for the things which emphasize planetary importance:
Planetary Geometry
Tightness of Aspects
Bi-level and/or trans-dimensional aspects
Be sure the aspect you are analyzing is within correct Orbs. It's the only way Scientific Astrology can work.
Having said all of this, Venus opposite Sedna would be analyzed like any planetary pair:
Read the Planetary Symbolisms for Venus
Read Aspect Themes for Oppositions
Read Planetary Symbolisms for Sedna
Among many other possibilities, Venus opposite Sedna natally could signify:
A person who hates corruption or evil
A person who is tempted by negative things
A person who is highly materialistic but denies this part of self
A person who subconsciously makes poor relationship choices
A person who could be highly controlling in love
Remember- how this or any aspect will manifest is dependent on the native’s FREE WILL choices.
Question 2:
I presume this question pertains to a CAC between two people.
Since Venus and Vesta have similar levels of attachment, the two would likely feel the inter-aspect somewhat similarly.

Read more about levels of attachment for each planet.

If anything, the Vesta person might bring more loyalty to the table, with the Venus person bringing more affection and desire. But I wouldn’t try to deconstruct this too much. This is a wonderful inter-aspect which generally brings mutual loyalty, forgiveness and compatibility, and can be a real support to True Love IF the couple also has Romantic Super-Linkages.
Many Blessings to you! MH

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Question from Nini: Out of orb aspects
hi helena, i wonder if you think that an out of orb natal conjunction is more powerful than an out of orb natal trine, for example 3.7 or 4 degrees. thank you.

Hi Nini,
We would not count any out of orb aspects unless they were part of significant Planetary Geometry.
Many Blessings! MH

Question from Nini: Natal interpretations
dear helena, i hope u can help me with 2 basic questions. thank you.
1. what does a natal helio longititude venus/jupiter/chiron T-square signify? It is Venus square Jupiter, Venus Opposition Chiron and Jupiter square Chiron all within a 2 degree orb of each other. Is it rather difficult and is there advantages?

2. In helio latitudes, there is natal sun parallel uranus and sun contraparallel venus and venus contraparallel uranus all 3 enhancements of each other. if that is combined with helio longitudes of juno conjunct uranus within 2 degree orb and juno conjunct venus with 3.7 degree orb is there special significance? I appreciate your analysis. thank you!!

Hi Nini,
A T-square is typically considered to be turbulent Planetary Geometry, but these are all very benign planets, so in this sense, this t-square could be considered easier than favorable geometry containing a Saturnian planet. Without the entire natal chart to reference, it’s difficult to say exactly how this would be likely to play out. If anything, there could be a tendency away from idealism or a tendency toward overdoing things related to romance and love.
I wouldn’t call the latitude and longitude aspects bi-level aspects, since they are not formed of the exact same planets, but all these aspects would contribute to charisma and personal magnetism. We would not use the 3.7° aspect unless it was part of more planetary geometry than you have described.
I hope this is helpful! Much Love, Many Blessings- MH

Hello Helena: I have a question about a relationship Flying Eagle in a CAC.
In you lesson of planetary geometry, you wrote: Flying Eagle
A rare and powerful pattern containing 2 Mystical Triangles working together. The native or relationship can really soar in the areas indicated by the symbolisms of the planets involved.

What if the mixed planets of the two persons are: Chiron, Venus/N.Node, Sun/Mercury, Sappho (and the Sappho make a linkage to the other person, not a clash).

In what area the relationship could be able to soar?
And what mean soar?

Isabelle 🙂

Hi Isabelle,
We would not use the North Node as a valid point to comprise a Flying Eagle- sorry! If you would like to, please make a new post describing the geometry in the CAC without the Node, and we can assess it. In English, to soar means to fly very high.
Much Love, MH

Question from Isabelle: Obsessive linkages
Hello Helena, I have a question concerning person A's SUN parallel person's B Pluto and Sappho in declinations. Since Pluto and Sappho are obsessive planets. Who would be obsessed? The Sun person would be obsessed by the Pluto/Sappho person or the Pluto/Sappho person would be obsessed by the Sun person?

Isabelle ...:)

Hi Isabelle,
Most likely, the Pluto/Sappho person would be more obsessed mentally/emotionally with the Sun person, but the Pluto/Sappho person would also exert a powerful magnetism which would be a compelling draw for the Sun person.
Many Blessings! MH

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Question from Nini: Natal Cinderella Aspects
dear helena, I have a question concerning natal cinderella aspects. What would a Sun and Mercury parallel to Chiron and an additional Earth and Moon helio parallel to Chiron signify altogether? I haven't been able to get figure out the combined symbolism about the Sun or Earth/Moon complex cinderella aspect in a natal chart. Thank you so much. I look forward to your response.

Hi Nini,
Natal Sun/Chiron and Earth/Chiron aspects, perhaps surprisingly, are not considered natal Cinderella aspects or Super Aspects. However, they are still considered to be very powerful natal aspects.

Natal Sun/Chiron people are usually charismatic and very family-oriented. Natal Earth/Chiron people would share these qualities, and they share a Chiron linkage with everyone on Earth.

A natal Sun/Mercury/Chiron enhancement would create an exceptionally charismatic person who has an ability to touch many people with their words. This could also represent someone whose spoken or written word inspires trust and could bring them fame.
I hope this is helpful! Blessings, MH

Question from Roxanne: Ascendant in CAC’s and transits
Hi Helena, i wondered about aspects to the Ascendant/Descendant axis in CACs and transit interpretation. Are major transiting aspects to the Ascendant significant for romantic or financial issues? When the Ascendant is tightly aspected by another person's planets in a CAC does it have any effect? Thank you.

Hi Roxanne,
Magi principles are based on broad statistical research, and since birth times are often not available for public figures, it is not easy to incorporate this data into the research parameters. Consequently Scientific Astrology has developed principles which do not depend on birth times. Still, we ALWAYS use birth times when available.
In addition, as I’ve said before……

“The issue of birth times is murky at best. For one thing, there is no standard definition for "birth" time. Is this when the baby’s head crowns? When the infant is fully delivered? When the infant draws its first breath? When the umbilical cord is severed? Then, there were no atomic clocks until recent years. What if the doctor’s or nurse’s or midwife’s watch or clock was off? What if birth time was written down later and mis-recalled? Due to this, all birth times should be taken with a little skepticism, especially times which may have been rounded, like 12:00, 2:30, etc. Rectification is also suspect, since there is no way to prove this- at best it’s an educated guess.”

Personally, I do look at Ascendant, Descendant and house set-up when birth times are available. I would not claim that doing this utilizes proven principles, but I always take a look. You can try out the traditional astrology approach of Ascendant representing persona and Descendant representing relationships vis-à-vis both transiting planets and planets in a CAC and see what you come up with.

Ultimately, for me, there are so many proven principles of Scientific Astrology which demonstrate such dependable accuracy that just using those is time-consuming enough without reaching for other information which might or might not work as reliably. Still, I encourage you to do your own experimenting.
Many Blessings! MH

Questions from Nini: Captivations
dear helena, i wonder if u think that a saturn interaspect venus in a sextile would count as a captivation? does it still have an effect but lesser? thanks. also, does a saturn linkage to the moon in CAC count as saturn captivation? thank u

Hi Nini,
Saturn sextile Venus would not count as a captivation. A Saturn linkage to Moon would be a captivation, IF:
The birth time is known for the Moon person.
Magi Aspects with Magi orbs are used. More info. here: Aspects and Orbs
I hope this helps! Many Blessings, MH

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Question from Gordana: Significance of declinations and latitudes
Hello Magi Helena, In an answer to a previous question you’ve said that helio chart would be more “important”(prominent) for a public person (i.e. relationship) and that helio CAC’s would not indicate depth in a relationship, but could indicate power in a relationship. Can you further tell us what is the effect when it comes to declinations (parallels and contra-parallels in geo and helio)? Thank you.

Hi Gordana,
Aspects in the geocentric declinations would have the same effects as those in the geo longitudes. Aspects in the heliocentric latitudes would have the same effects as those in the helio longitudes.
Many Blessings to you!! MH

Questions from Nini: Hearbreak Clashes, Helio data, Saturn Clashes
Dear Helena, I was wondering if u can help with 3 crucial questions i have:

1. Does the Nuclear Heartbreak Clash (Saturn/Jupiter midpoint clash Chiron) qualify as a Heartbreak Clash (Saturn clash Chiron or Saturn/Chiron midpoint clash Chiron), and if it does, can it be reversed by 3 Cinderella Linkages? Also, If 2 people form both a Heartbreak clash (Saturn/Chiron midpoint clash Chiron) and a Nuclear Heartbreak Clash, how many cinderella linkages do you need to reverse BOTH of them? Are 5 cinderella linkages enough, or does it have to be 6? What about a near perfect wedding day? Thank you.

2. How can I find out what sign and degree my Earth planet is in? I have trouble finding information for it.

3. When a person's Saturn/Chiron midpoint or Saturn/Jupiter midpoint clash with another persons Saturn mean? What is the significance between the 2 clashes?

I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!

Love Nini 

Hi Nini,
Thank you for your questions!
1. Yes, a Nuclear Heartbreak Clash counts as a Heartbreak Clash. Three Cinderella linkages can help offset a Heartbreak Clash. With two Heartbreak Clashes it would certainly help to have 6 or more Cinderella linkages. It would also help to understand if the Saturn person is the same in both Heartbreak Clashes, or if each person is the Saturn person in one. Yes, a near-perfect Wedding Day can help greatly to offset Heartbreak Clashes.
2. You can find a Heliocentric Ephemeris online, or order charts including both geo and helio from me here: Charts
3. Either of these clashes would be similar to the Saturn-Saturn Clash of War. More on Clashes
I hope this helps! Much Love, MH

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Questions from Isabelle: Mystical Triangles
Hello concerning a Mystic Triangle.
I know that a Mystic triangle that is formed by Chiron Venus and Neptune is called a Romantic Mystic triangle.

1. What if the Mystic triangle is formed by Chiron Jupiter (Cinderella) and Mars (Marital Sexual)? Is also a Romantic Mystic Triangle or let's say a Cinderella Marital Sexual Mystic Triangle?

2. And what about a Mystic triangle formed by Chiron, Venus (Cinderella) and Sun (Cinderella). Is it a Romantic Mystic triangle or it would be call something like A Cinderella Mystic triangle ?

3. And what importance they have compared to the Chiron Venus Neptune Romantic Mystic triangle?

Isabelle 🙂

Hi Isabelle,
Only a Mystical Triangle of Romance Planets would be a Romantic Mystical Triangle. This Mystical Triangle which you are describing could be called a Cinderella Mystical Triangle, and it is also a Romantic Super-Linkage.
Also a Cinderella Mystical Triangle.
Any Planetary Geometry in a CAC is important. Cinderella Mystical Triangles, which include Romantic Mystical Triangles, are very favorable to True Love. However, different planets in Planetary Geometry represent different flavors of energy between the members of the couple dependant upon the symbolisms of the planets involved. Romantic Mystical Triangles are the very most romantic.

For more information:
Planetary Symbolisms
Planetary Geometry
Much Love and Many Blessings! MH

Question from Emily: Pluto in RSL’s
Hi Helena~ Ok, I have one more here... 🙂 With the Venus-Chiron inter-aspect, you mentioned that "true love is felt by both in this linkage, IF there is a third planet making it a Romantic Super-Linkage." So, I am wondering about a Pluto-Chiron RSL.
1. Is true love felt by both in this RSL since it is Pluto and not Venus?
2. I know it's a less romantic linkage, but wondered if it would be more romantic depending on what the 3rd planet is?
3. Would true love be felt by both people in a Pluto-Chiron RSL if the third planet belonged to the Chiron person, making the other person only involved with their Pluto? Thanks, Emily!!

Hi Emily,
All RSL’s indicate the potential for true love. So yes, true love should be felt by both. Remember though that people contributing different planets feel interaspects differently. The Pluto person may not feel the love as strongly as the Chiron person. See my 5/10/10 post to your question: Vesta in inter-aspects for a recap of this.
Yes, the third planet will very much influence the flavor of the RSL.
Again, to some degree this depends on the 3rd planet. Would you tell us what it is and what are the aspects?
Many Blessings! MH

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Question from Emily: Romantic Super-Linkages
Hi Helena~  I noticed that some of the examples listed of weakened RSLs in Madonna's section are offset with the rule of enhancement dominance. I just wanted to ask or confirm that an RSL that utilizes the rule of enhancement dominance is considered a weak RSL? And if t...his type of RSL is weak, would it still be considered enough for a couple to marry if it was the only RSL? Thanks, Emily!

Hi Emily,
Good questions!
First, Enhancement Dominance works most of the time but not always.
Second, RSL’s vary a great deal. There are a variety of factors with influence the strength of an RSL:
Number of Planets involved
Which planets are involved
Geometry of the RSL
Any clashes which are present.
The strongest RSL’s have strong Planetary Geometry of multiple favorable planets.
Some planets can weaken an RSL such as Uranus or Saturn.
Clash aspects can weaken an RSL.
The weakest RSL’s contain a Chiron or Saturnian planet clash.
One RSL is enough to allow a couple to marry, but the more the better!
For more information I refer you back to this portion of the RSL Lesson.
I hope this helps!! Blessings, MH

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Email from T: Saturn midpoints
When a planet is square, quincunx or in opposition to a natal or transiting hk/hj midpoint I understand this to be an unfortunate phase but is it also the case when a planet is trine a transiting/natal hk/hj midpoint?

Also because saturn is involved in these midpoints a mystical triangle made up of a hk/hj midpoint is not going to be at all harmonious i guess?

Yours sincerely

Hi T,
In Scientific Astrology we do not look at transits TO midpoints, only at transits FROM midpoints.
Yes, just about any transit from a Saturn midpoint is difficult.
Yes, typically speaking, a mystical triangle including a Saturn midpoint would likely be inharmonious. These midpoints pretty much create problems wherever and however they show up. The rule of enhancement dominance would be unlikely to help much with a Saturn midpoint.
Many Blessings to you! MH

Question from Isabelle: Conjuncted Trine
I have a question concerning a Conjuncted trine in a CAC with Chiron Venus Neptune. We call it a Romantic conjuncted trine or not ? Is it as powerful as a grand trine or less ? thanks

Hi Isabelle, I would call this a conjuncted Cinderella trine. It would be very powerful, but not as powerful as a Grand Trine.
Many Blessings! MH

Questions from Isabelle: Sappho in a CAC.
1. In declinations what If person A's Sappho (and Pluto which is obsessive too) is parallel person B's Sun. Does it makes person A obsessive and fascinated about person B or fearful of person B ? Since it's not a clash but a linkage, can it be that person A would... always think... about person B in an obsessive way?

2. Now the same couple has in question 1 in the Geocentric dimension: What would it create to have person A's Sappho trine person B's Chiron (trine Vesta, semi-sextile Mercury and Sun). Would it make the Sappho person obsessive about "marrying" (I write that because of Chiron symbolism) the Chiron person or something else ?
3. If another couple has in 3 dimensions out of four person A's Sappho in clashes (square and contraparallels) with person B's Mars. Will it make person A obessive and/or fearful of person B sexuality or agressiveness? Also, if person B's bring Chiron in one of the configurations, which would make person A's Sappho contraparallel (I think it would make a clash with Sappho hey?) person's B Chiron, could it make the Sappho person more crazy fearful about marrying this person ? or obessive about marrying this person? Or it creates something else ?

Thank you very much for clarifying it 🙂 Isabelle

Hi Isabelle,
The Sappho person in a CAC can feel the fear or obsession, and/or can inspire either or both of these in the other person.
Without looking at the whole chart, I would say that this aspect would inspire a certain obsession with becoming a couple.
Multiple Sappho-Mars clashes in a CAC could possibly make the Sappho person prone to becoming the outlet for the Mars person’s anger. I tend to think the Sappho person would be at a disadvantage here- the Mars person would likely hold the power to bully or dominate the Sappho person.
I hope this is helpful. Many Blessings! MH

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Turbulent Times
So many of the people I've spoken to in the last 1-2 weeks have been feeling the current turbulent Universal stars. I've been getting many reports of “agitation and confusion,” frustration, anxiety, nightmares, feelings of dissatisfaction, etc. As I’ve said for a while, the hallmark of Nuclear Clash stars is “agitated confusion,” and unsurprisingly, those are some of our prominent patterns in the sky now.
If you’ve been similarly affected, you are not alone! The best strategy for handling these feelings is cultivating patience and peace. Few if any positive solutions can arise under such stellar bombardment and people can make themselves crazy trying to sort things out. Usually, when such cycles end, so does the agitation and confusion. Hang in there! Things should settle down fairly soon.
I detailed some of these turbulent Universal patterns in the Second Quarter 2010 StarGazer:
”A Universal Nuclear Clash from 22° - 26° begins April 26 as the Saturn/Jupiter midpoint squares Jupiter in geo., and another UNC begins as a Saturn-Jupiter T-Square starts May 8. Both of these cycles end May 22.In helio, the Saturn-Pluto square which began Feb. 24 continues through the 0° - 4° range (in helio) until June 11. This would be especially detrimental to new business ventures.”
I send out radiant Love and Peace, Helena

Question from Leslie: Starting a new job
Good morning Magi Helena, when natalizing a new job does transiting retrograde pluto opposite my ceres have a significant affect even if it never hits exact?

Hi Leslie,
We always try to avoid a clash of financial planets in our CAC with any type business-related natalization chart.
For a new job, this clash is not great to have. Still, this is a slow cycle and therefore hard to avoid in a natalization which may need to happen sooner rather than later. It would be best to wait until Pluto goes direct in mid-September and is no longer applying to your Ceres. If you need to go forward sooner, just make sure to have as many Golden, Silver, and Cinderella linkages with your natalization date as possible.
As a transiting influence, it is good that this transit does not complete. The wider the orb in the clash when Pluto goes direct and begins to separate, the less powerful the cycle is.
Good Luck and Many Blessings to you! MH

Question from Steve: Financial indicators in the stars
This is what I have been asking these days (for personal financial transits); i.e. the combined effects of turbulent and beneficial transits.
Of course, as you have advised, it is important to watch the heliocentric financial transits for the Day. It appears that turbulent transits effects from planets other than Saturn ...and Sedna can be mitigated by golden transits.

Question 2:
The main question now is "can Saturn transits' effects be mitigated by concurrent golden aspects"?

After today's panic and bloodbath in the stock market, I tend to think NO. Do you agree?

Steve: Ceres (a business planet) was quincunx Sedna orb = 2 degrees 47', aspect applying. It appears that Sedna was the trigger to the financial disaster
and Dow Jones from 10,877 at 09:45 EST (15 minutes after New York opens) plunged to 9,873 (low of the day at 14:47 EST). - yeap that's a 1,004 point drop! (The market... finally closed at 10,520).

The Ceres-Sedna quincunx crossed the 3 degree threshold yesterday 10:45 EST.
Yesterday was a side-ways day for the stock market.

Question 1:
I am wondering if Sappho (the third malefic in the Saturnian group) had anything to do with today's panic that came into effect at 14:00 EST today, when the market was at 10,703 ( ONLY 174 points below the morning's high) and was driven down by a whopping 830 points in 48 minutes!
Hello Helena.
Once more, Thank you Helena for answering my questions.
I hope you don't mind my amateur analysis.
Ceres-Sedna quincunx and a bunch of beneficial financial aspects, when Saturn is square Pluto.

Today May 6th 2010, on Heliocentric Sky there was a bunch of beneficial financial aspects:
a Golden aspect: Chiron quincunx Venus orb=2 degrees 21' ; aspect applying
another one: Chiron conjuct Neptune orb=0 degrees 28' ; aspect separating
and a Venus quincunx Neptune trine orb = 2 degrees 19' ; aspect applying.
These 3 aspects form a planetary synchronization; that enhances their beneficial influence. Venus and Neptune are financial planets.
Alas, Saturn was square Pluto orb =1 degree 0' applying !

Hi Steve,
Many of the aspects you mention had a very wide orb. Market timing is more often indicated by peaking cycles with very tight orbs. I would always look to the tightest orbs for clues, and not give too much importance to the widest orbs- Ceres- Sedna won’t peak until 5/20.
My post on April 4, 10 to your earlier questions “Question from Steve: Concurrent Golden and Turbulent Cycles” was not really oriented toward Universal stars, but rather transiting stars. Still, some of the ways of weighting contradictory indications would apply to Universal stars.

The best way to understand the complexities of Scientific Astrology is practice, practice, practice. There are many stated principles to follow but beyond the basics, there is no substitute for experience. One of the best ways to expand your knowledge is to consult for others- even friends and family. Much knowledge comes when we must reach past the subjectivity that all of us have toward our own concerns. Then, you can apply that new knowledge back to your own interests.
Many Blessings and Good Luck! MH

Question from Emily: Vesta in inter-aspects
Hi Helena~ Regarding your recent response to Candice on how people feel inter-aspects differently and your original response on Feb 21 to my question, where do you think Vesta would fall in this list? I notice that when I have a Vesta link to someone else's planet like Mars or Sun or something, I feel a soft spot for them, I suppose making me more vulnerable or emotional towards them... But still unsure of where vesta would be on the list... Thanks, Emily

Hi Emily,

Below is a recap of previous posts with my own additions of all currently-used planets and asteroids. I would point out that this list is ONLY relevant in personal relationships and is not intended to analyze business partnerships and associations.
People do respond differently to inter-aspects depending upon which planet they contribute to the aspect. For the most part, the person contributing the more vulnerable or emotionally intense* planet of the pair feels the influence more strongly than the other person. The Society performed a great deal of research to determine the planetary order for this phenomenon, listed below from the planet person feeling an inter-aspect most, down to the planet person feeling it least.
This research was done before we had publicly announced our findings on Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, and Sappho and before the discovery of Sedna. My best guesses in terms of ordering these planets are shown with asterisks. The list, with my inclusions, is:
Here is my reasoning for ranking the additional planets and asteroids as I have:
Ceres is selfish, impersonal and lacks compassion, so I put it just above Saturn.

Pallas is logical, not emotional, and I would rank it next to Mercury. Being more attached to plans than Mercury, Pallas could rank just above it.
Juno would likely fall near the bottom based upon Juno’s great allure and magnetism coupled with Juno’s fickle nature. Still, I think Juno may have more attachment to a relationship (at least temporarily) than Ceres.

Vesta is sweet and caring, loyal and true. The symbol of friendship and compatibility, I would rank it just after Chiron and even (just barely) above Venus.

Sappho I would place near the top, perhaps just below Venus, considering its obsessive and fearful nature.

Sedna, I feel certain, would be dead last, due to Sedna’s absolute lack of caring for anyone else. (BTW, these are planetary symbolisms, not a description of a person)

More on Planetary Symbolisms

I hope this is helpful! MH
* My terms
** Asterisks are my ranking, and not the ranking of the Society.

Question from Steve: Sedna’s influences and aspects
Hello Helena; 🙂 Sedna is considered as the Hammer of Thor and malefic as Saturn. Would quincunxes and contraparallels (as Financial transits) by Sedna be categorized as turbulent clashes like those of Saturn? Would oppositions and squares by Sedna (as Financial transits) have the same negative influence as those of Saturn (or less negative than those of Saturn - OR EVEN MORE negative than those of Saturn?). Looking forward to your reply. Thanks 

Hi Steve,
Sedna is as malefic as Saturn or more so! Saturnian planets include Saturn and its midpoints, Sedna and its midpoints, and Sappho. All Saturnian planets follow Saturn rules for aspects: quincunxes, contra-parallels, and contra-latitudes are considered clash aspects if they include a Saturnian planet. Sedna clashes with financial planets signal big trouble in Financial Astrology.
Blessings! MH

Question from Steve: Helio Financial Transits
How about the differences between Heliocentric Financial Transits and Geocentric Financial Transits ? "not as significant" as well ?

Hi Steve,
This would NOT be true in Financial Astrology. Helio is crucial to financial matters. The question you were commenting on referred only to relationship CAC’s.
Many Blessings! MH

Question from Isabelle: Signs of possible infidelity in a CAC
Ok, thank you very much. I wonder what would be signs that a person is more likely to be unfaithful with the other person in a CAC? Maybe Uranus?

Hi Isabelle,
Yes. The Uranus-Chiron clash (not a linkage) is known as the Infidelity Clash. This clash in a CAC does increase the likelihood of infidelity IF either of the partners is inclined in that direction.
Many Blessings, dear! MH

Question from Emily: Marriage Charts
Hi Helena~ As I understand it, the Sun and Earth/Moon marriage chart represent the marriage itself. Does the Sun and Earth/Moon also represent each person in the marriage? OR can the woman be represented by Venus in the marriage chart and the man be represented by Mars? Thanks, Emily!

Hi Emily,
This is really only my opinion, but I would not read a marriage chart this way. The marriage chart represents the “entity” of the marriage rather than the two people in the marriage. The planets and aspects represent the qualities of that entity. Also, remember that Venus and Mars are really archetypal energies. I’ve always found that to assign planets to specific people, i.e. Venus=woman/Mars=man, or Saturn=father/Moon= mother frequently misses the deeper meanings present in the chart.
Many Blessings! MH

Question from Steve: Concurrent Golden and Turbulent Cycles
Hi Helena; My question refers to financial transits and how to interpret the "combined effect" or outcome of golden transits and turbulent transits occurring at the same time.
Question 1: How do you weigh the significance of turbulent transits that occur at the same time with golden transits? do the turbulent... transits completely ruin the effects of the golden transits?
does the number of turbulent transits vs the number of golden transits matter?
- say 3 concurrent turbulent transits and 2 concurrent golden transits - do the turbulent effects outweigh the golden effects?
How about the opposite i.e. what happens when 2 concurrent turbulent transits take place simultaneously with 4 concurrent golden transits?
Would you think that the turbulent transits always ruin the outcome ( career, financial security ) while the golden transits make you feel safe ? - when in reality you are not - (and just help you be calm and act cool when all trouble breaks loose).
Question 2:
How do you navigate when these clusters of turbulent and golden transits come to occur?
a) do you keep a low profile i.e. avoid financial transactions? (especially in the case that the turbulent transits are more than the golden transits)
b) do you act "normal" - "business as usual", expecting that the golden transits will help you get through the difficult times? (especially in the case that the golden transits are more than the turbulent transits)?
I would appreciate your clarifications and viewpoint.
Thank you. 

Hi Steve,

Here are some long-winded answers to your questions. : )
1. Assessing mixed cycles
Here are some basics for assessing mixed cycles:
Count the number of turbulent cycles vs. golden cycles.
Look at the time orb for turbulent cycles vs. golden cycles. Cycles closest to their peak are strongest.
Look at the speed of the planets involved as you consider time orb. The slowest-moving planets need smaller orbs than faster-moving planets to reach maximum power.
Look at the nature of each cycle based on planetary symbolisms. Not all turbulent cycles harm everything, not all golden cycles have the same benefits.
Turbulent cycles do not “ruin everything.” It depends on what specifically they are, and what the other concurrent cycles are.
Golden cycles may offer the fringe benefit of “feeling safe,” but that is not their actual influence. Golden cycles bring money, pure and simple. Some Golden cycles support cash flow from career or business, some support investments. Look at the planetary symbolisms.
2. Navigating through mixed cycles
There are three issues within this question:
a. Natalizations
b. Ongoing actions in business
c. Ongoing actions in investing
a. Natalizations:
Do everything you can to avoid important natalizations during Turbulent cycles. Here is an excerpt from my “Key to Star-Timer Calendar” which comes with every Star-Timer Calendar – I refer to the most significant Turbulent cycles for finances as Blackout cycles.:

“If possible avoid any significant new beginnings or new meetings during Blackout cycles, EVEN IF you also have Golden, Silver or Cinderella cycles. These are mixed days, but still often lead to negative outcomes. Days which have multiple Blackout cycles are your very worst days. On these days, avoid doing anything important- you must be especially careful not to make major errors.
If you MUST start something new or meet someone new during a Blackout cycles:
1. Have as many concurrent Golden, Silver and Cinderella cycles as possible.
2. Do so as close to the beginning of that particular Blackout cycle as possible. Cycles are weakest at the beginning.”
“It is also extremely helpful to choose days which are generally favorable for everyone and avoid days which are generally unfavorable. See the Universal "Best and Worst Days" for each month here: Days which are not listed as either best or worst are considered general neutral days.
Make your choices for your most important new initiatives and new meetings in the following order of preference:
1. A best day for you, one of the best days of the month.
2. A best day for you, one of the neutral days of the month.
3. A neutral day for you, one of the best days of the month.
When you MUST start something or meet someone new on a lesser day, the order of preference:
4. A neutral day for you, one of the neutral days of the month.
5. A mixed day for you (as described above), one of the best days of the month.
6. A mixed day for you (as described above), one of the neutral days of the month.
If you must choose any option other than option 1, there may be a way to “undo” or re-natalize your new beginning. Please email me for more information.
By all means try to avoid any new beginning with any combination worse than described above.”
b. Ongoing actions in business:
Again, by all means try to avoid making major decisions or starting important new initiatives during Turbulent cycles. That being said, business people usually need to make decisions and take actions every day.
Refer to the info. above to choose the best days for significant actions. Beyond this- here is some general advice I’ve posted before for navigating Turbulent cycles. Consider this EVEN IF you also have concurrent Golden cycles:
“Stick to the tried and true- don't do anything unusual or untested
Stick to the safest course- don't take risks or go out on a limb
Stick to common sense- if an idea is generally considered to be a bad idea, don't do it
Get "reality checks" from trusted, wise friends- see what they think
LISTEN TO AND TAKE the good advice you get, don't ignore it

Bad judgment cycles incline us to delude ourselves. They incline us toward temptations that wouldn't ordinarily tempt us. They incline us toward making mistakes, sometimes BIG mistakes. Bad cycles can make us think a new idea or insight is more true and right than what we've always thought. Beware of any new insights that arrive during bad cycles- especially if they fly in the face of common wisdom- they are very unlikely to be in your best interest.

One of the worst things about bad cycles is that they can remove our "safety net." A risk that we might get away with during good transits (if we even wanted to take the risk during good cycles) will almost inevitably blow up in our faces during bad cycles. We just don't have the same margin for error during bad cycles.

Forewarned is forearmed. If we know we are or will be having challenging cycles, we can be extra-careful and prevent bad situations from developing. Also, most people can hunker down and weather any bad cycle if they know when it will be over. You can decide to make good, sensible and careful choices, despite your current stars. Nothing is doomed or fated.

Good stars follow bad stars. Be patient. Pray for Right Guidance. Have faith in yourself and in the Universe. This too shall pass.”

c. Ongoing actions in investing:
Another excerpt from my “Key to Star-Timer Calendar”:
“Try not to be too frustrated with your Blackout Cycles. They are a part of life. If there were no Blackout Cycles, making money would be easy for everyone. Make the most of your winning days with no Blackout Cycles and then wait patiently for your next window of opportunity. Knowing when to advance your interests and when to do nothing is one of the keys to both success and wisdom. Understanding your own timing allows you to become one of the rare few who really succeed.”

Get your Star-Timer  Calendar for Success, Investing, and more

Steve, I hope all this helps to clarify this topic for you. Many Blessings! MH

Question from Isabelle: Venus-Moon natal aspects
1. I was wondering in a natal chart if a Venus sextile Moon would count for the person to be a beautiful, nice person on the inside or is it necessarily need to be a parallel or conjunction or trine?
2. Also, does it count for a man also this to be a beautiful man on ...the inside or is it only for woman to be a beautiful person on the inside the Venus Moon...?
Muchas Gracias para todo 🙂 Isabelle 

Hola Isabelle,
According to research, Sextiles are not as strong as enhancement aspects: Conjunction, Trine, Quincunx, Parallel, Contra-parallel and Contra-latitude unless they form a part of multi-planet Planetary Geometry.
Natal Venus-Moon can indicate a charming, sweet, sensitive and attractive person. Even if a Sextile does not work as consistently or strongly as true Magi aspects, this energy could still be felt or seen in the native, whether they are male or female.
De nada. Es mi placer, mija! MH

Question from Cory: Saturn and Uranus clash transits to Chiron
Hi. Thanks for remembering me...A Friend of mine has Chiron 28 degrees Sag and Transiting Saturn & Uranus are square His Chiron is this a Double heartbreak transit or is it called something else?

Hi Cory,
Saturn applying to Chiron by square is a Heartbreak Transit. The Uranus square to Chiron is a Turbulent Transit to Chiron and also can stress a relationship. A person with both these transits would be even more likely to make a major relationship mistake than with just a Heartbreak Transit, because with the Turbulent Uranus Transit they are likely to feel that they want or need freedom RIGHT NOW, or that they just don’t care what happens to the relationship.
These cycles could be highly misleading and would create the furthest thing from objectivity and clarity, so making any major decision during this time would be inadvisable. Far better for this person to wait for better stars before doing anything that they might regret or that would be difficult to undo.
Love and Blessings!! MH

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Question from Candice: What causes one person to be more in love?
Hi helena,i was wondering what would cause one person in a relationship to be more in love than the other. Would the partner that is the chiron person in more linkage be more in love?

Hi Candice,
It’s true that connected persons do feel inter-aspects differently. The Chiron person usually feels the aspect more strongly.
Here is a copy of my note posted Feb. 21, “Question from Emily: Juno Attraction” with the addition of new information on Sappho.
It is true that connected persons feel inter-aspects differently. This was discussed at some length in our third book, Magi Astrology: The Key to Success in Love and Money, starting on page 292. If you don’t have access to the book, here’s a brief rundown of the information:
People respond differently to inter-aspects depending upon which planet they contribute to the aspect. For the most part, the person contributing the more vulnerable or emotionally intense* planet of the pair feels the influence more strongly than the other person. The Society performed a great deal of research to determine the planetary order for this phenomenon, from the planet person feeling an inter-aspect most, to the planet person feeling it least. It is:
This research was done before we had publicly announced our findings on Juno and Sappho and before the discovery of Sedna. My best guess in terms of ordering these planets would be that Juno would fall perhaps just above Saturn based upon Juno’s great allure and magnetism coupled with Juno’s fickle nature. Sappho I would place near the top, perhaps just below Venus, considering its obsessive and fearful nature. I am fairly certain that Sedna would be dead last, due to Sedna’s absolute lack of caring for anyone else. (BTW, these are planetary symbolisms, not a description of a person)
How close the other person’s planet is to Chiron on the list above would be one way to help to quantify the difference in feelings of love.
Here are some things which help the astrologer to understand which person is more in love in a relationship:
Who contributes Chiron to more linkages or clashes (analysis of Chiron aspects)
Who is most captivated by the other person (analysis of Captivations)
Who has the most Chiron linkages to the ruling relationship chart
Who has the most captivations by the ruling relationship chart
Who is capable of loving more (analysis of natal charts)
Who is most emotionally needy or vulnerable (analysis of natal charts)
Who contributes which planets in Sexual Linkages

I hope this information is helpful to you! Many Blessings, MH

Question from Roxanne: Differences between Geo & Helio Dimensions in CAC’s
Thank you for your reply. Let me see if I understand what you'r saying. If we're analyzing the helio CAC of Jane & Joe Blow of Anytown, USA, the clashes and presumably the RSLs therein would have far less of an impact on their relationship than those in the geo CAC. So a Nuclear Clash would be far less unfavorable, and a Magical Chiron/Venus Linkage would be much less favorable.

However, if the CAC were that of a world-famous actress and her prominent lover, the clashes and linkages in the helio CAC would be of paramount significance. This is of interest to me because I'm examining just such a helio CAC for a globally-known star and her lover, who is well-known in entertainment circles. Their geo CAC is terrific, with the Chi/Ven linkage, seven very powerful RSLs and Sexual Planetary Geometry. In their helio CAC there are even more RSLs, a Cinderella Grand Trine, plus four additional Sexual Aspects and virtually no clashes. Could the helio CAC be considered to show that their relationship has additional depth and power, in light of their fame? Would it be more important in their lives than their geo CAC? Thanks again for helping us understand this issue.

Hi Roxanne,
I’m sorry that I can’t explain these differences in detail since this information is still unpublished by the Society. I would not use the words, “far less impact” “far less unfavorable” or “much less favorable.” I would say this: Any couple more deeply feels geo linkages and clashes. Helio linkages and clashes are still very important, but may not as significant to the couple personally if the couple is not famous. Again to use your terminology, helio CAC’s would not indicate depth in a relationship, but could indicate power in a relationship.
I hope this helps! Blessings, MH

Question from Isabelle: Vesta aspects and fidelity
1. I was wondering if a person has Vesta linked to a lot of planets to the other person in a CAC like Jupiter, Juno, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Venus (by conjunction, semi-sextile, sextile, trine, etc.) does it count for being faithful to this person or it has absolutly to be only to the venus or jupiter of the person?
2. If one person has Venus quintile or biquintile to the other person Jupiter, can it count for being able to be faithful to the other person in the CAC ?
3. If a serial cheater has with a person in a CAC his Jupiter square Venus of the other person, will it make him more incline to be unfaithful to this particular person ? than to another with whom he will not have this square ?
4. If for example, one has his venus square another vesta. If both are serial cheater, who will be more incline to be unfaithful with the other, the venus person or the vesta person?
thanks a lot for your answers. Isabelle

Hi Isabelle,
1. As far as Society research goes, only a Magi linkage between any two of these planets: Jupiter/Venus/Vesta would promote fidelity.
2. A Venus-Jupiter quintile or bi-quintile would help, but would operate differently than a regular linkage. Unfortunately, as I’ve said before, the interpretation of quintiles and bi-quintiles has not been publicly released by the Society, therefore I am not able to explain more fully.
3. No, I don’t believe this square would create a fidelity problem.
4. This could not be predicted with certainty based on this clash alone.
Many Blessings to you! MH

Question from Isabelle : Chiron- Venus linkage
Hello Helena, I have a question in regard of example a linkage between Chiron and Venus which represent true love. My question is: Will mutual love be felt by both the man and the woman in the CAC or only by the Chiron person in this linkage? Is it true love only for the ...Chiron person or since the other person brings his/her venus, true love is felt for that person too? Thanks

Hi Isabelle,
True love is felt by both in this linkage, IF there is a third planet making it a Romantic Super-Linkage.

If you go back and look at my note posted Feb. 21, “Question from Emily: Juno Attraction,” you will see a discussion of the differences in the way connected persons feel inter-aspects. Since Chiron and Venus are next to each other in this list, the couple would feel this connection quite similarly.
Blessings! MH

Question from Sylvia: Significance of helio Star of David
Hello Helena, I was wondering if a heliocentric star of David geometry in two people's CAC would be of importance even though it didn't contain Chiron? One person's Chiron is partly synchronized but not part of the actual trines. One trine is Jup-Mar-Mer and the other one is Sat-Ven-Mar/Ura eclipse. Thank you

Hi Sylvia,
A Star of David is POWERFUL symmetrical planetary geometry! This kind of geometry is always important. Remember that planetary geometry is powerful in the areas symbolized by the planets included. Look at the Magi Planetary Symbolisms of these planets to interpret the meaning of this geometry.
Magi Planetary Symbolisms
Since the Star does not include Chiron and therefore does not include Romantic Super-Linkages, this geometry alone would not indicate that the couple could fall in love. Only Romantic Super-Linkages indicate the potential for True Love.
I hope this information is helpful. Many Blessings, MH

Questions from Isabelle, Indrani & Roxanne: Do the 4 dimensions of Magi Astrology vary in importance?
** read complete questions below.
Hi Everyone,
All four dimensions of Astrology are equally important- there is no ranking order. The key to understanding the 4 dimensions is that they are DIFFERENT. Since the  Society has not published the exact differences between geo and helio, I will be limited in what I can explain. Here is what I can say: Geo and helio aspects affect different realms of life. Depending on what the chart or CAC represents, geo and helio dimensions may take different precedence. In romantic relationships, I feel that the geo CAC is more deeply felt by the couple than the helio CAC.
Isabelle, in your particular situation (I won’t go into all the details), a helio clash isn’t as bad as a geo clash for several reasons, one of which is that you and your Soulmate are not in the public eye.
For celebrities such as Jude Law and Sienna Miller, a helio clash can be as bad as a geo clash, or worse.
I hope this helps to clarify this issue. Many Blessings to all, MH
** Complete questions:
Isabelle: Question: THE 4 DIMENSIONS OF THE ASTROLOGY: Geocentric longitude, Geocentric declinations, Heliocentric longitude, Heliocentri Latitude.

Hello Helena. Since you explained to me that for example a Heartbreak Clash in Heliocentric Chart is not as bad as in Geocentric Chart. I was wondering if we can say in order of importance that the first position of importance would be Geocentric longitude, second place of importance Geocentric declinations *** (OR IS IT EQUAL OF IMPORTANCE BOTH IN GEOCENTRI LONGITUDE AND DECLINATIONS ???), third place of importance; Heliocentric longitude and forth place of importance; Heliocentric latitude ??? (OR HELIOCENTRIC LONGITUDE AND LATITUDE EQUAL IMPORTANCE ???)

Thank you
Indrani: I would be exceedingly interested in your thoughts on this question, Helena. Thank you Isabelle for asking it. 🙂
Roxanne: I would like to know how to weigh geocentric vs. heliocentric CACs as well. I have assumed that they are of equal importance after reading articles on helio charts on the Magi site. There are articles on helio charts with "hidden" Heartbreak and Nuclear Clashes that spelled disaster for relationships, which leads on to believe that the helio chart is of equal importance. Is this the case? Thanks.
Isabelle: Oh, I am surpised since Helena told me that a Heartbreak Clash in Helio is not as bad as in Geo.
Roxanne: That's interesting. Would that mean that a Chi/Ven Cinderella Linkage wouldn't be as positive and powerful in a Helio CAC, for example? Or that an RSL, Grand Trine or Mystical Triangle would be weaker in Helio than in Geo? And if this is the case, why?
Isabelle: Oups, this I cannot answer, I will have to wait Helena to answer. Also, she told me that 3 cinderella linkages can offset in some point a Heartbreak Clash in some point.
Isabelle: Also, the logical part of this is Heliocentric Astrology is seing the planets from a point of view from the Sun instead of from the Earth, and since we live on the Earth and on the Sun, I think it could be a logical point to tell that Geocentric would be more important than Heliocentric. Also, you are probably aware of Traval Astrology? I mean that... See More if you are in a different part of the Earth, it change something in what can happen to you (from astrology view point of course) - sorry, I cannot explain completely since my first language is French.
Roxanne: It does make sense that the earth-centered chart would take precedence. However, I have gotten the impression, perhaps mistaken, that certain aspects in the Helio chart would exert a strong and perhaps overwhelming influence when found in a CAC. The Jude Law/Sienna Miller CAC is an example of this from the Magi site. I would love some clarity on this issue. 4/12/10
Isabelle: Well of course for Jude Law/Sienna Miller CAC if nothing is shown in the Geocentric CAC we have to find it in Heliocentric CAC. So, that would be the explanation in my understanding.

6 Dimensions of Scientific Astrology

Question from Isabelle: Can a Serial Cheater become faithful?
Hello Helena, we have seen often a man who was a Serial Cheater when one woman and we he was with another one, he became faithful (From woman to man also). Let's pretend that the man has the Serial Cheater aspects, but no Faithfull aspects in his chart. Can it be possible for a serial cheater with no faithful aspects in is natal chart to become faithful with a woman because they share in their CAC faithful aspects together? Thank you very much. Isabelle 

Hi Isabelle,
“Faithful” aspects in a CAC can help a Serial Cheater remain faithful. Other things that can help are: True Love as indicated by Romantic Super-Linkages, counseling/therapy, a 12-step program for sexual addiction, or simply a FREE WILL decision to change. Nothing is fated!
About Romantic Super-Linkages
Many Blessings, Isabelle! MH

Question from Indrani: Sat/Chi midpoint parallel Earth in Jesse James’ natal chart
thanks Helena! a quick question: Jesse James’ Sat/Chi = parallel Earth. that means he has it with *everybody*. does that mean his relationships are pretty much doomed?  

Hi Indrani,
You are correct that when a person’s natal planet is parallel Earth in the Heliocentric dimension, that person has their planet linked to everyone on Earth.
Positive planets in this position can bring great blessings. Saturnian planets are more problematic. What this creates is a captivation by the Saturnian planet person which captivates everyone on Earth. Remember that captivations create control. People with natal Saturnian planets parallel Earth often captivate the public and wield much influence.
I would not say that relationships are doomed for a person whose natal Saturnian planet parallels Earth. On the contrary, since this person is the Saturnian person, they wield the control and are more likely to be in a position to hurt others.
This, of course, is subject to the person’s FREE WILL choices. People with Saturnian planets parallel Earth must be exceptionally careful and mindful of others to avoid doing damage and creating negative karma for themselves.

More about Captivations
Definition of Saturnian Planets - See Glossary

Great question! Many Blessings, MH

Question from Roxanne: Mystical Triangles
A follow-up question: Are Mystical Triangles a positive thing in general in a CAC? What are the specific drawbacks of MTs which involve Saturn?

Hi Roxanne,
Mystical Triangles are very positive in any chart or CAC if they do not contain a Saturnian planet. The effect of a Saturnian planet in a Mystical Triangle depends on its location. A Saturnian planet in the trine/quincunx or trine/square corner creates one clash. With just one clash, there is a better chance of Enhancement Dominance. A Saturnian planet in the square/quincunx corner is the most negative since it creates two clashes.
Planetary Geometry is always powerful, but with a Saturnian planet dominating the Mystical Triangle from the square/quincunx corner, its power could be negative rather than positive. I say “could” because there is always the 77-type rule, FREE WILL, and miracles from God.

See the definition of Enhancement Dominance in Glossary
See the definition of Saturnian Planets in the Glossary

I hope this is helpful! Blessings! MH

Post from Indrani: Sandra Bullock- Jesse James real wedding date
Hi Helena, this is their real wedding date, apparently:
March 31 at 1:20p 

Hi Indrani,
Thank you for your sleuthing!
Even with a 7/14/2005 wedding date instead of the widely-published 7/16 date, the same hideous trans-dimensional Heartbreak T-squares show up. Send prayers to Sandra Bullock and all concerned- this is no doubt very painful.
Blessings! MH

Questions/Comments from Isabelle, Indrani, and Emily: Heartbreak Clashes
Isabelle: Question regarding Heartbreak Clash: Hello Helena, I checked a lot of couples I know and I have a hard time understand the Heartbreak Clash. It is written in Magi Astrology that 85 % of the couple who has a heartbreak Clash with end their relationship. I read also that a good wedding chart can help in the case of a heartbreak clash. But, I wonder with a lot of couples, but I will take one for example: My mother and her second husband. He makes a heartbreak clash to her + an important (of what I understood) Saturn venus clash. They are together since 31 years. They married after 22 years of being together 19 April 2000 which could have helped against the heartbreak clash. But even if there was a Cinderella linkage at that time in the sky, there was also a Heartbreak Clash from Saturn to Chiron. They are still together and I can promise you that they will be together till death do part them.

Isabelle: I wish I could understand. I analyzed a lot of couples, and they are together for around then 20 years and their heartbreak clashes didn't necessarily destroyed their union. Some are married, some are not. It's quite complicated for me right now to understand, but I presume there is an answer... 🙂 thanks
Indrani: Isabelle, if I may... the Magi do take into consideration the concept of Free Will. Also, there's the 77-Type rule -- its states that most aspects etc work around 77% of the time. As Helena states often and on her website -- take everything with a big pinch of free will 🙂
Emily: I thought that the 77-Type rule was only for planetary geometry that includes a trine, conjunct, parallel, or contra-parallel to offset 77% of the time a clash that is in the same planetary geometry. Helena, can you let us know if this is right? Thanks...
Isabelle: "When a couple form both very strong Linkages and also bad Clashes, the normal result is attraction during the first stage, then confusion and ultimately antagonism. But if you are in a love union and you have similar conflicting signs in your CAC, it does not mean your relationship will also break up. When it comes to matters of personal relationships, all the rules of astrology are what we call 77 TYPE RULES. Such rules work 77% of the time. These are very reliable and good rules and if we know how to use them, we are much less likely to suffer heartbreak and much more likely to find happiness in love. For this reason, although such rules are not 100% (nothing about human relationships is, especially when it comes to love), we should still definitely learn the rules and utilize them in our lives."

Hi Everyone,
** See original questions/comments below.
I agree that the 77-type rule can mean that a Heartbreak Clash can be mitigated. Free Will also certainly plays a part. So does the nature of the Wedding Chart. There are no perfect natal charts or CAC’s and there are no perfect people or relationships.
If you see a Heartbreak Clash in a relationship or in a natalization, please don’t panic! Miracles happen and God and the Universe smile on Love!!! The purpose of understanding the Heartbreak Clash and all Magi principles is to advise you on LIKELIHOODS if you are considering a new relationship. Remember that three Cinderella linkages can overpower a Heartbreak Clash, and that it can also be overcome with a near-perfect wedding date.
The 77-type rule refers to the fact to the fact that rules typically work 77% of the time. Emily, the offset within Planetary Geometry that you are asking about is the rule of Enhancement Dominance.

Find out your Heartbreak Clashes in a Love-Stars Complete Relationship Report
See the definition of Enhancement Dominance

I hope this clarifies things! Many Blessings, MH

Question from Jay: Solar Flares
Have you or the society attempted to incorporate solar flares into astrology? A google search for "solar flare astrology" doesn't offer much. I have heard rumors, however, that the highest echelons of the US government use only peak solar flares to plan their most important activities. It's ideas like that, that get too weird even for the likes of us, but I am intrigued. 

Hi Jay, I have not done any research on solar flares and as of now, the Society has not released any findings about them.
Many Blessings! MH

Question from Roxanne: Horary Astrology
Does Scientific Astrology make use of Horary Astrology? I specifically wondered whether Magi aspects and principles can be applied to Horary charts. Thank you.

Hi Roxanne,
We don’t use classic Horary Astrology, but I always use Magi Aspects and principles in ALL techniques- I find that Magi principles are incredibly consistent, even when applied to non-Magi techniques.
Many Blessings! MH

Question from Emily: Can a trine offset a square?
Hi Helena, I'm wondering about the 77-type -rule. If a planet has a trine linking to it as well as a square. Does the trine offset the turbulence most of the time even if the planet making the trine is Juno? Thanks...

Hi Emily,
Juno isn’t the best planet, but it is not a Saturnian planet, so the trine would likely dominate the square. This would be due to the rule of Enhancement Dominance. The 77-type rule really refers to the fact that rules typically work 77% of the time.
See the definition of Enhancement Dominance
Blessings! MH

Question from Emily: How to see planetary movement
Hi Helena! What is the fastest or best way to see the direction a planet is moving? Just by clicking ahead a few days or something? Also, can we assume that when we choose a date to natalize something that the planetary movement is more significant than how tight the orbs are?

Hi Emily,
In most astrology charts, retrograde planets are shown with an “R” or “Rx” after the degree number in the geo longitudes. There is no retrograde motion in the helio longitudes.
In the geo declinations and helio latitudes planets are either moving North or South. In some programs these planets are shown inside a central hexagon.
Imagine dividing the hexagon in half with a vertical line in the center:
Planets on the left side are moving North
Planets on the right side are moving South
And yes, you can always click ahead to see planetary movement.
I would not say that planetary movement is more significant than exactness of orbs. Both of these factors are very important in natalizations and there is no simple rule that applies here. Sorry!
I hope this is useful. Many Blessings! MH

Question from Emily: Interpretation of multi-planet yod
Hi Helena! How would you interpret positive planetary geometry in a couple's CAC that has a jupiter-venus conjunction, uranus, and the moon? I thought it could be a blessed love affair that is emotional (or romantic?) and adventurous. Do you think that's right or how would you interpret it? Is Uranus problematic in this configuration for wandering, etc? More info.: It is a yod with his uranus at the top. His uranus is quincunx to her moon (right side of yod). His uranus is then quincunx to her jupiter - with her jupiter being conjunct to his venus. So the bottom left of yod is a jupiter-venus conjunct. Her moon is sextile to the jupiter-venus conjunct - however, the moon sextile jupiter is her aspect so it doesn't show up on the grid. We see instead on the grid her moon sextile his venus. This has been a confusing one for me to interpret. 🙂 

Hi Emily,
As I understand this geometry, the man has a natal Venus-Uranus quincunx which links to the woman’s Moon-Jupiter sextile, thus forming the CAC yod.
First realize that it’s both difficult and often incorrect to take any aspect or geometry out of context of the entire chart. Having said that, I believe that this yod would have a variety of meanings:
It would be possible that the woman would be a stabilizing and nurturing influence (Moon & Jupiter to Venus & Uranus) on the man, and the man a stimulating influence (Uranus to Moon) on the woman.
The couple together could be popular and well-known in their circle. (Jupiter to Venus and Uranus)
The couple’s Venus-Jupiter “Loyalty and Peace linkage” would likely create a deep friendship whether or not they are lovers, and could help to offset the man’s Venus-Uranus aspect- see below.
The relationship (or the man’s behavior) would likely fluctuate more than the woman would like. This in itself would be expected due to the Moon-Uranus linkage and is no cause for alarm.
Since this geometry contains neither a Romantic Super Linkage nor a Sexual Linkage, it does not by itself reveal whether the couple could fall in love or become lovers.
More About Romantic Super-Linkages
More about Sexual Linkages
The man’s natal Venus-Uranus aspect is a Wanderer aspect or Heartbreaker Aspect. It can indicate a person who has trouble making or keeping a commitment. Once again I’ll say that this is out of context of the man’s whole natal chart and that in this FREE WILL UNIVERSE, we can all make whatever choices we wish. Scientific Astrology can simply help us predict the likelihood that a person will make a certain choice. Looking at the rest of his natal chart will help show whether or not this man will wander.
Always look for repeated themes. Repeated themes geometrically increase the likelihood that a behavior will manifest. If the man has only this one Wanderer-type aspect, and/or has Faithful Aspects, then he will likely be able to make a commitment- especially if he is fairly mature.
If he has additional Wanderer Aspects, Cheater Aspects, Sex Addiction Aspects, many natal sexual aspects, and/or is still quite young, then he may not be able to commit fully, or might cheat.

More about Wanderer and Faithful Aspects
More about Cheater Aspects and Sex Addiction Aspects

I hope this helps! Blessings, MH

Question from Indrani: Double-direct and Bi-directional Quincunxes
Thank you so much, Helena! I've been away so I'm just starting to catch back up to your Notes. As always, you floor me with not only your knowledge, but your patient willingness to share and teach. I have a quick question as regards to this topic: you say all Double Direct quincunxes are turbulent. Could you explain a little as to why that is? And, also, could you please let us know if the Bi-Directional quincunx is a turbulent aspect? I have one between my Jup and my Pluto. Thanks so much.

Hi Indrani,
Your natal Jupiter-Pluto quincunx would be considered a highly favorable Golden Super Aspect. Quincunxes are generally considered to be enhancements in Scientific Astrology unless the aspect contains a Saturnian planet (Saturn and its midpoints, Sedna and its midpoints, or Sappho), in which case a quincunx is always considered turbulent in a CAC or natalization.
This would be considered an advanced rule of Magi date selection, and relates to the types of progressions which the aspect sets up.
Thank you for your support! Warm Blessings! MH

Questions from Isabelle and Emily: Faithful Aspects in CAC  
Isabelle: I wonder what would be the linkages in CAC that would show that two people would be faithful to each other? ** See entire text of questions/comments below.

Hi Isabelle and Emily,
The Faithful Linkages between Venus, Vesta and Jupiter operate in the natal chart. These incline an individual toward fidelity (though the whole chart must be taken into account.)
The same linkages in a CAC could help support fidelity in a couple by providing a deep sense of friendship and caring for one another. I still believe that ultimately the question of fidelity in relationships is best resolved by looking at the natal charts of the individuals involved.

Some natal aspects which can incline a person toward infidelity
Please consider the caveats in my extensive April 1 post on this topic, “Juno-Sappho Serial Cheater Aspects.”
Also, the Uranus-Chiron linkage in a CAC is known as the Fluctuating Linkage. This linkage causes a relationship to ebb and flow or run hot and cold, but I do not find that it increases the likelihood of infidelity. However, the Uranus-Chiron clash is known as the Infidelity Clash. This clash in a CAC does increase the likelihood of infidelity IF either of the partners are inclined in that direction.
I hope this helps clear things up! Many Blessings and Good Luck! MH

**Concerning the Faithful*: Linkage between any two of these: Venus, Vesta, or Jupiter

I have found in a CAC two persons who has a linkage between Vesta (the guy) and Jupiter (the girl).
A linkage between Vesta (the guy) Pluto and Juno (the girl).
A linkage between Vesta (the guy) Mars and Netpune (the girl).... See More


A linkage between Vesta (the girl) Mars (the guy)
A linkage between Vesta (the girl) Venus (the guy)
A linkage between Vesta (the girl) Sappho (the guy) but don't know if we can count it ???

Is this enough to make the couple faithful to each other ?

They don't have Uranus linked to Chiron that could mean infidelity between them.

Maybe something else could mean infidelity in a CAC?
Emily: i don't know...If there are more faithful aspects(individuals) and linkages(CACs), I would also love to know what they are. If I had to guess, I think that in a CAC venus-vesta and vesta-chiron might be helpful since they can create a feeling of sympathy or compassion for one another. Venus-Jupiter linkages are called peaceful/loyalty linkages, so maybe that could help? It's just a guess on my part, I can't answer really. But for cheating, I would look at the individual's chart to see if they have a sex addiction aspect. You can find info on Sex Addiction aspects here.

Question from Melissa: Clash of War    
Can you elaborate on the Saturn-Saturn Clash of War?!!

Hi Melissa,
The Saturn-Saturn Clash of War is not as dangerous or insidious as a Heartbreak Clash or Nuclear Clash, but it does call for mindfulness and patience within the relationship, especially when a real conflict crops up.
Clash descriptions on my website
This is from the AstroGeometry Interpretations: [SATURN SQUARE YOUR SATURN]
CLASH: ROM/R= -165. SEX/R= -105. CMPT/R= -185. CLASH OF INCOMPATIBILITY. Makes it difficult for the two of you to agree on key issues, or even insignificant ones, thus placing a high degree of stress in your relationship. You say 'white' and this person will think 'anything other than white.'

I hope this is helpful! Blessings, MH

From Melissa: Is the Universe fair?
One thought that has been on my mind with regards to my love of astrology - which now bends towards magi astrology is - what about all the people who will never get the benefit of it? If we can be so highly benefited by natalizing important events on the right days - what about all the poor who never barely even get a book, much less, learn astrology, and get to use it to their advantage. It seems unfair - if from a fair "God" ("Universe") - maybe it is just that it seems this way from our limited view?

Hi Melissa,
I share your concern toward those less fortunate. To help disseminate Scientific Astrology as widely as possible, I answer these FB questions : ), offer reduced-rate sessions, and reduced-rate tutoring. As much as I can, I try to shine a Light in the world.
In so many ways, this world seems to be filled with tragedy, inequity and misery. We must all do our best for others… Beyond that, I really believe that everything has a purpose, even if we can’t understand it. I don’t believe too much in Nature or in the Universe is random. Just because we don’t understand why something unfolds the way it does, doesn’t mean that there is no Universal law at work. To quote His Holiness the Dalai Lama, “I do not judge the universe.”
The more we can let go and trust, the easier life becomes. Perhaps even a tiny cessation in anxiety within us can spiral out and help others as well, through modeling, inspiration, or just bringing more peace into the collective unconscious.
Wishing you Peace and Love, MH

Question from Isabelle: Juno-Sappho Serial Cheater aspects
To be really honest, I checked over 100 persons and I discovered that those who have Juno Sappho linked are the one that are not at all serial cheaters. And the serial cheaters I know don't have this combination. I discovered also that I have it (which I tought I didn't have) in declinations, but I have to tell you. I AM SOOOO MONOGAMOUS. Never was... See More a serial cheater and not intetend to be either. BUT I really need a deep and profound connection with the opposite sex in a sexual intercourse. And those who have it are like me. Maybe it means that those who have it needs a profound sexual connection also, maybe that makes them looking outside their relationship to find it if they don't have it in their relationship. Anyway, I know the those who have it and where not satisfied in their relationship didn't cheat anyway. I don't know what to think about this discover. SORRY !

Hi Isabelle,
I believe there are several important things to consider here:
Planetary energies always seek expression. We don’t know exactly HOW they will be expressed. This depends on the Free Will choices each person makes.
You can’t fixate on any one aspect in any chart. There is usually more than one reason people step outside the norm or take risks, whether those additional reasons are found in their natal chart or in their life. For example, most celebrities have the looks, the fame, the charisma, the money and the opportunities for cheating, making it much easier to succumb to temptation.
As I have said in the past, Scientific Astrology only works if you use strict Magi Aspects and strict Magi Orbs. If you use additional aspects or wider orbs, you will get inaccurate results. Please see my post on 2/26/10 for discussion of these aspects and orbs, plus much other information.
4.   As I also wrote on Feb. 26, in my own archives 95% of the people I KNOW to be serial cheaters have a serial cheater aspect and/or a degraded sexual aspect. Checking back over clients which I KNOW to be faithful, I did not find one single instance of either a serial cheater or degraded sexual aspect. This does not mean that every person with a Juno-Sappho natal aspect will be a serial cheater. Every person with a Bill Gates aspect (Jupiter-Pluto) is not Bill Gates, and so on. So often it all comes down to choice. Do not ever forget this is a FREE WILL UNIVERSE.
I appreciate all the efforts you are making to learn Scientific Astrology! Many Blessings! MH

Questions from Cathy: Sappho in relationships
Hi, In February the Magi web site posted some very interesting information about Sappho imparting extreme neurotic behavior to planets it aspects. The example was Tiger Woods having Sappho aspect Juno. What is your experience as far as Sappho's influence in the CAC? For example: A CAC with Sappho conjunct Sun or Venus? Thanks for sharing so much information! 
My CAC curiosity was if Sappho were to be linked to the Sun or Venus (example) would it tend to produce an unhealthy attachment or neurotic fixation on the partner.

Hi Cathy,
I have been extremely intrigued with Sappho and I am continuing to work with it to formulate my hypotheses as to how it works natally, by transit, and in CAC’s. Keywords I’m playing with include desperation and compulsivity. In the natal chart, I’m thinking it may pertain to preverbal traumas and/or abandonment issues.
An early hypothesis regarding Sappho in inter-aspects is that Sappho seems to bring in the element of fear into inter-aspects…. Depending on the other planet involved, I think that a Sappho inter-aspect could certainly create an unhealthy attachment or neurotic fixation. As the Society releases more information, and/or I feel more certain of Sappho’s effects, I will post more.

Great question! Many Blessings! MH

Sandra Bullock’s Separation from Jesse James
I have been inwardly cringing for poor Sandra Bullock for years, but consistent with my policy of remaining quiet about celebrity “disasters-in-the-making,” I’ve written nothing about it. Here is a brief rundown of the clashes that in my opinion pretty much doomed this relationship.
In their CAC:
Jesse’s trans-dimensional Sat/Chi midpoint Heartbreak Clash with Sandra’s Chiron.
Sandra’s bi-level Sat/Jup midpoint Nuclear Clash with Jesse’s Jupiter.
In Jesse’s natal chart:
Jesse’s triple conjunction of Sun-Saturn-Sedna at the apex of a yod with Neptune and a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. This is trans-dimensional with the Earth opposite Saturn-Sedna at the apex.
Jesse’s “Heartbreaker” Sat/Chi midpoint parallel Earth
Jesse’s Multi-Degraded Sexual Aspect: Venus Sq. Juno in clash angles with Sat/Chi midpoint, Sat/Nep MP, Sat/Jup MP AND Sat/Plu MPs.
In the Wedding Chart:
Trans-dimensional Saturn-Chiron Heartbreak Clash – actually 2 T-squares with both Sat. and the Sat/Chi midpoint clashing with Chiron
Hang in there, Sandra!! We hope you’ll use Scientific Astrology next time! Blessings to all- MH

Email from C: Feelings of imbalance and unease
Hi I have been following your column for years, I'm glad you're on facebook. I am a Scorpio 11/4/1971 born at 4pm in Chicago Heights Illinois. I live in Miami but am out in LA for a bit now. This time has been really weird for me. I have had ups and downs career and relationship wise, but the main issue is not that so much, because as a Scorpio, you get used to ups and downs, and just kind of roll with it. The problem is that I've had a general feeling of imbalance, unease and unfocus that I've been feeling, especially in the last few weeks. This is not characteristic and its troubling, I'm sure part of it is just feeling whats going on in the world but for sure something is going on in my life. What do you think astro wise?

Hi C,
Obviously I’m just guessing here. Some of the transits or progressions that could contribute to the feelings you are describing are transits or progressions from Saturn or the Saturn-Jupiter midpoint to planets such as Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, or Pallas.
I hope this helps! MH

Question from Isabelle: Saturn yod
Question regarding Saturn quincunx Sun in a yod with Venus.

Ok, her Saturn is quincunx her Venus in natal chart. He bring his Sun in a quincunx to her Saturn and a sextile to her Venus.

I know that you told us that Saturn quincunx Sun is a difficult clash to have in a CAC. Well, if the lady is aware of this clash, can ......she modify her behavior to make it less difficult? or is it fatal?

Also, if I understand, he will have his heart broken from her because she has the Saturn, but in the same time, her Venus form a nice link to his Sun.

I am a bit confuse with that one. Please can you help. Isabelle 🙂

Hi Isabelle,
A Saturn-Sun clash in a CAC is difficult as the Saturn person often seems over-controlling to the Sun person. This is not, however, a Heartbreak Clash. How this actually plays out depends on several things:
The natal charts: If the lady tends toward being controlling natally, and if the gentleman has issues with control or controlling women.
The CAC: The rest of the linkages and clashes. Is the relationship rewarding enough that this flaw can be overlooked? Or is this just one of many abrasive clashes?
Awareness of the Saturn person: ABSOLUTELY the Saturn person can impact this situation for the better! In any Saturn clash or captivation, if the Saturn person has the wisdom, benevolence, self-discipline and true love necessary, they can greatly reduce the trouble the clash or captivation would otherwise cause.
One more thought that I have here is that the Saturn lady might need to work extra hard to be demonstrative and affectionate enough in this man’s eyes.
Many Blessings to you! MH

Email from S: Directional Aspects, Asteriod Interpretations
Hello Helena, thank you for responding to me and sorry I used an old address but I didn't know as I just found you.

For our discussion I will only say "aspect" if the alignment is between two planets in any one chart regardless if it's a Natal, daily, or pure progression or any other astrological chart, and I'll say "interaspect" when it's between planets in a CAC.

I would be happy to tell you what page in "Love & Money" I was referring to in my question. On page 231, about a third of the way down it states "there are more successful people with retrograde planets in their charts then those who do not have them - by a very wide margin. This is because an aspect that is formed by one planet in retrograde, and the other in direct motion, is more powerful than when both are direct - much more so."

However, it also states at the bottom of the page and into the next page the following "Bi-directional aspects are better then doubble-direct aspects if the aspect is turbulent or quincunx" I do believe I understand that double retrograd aspects and interaspects are the most intense whether it's negative or positive, but this gets a little confusing to me because from what I understand if Saturn is retrograde and in an activation aspect or interaspect with another planet in direct motion, the negative affect that it would normally have if it was a mono-directional aspect is greatly decrease to the point where there is very little to worry about, however it is my understanding or misunderstanding also from the book quote above that in a Natal chart this same bi-directional aspect is enhanced by Saturn being in retrograde. So simply put the bi-directional link has with Saturn is empowered in one chart, but neurtalized in an other.

I guess what I am asking is it seems like a bi-directional aspect or interaspect has a different affect depending on what type of chart you are looking at as well as possibly the angle and if Saturn is involved? In some situations it seems to have an overall empowering affect, and in others it seems to have a negative neutralizing affect, so it is a little confusing to me. Hope I didn't confuse you?

One last thing, I can't seem to find information anywhere, member or not, about what aspects mean in a birthchart when asteroids are envolved, besides maybe a couple regarding Juno. It's just really frustrating trying to look at someone's birthchart including your own and you don't know what many of the aspects mean simply because they envolve an asteroid, you can only make educated guesses from what you know of the asteroid meanings. Any ideas where to get this information?

Hi S,
Page 231 in the Love and Money book is about choosing natalization dates, and not related to inter-aspects in a CAC.
The book explains that in a natalization, the type of planetary movement sheds light on the relative “favorableness” and strength of the aspect. There are three types of planetary movement in natalization aspects:
Bi-directional aspects (when 1 planet is direct and 1 is retrograde)- these strengthen favorable aspects and weaken turbulent aspects.
Double-direct aspects- these should always be avoided if the aspect is turbulent, and ALL double-direct quincunxes are turbulent.
Double-retrograde aspects- these aspects are the very best to have if an aspect is an enhancement, but the worst of all if the aspect is turbulent.
In a CAC with a two-planet inter-aspect, the direction of planetary motion is not as significant as the tightness of the aspect orb. The tighter the orb, the stronger the aspect.
As far as asteroids in a CAC, the two most important are Vesta and Juno. Ceres and Pallas are of less significance in CAC’s most of the time. Using the Magi planetary symbolisms and making your educated guesses is actually wonderful training for learning chart synthesis! Getting to the point of being able to synthesize in your practice is far better than using “cookbook” interpretations, unless you are just using the interpretations to learn from. In any case, the Apex Interpretation Upgrades to the AstroGeometry program include interpretations of Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno.
I hope this is helpful! Many Blessings, MH

Email From G: Romantic Super-Linkages
1.You have said: “a person with a natal romance aspect or natal RMT has a much greater statistical likelihood of meeting people with whom they form RMT's. This is one reason why this native could fall in love easily” – that’s what I’ve thought, but I’ve also thought that there might be additional opportunities of “Cinderella nature”, since there are Cinderella linkages involved. (e.g. - a person who claims that he was born poor, within a relatively short period has become quite rich, and this is indeed a Cinderella story in a small, poor country like mine. Perhaps I am wrong, - maybe there are other more valid “astro” factors contributing to his wealth!?! )
2. In the site of Magy Astrology there are two charts of Madonna and her former husbands (and not other examples of RMTs), and in her both CAC charts Venus-Chiron is not square (the square is between other two combinations). According to my intuition, in a RMT Venus-Chiron linkage is the most important for mutual love – maybe I’m wrong on this!?! Your answer is vague but rather wise and I’ll cite you again : “Since the mystical triangle is a strong geometric form, there would at least be some offset of the unfavorable side of the Venus-Chiron clash, especially if the Chiron-Neptune trine is a linkage between the two charts and this is a true RSL’ I’m sorry, I don’t even have a basic knowledge of Scientific Astrology to dare to conclude anything, but from the information picked up from 2-3 Scientific Astrology sites, I’ve got a strong hunch that the mutual configuration of Venus, Neptune and Chiron in a RMT is quite important , and so, not all RMTs are alike. Maybe the best RMTs are those with Chiron trine and inconjuction to other planets. Also, in a CAC chart, probably it is not irrelevant whose is the Chiron who receives the energy from the other ' person romantic planets? I hope I'm wrong on this speculation- maybe the mutual configuration of Ch, Ne, Ve, is irrelevant because the CAC energy is cycling in the mutual RMT, and as you say: “there is always a mutual attraction in a case of RMT in a CAC ?
3.And on MA site, there is another example with Madonna and Warren Beatty, where a “RMT”(?) consists of Chiron-Venus-Venus. I’m not sure if this is RMT by definition, since your comment on a slightly different but yet similar configuration is: “. If the Neptune is from the same chart as the Chiron (i.e. a natal linkage) then this would not be an RSL. If the Chiron-Neptune trine is a linkage between the two charts, then this would be an RSL – maybe this rule is relevant for Ve, or not?

If the natal RMT includes a natal Cinderella aspect, then yes, by all means this could create a Cinderella story as you describe. Natal Cinderellas often find themselves “miraculously” falling into some wonderful situation in their personal lives, in business, or both.
A Venus-Chiron linkage IS the most Magical linkage between two people, but is not the only linkage which can indicate True Love. Your hunch is correct that not all RMT’s are alike. No two configurations are alike, unless they are EXACTLY alike, and even so, the configurations will still play out in a different CAC, between different natal charts, and within a different ruling (meeting, love, wedding) chart. In general I would say this: A RMT in a CAC is a fantastic piece of love geometry! Don’t worry too much about which planet is in which position. I would not say this about any Mystical Triangle, though, especially if it contained Saturn or a Saturn midpoint.
See your answer in the preceding post.
I hope this is of help to you! Blessings, MH

Email Question from G: Venus-Venus aspect in a CAC
Since Neptune and Chiron are" generational planets", I guess interaspects Neptune-Neptune and Chiron-Chiron in CAC are irrelevant, but what about Ve-Ve? Do aspects between mutual Venus(es) in CAC have any meaning? Can Ve-Ve aspect be a part of some important sky-pattern ( e.g.Romantic Mystical Triangle)?

In Scientific Astrology, in most cases we don’t assign too much significance to two-planet aspects in a CAC formed by the same planet, such as Venus-Venus. One exception to this is the Saturn-Saturn Clash of War.
In Planetary Geometry, a repeated planet would be considered part of the geometry, but the geometry would be considered more significant if it consists of at least three different planets.
Many Blessings, I hope this helps clarify! MH

Question from Angela: Which transits can indicate a new job?
Hi Helena! Since so many of us are out of work these days, myself included, are there any transits to look for that may indicate a new job? Thank you!!

Hi Angela,
If a person is out of work, a new job would most likely be indicated by upcoming Golden and/or Silver transits and/or progressions. Upcoming Golden and/or Silver Progressions would be most favorable, since progressions are both longer and stronger than transits. Golden and Silver progressions have the same definitions in terms of planets as Golden and Silver transits, but they occur in the pure progressions or the progressed transits.
Definition of Golden Transits
Definition of Silver Transits- scroll down
Golden and Silver progressions and transits definitely bring in money, and the more that are concurrent, the better!
I hold a vision of abundance, personal fulfillment, and joy for you and for all those looking for jobs…..
Much Love and Many Blessings! MH

Question from Isabelle: Can feelings be valid in astrology interpretation?  
You wrote "technically" it would not count. But my feeling (maybe I am wrong) is to taking it as valide because it's not even a 4.1 degrees orb distance and also the way I see and feel this couple.
****Is sometime a feeling is valid in astrology interpretation?

I really wanted to know what you would do. Thank you very much for your input.

Yes, they have many favorable linkages. They are attracted to each other like honey and bee. More on the part of the man. The woman also but the man does the loving more than the woman. He initiate everything with her. 🙂

Chère Isabelle,
Personally, I tend to trust my intuition a lot when I’m reading for others and I’m able to be objective, and very little when I’m considering a personal situation and likely to be subjective. It’s almost impossible for anyone to be completely detached regarding personal matters. This is why even very wise and accomplished astrologers/counselors/therapists sometimes seek a consultation with someone else who can provide the necessary objectivity.
Beyond that, I would say that astrology in general and Scientific Astrology in particular is both an art and a science….. It’s easier to learn the science portion, and to teach it, than to learn the artistry and to teach that. The best way I think to bring both sides into manifestation is to steep oneself in the study of technique first, and having reliable techniques makes for more accurate readings! Then when one is truly versed in the science, the artistry can soar and the voices of the Angels can be heard.
Springtime Blessings! Magi Hélène

Question from Isabelle: Is this a Cinderella Yod?
Hi have a question in regard of Magi orb in RSL. and the extension to 4 degrees orb to one planet. ACCORDING TO M*GI ASTROLOGY: there is one exception to the orbs listed above. In a planetary geometry configuration of 3 or more planets, ONE planet (and only one planet) may have an orb of 4°.
My question is this: there is a guy (Chiron) who has a possible Cinderella Yod with a girl (Pluto, Mars, Neptune). Since his Chiron and her Neptune are 4,06'51 orb, can it be or not a Cinderella Yod?

They have a Yod with His Chiron, Her Pluto (Cinderella), Her Mars (Marital Sexual), but Her Neptune is conjunct her Mars, so I thought that it may be count? They don’t have in declinations Chiron Neptune link. But they have Her Jupiter-Chiron conjunct His Neptune and His Jupiter-Chiron conjunct Her Venus.

Here is the pattern for possible Cinderella Yod:
His Chiron (apex) Aries 17.34'11 quincunx Her Pluto Virgo 19,40,01 quincunx Her Mars Scorpio 18,41'47 CONJUNCT her Neptune Scorpio 21.41,01
The Chiron and the Neptune have an orb of 4,06'50 orb
Could it count for a 4 degrees orb for one planet in the RSL or not ? Since it is not yet a 4.1 degrees orb.

Of course I would find it very strange if it’s not working has a Cinderella Yod since in my opinion it’s a 4 degrees distance orb, not even a 4.1 degrees orb. But maybe you have another idea about it.

Also, His Chiron is trine Her Jupiter.
They also have a Mystic Triangle: Her Chiron, Her Sun/Mercury, His Venus.
A Grand Trine is attached to it: Her Sun/Mercury, His Venus, His Mars.
In declinations they have Her Mars parallel His Jupiter and His Neptune.
They have also Her Jupiter contraparallel His Sun and Her Neptune parallel His Sun.
Can it help the Neptune of the possible Cinderella Yod?

If so, it could be a Cinderella Yod since it includes Chiron Pluto and Neptune (Mars makes a marital sexual linkage for sure).

thanks a lot for your help, Isabelle

Hi Isabelle,
In Scientific Astrology, we extend the orb for one planet in Planetary Geometry to a maximum of 4.00°, so the Chiron-Neptune linkage would not technically count. Even so, this is still powerful Chiron-based Planetary Geometry. It also sounds like the couple has many favorable linkages.
Many Blessings! MH

Questions from Roxanne & Jay: Birth Times
Question From Roxanne: This is a question I have had, too. Since Scientific Astrology often does no use exact birth times for charts it is possible that aspects that seem slightly out of orb could actually be in orb if the true time were known. This is especially true of the faster moving planets (Mercury, Venus, Sun) which could easily have moved a few minutes of arc from the time arbitrarily used to cast the chart. Should we give any leeway in these situations? Also, does Scientific Astrology favor any particular time (e.g. noon, sunrise, etc.) for casting charts where no birth time is available? Thank you.
From Jay: They favor 1:00 p.m if the birth time isn't known.

Hi Roxanne and Jay,

I ALWAYS use exact birth times and birth places when this data is available. However, a great strength of Scientific Astrology is that we can give highly accurate readings without a birth time.
The issue of birth times is murky at best. For one thing, there is no standard definition for "birth" time. Is this when the baby’s head crowns? When the infant is fully delivered? When the infant draws its first breath? When the umbilical cord is severed? Then, there were no atomic clocks until recent years. What if the doctor’s or nurse’s or midwife’s watch or clock was off? What if birth time was written down later and mis-recalled?
Due to this, all birth times should be taken with a little skepticism, especially times which may have been rounded, like 12:00, 2:30, etc. Rectification is even suspect, since there is no way to prove this- at best it’s an educated guess. Then of course are the many people whose birth certificates have no time noted.
By all means, use the birth time when you have it. For faster-moving planets, it could be the only way to know (nearly) for sure if they form aspects or not. Still, our research has clearly shown that our Magi Orbs really are the only way to be completely accurate, so we wouldn’t expand orbs for faster-moving planets just in case that could bring them into an aspect or geometry. If the birth time is unknown, then we would not automatically count aspects with Moon, Mercury and possibly Venus, only entertain these aspects as possibilities.
This of course is more of an issue in the longitudes, since the planets move more slowly in the declinations and latitudes. One way to check for the likelihood of aspects with faster planets is to check the planetary positions on the day before and the day after. This may help at least estimate the probabilities of the aspect being present.
And BTW, the Society uses the time of 12:00 noon to cast charts if the birth time in unknown.
I hope this clarifies things! Many Blessings!!! MH

Question from Melissa: Natal Sun/Juno Aspects + Comment from Jay
From Melissa: …and what of Sun/Juno [natal] aspects? Same thing (person that could be magnetic/alluring/deceptive etc..) (or could they be sexy - I've seen some charts with the later)?!
From Jay: Interesting. I suspect the symbolisms herein described, would make a likely time for a drug addict to relapse. I'd have to research this, but I'll bet that I'm right.

Hi Melissa,
Yes, any of those symbolisms for natal Sun/Juno could apply. In my own practice, Sun/Juno people have also tended toward being fickle and changeable in their affections and enthusiasms. Check out the reply to Straw Berry’s question on natal Sun/Juno/Jupiter I posted on 3/6/10. I would think that the Jupiter added to natal Sun/Juno would help the native use the highest manifestations of Juno. But with or without Jupiter, remember, in this FREE WILL UNIVERSE, we all have the choice of how we manifest any planetary energies.
Jay, please let us know what you find out about how these cycles influence addictions.
Blessings to you both! MH

Question from Jay: Bad Days
Really curious: According to the society, this is a bad month, but I don't see heartbreak clashes, or nuclear. Also I don't see a bad aspect to the Sun or Earth (at least not this week). Could you give some explanation? Please.
Isabelle: The fact that Saturn square Pluto in the sky, could it be that? Saturn is also quincunx Mercury which will make a tight square to Pluto soon (now it's a 3.11 degrees orb).???

Hi Jay (and Isabelle),
First, always remember that best and worst days are listed primarily as a guideline for NATALIZATIONS.
This month there are several long-lasting universal aspects I wouldn’t choose for a natalization. Chiron contra-parallel Sedna (thru 3/17) is big no-no- remember, the Society is certain that lasting, trans-dimensional Sedna clashes to Neptune and Chiron created the worldwide financial crisis- here is another Sedna-Chiron clash. Also, we have Saturn sq. Pluto in helio thru 6/11, and Sappho sq. Chiron thru (3/11) & Neptune (thru 3/17) (T-Sq. with Vesta sep.). All these are extremely unfavorable financial aspects. These would all be especially hideous in any type of business or financial natalization.
There are also shorter negative cycles this month:
For this week on various days (not all concurrent) we have had Sun contra-parallel Sedna, Sun square Sat/Chi midpoint (Heartbreak Days), the beginning of Sat/Chi. MP square Jupiter in geo thru 3/21, and Saturn sq. Pluto still within orb for natalization purposes in geo thru 3/9.
Next week, we have a mystical triangle of Sat/Jup MP, Sedna & Earth, and the Sat/Chi MP square Jupiter becoming trans-dimensional, with the helio portion thru 4/23.
Later this month we have the continuation of the longer negative cycles mentioned above, plus Saturn square Ceres 3/14 thru 3/24, becoming a T-Square with Sun for a few days, and Saturn quincunx Chiron beginning 3/21 thru 4/12.
It would be hard to imagine any situation in love or money which wouldn’t suffer from a natalization this month. Please do take the Society recommendations seriously and forgo any important natalizations for the time. By all means work on things, but re-visit and refine everything after the stars shift for the better before considering any work or decision complete.
I hope this is useful! Many Blessings, MH

Question from Isabelle: Impossible Dream Clash
Question in regard of the "Impossible dream clash" Venus square Chiron. They have also one Juno link: His Chiron quincunx her Juno. I mean if the relationship goes beyond the special friend status of course. And it grows in a love relationship as a couple or formal couple, is really there 85% of the chance that they get divorce because of this Impossible dream clash with her Chiron and his Venus? Is it possible to bypass in any way this “impossible dream clash” or there is no way out ? thanks again
Oups, I forgot to mention that they have another planetary geometry that could be !?! They have a yod formed by her Saturn (apex planet), her Venus and His Sun.

So, it's difficult to understand how there can be wonderful planetary geometry like this. The Grand Trine his formed by His Mars, His Venus, Her Sun/Mercury. The Mystic Triangle, the Mystic Rectangle, lots of Romantic Super Linkages most of them made from HIS Chiron and in the same time "tought" aspects between them, but not that much tough comparing all the wonderful in the CAC.


Bonjour Isabelle,
Without seeing the CACs it’s hard to say definitively, but here are some comments.
If the Impossible Dream clash is part of positive Planetary Geometry, that would help. I don’t think the Impossible Dream is a kiss of death, but it’s not favorable.
Give Chiron-based Planetary Geometry more weight than other Geometry in terms of assessing the strength of a love relationship.
I would not consider the Saturn yod you describe as positive, since the Saturn-Sun quincunx is a clash, and not an easy one.
Relationships are complex and there is no perfect relationship or perfect CAC. Relationships with many strong, positive linkages coupled with many strong negatives are often the most difficult to understand. These can be what I call “Heaven and Hell” relationships.

More about Heaven and Hell relationships

Look for the overall balance of important Planetary Geometry and linkages to significant clashes in trying to arrive at a conclusion, but always remember that ALL linkages and clashes will eventually be felt in the relationship.
Also, sometimes the Meeting Chart can shed a decisive light on confusing relationships. If the date itself and/or the date/natal CACs show lots of Cinderella Linkages, this bodes well for the relationship. If the date itself and/or the date/natal CACs show lots of serious clashes, esp. Heartbreak Clashes, EVEN IF there are lots of Cinderella Linkages, the relationship will most likely not work out in the long run. Look too at the aspects to Sun and Earth in the chart of the day for the overall nature of the day/relationship. Obviously favorable aspects to Sun and Earth would help and serious clashes to Sun or Earth would be harmful.
Bonne Chance! MH

Find out if you have an Impossible Dream Clash with a Love-Stars Complete Relationship Report

Question from Jay: Juno- Sun transits
...and what about Juno transits to the natal Sun?  And, likewise, the Sun Natal Juno? Is this a time of strong Sexual feeling? Would the sex-drive increase? 

Hi Jay,
Since the Sun is not a sexual planet, I think that either of these relatively quick transits would more likely be characterized by some of the other symbolisms for Juno: illusion, delusion, deception, allure, magnetism. During these cycles, we could be unusually attractive (magnetism & allure), be too wishful in our thinking (illusion & delusion), be tempted to be unethical or be a victim (deception). I don’t think that a Juno-Sun transit would increase sex drive significantly.
Many Blessings! MH

Question from Jay: Do natal Uranus aspects to sexual planets create cheaters?                              
But wouldn't aspects to Uranus by sexual planets also create a cheater? You did describe these as "roamers" did you not? Or would there people be the "serial monogamist" you speak of?  

Hi Jay,
I believe that Uranus aspects to sexual planets create Wanderers, who are often serial monogamists. Wanderers have been known to cheat, but not with the compulsivity of those with Serial Cheater aspects or some with Degraded Sexual Aspects. To quote my website: “Wanderers are less likely to stay in a less-than-satisfying relationship, and so move on in order to seek more fulfillment. A few wanderers stray before moving on, or stray without moving on.”

More on Wanderers

Just a reminder: natal aspects of any kind are no guarantee of behavior- this is a FREE WILL UNIVERSE. Anyone, despite their natal aspects, at any time, can choose to follow negative impulses or to honor their commitments.
Many Blessings! MH

Question from Indrani: More on Juno Attraction
Helena, but that would be the celebrity's Juno to the non-celebrity's, say, Venus, right? it seems to me what you're saying is the the Juno person is the attractor and the other person is the moth to the flame, so to speak. I'm thinking that the Juno person -- if there's some sort of sexual captivity going on in the CAC as well -- would be the loving and leaving part of the equation? thank you so much... I'm really beginning to see the bigger picture thanks to your notes and posts regarding this topic!

Hi Indrani,
In the discussion of Juno attraction and the ways that linked people feel inter-aspects differently, I was really referring to inter-aspects between all people, not just an arms-length attraction to a celebrity.
I do think that to some degree, the Juno person in a sexual linkage would be more emotionally detached over the long-term than the person with the other sexual planet. The Juno person would likely be just as interested in hooking up, but would be more likely to be the one “casting the spell,” and the Juno person’s level of attraction to the other planet person might vary more over time. However, to really clarify who would or could love and leave whom would require analysis of a variety of factors both in the natal charts, and in the CAC.
I’m glad to hear the posts are helping!! Warm Blessings! MH

Question from Roxanne: Do Juno transits lead to infidelity?
I have a question about transits to the natal Juno. I suppose it applies to transits by Juno to natal planets as well, though those would be of short duration. When natal Juno receives a significant transit is it an indication that the native is likely (or likelier) to engage in an affair that involves infidelity by one or both partners? On the Magi website it states that "...Juno is symbolic of the mistress, adultery, infidelity, cheating, illicit sex, casual sex, as well as the affair and the one-night stand." From this I have always assumed that transits to Juno, particularly by Romance Planets, would indicate a period where a person was inclined to enter into relationships that involve cheating. For example, Tr. Pluto in aspect to Natal Juno might cause one to look for sex outside one's marriage or with someone already in a relationship. Am I correct in believing that? Many thanks for any guidance you can give me on what might seem a basic question.

Hi Roxanne,
It’s true that Juno rules infidelity, but it’s also important to remember its other symbolisms: illusion and delusion, allure, and magnetism as these also shed light on transits to and from Juno. A great way to look at transits is to look at the activating or incoming energy (transiting planet) and activated energy or energies (natal planet / aspect / geometry).
Transits to natal Juno would activate the fantasy nature of a person- their desire to indulge in unreality- but to what extent this would lead to behavior really depends on the natal chart. Transits to Juno may also boost a person’s charisma or magnetism. Specifically, transits to natal Juno by a romance planet would most likely increase the desire for romance and sex, and by a sexual planet would probably increase sexual desire.
If the natal Juno is part of a Serial Cheater Aspect or a Degraded Sexual Aspect, then yes, the transit could definitely increase the likelihood of infidelity. If there is no natal aspect inclining the native toward infidelity, then I don’t believe a transit to natal Juno would cause that. Perhaps a transit to Juno might bring a fleeting thought or a brief desire, but what actually counts in this world is not what brief temptations we feel but what we actually DO. I don’t believe that a transit to natal Juno alone would push someone to do something that is out of character for them.
Transits by Juno would be a short dose of illusion, unclarity or added personal allure, but how this would impact the person again depends on the natal chart. Transiting Juno to a romance or sexual planet would be fairly brief, but would also increase the desire for romance and/or sex. A transit by Juno could be an impetus to infidelity in the case of a transit to a Serial Cheater Aspect or a Degraded Sexual Aspect. Though it could easily induce a person to briefly delude themselves or cast a brief spell, I still do not believe that it would induce infidelity if that would be out of character for the native.
I think that the transits which would be most likely to induce a person to commit an out-of-character infidelity would be those transits which destroy good judgment, such as a Saturn or Sat/Jup midpoint clash transit to Jupiter. A Sat/Jup, Sat/Chi or Saturn clash transit to natal Chiron, or even possibly to natal Venus or Sun could also push a person to make a disastrous error. Any of these Saturn transits make a person likely to make some kind of big mistake- which is why we beg people to make no major decisions or changes or go out on a limb during these types of transits. If one of these Saturn transits were concurrent with a transit to or from Juno, then the nature of the mistake might be more likely to be an infidelity.
Your question is a perfect example of why I always say that it is impossible to assess a person’s transits (or progressions) without an in-depth understanding of the person’s natal chart. Incoming energies may be somewhat uniform, but what those energies trigger in a particular person is always unique.
I hope this helps to clarify things for you. Many Blessings! MH

Questions from Isabelle: Serial Cheater Aspects
….So, any link between juno and sappho in a chart will indicate a serial cheater; conjunction, sextile, semi-sextile, trine, opposition, square, parallel, contre-parallel, quincunx. Is that is?
IF SO, is it possible for a serial cheater to stop doing it and how it can be done, with the help of another person ? the help of another planet, another aspect ?  I know someone who has a quincunx between Juno and Sappho He told me that he had 5 flings during his 8 years marriage that ended in a divorce, but he really want to grow and change. He really deeply from his heart would like to be faithful. Can something help him in this case. Is there an aspect that could mean he will succeed ?
Another one, never been a cheater, but has a powerlful juno sappho link
Oh my... another one, he has no link between juno and sappho and he is a cheater !....

Hi Isabelle,
I think I have isolated your basic questions from your posts below. : ) Here are some rather long-winded answers.
Definition of Serial Cheater Aspect
A Juno-Sappho aspect is a serial cheater aspect, but ONLY if you are using Magi Aspects with Magi Orbs. Magi aspects are: conjunction, trine, square, opposition, quincunx, parallel, contra-parallel, contra-latitude. Magi orbs are 3° in the geo and helio longitudes, 1.2° in the geo declinations, and 0.3° in the helio latitudes. If you use other aspects or wider orbs, your results will not be accurate. Scientific Astrology only works if you stick to Magi Aspects and Magi Orbs. If the Juno-Sappho aspect meets these criteria, then it indicates an INCLINATION to be a serial cheater.
I think it’s important here also to define serial cheater. A serial cheater is NOT a serial monogamist who stays faithful in each relationship, but may not stay in a relationship for a long time before moving on. A serial cheater is NOT a commitment-phobe, who avoids making commitments to relationships, preferring to remain single. A serial cheater is also NOT a person who perhaps cheated once or twice early in life and learned their lesson. A serial cheater is someone who has an ongoing “committed” relationship, while also compulsively cheating with a number of partners over the long-term.
Can a Serial Cheater Stop?

It is ALWAYS possible for a cheater to stop. Some could possibly be helped by a non-professional, though a trained helper would be more effective. I think it would be very difficult for someone without training to avoid pitfalls such as enabling or setting up resistance. Some cheaters might need help from a 12-step group for sex addiction such as SA or SLAA, others might need to enter a residential treatment program. Natal Jupiter aspects could help a cheater, as could Jupiter transits or progressions. Natalizing treatment or beginning a group on a Sun-Jupiter day (like today) or natalizing a Jupiter enhancement to natal Sun in the date-to-natal CAC could also help.
Cheaters without a Serial Cheater Aspect/ Faithful with Serial Cheater Aspect
If a person is a serial cheater without a natal serial cheater aspect, they might have a degraded sexual aspect. A Degraded Sexual Aspect is any aspect in which an important Saturn midpoint is in very close aspect with both planets of a natal Sexual Aspect. The Saturn Midpoints to consider are: Saturn-Chiron, Saturn-Jupiter, Saturn-Mars, Saturn- Neptune, Saturn-Pluto, Saturn-Sedna.
I think if you go back and check the charts of the true serial cheaters you know who do not have a serial cheater aspect, you’ll find that most if not all of them have a degraded sexual aspect. Likewise, if you re-check the charts of faithful people, you’ll probably find that the aspect you were looking at was not a Magi Aspect, or was outside Magi Orbs.
Before publishing my celebrity serial cheater research, as always I checked my own chart archives for similar findings. In my own archives 95% of the people I KNOW to be serial cheaters have a serial cheater aspect and/or a degraded sexual aspect. Checking back over clients which I KNOW to be faithful, I did not find one single instance of either a serial cheater or degraded sexual aspect.
STILL, it’s entirely possible for people to be cheaters without a serial cheater aspect, or to have a serial cheater aspect and remain faithful. As I have said many times, this is a FREE WILL UNIVERSE. Everything we do and don’t do is a choice whether we realize it or not. Natal charts don’t reveal fate, they reveal possibilities. Everyone has many, many different aspects, which can pull them in more than one direction. And also, there is no absolutely perfect system or rule which never has exceptions. : )
Lastly, I think that it is possible that a celebrity would be more likely to follow natal inclinations when it comes to serial cheater aspects or degraded sexual aspects compared to a regular person. Not only to celebrities often have more stressful lives which can trigger the need for addictive behaviors, but celebrities most likely have many, many more opportunities for sexual contact than the average person.
I hope this all sheds some light! Many Blessings to you! MH

Question from Emily: Juno Attraction
Does the Juno person lust a bit more than the person with the other sexual planet? For example, my friend has major lust for James Spader because of his voice. In their CAC, she has Juno linking to to his Mercury. Is there any info about it discovered yet?

Hi Emily,
It is true that connected persons feel inter-aspects differently. Here’s a brief rundown of the information:
People respond differently to inter-aspects depending upon which planet they contribute to the aspect. For the most part, the person contributing the more vulnerable or emotionally intense* planet of the pair feels the influence more strongly than the other person. The Society performed a great deal of research to determine the planetary order for this phenomenon, from the planet person feeling an inter-aspect most, to the planet person feeling it least. It is:
This research was done before we had publicly announced our findings on Juno and before the discovery of Sedna. My best guess in terms of ordering these planets would be that Juno would fall perhaps just above Saturn based upon Juno’s great allure and magnetism coupled with Juno’s fickle nature. I am fairly certain that Sedna would be dead last, due to Sedna’s absolute lack of caring for anyone else. (BTW, these are planetary symbolisms, not a description of a person)
So, for sexual linkages, I believe that the Juno person would feel the attraction somewhat less that the other sexual planet person.
We could actually describe a Juno-Mercury linkage as “lust for voice.” : ) Also, it’s not surprising to see a Juno linkage to a celebrity, since Juno also rules illusion and fantasy.
I hope this is helpful! Blessings, MH
* My terms.

Question from Indrani: MQ’s, MDX’s, Transits to a Synchronization
Hi Helena, what about MDQs and MDX's? Do those count in transits? I've one with Jupiter in 12 Aries and Uranus-Pluto in 9-12 Virgo. Would transits on the 12degree mark around the chart be significant? I'm not sure if I'm wording this right but I would like to learn more about the midpoint crossings.

Hi Indrani,
One of the reasons that natal Planetary Geometry and Synchronizations are so important is the way they respond to transits. We call most transits to a synchronization “double blessings” and it’s easy to see why from your own synchronization: when almost any beneficial planet transits 9-12° of the zodiac, you get multiple favorable transits, often including Golden or Silver transits. At times, transits to a synchronization can also be “double jeopardy,” when the transiting body is Saturn or one of its midpoints. Luckily, though, there are many more beneficial planets than there are malefic points!
As far as learning about MQ’s and MDX’s, there’s no easy, simple way to explain these phenomena. The Society is largely teaching Planetary Geometry and Synchronizations at this point as an easier way to pinpoint significant factors in charts. Often, though, the reason these configurations work is due to MQ’s and MDX’s.
Good Luck! MH

Question from Jay: Superbowl prediction
Did you make a Superbowl prediction? I managed to make an accurate forecast by charting the city New Orleans it self with the day of the game. Would you have done it this way?

Hi Jay,
Congrats to you!
Though I understand the Magi principles of sports predictions, it’s not something I spend too much time on, simply due to the fact that I actually (gasp!) am not much of a sports fan. I like your idea of using transits to a team’s home city. Team sports are very difficult to predict since there are so many natal charts involved, though focusing on the progressions and transits of the key athletes in a given game can be helpful. I hope you’ll continue using home city transits for sports predictions and let us know how well it works!
Warm Blessings, MH

Question from Angela: Romantic Super-Linkages
I'm trying to see if I have the RSL aspects figured out. His Chiron 27 Pisces, His Venus 29 Leo and my Jupiter 0 Leo. Since his Chiron links to my Jupiter and his Venus, does this count?

Hi Angela,
Yes, indeed! That is an RSL as long as all aspects are with the Magi Orb of 3° in the longitudes. You’ve got it!

More about RSL’s here
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Many Blessings, MH

Question from Indrani: Sexual attraction after marriage
Helena, so I'm mulling what you just said here. so, if Juno linkages rule sexual attraction and that special thing called 'chemistry' and then they dissolve apres marriage, I guess that explains the slowly dissipating sexual interest in most marriages, especially that start out with fireworks (perhaps fueled by said Juno contacts)... hmm..

Hi Indrani,
Juno linkages indicate one type of sexual attraction and chemistry, but thank goodness, NOT ALL sexual attraction and chemistry! There are several sexual linkages that create attraction and chemistry that are life-long, whether or not a couple marries. Only sexual linkages with a Juno component dissolve after marriage.
It’s true that some of the hottest linkages are a mixed blessing as some dissolve inevitably with time, and some dissolve IF AND ONLY IF a couple marries. However, lasting sexual attraction and pleasure is also possible if the right linkages are in place.

More about Sex in Scientific Astrology

Many Blessings! MH

Questions from Emily: Focal Aspects
I have a few questions about the focus of a chart. Sorry in advance if some of these are obvious... 🙂
1. When I look for the tightest orb for the focus of a chart, if there is no planetary geometry, do I ignore the orbs that are separating even though they might be tighter than the ones that are applyin...g? I take it I would include the separating orbs if they were a part of planetary geometry?
2. Also, can the focus of the chart be in the declinations or the latitudes - or is it just for the longitude and helio?
3. Is there only one focus for a chart or do you try to find two - one for Geo and one for Helio charts?
Also, my extra question in the comment box at 5:20 PM whether or not to ignore separating orbs when looking for the focus of the chart was referring to a transits-to-natal CAC (ex: electional date searching to natalize something).
Thank you, EW

Hi Emily,
1. In a couple’s CAC, both applying and separating aspects are assessed, whether or not they are part of Planetary Geometry.
2. & 3. As our research has progressed, we have found that Planetary Geometry is the key to chart analysis. Look for the focal Planetary Geometry rather than just the focus aspect. Multi-planet configurations (with Magi Aspects and within Magi Orbs only) are just more important than two-planet aspects in almost every case. A focus aspect or focus Planetary Geometry can be in any of the four dimensions.
Extra Question:
If you are looking at transits, the most significant single transit would be the applying transit with the tightest time orb- i.e. the transit closest to its peak. Separating aspects are not considered significant as transits. Transiting Planetary Geometry, Super Transits or Focus Transits would all be weighted more heavily than other 2-planet transits, though not if they are much wider in time orb. Glossary
For natalizations, both applying and separating aspects are used, though applying aspects are somewhat stronger. As in all analyses, tighter aspects are stronger than wider aspects. In choosing natalizations, I again encourage you to look to Planetary Geometry as your main emphasis rather than a two-planet aspect.
I hope I covered it all…. : )
Blessings! MH

Question from Emily: Marriage in M*gi Astrology
I am still thinking about the concept of marriage in M*gi Astrology.  It's so interesting!  My questions are:
1. Do CAC Vesta linkages dissolve after marriage?  Does that include Vesta-Neptune CAC linkages?
2. Do CAC Saturn linkages dissolve after marriage?  Does that include Saturn-Neptune CAC linkages?
3.  I know that the marriage chart rules the amount of love in a marriage and the tone etc.  What what happens to, for example, a Cinderella Grand Trine of Venus-Chiron linking to someone's Neptune in a CAC?  Does it disappear?  Even if one has a good marriage chart, the chances of re-creating anything that great are rare...?  If so, the couple I am guessing the love would diminish?
Thanks for any help! 🙂

Hi Emily,
All Vesta linkages remain after marriage. Only Juno Sexual Linkages dissolve with marriage since Juno rules sex outside of marriage.
The same with Saturn. All Saturn linkages remain after marriage.
Marriage charts don’t dissolve CAC’s, so the CAC Romantic Grand Trine would remain after marriage. Yay!
CAC’s rule the basic ways the individual’s energies work with and/or against each other. Planetary Geometry of this nature in a CAC GREATLY helps a relationship.
The Marriage Chart plots the course of the relationship itself. A perfect or near-perfect Marriage Chart can even overcome difficult clashes like the Heartbreak Clash. A horrible Marriage Chart could make even a couple with a wonderful CAC find marriage together difficult at best.
A fabulous Marriage Chart + a great CAC would be the best of all possible worlds!
I hope this clarifies things. : ) Blessings! MH

Follow up comment from Gokhan: 3 geo charts and helios makes 6.. and with their synastries makes 12. i need some good luck to not to arrive contradictory conclusions 🙂
Hi Gokhan, Yes, it IS a lot to look at. Don’t be surprised to find contradictions- since life itself has contradictions, most charts do too! Try to focus on the most powerful planetary geometry and on repeating themes- these are strongest influences.  Good Luck to you and Many Blessings! MH

Question from Gokhan: Natalizing a Neptune-Mars Clash
Hi.. My friend applied for university and moved to an another country. Transiting Neptune was applying square to Natal Mars (9th house ruler in natal - i know magis doesn't like house rulers but..) when she moved. Orb is 1.5 degrees applying. Can we say that this natalization can effect adversely to her education? In secondary progressions this aspect will be active for years.

Hi Gokhan,
I see two issues here: Your friend’s natalization with another country, and her natalization with her university.
Here’s what I’d look at to get a complete assessment of your friend’s situation:
Natalization date of when she first visited the country where she is attending university (Perhaps she visited the country before?)
Natalization date of her acceptance by the university (date of acceptance letter)
Natalization date of her first day of classes

I would first look at these 3 charts by themselves. Look for Cinderella aspects, Jupiter enhancements to Sun or Earth, Neptune enhancements to Sun or Earth. These aspects would be helpful. Also look for Heartbreak or Nuclear Clashes from Saturn or the Sat/Jup or Sat/Chi midpoints. These would be difficult.
Then I would look at these 3 charts combined with your friend’s natal chart, looking for the same linkages and clashes. I don’t love the Neptune square Mars, but it needs to be taken in context with the big picture and not just seen as a stand-alone aspect.
Good Luck! MH

Question from Juliane: Chiron midpoint in RSL?
I'm a bit stuck examining a relationship. In a CAC of a couple, the jupiter/chiron midpoint is parallel the other's chiron at 0.00 exact (I have birthtime's confirmed). Is this anything like a cinderella linkage or simply does not count? Other than this as indication of love, the most significant RSL I see is 1 person's Chiron-Mars natal aspect linking to the other person's Sun-Vesta natal aspect. There are also 3 romance aspects but these don't include chiron. The only other Chiron aspect which I'm sure makes another RSL is his Chiron quincunx her Uranus (he was born with Chiron quincunx Venus). but Mainly I'm curious about the midpoint.

Hi Juliane,
Welcome to the group!
No, I would not count Chiron parallel Jup/Chi MP as an RSL or even a Cinderella Linkage. It’s certainly not a bad thing, though! The two RSL’s you mention are absolutely enough to indicate soulmate potential. : )
Good luck and warm Blessings! MH

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Juliane: Now that leads me to another question. I thought soulmate potential is only possible when there are cinderella linkages?

Hi Juliane, Soulmate potential is indicated by RSL's. Many but not all RSL's include a Cinderella Linkage. Cinderella Linkages are from one person's Chiron to the Sun, Moon (if exact birth time is known), Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto of the other person. Does this answer your question? MH

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Question from Leslie: Planetary Geometry interpretation
Good morning, Magi Helena, I'm working with synchronized planetary geometry and would like to know if I treat the transiting planets as action words in deciphering the meanings or can they be nouns? I do understand that the enhancements rule the geometry.

Hi Leslie,
True synthesis is always the most difficult piece in astrological study! I think it just comes together on its own one day after years of study…. Like the study of a foreign language, one day the vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation all come together and you can actually speak without thinking it out first.
Generally, I’d say that yes, you could use the transiting symbolisms as the action words in your interpretations, but this should not be a hard and fast rule. Also, it’s true that enhancements typically dominate Planetary Geometry, but this is not true in 100% of the cases either.
If you’d like, post the specifics, and we can all take a look.
Many Blessings! MH

Question from Jay: Redford’s Juno
“I'm not clear what planet you're expanding Juno orb to connect with.” jay

Hi Jay,
I used Redford’s data from Astrodatabank:
Aug. 18, 1936 at 8:02 pm Santa Monica, CA
In geo Redford’s Iron Butterfly is comprised of Chiron, Saturn, Ceres and Juno, with Juno’s orb expanded to 3.37°.
I hope this clarifies it for you! MH

Question from Roxanne: Interpretation of same-planet aspects in CAC
When two planets in a CAC are in aspect both in the latitudes and the longitudes, but one aspect is an enhancement and the other is a clash, how should that be interpreted? For example, I'm analyzing a CAC where the couple has Uranus square Neptune in the longitudes and Uranus contra-parallel Neptune. Would these plane...ts act as if they are both clashing AND enhancing each other? (I should also add that her Uranus is also trine his Chiron, which completes a Mystical Triangle between their charts.) This is something I find rather often and I'm curious to know how to interpret it. Thank you

Hi Roxanne,
When the same two planets make aspects in both geo longitudes and declinations or helio longitudes and latitudes, we call this a bi-level aspect. The exception to this is an eclipse- when the planets are both conjunct and parallel.

As far as interpretation of this, I have several thoughts:
How an enhancement aspect pairs with a clash aspect of the same two planets depends greatly on the planets involved and it would be difficult to set a hard and fast rule.
Based on your description, what you’re describing is a man with a natal Chiron-Neptune quincunx which forms a mystical triangle with a woman’s Uranus in their CAC. Uranus often adds a fluctuating energy to relationships- more analysis of the CAC would reveal whether or not this energy is just a small ebb and flow within a very strong love, or a destabilizing energy in a challenged relationship.
How the Uranian energy plays out would also depend on the particular individuals- how much freedom each needs, how successfully each can own their own needs for intimacy vs. space, and what unresolved psychological issues are triggered by the fluctuations. Answers to these questions would come from the natal charts. The natal Chiron-Neptune man could be quite a romantic- whether or not some ebb and flow in the relationship would make him insecure could only be answered by the rest of his chart.
I hope this is useful : )
Be Blessed! MH

Question from Jay: Robert Redford orb expansion
How much are you willing to expand an orb if the planets are in the same house. I'm looking at the Geocentric placing of venus and neptune in Robert Redfords chart.

Hi Jay,
I would not expand the orb of any aspect to almost 6°- regardless of the houses. Society research just doesn’t back this up. Of far greater interest to me in Redford’s chart is his planetary geometry. He has iron butterflies in both geo and helio (in the geo iron butterfly, we do expand Juno’s orb to 3.3°- well within Magi rules) and an aspected yod in helio. The symbolisms of both iron butterflies support strong charisma and the ability to use it; the yod supports great success & wealth. He also has a Jupiter-Uranus contra-latitude (a Super Fame aspect) with the midpoint conjunct Earth. Wow- a very strong chart! It seems to prove itself again and again that the most significant thing in any chart is its planetary geometry, and Redford’s chart is a wonderful example.
I hope this helps! Warm Blessings, MH

Continuation of Tiger Woods thread
Wow! Lots of commentary on this one- I love it! I haven't finished my Tiger article or I'd post it now, but I will make a few comments....

As far as people living out their charts, I agree with Gae that most people do live out their charts quite predictably, but I say this with certain caveats. There is always more than one possible interpretation for any configuration in a chart, and therefore more than one possible way for planetary energies to play out. I believe that all planetary energies must be expressed, but whether they are expressed in a “high-road” way or a “low-road” way is a matter of choice.

The natal chart shows a person’s potentials and the likelihoods of personal evolution and of making certain choices. The natal chart does not show the evolution the native chooses to make, nor the choices the native has actually made. I truly believe it’s a FREE WILL UNIVERSE. The natal chart cannot dictate the choices we make. The stars may incline us in a direction, but they cannot compel us. How we choose to play out the energies in our charts is always up to us. People who choose to devote time to personal healing and spiritual evolution make much different choices than those who don’t.

As far as Tiger’s natal chart, with Tiger's Mars opp Neptune aspect at 5.06° and Mars trine Pluto at 6.09°, these aspects are well outside of the orbs proven to be effective by Society research. To recap Magi orbs… we use 3° maximum in all 2 planet aspects in the longitudes. In planetary geometry of 3 or more planets, 1 planet and only 1 planet may have up to a 4° orb. So for me at least, these aspects are not the key to Tiger’s sexual addiction. In my article I’ll tell you what I think is the key, using a technique that the Society revealed several years ago but so far no one has mentioned in posts.

I’m always interested in your comments—
Much Love and Holiday Blessings to all!!! MH

Question from Melissa: Tiger Woods
When looking at Tiger Woods chart, I don't find any of the tell-tale signs of a wanderer (the uranus pluto or mars or venus aspects) in either chart; any insights to this?

Hi Melissa, I’m writing an in-depth article on this for my Jan. 1, 2010 newsletter- stay tuned. : )

Question from Leslie: Natalization with Saturn Aspect
Magi Helena, Thanks for all the valuable information that you provide. I have a question about natalizing an internet business. I have a lot of golden transits but there is a Tr. Saturn to my Pluto which is 80 days away from exact. Will this have an impact on my natalization?

Hi Leslie, There is no perfect natalization and this aspect is very wide so it is not a huge concern to me. However, I would be much more concerned if this natalization pertained to a Pluto-ruled enterprise or any business you hope would become very, very big. Also relevant would be whether the aspect is a linkage or a clash. Remember, the planetary symbolisms must match the endeavor, so you would need Uranus for the internet + whatever ever else rules your business. I hope this is helpful! Holiday Blessings! MH

Question from Jay: Importance of Geo and Helio
I know the policy of The Society is that the geocentric chart is of equal importance to the Heliocentric--when doing synastry, that is. Do you agree with this?

Hi Jay,
I wouldn’t call it a policy, I’d call it a Magi principle based on our extensive research. I strongly believe that ANY chart analysis must include all 4 dimensions: geo longitudes, geo declinations, helio longitudes and helio latitudes- leaving out any of these leaves out crucial information. This would be true for natal charts, CAC’s, natalization charts, transits, progressions, and anything else. Many Blessings! MH

Questions from Indrani: Symmetrical Geometry & Synchronizations from Systematic chart analysis thread 12/9/09
thank you so much for this topic and thank you Magi Helena. I have three questions, precisely. 1) is planetary geometry only formed by three or more planets, or can it be two? 2) what is non-symmetrical planetary geometry, and 3) what are planetary synchronizations? thank you so very much in advance! Xx

Hi Indrani,
Planetary Geometry is a configuration of 3 or more planets. Two planets can only form an aspect.
Non-symmetrical Planetary Geometry is a planetary configuration which is not visually symmetrical. In a symmetrical configuration, a line (pole) can be drawn in through the center of the configuration resulting in 2 like or symmetrical forms which are mirror images of one another. Examples of symmetrical geometry would be: Grand Trine, T-square, or Grand Cross. An example of non-symmetrical planetary geometry is the Mystic Triangle. You may need to tilt your head in one direction or the other to see where the pole would need to be drawn through a symmetrical configuration to reveal the symmetry. It would most likely not be exactly top to bottom or side to side.

Planetary synchronizations include planets which are in 30° aspect to one another, other than in the standard aspects of Conjunction, Trine, Square, Quincunx, and Opposition using the Magi orb of 3° in longitudes. Example: if a planet is at 5° Aries and a second planet is at 2° - 8° Taurus, these planets would be synchronized. Also if there is an aspect of two or more planets: if an additional planet is not making a standard aspect, but is making a 30° aspect to at least one of the planets, it would be considered synchronized with the others. Synchronizations become important during transits to synchronized planets or in CAC aspects to synchronized planets.

I hope these answers help! BTW, it's a lot easier for me to see a question if you post it as a new post rather than a comment on a previous post… Love and Blessings! MH

Question from Hicham: Saturn in Romantic Mystical Triangle from 12/5/09
Dear Magi!!
As a so interested person in astrology..I practice arabic astrology all times but I was so fascinated by the result shown on your's so intereted to do such big the meantime, I want to inform everyone look your results that everything is under microscope every time and that question a...bout every aspect especially in synastry is required in order to find the rules and solutions by astro-prediction .
in fact I have a question..when there is a mystical romantic triangle in synastry containing the three planets: venus, neptune and chiron aspecting eachother in a trine,square and what about the role of saturn when it build the same triangle and aspect above? EX: chiron quinqunx neptune and Saturn square one of them, trine the it a stability added to the romantic linkage?is it a seriousity and stability of the relation?
I think that we have lots of examples to reread and discover the other sides of saturn other than the known negative side of I right?

Hi Hicham,
Thank you for you question and welcome to the group! I need a little more information to answer your question….. If I understand you correctly, you are asking about a Mystical Triangle in a CAC (in synastry) with Chiron quincunx Neptune, and with Saturn square one planet and trine the other. Which planet makes the square with Saturn and which planet makes the trine? Which person contributes which planets? Thank you and Blessings! MH

Question from E: Systematic approach to chart analysis
Dear Magi Helena, Your website, newsletter, and Facebook notes are very helpful to me as I embark on my own attempt to achieve certification. Thank you for providing so much enlightening content to those of us on that quest. I am curious, what is a good systematic approach toward natal chart, CAC, and electional chart analysis, that enables one to thoroughly assess the overwhelming amount of information one must process? Can you share a step by step system with us?

Dear E,
This is a big question and one of the best! Knowing how to prioritize the potentially-overwhelming amount of information is the key to correct interpretations. This is the basic order in which I analyze natal or natalization charts, though I also follow the Angels if they take me into another direction. : )
Planetary Geometry!!!! The most important thing to look for in any analysis is planetary geometry. Planetary geometry is the single most significant factor in any chart. By all means look for and interpret this first.
Scientific Astrology has three principles for determining the power of any piece of Planetary Geometry. These principles state:
The more planets that form a piece of Planetary Geometry, the more powerful it is.
· The more exact the Planetary Geometry is, the more powerful it is.
· Symmetrical Planetary Geometry is more powerful than non-symmetrical Planetary Geometry.
Look for other powerful configurations: planetary synchronizations, eclipses, bi-level aspects, focus and exact aspects, other super-tight aspects, repeated planetary pairs, etc.
Look for aspects to the Sun and Earth- and also Moon in a natal chart only if you have the exact birth time.
Look for repeated themes- multiple aspects with similar meanings.
After all this, I make sure I haven't missed:
Any other significant aspects.
Significant clashes of all kinds and difficult linkages such as those including Saturn, Juno, Sedna and the Sat/Ju and Sat/Chi midpoints. These things are not less important, but I always check them last as a catch-all.

You may not initially see things in this order, but in terms of prioritizing what you see, you can fall back on these guidelines. I hope this helps!! Many Blessings, MH
P.S. If I think of anything else, I'll post it.

Question from Jay from 11/30: Zodiac7 two planet aspects
So a two planet aspect would not be effective?

Hi Jay,

All aspects always count. Two planet aspects are just are not as powerful as multi-planet aspects. Also factor in the tightness of the orbs and if the two planets are repeated in other aspects in other dimensions to asses their importance.
Questions from Indrani and Jay from 11/24: re Pallas
Indrani: hi Jay and Helena, thanks so much for this topic! I've been curious about the Magi treatment of Ceres and Pallas. what about a Chiron contraparallel natal aspect. Pallas is also conjunct my Juno and they are both trine my moon. I've always been analytical. and you're spot on about the worry -- my natal Saturn squares my Juno-Pallas. does that ... aspect, however, take away from the analytical ability? also, am I right in assuming then that a preponderance of Pallas aspects inclines a person toward math and stats etc? thanks a million in advance!

Jay: And what if someone has Saturn on your Pallas?

Indrani: they think you're an idiot? :p

Hi Indrani & Jay,
First of all- Indrani, lol on the idiot comment!
My observations for the above aspects:
Chiron/Pallas people are often the ones who take charge of making plans in a family group or group of close friends.
Saturn/Juno/Pallas in a natal chart could play out as worry over unreal or made-up fears- phantasms- unrealistic worries over things which are untrue or unlikely to befall. This would not take away the analytical ability, but a person would need to be sure they are not letting illusion, delusion, fear, or wishful thinking get in the way of a correct analysis.
Many Pallas aspects do incline a person toward analytical and logical pursuits.
A Saturn/Pallas interaspect gives the Saturn person some control over the reasoning ability of the Pallas person. It also can boost worries or anxiety in the Pallas person, or incline them toward more pessimistic assessments. A lot depends on the nature of the aspect, the nature of any planetary geometry involved, and the natal tendencies of the Pallas person.
Hope this is helpful- Many Blessings! MH

Question from Sri Hari: Inner consciousness
Re: Quote of the week "When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate." - Carl Gustav Jung
To do that would be a challenge for many, I wonder, does Mr. Jung suggest how one would make an inner situation conscious?

Hi Sri,
You have asked a wonderful question, one that is a true passion for me. I’m drawing on some material I wrote for a seminar I taught to give you a long-winded answer. : )
One of the central tenets of the Jungian paradigm of psychology is the concept that we all have a “Shadow,” the hidden part of us that contains all of our secrets, our repressed and suppressed feelings, our failures, our shame- all the unhealed, unresolved and disowned parts of the self. Since none of us had perfect childhoods, none of us has been a perfect adult, and none of us has had perfect success in everything, we all have some Shadow material.

We can learn to identify our own Shadow material by taking a good look at such things as our family of origin, our repeating patterns in relationships, our easily-triggered emotions, things we hate in others, things we envy in others, our addictions and compulsions, our fantasies, and our dreams.

The Shadow is more than just a library or a catalog- it is almost more of a person, a twin self- perhaps the classic concept of the ‘evil’ twin. Jungian theory holds that the un-faced Shadow material doesn’t just sit passively in our subconscious mind, but actively acts subconsciously within us as The Inner Saboteur, The Monster, The Dreamstealer. However, the Shadow is the enemy of our conscious desires only as long as it is disowned.

References to concepts similar to the Shadow by various names occur in many tribal writings that stress initiation as a means to empowerment. Carlos Casteneda, in his books, refers to the Shadow as the Guardian of the Threshold- the threshold he refers to being the threshold of power. We could just as easily call it the threshold of authenticity, the threshold of self-acceptance, or the threshold of self-esteem.

We can begin the process of facing our and integrating our Shadow with a counselor, through journaling, through prayer and meditation, even in talking with a wise beloved or friend.

When we make the decision to face our Shadow, we have the ability to integrate the lost parts of ourselves and experience levels of self-esteem and self-acceptance that are otherwise unattainable. Furthermore, integrating the Shadow allows us to become aware of and eventually stop our negative projections- when we project the disowned and hated parts of ourselves onto others. This in turn allows us to discover deep and abiding compassion for both ourselves and for other people.

The Shadow is not Nice, but the Shadow is Real. Our Shadow never lies to us- the Shadow always tells the truth, whether we like hearing those truths, or not.

The beauty of the Shadow is that the Shadow becomes a powerful ally once embraced, accepted, and integrated. Making peace with the Shadow does not make it go away, but brings more of it into our conscious awareness, where we can use, harness and direct its energy. It can then become: The Artist, The Protector, The Benefactor, The Dreamweaver- leading us ever more closely to living the life we’ve dreamed of.

Shadow work is lifelong. We must continually revisit the Shadow and fuse its orphaned bits into a loved, accepted and integrated whole Self. Journeys into the Shadow are an inescapable part of the path to true empowerment-- realness, authenticity, is a peerless gift.
Be Blessed! MH

Learn about how to work with your Shadow to prevent self-sabotage in my book, Build Your Dream Life

Question from Barbara: Best days for portraits
Hi Magi Helena, Thanks for the great explanations/lessons you've been putting out there. I have a question about what transits are good to have headshots/portraits taken. I know t venus enhancing sun is great because of experience but it is hard to coordinate that with the photographer's schedule. Are there any other t...ransits that would help? Say, venus uranus enhancement transits? Also, I'm having a venus sun transit in zodiac 7 coming up but the universal day is bad. :o( And just passed a great venus trine my sun but no photographers were available around thanksgiving day! haha I am having a conjuncted trine progression of venus trine earth/moon and neptune. Venus -// sun and venus 150 earthmoon are focus aspects in my chart. In March I'm having a venus sun eclippse but don't want to wait that long as I need/want to get more work now. I will definately have some taken in March too. Thanks for your patience in reading this. :o) Big Hug!!

Hi Barbara,

That progression sounds marvelous!

Photogenic transits include linkage transits between the following pairs: Juno/Venus, Venus/Sun, Venus/Earth. It doesn't matter too much which is the transiting planet and which is the natal planet. These are also good days for simple beauty treatments and haircuts.

I would not recommend these transits alone for more serious and dangerous beauty procedures. Also, clash transits of any of these pairs would have the opposite effect and make a person less photogenic or less likely to be satisfied with a beauty treatment or haircut.

Good Luck and Many Blessings! MH

Question from Leslie: Progressions
If I look at my progressed relationship chart July 12/08 (natal July 11/08) 2nd year of relationship do the time separation to exact of aspects equate into months for that particular year? Or do i use that progressed natal chart in aspect to todays transits? Hope my question is clear.

Hi Leslie,

If you progress the relationship chart, the Date column in your grid windows will give you the date when each progression becomes exact. In Scientific Astrology, when you progress a chart alone, we call these Pure Progressions.

If you set up a CAC with the relationship chart and the progressed planets for any time, we call these Progressed Transits.

Both of these types of progressions are significant, though the Pure Progressions tend to be the stronger of the two.

Does this answer your question? Blessings! MH

Question from Roxanne: Interpretation of Zodiac 7 aspects
"How are we to interpret aspects in the Magi 7 system? The aspects are neutral, so do we simply combine the meanings of the planets? Thank you."

We have two keys to interpretation of Zodiac 7 aspects:

1. Combine the Magi symbolisms of the planets involved to understand the energies at work.

2. Determine the relative power of the Zodiac 7 aspect(s):

As with all types of aspects, we can discern the relative importance of the Zodiac 7 aspects by observing whether or not the Zodiac 7 aspects form Planetary Geometry. If so, assess the relative importance of the geometry by using the Magi principles of Planetary Geometry:

The more planets that form a piece of Planetary Geometry, the more powerful it is.
The more exact the Planetary Geometry is, the more powerful it is.
Symmetrical Planetary Geometry is more powerful than non-symmetrical Planetary Geometry.

Thank you for your question.... Many Blessings! MH

Question from Jay re: Pallas
What have you observed about Pallas?

Hi Jay,
Magi research has shown Pallas to rule such things as logic, analysis, ordering and sequencing, organizing, and planning.
My observations are that positive progressions or transits to or from Pallas enhance these qualities. Negative progressions or transits to or from Pallas can seriously impact our abilities to think, judge, organize or plan correctly and also create unusual pessimism and worry.
Natal Pallas enhancements, especially from Jupiter, are seen in the charts of programmers, certain types of researchers, composers, etc. Stressful natal Pallas clashes, especially from Saturn, can create a person with more than the usual tendency to worry.
I hope this is useful. Many Blessings! MH

Question from Leslie: No Chiron in CAC
Magi Helena, if in a CAC you don't have any chiron linkages but you have midpoint linkages...what if any is their importance? Ex. chiron trines jup/nep midpoint.

Hi Leslie, I’m not clear what type of CAC you are referring to, so I’ll try to answer for all possibilities.
Chiron linkages are always wonderful. They make people feel like kindred souls and help them to help each other with the implication of a Cinderella-type connection. However, Chiron linkages are not crucial to most types of relationships.
Chiron linkages, most specifically Chiron super-linkages (aka Romantic Super-Linkages, RSL’s, or Soulmate Linkages) are very important in long-term romantic relationships. Other planets can bring good things to the table: Venus can provide affection, Venus-Sun aspects or Venus-Earth aspects can provide love at first sight, Venus-Neptune aspects can provide romance, Vesta can provide friendship and compatibility, any combo of the sexual planets Venus, Mars, Pluto, Juno can provide sexual attraction and chemistry of some kind, Pluto or Juno linkages can provide fascination, Saturn captivations can provide a sense of need or desperation….. It’s really only Chiron super-linkages as defined in the Magi Principles that provide that mystical sense of belonging together. Chiron super-linkages, more than any other aspect pattern make a couple want to be together and marry.

For a precise definition of Chiron super- linkages, search this page for: Question from Lara: What is a SOULMATE LINKAGE?

I’m sure that Chiron trine Jup/Nep would contribute to a romantic relationship. The symbolism is there. However, this would not count as a Chiron super-linkage without other planets meeting the criteria in the configuration.

Since Society research is ongoing, we may someday elevate this aspect into greater importance. However, based on what we know now, this would not take the place of Chiron super-linkages in the CAC of a long-term romantic relationship.

I hope this answers your question and I’m sorry if the answer is something of a disappointment.
Much Love, MH

Question from Jay: 45, 90, 135, 180° Aspects
What can you tell me about 45, 90,135,180 degree aspects?

In Scientific Astrology, we regularly use the square (90°) and opposition (180°) aspects. The semisquare (45°) and sesquiquadrate (135°) are not commonly used. Our research has not yet shown the the semisquare and sesquiquadrate to be as significant as 30° aspects, 51.429° aspects (from Magi Zodiac7 charts) or even 72° aspects (quintiles and biquintiles.)
Magi research has proven that square and opposition aspects are stressful. Semisquares and sesquiquadrates historically have also been considered to be stressful aspects.
Many Blessings! MH

Questions from Roxanne: Asteroids in RSL's, Sexual Yod, Fame Progressions 
Hello Magi Helena. I've been a ociety member for about five years, but I still have much to learn. I have a couple of questions about geo RSLs and helio progressions.
1. One big dilemma for me has been whether to use the asteroids in RSLs. I'm specifically concerned with Vesta aspects. (Juno wouldn't be used, of course.) Can Vesta be included to create an RSL? For example, in one CAC I'm looking at the woman has Sun contraparallel Chiron, and the man's Vesta parallels her Sun and contraparallels Chiron. Is this a proper RSL? In addition, his Sun parallels hers and contraparallels her Chiron and Ceres. I would be interested if that meets the 3-planet criteria, as well.

Hi Roxanne,
I personally do consider Vesta to be valid as the third planet in RSL's. Society research has proven that Vesta is critical to romantic compatibility, however, Vesta is not *officially* considered to be a valid third planet in RSL's yet. Use it, and let me know what you think. Neither I nor the Society use any other asteroid as a valid third planet in RSL's. Remember, any planet or asteroid can be a 4th planet in an RSL.

2. Another question I had was about a Yod involving three Sexual Planets -- the woman's Pluto quincunx the man's Venus and Juno. Does the planetary geometry strengthen or emphasize those aspects? I'm curious as to how much power a Yod such as this would have in drawing two people together as I've seen similar patterns in other charts.

Planetary Geometry ALWAYS strengthens and emphasizes aspects. Such a Yod would definitely draw people together. There are many sexual aspects that create attraction, but we often find that Juno aspects are the ones that really light the fire to get people together instead of remaining quiescent. Remember too that if this example couple marries, they lose both the Juno power AND the power of the Geometry, leaving only the Ve/Pl quincunx. This would feel like a significant decline in attraction since though the Ve/Pl aspect is wonderful and permanent, they are used to so much more mutual passion.

3. My last question has to do with helio progressions involving Venus parallel both Uranus and Jupiter. The person who is currently experiencing these progressions became world famous literally overnight. She had no Cinderella Transits at the time which might account for such a meteoric rise. Am I correct in interpreting the Venus/Jupiter/Uranus helio aspects as signalling her newfound fame? Thank you for any enlightenment you can give me.

Typically Super Fame cycles involve Jupiter/Uranus progressions, progressed transits or transits in any of the 4 dimensions. Though I haven’t seen the charts, it is likely that this person has a natal Super Fame aspect (Jupiter-Uranus linkage), making Super Fame possible. Venus activating this natal aspect by progression could certainly account for the timing, especially if there is a Venus symbolism involved (beauty, money, etc.)
I hope these answers shed some light… Many Blessings, MH

Find out your Romantic Super-Linkages with a Love-Stars Complete Relationship Report

Question from Ellen: Progressions to wedding chart?
Would it be a valid pursuit to analyze the pure progressions and progressed transits of one's marriage chart?

Hi Ellen,

Yes, we do look at both pure progressions and progressed transits to wedding charts. Setting up favorable progressions is one of the very most important things we do in choosing dates for important natalizations.

Think of any natalization (a wedding, an incorporation date, a first meeting, a movie release date, etc.) as the same as a natal chart. This date is the birth date of the entity in question (marriage, business, relationship, movie). As a birth chart, it can absolutely be progressed.

Good Luck!!!!! MH

Question from Barbara: Uranus/Chiron clash in divorce chart?
Hi Magi Helena, The window is getting shorter for a friend of mine with finalizing a divorce. He has a trans-dimensional t uranus opp n chiron. Would this be bad in a divorce chart? He also has trans Jup -// natal sun. My first thought is that it is bad but want to check with you first.

Hi Barbara,

I wouldn't call the trans-dimensional Uranus/Chiron clash transit desirable in a divorce chart, but these are long cycles and if time is short there may not be any option. Jupiter enhancing natal Sun by transit is of course very protective and positive.

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect natalization and all we can do is do our best. When the necessary time window for a natalization is short, our options are limited. Without a complete analysis, it's hard to know what to recommend, but keep in mind the following:

In a divorce chart (like a wedding chart) there is the chart itself, then the linkages and clashes to each ex's natal chart. There will also be linkages and clashes to the natal charts of any children. For the benefit of both ex's and any children, the divorce chart itself should be as benign as possible since that chart will be the vibration the now-split family lives with and under. But don't make this a wedding chart! I'd try to get my positive vibes from Jupiter or Neptune, not Chiron.

More thoughts:

Maximize positive and protective linkages within the chart and in the CAC with your friend.
Minimize negative clashes within the chart and in the CAC.
Consider planetary geometry as the strongest influence within the chart and in the CAC.
Consider tightest aspects as very strong influences within the chart and in the CAC.
I would really avoid Saturn, Juno, and Sedna clashes.
I would also avoid even linkages with these 3 planets as much as possible - you don't want to create captivations.

Though it may not be the primary focus, you really should also consider CAC's between the divorce chart and the natal charts of the ex-spouse and any children. There can be a lot of implications here that can affect your friend and any kids.

If I have any additional thoughts, I'll add them below.

Complex natalizations like this are a big job--- Good Luck! Many Blessings! MH

Questions from E: Sexual Linkages
Great website! Thank you for sharing such helpful info with all of us. I have some questions on the Keys to Great Sex section. I thought it was particularly helpful to find out that Juno linkages dissolve completely once a couple marries.

1. Does this rule of Juno linkages dissolving after wedding also apply to Juno-Neptune linkages and Juno-Chiron linkages even though they are considered lifelong linkages?

Great Questions!

Yes, all Juno linkages do dissolve with marriage as Juno rules sex outside of marriage. Juno/Chiron is the lifelong lovers linkage but outside of marriage only. Lots of famous unmarried lifelong lovers have this linkage.

2. Do Mars-Pluto linkages burn out even if they are in a linkage with Neptune in a wedding day chart?

Mars-Pluto linkages are SO VERY HOT but they do burn out in time whether or not the couple marries. I think what you are actually describing would be a Mars-Neptune aspect between one natal chart and the wedding chart, and a Pluto-Neptune aspect between the other natal chart and the wedding chart. It would be necessary to know which aspect is made in each of these cases, plus the rest of the geometry, linkages and clashes to interpret these. Whether or not a Neptune linkage from the wedding chart to this interaspect would prolong the sexual linkage is an interesting question. Anything is possible but this is a unique enough situation that there isn't a body of research to support a definitive answer.

3. You mentioned on your website that Venus-Pluto linkages are lifelong. Does that mean this linkage remains after marriage date?

Yes Venus-Pluto linkages are lifelong and do last after marriage. They create not only passion, but a desire to be close all the time. Venus/Pluto is also a Golden linkage and supports making money together.

4. If you want to have great sex in a marriage, which linkages do you recommend? I realize that from your website I would guess mars-venus and venus-pluto, but I suppose my real question is it good to have juno linkages in a marriage chart or should one avoid them? I think of all the topics, marriage is the most complex or less clear to me in Scientific Astrology. So fascinating, though... Thank you.

I have been taught that sex after marriage does diminish somewhat no matter what sexual linkages there are in or from the wedding chart. This is perhaps just part of the human experience as couples become very familiar to each other and continue to age.

When people have natal sexual aspects, they have more of a continuing sexual interest as they age than other people. If both partners have natal sexual aspects plus lasting sexual interaspects (Mars/Venus and Venus/Pluto) or better yet, lasting sexual geometry, they have a better chance than most of sustaining the flame. Lasting sexual aspects in or from the marriage chart do help.

I would not recommend Juno linkages in a wedding chart if it is possible to avoid them. Juno represents sex outside of marriage, illusion, delusion, deception, etc., and none of these would be desirable in a marriage.

I hope these answers are helpful to you! Many Blessings!! MH

Question from Jay: Link for asteroid symbolisms?

Hi Jay, Detailed interpretations of the asteroids

: ) MH

Question from Leslie: Saturn in progressions (see thread below)

Hi Leslie, I'm not 100% clear what you are asking, but I hope that the following will answer your questions about setting up progressions in natalizations.

Example 1: Saturn is retrograde at 25° square Chiron in direct motion at 23°. This would be a bi-directional applying aspect in a proposed natalization chart. It also sets up two types of progressions:

1. Two pure progressions: Saturn in retrograde motion applying to Chiron in direct motion, and Chiron in direct motion applying to Saturn in retrograde motion.
2. Two progressed transits: Saturn would continue to move retrograde toward the natal Chiron position, and Chiron would continue to move direct toward the natal Saturn position.

This would be very undesirable in any natalization since the two Saturn clash progressions to Chiron would be Heartbreak progressions. Since Saturn and Chiron are very slow-moving planets, this would set up virtually perpetual horrible progressions.

Example 2: Venus is direct at 21° trine Chiron direct at 23° In this example, Venus is applying to Chiron in the natalization. This also sets up two progressions:

1. A pure progression of Venus in direct motion to Chiron in direct motion. Since Venus is a fairly fast-moving planet even by progression, this Golden and Cinderella progression would only last a few years.
2. A progressed transit of Venus in direct motion to natal Chiron. This would also last only a few years.

Example 3: Chiron direct at 21° trine Venus direct at 23° In this example, Venus is separating from Chiron in the natalization. But... this still sets up two progressions. one of which is outstanding:

1. A pure progression of Chiron in direct motion to Venus in direct motion. Since Chiron is a slow-moving planet but Venus is fairly fast, this Golden and Cinderella Magical progression would only last until Venus moves too far ahead of Chiron.
2. A progressed transit of Chiron in direct motion to natal Venus. This Golden and Cinderella Magical progression would last nearly perpetually.

Here are some basics to consider in natalizations:

Consider the speed of the planets in the aspect. Do you want this progression to last, or end as quickly as possible?

Consider which planet would be applying by progression. Chiron applying to Saturn is VERY different than Saturn applying to Chiron.

Consider the pure progressions and the progressed transits. Pure progressions are more powerful than progressed transits.

Consider planetary geometry as it unfolds in the progressions. From most to least powerful: Symmetrical planetary geometry is most powerful, then asymmetrical planetary geometry, then planetary synchronzation, then multi-planet aspects, then two-planet aspects.

Consider when the progressions peak.

Consider when direct planets will go retrograde in the future, or when retrograde planets will go direct. This would dramatically alter the unfolding progressed chart.

Applying aspects ARE more powerful that separating aspects, BUT perpetual progressions are more important than quick progressions set up by applying aspects. This is why bi-directional aspects can be so powerful in natalizations.

Aspects outside the 3 day time orb might not be as strong, but we would still consider ALL progressions set up in a natalization.

I hope this helps! Many Blessings : ) MH

Natalizations in Scientific Astrology

Question from O: children born on astrologically bad days
Helena, September 2009 was a horrible month to natalize anything. What are the prospects for all the children born on those astrologically bad days? I know of at least 2 births that occurred these last few days of September.


You can look at this a couple of ways...

One, there is no such thing as a perfect birth chart. Every natal chart has challenges. Every natal chart also offers many gifts. It is up to each of us to strive for the Light, to discover and utilize our gifts, to surmount our challenges, and the walk the high road. It is a FREE WILL UNIVERSE. The choices are always ours.

Second, I believe that people incarnate for many different Soul missions and at many different levels of evolution. Incarnating on a more challenging day may be (must be) just the thing the incarnating Soul needs. A natal chart that offers greater challenges perhaps gives the native more temptations and opportunities to stumble, but can also give the native far greater evolutionary achievements if s/he learns, makes the right choices, chooses the Light anyway.

I believe we have to trust the wisdom of God/ the Universe. I believe that EVERYTHING is part of the Divine Plan. This lets me be at peace in this elegant, beautiful, baffling, tragic world.

Many, Many Blessings to you! MH

Questions from G: Natal Cinderella + Romantic Mystical Triangle
I know that in CAC ,you take into account all three dimensions (geo, hellio and declinations), but in any Magi Astro site, I can't find an answer if the same rule applies to a natal chart, - do you consider, for example Cinderella (or romantic) aspects in heliocentric natal chart as in geocentric natal charts.

Yes, we use all four dimensions (geo longitudes, geo declinations, helio longitudes, helio latitudes) in natal chart assessment. A Cinderella aspect in any of the four dimensions of a natal chart makes a natal Cinderella. : )

My second question is: what does it mean if someone has a Romantic Mystical Triangle in his/her own chart (in geo or hellio)

A Romantic Mystical Triangle in a natal chart is significant in several ways.

Natally, such a person is likely to be very romantic, believe in love and fall in love easily. This person might also be likely to ignore red flags in a relationship due to a tendency to over-idealize the beloved and a desire to be in love. This person could also be highly idealistic in general and even a bit naive. This OF COURSE would be reinforced, countered or modified by other natal planetary geometry and aspects.

In a CAC, this person only needs one romance planet from a partner to fall within orb of any of their planets comprising the natal Romantic Mystical Triangle to make a new RMT in the CAC. This would also be true for anyone with a natal romance aspect. Without a natal romance aspect, a person would need to meet someone with their own natal romance aspect which interlinks exactly with the native's natal romance planet to achieve a RMT in a CAC. Essentially, this means that a person with a natal romance aspect or natal RMT has a much greater statistical likelihood of meeting people with whom they form RMT's. This is one reason why this native could fall in love easily.

Thank you for your questions, many blessings and good luck! MH

Question from Leslie: 29th critical degree
From thread below:
Magi Helena, does the 29th critical degree of Western Astrology have any importance in Scientific Astrology?

Hi Leslie,

I always appreciate your questions!

Magi research has not turned up any repeatable results for the 29th degree as yet.

This is an excellent question, because it helps to illustrate the differences between Scientific Astrology and western astrology. There are as many hypotheses in western astrology as there are western astrologers. Every student and practitioner of western astrology has his or her pet ideas. These ideas "work" often enough that the astrologer feels they are worth checking.... The problem is, these hypotheses, while accurate some of the time, don't always work, or other astrologers don't find them useful, etc., etc. There is no consistency. There are no broad studies, no scientific statistical analyses, no repeatable results.

In Scientific Astrology, ALL of our proven principles work. They work every time. We don't allow hypotheses to become principles of Scientific Astrology until they are proven over and over in our research. We KNOW that planetary geometry works. We KNOW that declinations work. We KNOW that heliocentric astrology works. We KNOW the true symbolisms for Chiron, Sedna, Juno, etc.

If you haven't already done so, take time to prove it to yourself. Go over all of your collected natal charts, CAC's, past progressions, past transits, etc. - you'll find that Scientific Astrology is the most accurate form of astrology.

This doesn't mean that you can't consider other techniques. I encourage you to begin your own research projects to assess repeatable accuracy in the techniques which interest you. I'll be interested to hear about any discoveries you make! Ultimately, though, I recommend that you discard techniques which are only partially successful and place your emphasis on techniques that work EVERY TIME.

Blessings and Good Luck! MH

Question from T: Life-Shattering Mistake
"....this question is really bothering me. In my progressed chart I have Juno trine Saturn - Life Shattering Mistake. It will be like this for about five years. Does this mean that I shouldn't have an affair e.g. cheat on anyone or be the 'other woman', or does it mean that all my love interests are doomed?"

(This is the question of the quarter in the new StarGazer)

Hi Dear,
First of all, the stars indicate possibilities, or even likelihoods, (for the unaware) but they do not force anything on us. God has given us FREE WILL to choose our own path. DO NOT WORRY, but do be alert and careful. Juno and Saturn cycles can both indicate poor judgment.

This does not mean that all your love interests are doomed, just be prudent. You should also be aware that this cycle can have implications for ALL life situations, not just romantic situations. Poor judgment can trip us up in any part of life, if we let it mislead us.

In any case, I would not advise cheating or being the other woman regardless of a person's transits or progressions. I have counseled people for many years and have seen very few cases of love triangles that don't end in heartbreak for all concerned.

Remember that there is always more than one progression or transit operating in anyone's life at a given time. You might have good and protective cycles which help to offset this one. You may also have challenging cycles which exacerbate this one. Always factor in ALL cycles at work at a given time.

Also consider WHEN a cycle is peaking to ascertain its relative strength. A progression peaking in five years is not terribly strong yet. Look to the tightest orbs and and nearest peaks to determine which progressions have the most influence. A progression will develop more strength inside a 3-year time orb, but will be strongest (most noticeable and most influential) near its peak.

Here is what you can do to protect yourself, and this is good advice for all people during bad judgment cycles.

Stick to the tried and true- don't do anything unusual or untested

Stick to the safest course- don't take risks or go out on a limb

Stick to common sense- if an idea is generally considered to be a bad idea, don't do it

Get "reality checks" from trusted, wise friends- see what they think

LISTEN TO AND TAKE the good advice you get, don't ignore it

Bad judgment cycles incline us to delude ourselves. They incline us toward temptations that wouldn't ordinarily tempt us. They incline us toward making mistakes, sometimes BIG mistakes. Bad cycles can make us think a new idea or insight is more true and right than what we've always thought. Beware of any new insights that arrive during bad cycles- especially if they fly in the face of common wisdom- they are very unlikely to be in your best interest.

One of the worst things about bad cycles is that they can remove our "safety net." A risk that we might get away with during good transits (if we even wanted to take the risk during good cycles) will almost inevitably blow up in our faces during bad cycles. We just don't have the same margin for error during bad cycles.

Forewarned is forearmed. If we know we are or will be having challenging cycles, we can be extra-careful and prevent bad situations from developing. Also, most people can hunker down and weather any bad cycle if they know when it will be over. You can decide to make good, sensible and careful choices, despite your current stars. Nothing is doomed or fated.

Good stars follow bad stars. Be patient. Pray for Right Guidance. Have faith in yourself and in the Universe. This too shall pass.

Many Blessings and Good Luck! MH

Follow up to Mercury retrograde thread
From Bryan in thread below, "when does this funk end?? Anytime soon?? PS. I wondered by everyone seemed a bit edgy"


We have a Sun-Saturn eclipse ALREADY PEAKED IN DEKS, SUN CON SAT PEAKS 9/17

Sun CP the heartbreak midpoint PEAKS 9/17

Sun/Sat tri Sedna ALREADY PEAKED


Sat/Jup MP CP Sedna PEAKS 9/27

In helio we have Earth opp Sat PEAKS 9/17





Note from C: Mercury retrograde
"...Ah, of course. Mercury in retro-grade. It all makes sense now, everyones a bit on edge. Astrology never lets me down. 🙂 "

Dear C, in my opinion it's waaaaay worse than just Mercury retrograde right now. You're right to think the stars are messed up. We have a Sun-Saturn eclipse, Sun CP the heartbreak midpoint, Sun/Sat tri Sedna with Venus in T-sq with Sedna and Neptune & Chiron, Sat/Jup MP CP Sedna. In helio we have Earth opp Sat, Sat qcx. Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune, Mercury in T-sq with Mars and Sat/Chi MP........ These are some of the worst days this year.

Best advice is, as much as possible, don't start anything new, don't meet anyone new, don't stir up any issues, DON'T WORRY.

If you ever wonder what's going on you can always post a question : ) Many Blessings! MH

Question from Leslie: CAC of progressed charts?
From thread below: "Magi Helena can a CAC be done for two person's progressed chart? boyfriend and I are both 47 in the same year, can we compare progressed charts to determine compatibility for that year?"

Hi Leslie,

There is no data as yet to support a CAC of progressed charts being a reliable indicator of compatibility for that year. However, progressed charts could be used as a guide to annual relationship compatibility in the following manner:

Analysis of both progressed charts (pure progressions & progressed transits) for each of you will reveal the likely themes of the year in question. These themes (both positive and challenging) should then be considered in the light of what that person's natal chart reveals about their own issues. This can also be done for major transits of the year. When you can understand what natal issues are likely to be supported or triggered by progressions and transits for each of you, you can then look at what relationship themes are likely to be supported or triggered.

Example: Person A has fears of abandonment revealed in the natal chart and will be going through several heartbreak transits during the year. Person B's natal chart shows a tendency toward workaholism and B has Cinderella and Golden progressions during that same year indicating many opportunities and payoffs for hard work. The relationship CAC has Person A's Chiron opposite Person B's Uranus indicating a tendency toward a certain ebb and flow in the relationship, with Person A sometimes feeling like Person B is unavailable. Can you see what the couple might be facing for the year?

Example 2: Person C thrives on change and has issues with authority, and Person D is somewhat controlling as indicated in the natal charts. Their CAC shows D's Saturn square C's Uranus and opposite C's Sun. Heavy Saturn transits and progressions for both people in the first part of a year make them both feel restricted and frustrated and has D tending to be more controlling than usual. Later that year, Person C moves into a Pluto-Uranus transits, while D remains stuck in Saturn cycles. Does anyone have any thoughts on what may likely transpire here?

Example 3: E and F are both achievers with many Super Aspects natally and Golden Linkages in their CAC. However, they have only one romantic super-linkage and one sexual aspect in the CAC. Neither has natal sexual aspects. They are in a relationship and also are business partners. Both have Golden Progressions and Transits in the same year. What would be the likely result of this?

This then is the crux of good progression and transit analysis-- to assess the likely INDIVIDUAL effects of these cycles based upon a deep understanding of the natal charts and relationship CAC.

I hope this helps!

Also I am interested in everyone's ideas of what these examples could indicate. : )

Many Blessings! MH

Question from Jeff: Newly discovered correct birth time...
I got my original birth certificate and found out my real DOB, and I was a little shocked to know the truth about me!

Hi Jeff,

With about 14 hours difference, the main changes would be in ascendant/house setup and moon sign/house/aspects, though you might find differences in signs/houses/aspects of Sun, Earth, Mercury and Venus as well. In terms of the research-proven Magi principles, the most significant things here to look for would be:

Changes to natal planetary geometry in all 6 dimensions
Changes in aspects to the faster-moving planets in all 6 dimensions

Though there can be some uses for signs and houses, Society research has not clearly pointed to any repeatable results with these. Add that to the fact that there is no standard definition for "birth" time and no atomic clocks until recent years, and the whole birth time issue gets fairly murky.

We do use birth times in Scientific Astrology when we have them, since the exact locations of the faster-moving planets are quite helpful. However, one great strength of Scientific Astrology is that we can give highly accurate readings without a birth time.

There are SO MANY proven principles which utilize so much data when you include all 4 dimensions, planetary geometry, the 4 main asteroids and Sedna (just for starters), Zodiac 7 charts, etc. that it just doesn't seem necessary to include unproven techniques. (Though it can still be interesting to look and consider : )

I hope you enjoy your new insights- Good Luck and Many Blessings! MH

Question from Leslie- Natalizations
For natalizing a business, does tr. jupiter enhancements of natal sun differ in strength to tr. sun enhancements of natal jupiter?

In Scientific Astrology we always consider transits made by slower planets (which are less frequent) to be more powerful than transits made by faster planets (which are more frequent). Rarity value adds to the power of a transit.

Transiting Jupiter trines natal Sun approx. twice in 12 years, each time making 3-5 geo transits lasting up to 12 days each. In helio, Jupiter also trines natal Earth approx. twice in 12 years, each time making a transit lasting about 37 days.

Transiting Sun in geo or Earth in helio trines natal Juiter twice a year, with transits lasting only 2-3 days each.

Even though the slower and less frequent enhancements are more powerful, in a natalization the enhancements of faster-moving planets to slower-moving planets DO count. I just factor these quick enhancements as being less powerful than the slower ones.

In choosing dates to natalize, I try to set up the natalization time frame based on slower enhancements, then dial in the final date based on quick enhancements. These quick enhancements should be the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

I hope this helps-- Good Luck!! MH
Ah.. one more thought... though the examples I gave were all in longitudes, the same relative "weighting" of enhancements based on faster- and slower-moving planets applies to declinations and latitudes as well.

Question from Indrani: Transits to Pure Progressions? (from thread below)
I've got a related question: do transits of Pure progressions matter? In other words, a CAC of transits with the Pure Progressed chart?

Hi Indrani,

The Society has not as yet found enough evidence to recommend this as a reliable technique. However, I have found some intermittent succes with this method over the years. What I have done in the past is this:

Using a program such as Solar Fire, set up a tri-wheel chart (3 concentric circles)
Use the natal chart as the inner wheel so that house setup for the triwheel is as per natal chart
Use pure progressions (secondary progressions) for the middle wheel
Use transits for outer wheel

Give this a try if you wish. I would comment though that if you look at enough data, you can find almost anything. Sticking to the proven principles of Scientific Astrology can give you the most accuracy and keep you focused on what we know really works. Remember too that repeated themes are more significant that any single isolated datum.

Good Luck! MH

Add'l question from Matina on progressions continued from below...
How would you interpret the pure progression chart aspects? Would you use the personal aspect interpretation or the transiting interpretation? And do you look at both the applying and separating aspects? Thank you

First of all- back to basics- the most important thing to look for in pure progressions (as in natal charts or CAC's) is planetary geometry. Research has proven that planetary geometry- especially symmetrical planetary geometry- is the single most significant factor in any chart. By all means look for and interpret this first.

After assessing any planetary geometry present, per your second question, I would tend toward using the transits interpretations. Since pure progressions are a single chart rather than a CAC, look at the fastest moving planet as the transiting planet. This is still something of an oversimplification, though....

I'm always a little wary of what I call "cookbook" interpretation- reading the interpretation of each aspect as if each aspect stands alone. When we bake a cake (synthesize a chart or charts) we hopefullly end up with a cake and not just a collection of eggs, flour, butter, sugar, etc. Still, synthesis only comes with practice, practice, practice, and until we reach that magical point when it all comes together naturally, cookbook interps are probably the next best thing.

Per your third question, pure progressions are most powerful while they are applying, though there is some aftereffect or fallout for a while once they begin to separate. Separating progressions are much more significant if they form a part of planetary geometry.

To get the full picture of a time period, you must look at pure progressions, progressed transits (CAC of pure progressions with the natal chart), and transits. I pretty much rank the importance of these in the order stated. Pure progessions and progessed transits definitely impact how transits are experienced as discussed in the last thread on progressions.

Always when you analze a progressed chart, or a CAC- of transits or of a couple- look at what is likely to be triggered in the natal chart(s). To do this it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the natal chart's strengths, weaknesses, challenges. This will give you much more insight into how things are likely to play out internally for the native(s), which then lets you predict with much more accuracy what is likely to "happen."

Many Blessings! MH

Question from G: Clarification of progressions
G sent a question about progressions from our first book, Astrology Really Works!, page 125 third line of second paragraph.

I guess I truly dont understand. It is from the last line. "The transits we experience during the 35th day after we are born will be overlaid on top of our daily transits during our 35th year of life". Does that mean you lay them over the transits I make with a particular day?

Hi G,

To try to clarify...

The chart of the sky 35 days after you were born (looked at alone) is read as the chart of your pure progressions for your 35th year. Progressions are the longest and strongest cycles which influence you at any given time. I think that "overlaid" isn't really the best term here.. I think that the idea here is that your progressions overshadow your concurrent transits (i.e. the transits you have in your 35th year), having a strong influence on how you experience your transits. Good progressions sweeten good transits and soften bad transits. Bad progressions weaken good transits somewhat and make bad transits worse.

A second form of progressions which are also important are your progressed transits. This is a CAC between your progressed chart at any given time overlaid over your natal chart. The linkages and clashes seen here are also powerful, though not quite as powerful as pure progressions. The most stunning progressions are multi-planet pure progressions which form planetary geometry.

I hope this helps!

Many Blessings, MH

Question from Leslie- Saturn turbulent aspects in wedding charts
I am picking a wedding date for my boyfriend and myself. Is it okay to have saturn turbulents if it does not involve Chiron? I have read some saturns are okay if they for geometry shapes.

Hi Leslie,

Wedding dates are tricky.....

It's always best to avoid Saturn turbulent aspects if possible. My belief based on all of our research is that it is better to wait a LONG time to get married than to natalize anything really bad in the wedding chart. If this is not possible, it's most important to be sure that the Saturn turbulent aspect does not create a progression in the wedding chart. Also take care with the planet(s) that Saturn is clashing with... the worst besides Chiron would be Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune.

Many Blessings and Good Luck! MH

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Question from L: Saturn-Chiron clash and Solar Return
I was reading your article on Chiron saturn and wanted to ask what does it mean to have an acquaintance's natal Saturn opposite my natal chiron? Also do you know what a Venus/Neptune/chiron solar return conjunction means?


Extensive research by the Society has shown that natal Saturn opposite natal Chiron in a comparison between two charts is a heartbreak clash. Sorry! Also, from your description, your acquaintance is the Saturn person of this clash, which gives them a certain power over you. The greatest likelihood is this case is that the acquaintance would be the "heartbreaker" and you would be the one who is heartbroken. This is important to keep in mind if you are contemplating furthering this relationship. Not every heartbreak clash ends in disaster, but it is usually a sign from the stars that this person is not your soulmate and that it is better not to start a relationship in the first place.

Society research hasn't yet been able to prove the validity of solar returns, but the pattern you are describing here may mean that the current Neptune/Chiron conjunction in the sky falls on your natal Venus. If so, this transit would include romantic, silver, golden, and cinderella transits, which are all wonderful! Enjoy!

Good luck and Many Blessings- MH

Question from G: Romantic Mystical Triangles
For quite some time I’ve been trying to clarify my dilemma concerning Romantic Mystical Triangles., and since I couldn’t find any specific answer on this pattern, I’ve decided to give it a shot by e-mailing to you. According to Scientific astrology, a mystical triangle is formed by three planets where one side is a trine, one side is a square, and the third side is a quincunx, and when it comes to love, romantic mystical triangles are signs of nearly irresistible mutual romantic attraction. What if the mutual linkage between Venus and Chiron is square? Magi says that Chiron square Venus linkages are activations i.e. clashes ("impossible dream") You implicitly say that the Chiron aspect between charts must be a linkage, not a clash. ( Chiron square Venus quincunx Neptune trine Chiron). Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t need an answer on the concrete CAC pattern. I would just be extremely grateful if you confirm, or refute, if this pattern includes Venus Chiron square.

Hi G,

Good question!

I believe the best answer would be this:

Without seeing the charts, it appears that the pattern you are describing is a romantic mystical triangle in terms of the geometry, but may or may not be a romantic super-linkage. If the Neptune is from the same chart as the Chiron (i.e. a natal linkage) then this would not be an RSL. If the Chiron-Neptune trine is a linkage between the two charts, then this would be an RSL. Since the mystical triangle is a strong geometric form, there would at least be some offset of the unfavorable side of the Venus-Chiron clash, especially if the Chiron-Neptune trine is a linkage between the two charts and this is a true RSL.

I hope this helps-- good luck! MH

Question from Srinivas: Natalizing for career
I've been thinking about getting into real estate as a career for a while now. I am close to making a decision about it. The thing is there are a several steps one needs to take in the process of becoming a real estate agent. Some of them are:
§ Choosing a real estate brokerage firm to join
§ Enrolling in real estate training course
§ Getting your licence
§ Setting up a web site etc.
My question to you is, do I need to find a good date for each of these steps? Why I am asking you this question is it may not be practical/possible sometimes to natalize something on a good date.

Hi Sri,

It's always better to natalize on the most favorable dates possible, but here are my thoughts on your specific steps:

§ Choosing a real estate brokerage firm to join

This choice should be made under good transits so your judgment is at its best. (Jupiter transits if possible, avoid Saturn transits) If this involves a written commitment, try to natalize that on a good day.

§ Enrolling in real estate training course

Enrolling should natalize a good day. Always remember that a good natalization includes BOTH strong positive linkages in the CAC with your natal chart AND a good astrological day in itself.

§ Getting your licence

I suggest you investigate the licensing process- find out how long it takes between your submission and the granting of the license. With a little investigation, we often can dial these things in pretty well. Usually we plan for the most likely granting date to fall in the middle of a fairly good 3-day window and then hope for the best.

§ Setting up a web site etc

The most critical thing for a web site is the domain name purchase date. Be sure your purchase date includes favorable Neptune financial aspects (Neptune rules real estate) and favorable Neptune fiancial linkages to your natal chart.

Good Luck and Many Blessings! MH

Question from Leslie below re: planetary geometry
"Hello Helena...I'm looking at planet geometry in the natal chart and was wondering if separating aspects count in the formation?"

Hi Leslie,

Yes, when looking at natal planetary geometry, we look at both applying and separating aspects as long as they are within our allowable orbs.

BTW, I like the new photo!

Blessings, Love and Light, Helena

Question from C: How to find Cinderella transits w/o Magi Software
I got very hooked into the Magi books a number of years ago and this perspective now heavily influences the readings I give. I am helping a couple find a wedding date and wondering if you have any software that would quickly tell me when a woman is having a Cinderella transit, for example.

Search with any software for the following in all 4 dimensions (geo longitudes, geo declinations, helio longitudes, helio latitudes):
An enhancement transit by Chiron to natal Sun, Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto. Also by Chiron to natal Moon if the exact birth time is known. Cinderella transits are also formed by enhancement transits by the Sun, Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto to natal Chiron.

Enhancment aspects (excluding Saturn) are Conjunction, Trine, Quincunx, Parallel, Contra-parallel, Contra-latitude.

Good luck to you and Many Blessings! MH

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Question from Lara: What is a SOULMATE LINKAGE?
Hi Lara,

"Soulmate Linkage" is the term I sometimes use in place of the Magi term "Romantic Super Linkage." I think it's just an easier term to instantly understand and use. Here is an explanation of Romantic Super Linkages taken from my website:

Couples who form one or more romantic super-linkages are inclined to marry- the more romantic super-linkages, the greater the chance of marriage. In fact, the presence of romantic super-linkages is the most reliable indicator of marriage.

Romantic Super-Linkages are multiple planet configurations which include one person's Chiron in the Combined Alignment Chart (CAC) of two persons. Certain specifics must exist:

• The Chiron aspect between charts must be a linkage, not a clash.
• The romantic super-linkage must include 3 or more different planets.
• Only Magi aspects with Magi orbs
• Romantic super-linkages may be in any of the 4 dimensions of Scientific Astrology: the geocentric or heliocentric longitudes, the
geo declinations, or the helio latitudes.
• Permissible planets in the 3-planet romantic super-linkage:

Moon (only if you are working with an exact birth time)
Chiron (required)

Other points may be included in the configuration if it is comprised of more than 3 planets, but the minimum required 3 planets must all be on this list. Juno MAY NOT count as one of the 3 required planets in the super-linkage.

More about Romantic Super-Linkages

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Many Blessings! MH

Question from C: What does the term "transdimensional" mean?
I read your newsletter, "Patterns in the Sky", with great interest. I would please like to ask the following question, what does the term "transdimensional" mean?

Thank you for your interest and support of StarGazer!

"Transdimensional" means any aspect that is present in both the geocentric and heliocentric dimensions.

Many Blessings to you! MH

Question from Julei re: balancing Cinderella transits, sexual transits, Saturn Heartbreak cycles
Hi Julei,

There are a couple of ways to handle this...

One way is to look ahead a few months downstream. With retrogrades, I think you'll find a very close configuration happening approx. Dec/Jan WITHOUT the nasty Saturn stuff. Even the helio is nearly the same.

Another option, if you MUST do something during bad universal stars, is to natalize your action as close as possible to, but immediately preceeding, the peak of the aspect. We're talking minutes or hours here, not days. This way, the applying Saturn is applying by progression for the shortest possible time, and does not create a perpetual progression as it would if you natalized after the applying peak

This doesn't really work though for meeting a variety of new people, it only really works for a single natalization. I'm not looking at your chart, but in general I'd say that if you can get almost all of the Cinderella linkages in just a few months without all the tough Saturn aspects in every chart you natalize, that would be the way to go.

Good luck- Many Blessings! MH

Question from O: A Saturn Clash Transit and a Cinderella Time occurring at the same time
What happens when you have both a Saturn Clash Transit and a Cinderella Time occurring at the same time? Do they cancel each other out?

There are two things to consider here... how you experience these transits in the moment, and possible future effects.

In the moment, transits can impact one another- a good transit can "soften" a bad one- but they never cancel each other out. Also, your progressions greatly impact how you experience your transits- good progressions make all transits seem better in the moment, bad progressions make all transits seem worse.

In terms of future effects, anything important you begin or anyone you meet during these cycles would carry the effects of BOTH transits into the future. You didn't say which Saturn clash cycle you are referring to, but generally speaking, we try to never natalize anything of any significance during any Saturn clash transit, even if there are also Cinderella transits.

Society research has proven that we meet and marry our soulmate during Cinderella times. However, there are many Cinderella times in anyone's life, and if you are also in a Saturn clash transit, the advice would be to wait this one out and not try to meet anyone new.

Good Luck- Many Blessings! MH

Question from P: Very worried- 2 heartbreak & 2 nuclear clashes at once!
I'm not sure if you can offer any advise to me. I am rather worried about the next year or so of my life. From around 11 May to 6 July 2010 I have 2 nuclear clashes, 2 heartbreak clashes in the geocentric chart and also 2 heartbreak clashes and a nuclear clash in the heliocentric chart - that's 7 really bad aspects at once. I hope get through whatever is coming!!! Any thoughts to relieve my concerns?"

First of all, take a deep breath. Nothing bad is ever inevitable!

We all have multiple bad transits at times. We can get through them just fine if we remember the standard advice during bad cycles:

Initiate no important new beginnings
Avoid meeting anyone new
Make no major changes
Make no major decisions
Try to get along rather than challenge others in personal relationships & business

As with all negative cycles, as long as we don't start anything new or do anything stupid, when the cycle is over, it's over!

Several more things to remember-

Your progressions are both longer and stronger than your transits. Good progressions can greatly offset bad transits.

One thing we've all done is to fixate on upcoming bad transits and ignore concurrent good transits. Good transits can help soften the effects of bad transits A LOT. Still, try not to natalize ANYTHING if you can help it.

Remember that good stars follow bad stars and good times follow bad. Hang in there and know you are not alone... : ) MH

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Question from Jessica: Astrology of stalkers & making romantic selection errors
"Hi Helena! In Scientific astrology, (1) What makes for crazy obsessions/stalkers' like Sid Viscious of Sex Pistols and Nancy his girlfriend? and John Hinkley and Jodie Foster? (2) Also, is it possible to have a heartbreak cycle for years? (eg: inability to attract or constantly going for wrong person?) - I am learning about Scientific astrology and wonder what would make someone be like #1 and what would contribute to #2 above. Thanks! :)"

Hi Jessica,

Welcome to the group! : )

Question 1: The first thing I looked for to answer this question was for sexual captivations between the two pairs: i.e. Juno sexual linkages with Saturn captivations. More about Captivations

Here are the birth dates I came up with online: Vicious: 5/10/1957, Nancy Spungen: 2/27/58, Hinckley, Jr.: 5/29/1955, Foster: 11/19/1962.

I will note that the biographical information I found did not really point to a stalker relationship between Sid and Nancy. As far as I could ascertain, Sid and Nancy had a relationship characterized by drug abuse and domestic violence. Sid was charged with Nancy’s stabbing death, but died himself of a heroin overdose before he could be found guilty or exonerated. If you know more of the history of this pair, please let me know.

Neither of these pairs indicate obvious sexual captivations, though other interesting patterns exist.

Sid and Nancy have numerous serious clashes, including one Nuclear Clash, but only one Juno sexual linkage.

With Hinckley, Jr. and Foster, there are captivations in both directions but no Juno sexual linkages. Hinckley, Jr.’s natal chart does have a Pluto-Pallas linkage in geo which I often correlate to a tendency toward obsessive thinking, and Saturn-Pallas-Mars geometry in helio which could correlate to worry culminating in violence, or negative and violent thought patterns.

I have become intrigued enough by this question to want to do further research. Googling “famous stalkers” I came up with this link: . I have noted the names of the stalkers and their celebrity victims and plan to do a mini-research project on this phenomenon at some point in the future. I’ll be sure to post the results when I have them.

Question 2: It is entirely possible to have a difficult cycle for years in the progressions, which are longer and stronger than transits. Some of the progressions that could lead to the phenomena you are describing would be:

A Heartbreak progression (Saturn/Chiron clash, Sat/Chi midpoint/Chiron clash)

A Nuclear progression (Saturn/Jupiter clash, Sat/Jup midpoint/Jupiter clash, Sat/Jup midpoint/Chiron clash). Any of these give a person horrible judgment.

A clash from either the Sat/Chi midpoint or Sat/Jup midpoint to Sun, Moon, Venus, Neptune.

A Sun-Chiron clash progression.

Even the benign Venus-Neptune progression can create such a strong desire to be in love that one discards common sense, especially at a clash angle.

One way to work with a habitual tendency to make romantic selection errors is some kind of therapeutic process to heal old wounds. Often past trauma patterns seemingly repeat themselves in our lives. Working to heal the old business can often make radical changes in our ability to choose partners wisely and to have the relationship skills necessary for maintaining healthy relationships.

Scientific Astrology can be an amazing tool for deep insight into ourselves and those around us, and I congratulate you on deciding to pursue your study in it. Many Blessings! MH

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Question from Srinivas: 'Which is the best city for a person to live in?' using Scientific Astrology
"On the society web site they mention that you can find out 'Which is the best city for a person to live in?' using magi astrology. That's intriguing! Can you throw some light on this?"

Hi Sri, I’ll look into it but I don’t recall the Society releasing our specific techniques for this to the public as yet. I can, however, make this suggestion: Try using any of the astrocartography programs but using Magi planetary symbolisms. Our research-proven symbolisms offer much more accurate insights than traditional symbolisms. Anecdotally, I can say that I have found this technique to be useful. I hope this helps. MH

Question from Sri: Universal Heartbreak cycle peaking July 13
Sri, I'm going to cherry-pick some info from my 2nd qtr. newsletter to help answer your questions.

Yes, Saturn is applying to Chiron by contra-parallel in geo, peaking July 13. A SECOND Universal Heartbreak (Sat-Chi quincunx in helio) is also in process now, peaking August 5.

It's always good to follow the standard advice during negative transits:
Initiate no important new beginnings
Make no major changes
Make no major decisions
Try to get along rather than challenge others in personal relationships & business

As with all negative cycles, as long as we don't start anything new or do anything stupid, when the cycle is over, it's over!

If you MUST proceed in doing something important and absolutely can't wait until a cycle is over, consider this:

The last 2-3 days of a cycle (just prior to the aspect becoming exact) will be the dates when the pattern is strongest. In the case of difficult cycles, in theory anyway, actions which are unavoidable should be taken as early in the cycle as possible, as the cycle's negative effects are most detrimental at the cycle's peak. HOWEVER, one important caveat to this is that the planetary progressions being set up must also be considered. Depending upon how the progressions play out, they could be horrible, or relatively insignificant. When the progressions set up are detrimental it can be best to do your natalization at the EXACT peak to minimize the progression.

After the cycle is past exact and is separating, the effects rapidly dwindle. Try to wait a minimum of 3 days after the exact. Allowing more time is better, but always consider progressions being set up as mentioned above.

You are correct that the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron stellium would generally be considered desirable in a natalization. I would have to say that any potential natalizations would have to be considered carefully to assess the individual and unique pros and cons this sky offers. To begin with, we would look at the linkages and clashes to the person's natal chart and the particular enterprise under consideration.

Always remember that the individual effects of Universal patterns will be improved by, or worsened by, your personal transits. MH

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Question from Sri: ..England's longest marriage.. your insight on their secret (May 26, 1928)
First, looking at the wedding date itself, I also notice the near-exact Neptune/Chiron parallel in geo. In helio, there are two more Cinderella aspects, Chiron parallel Pluto, and Chiron quincunx Earth-Moon complex. A Chiron enhancement of Earth is one of the most favorable aspects for a wedding chart.

Though brief research didn't turn up Frank or Anita Milford's birth dates, I did find that Frank was born in Jan. 1908, and Anita was born in June 1908. This is too vague to use faster-moving planets, but using natal Jupiter through Chiron only, I was able to at least see some of the aspects in the CAC between each partner and the wedding chart.

Frank has at least 5 Cinderella linkages that we can see using these planets with the wedding chart! This is outstanding.

Anita has at least 2 - 4 Cinderella linkages. This is also excellent.

Cinderella linkages between each partner and the wedding chart is another important factor in Magi wedding date selection. The more the better!

This at least begins to explain the Milford's wedded longevity. If anyone is able to come up with their birth dates, we can continue the analysis further... MH

Question from D: Have the magi done any research on tropical vs. sideral charts, and if so, what were the findings?
Scientific Astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac.

Question from D: Could you recap briefly your interpretation of the asteroids?
Super-brief asteroid meanings proven by Society research:

Juno: sex outside marriage, the mistress, allure, illusion and delusion, deception, casual dating
Vesta: friends, fans, the public, loyalty
Ceres: the little godfather of business
Pallas: logical ordering, analysis

Detailed interpretations of the asteroids

Blessings!  MH

Question from D: What is your view of sextiles and semi-sextiles?
Sextiles and semi-sextiles are very important when part of Planetary Geometry of multiple planets. Society research points to Planetary Geometry as being the single most important factor in analysis of any chart or comparison chart. If not part of Planetary Geometry, then sextiles and semi-sextiles have not been shown to be as strong as the aspects we commonly use: conjunction, trine, quincunx, square, opposition, parallel and contra-parallel.

Question from D: What constitutes golden and cinderella transits/aspects?
Golden transits are any transiting-to-natal combination of these planetary pairs: Jupiter-Pluto, Jupiter-Chiron, Pluto-Chiron, Venus-Chiron, Pluto-Venus, and Pluto-Neptune. Additional Golden Transits are: Chiron to natal Sun, Earth or Ceres, Neptune to natal Venus, Jupiter to natal Juno, and Ceres to natal Sun, Earth or Venus.
Cinderella linkages (aspects) are enhancement angles within Magi orbs of the following: Venus/Chiron, Jupiter/Chiron, Neptune/Chiron, Pluto/Chiron. Cinderella transits include the preceding, as well as transiting Chiron in enhancement aspects to natal Sun or Moon.
Many Blessings! MH

More information

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Question from Srinivas: Is a Saturn trine Chiron or a Saturn parallel Chiron in a CAC considered a Heartbreak Clash?
Hi Sri,
These two aspects are not clash aspects- both of these are captivation aspects. A heartbreak clash occurs in a CAC when Saturn and Chiron are square, quincunx, opposite, contra-parallel, or contra-latitude. More information on Captivations

Oh, and BTW, since you are asking about two different aspects: If both of these aspects are present with the SAME PERSON as the Saturn person in both aspects and both aspects are in the same dimension (geo or helio), this would be a bi-level captivation, and would be about three times as powerful as one of these aspects alone. If each of these aspects exist but in different dimensions, this would be a trans-dimensional captivation and would also be approx. three times as powerful as one aspect alone. Blessings! MH

1 more question from D re: 6 planet helio stellium
What significance is the 6 planets in Heliocentric bunched together within 1.22 Degrees?

Generally speaking, such a powerful stellium is highly significant, both as a piece of Planetary Geometry and when transited. Strong Planetary Geometry adds much power to a chart, as seen in the charts of the movers and shakers of the world. When this degree range is transited by positive planets at enhancement angles, great things are possible (double blessings). When this degree range is hit by Saturn or it’s midpoints at a clash angle, it’s a time to lay low and make no new beginnings (double jeopardy). MH

Questions: Geo vs. Helio, Saturn in Natalizations, Zodiac 7 Charts from D
Are Heliocentric aspects equal to concentric or does one outweigh the other? I.E., Do you put more emphasis one than the other?

I think you mean geocentric aspects rather than concentric…. Society research has shown the helio chart to be every bit as important as the geo chart and we consistently use both charts in all analyses and date selections.  MH

Since I have Saturn wedged in with 6 other planets in heliocentric ( making 7) within 1.22 Deg. and the 150 Deg. Saturn – Neptune aspect, then does a transit of Saturn to Neptune make much negative difference in my case? I have searched for a good day to get started and keep running into Saturn. How long will I have to put up with this? I see opportunities every day begging my attention.

Regardless of natal aspects, we would avoid Saturn transits to natal Neptune in most business natalizations if at all possible. Neptune is a financial planet and rules more types of business endeavors than any other. For most people, the bottom line in a successful business undertaking is actually making money. It doesn’t matter how many opportunities we pass up if they lead nowhere. I do want to point out though that we are speaking generally here, and only a detailed look at a person’s natal chart and the nature of the undertaking(s) they are interested in will tell us if a time is favorable or unfavorable for a particular person in a particular venture. MH

What does the moon, moon’s North & South nodes, vertex and part of fortune represent? The books & web site don’t explain. And why doesn’t the web site explain the 12 houses? Or for that matter, how can they suddenly go from 12 to 10 house? That stunned me!

Since Scientific Astrology is research-based and bulk birth data most often omits birth times, we can’t use the moon with accuracy for large-scale research projects. We do believe that the Moon represents emotions, the subconscious mind, and the maternal instinct. We have not yet revealed the meanings of the nodes, vertex or part of fortune.

As far as dividing the zodiac wheel, the Society has researched the various ways of doing this for years. The classic zodiac wheel of Babylonian origin divides 360° into 12- 30° parts. The Society has recently revealed the importance of also analyzing the wheel by dividing it into 7 parts. Our research has shown that this method of division yields stunning results in explaining things which were previously inexplicable using traditional astrology.

We believe based upon all our research that Planetary Geometry is more important than all other astrological influences combined. The geometry which is revealed by the Magi Zodiac7 chart is staggering! This does not mean that we cease to use the geometry produced by 30° aspects- only that we now include 51.429° aspects, too. Blessings! MH

Questions from M- Scientific basis of modern astrology
1) Could you tell me what astrology system you use?

True when originally written and posted: I am a Certified Level IV Magi Astrologer. M*gi Astrology is a research-based offshoot of western astrology. My background is 30 years of study of western astrology, 10 years of study in M*gi Astrology. (Magi Helena left the Magi Society in 2022.)

2) If I asked you top give me specifics of an astrology statement you might make and asked you to trace it back to original works could you?

I’m not sure what you mean by this question. Could you clarify it for me?

3) The original works were compiled by people. What reference books do you use that contain this data?

It appear that questions 3, 4, & 5 all relate to question 2, but I think you are asking for something of a bibliography. I really don’t know offhand what ancient texts the more modern-day astrologers referenced in their writings. We do know that the ancient Babylonians, Hebrews, and Druids, among others were astrologer/astronomers.

4) How would I trace these data works back to the people that compiled them? What were the original works these original astrologers wrote that your modern astrology is based on? All modern versions of astrological statements, in order to be serious, must rest of data correlated on positions of the celestial bodies and traits revealed.

Scientific Astrology is the only astrological system that I know of that is strictly based on empirical principles. We form hypotheses, then do vast research to either support or discredit our hypotheses. This could really only be done in the information age. Our principles are soundly based in what we have been able to prove, this is why Scientific principles differ fairly substantially from other forms of astrology. Every astrologer, no doubt going back to the ancients, notices certain patterns. This is most likely the information that has been passed down historically. Although we can certainly note what seems to work, this is strictly anecdotal and is not the same as proving something.
Historical figures that were or were rumored to be astrologers include: King David, Kepler, Galileo, Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin.

5) How did these original astrologers actually do the work of correlating the celestial bodies to people traits world-wide and through all times?

I don’t believe this was possible in ancient times- only now can we broadly access and correlate dates/times/events/experiences.

6) which specific celestial bodies; stars, planets; did these original astrologers use to make the celestial body arrangements with human or environmental trait definitions?

Ancient astrologers could only use the visible planets- Sun through Saturn, and the fixed stars.

7) If I told you that the arrangement of only five of the planets that they might have used (the early astrologers did not know of all the planets; some were not known until the 1900's; only the naked eye planets; the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn; were known) would result in an astrological arrangement repeated once ever 6.67 million years (assuming 6 fractions of night sky orientations possible) without even invoking the stars and constellations and the other planets then how did the original astrologer group correlate these rare occassions with any human or environmental trait? I.e., if it takes millions of years just for the simplest of the planet arrangements to repeat itself again, how would someone correlating any single arrangement with any trait do so in a reasonable period of time (years or even centuries or millenia of their lifetimes)?

I think I’ve already answered the impossibility of doing this in ancient times. Today, with the informational capacities of the internet, plus the ability of astrological software to project forward and backward in time, we have a much greater chance of being able to make these correlations.
Many Blessings! MH

Question: How to detect a sexual dragon
I have been having trouble understanding how to detect a romantic and/or a sexual dragon in a chart...I have read and re-read the Magi  web site about that...still do not know how to detect it.

Are such dragons always in the form of a yod? I know it's about mind-blowing sex..but how can I tell if I have formed a romantic as well as a sexual dragon with someone else while looking at our CACs?

This is a complex question, but I will try to answer it as clearly as I can.

Dragons start with a quincunx, either natal or transiting. Dragon points are located at the 60, 90, 120, and 150 degree points moving around the long side of the wheel in either direction. When a third planet is found on any of these dragon points, such as in a couple's CAC or by transit, a dragon is formed. A dragon can contain a Yod, but can also contain a Mystical Triangle.

To tell the difference between Romantic and Sexual Dragons, remember that Romantic Dragons are comprised of Romance planets and Sexual Dragons are comprised of Sexual planets.

Romance and Sexual Planets:
Scroll down near bottom of page

Blessings! MH

Question from M: Do Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have any Romantic linkage that shows this couple is gonna last?

Hi M,

Based on the untimed birth data that I have for Timberlake-1/31/81- and Biel- 3/3/82, they have 5 Romantic Super Linkages:

In geo:

T's Chiron contraparallel B's Jupiter parallel T's Mars
B's Chiron contraparallel T's Mars parallel B's Venus
(These 2 RSL's are also interlinked)

In helio:

T's Chiron at the apex of a yod with B's Neptune and Pluto
B's Chrion at the apex of a yod with T's Neptune and Pluto
T's Chiron parallel B's Mercury and contralatitude B's Vesta (I personally count Vesta in RSL's)

With 5 RSL's this couple has strong soulmate potential. Will they last? That depends on their other linkages and clashes, the date they met, the date they marry, and the free will choices they both make.

Many Blessings!  MH

Question: Is this a Heartbreak Clash? from F
Hi, I read your information about heartbreak clash aspects.. I want to ask about that.. My chiron is 29.11 Taurus and my boyfriend Saturn is 00.16 Virgo.. Is this Heartbreak clash or Saturn clash? Because i read "if chiron in Taurus and Saturn in leo, scorpio, aquarius,libra or sagittarius, it can be heartbreak clash".. is it true? i m awaiting your answer.. Thanks a lot..

The Saturn/Chiron clash you describe in your first question is a square within the 3 degree orb we use in Scientific Astrology, so yes, this would be considered a Heartbreak Clash. Sorry!!! We do consider Heartbreak Clashes to be serious in Scientific Astrology, but they can be overcome in certain circumstances. Many Chiron linkages, few other clashes, and having a selfless partner that truly loves you all help a lot. So does having met your partner on a very good day without bad progressions. A fabulous wedding date is a major help.

To answer your second question: If within a 3° orb, then a Chiron in Taurus would make a square to a Saturn in Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, and a quincunx to a Saturn in Libra or Sagittarius. A square is always a clash aspect, and a quincunx is a clash when Saturn is involved.

Many Blessings to you!


Four new questions from AS
In Scientific Astrology, are the aspects in a composite chart considered?

No, they are not. This is not to say there is no validity in this method. Rather, the Magi Society has proven so many principles through extensive scientific research that we stick to what WE KNOW works. We are continually doing new research and releasing new principles as they are proven.

2. In the book, M*gi Astrology: The Key to Success in Love and Money, it's states that a personal aspect of Saturn conjunct Jupiter is referred to as the 'fallen angel' and 'it has .... spiritual overtones' ... The book also said that it would elaborate what this aspect means in a future book ... well there hasn't been a future book, unfortunately!! (my reason for wanting to know this is if I can determine what this aspect means so I can see if I can figure out how this relates to our relationship. His Saturn 25 Cap, His Jupiter 24 Cap, My Sun 20 Cap and My Moon 26 Cap)

Saturn-Jupiter is a natal aspect that is very complex. I see how these positions relate in your CAC. A couple of thoughts in brief- for his natal analysis, look at the directions of the planets and what if any progressions are set up, also which if any other planets are involved and what aspects or geometry are formed. For the CAC, I would honestly prefer to do a complete relationship analysis to see how it all fits in before commenting.

3. I know in Scientific Astrology, they look at progressions. But what about Solar Arcs or Solar Returns in regards to predictive astrology?

We don't look at Solar Arcs or Solar Returns in Magi Astrology. See answer #1.

4. Is there another book due to be released? If so, when?

To my knowledge, not at this time.

Many Blessings! Helena

Question: If I've understood quite right your 'patterns-in-the-sky' -analysis in -the last StarGazer, then there is no time for first meetings, first love and marriage at least into midst of September - to nobody!!! My question: what is your advice to clients? -GK

Hi GK,
This is a very valid question, though I would hesitate to give such absolute general advice. There are times in life when it is better to wait rather than move ahead, as new beginnings made during these times would likely lead to problems. As frustrating as this is, if we know this in advance, we can make more positive choices for ourselves in the long run.

As 2009 progresses, we will be getting into better Universal stars than we have seen in several years. Even so, in order to choose the best timing, we must always consider BOTH the stars of the day itself AND the aspects made to our natal charts.

Even in a time window of only 3 days, there is always a "better" day, so there is always a day that can be chosen for things that absolutely can't wait. But for things that CAN wait, I encourage you to wait for excellent stars. Society research has confirmed time and time again that the stars DO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

Question: re: upcoming supermega formation
Hi Helena, Planning ahead... what's the word on the street about the upcoming Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune-Venus formation? It happens to hit trine position on my birthday. But the kicker is the Saturn-Chiron contraparallel at the same time. Seems best to just "go for it" whatever it is, and be wary, no? What's everyone thinking on this? R

Hi R, Certainly the upcoming Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune triple conjunction is a marvelous combination of positive energies, and would be a wonderful trine to your Sun.

The quintessential question in choosing dates to natalize is always how to weigh good formations in the sky versus bad. There is never a perfect time and all aspects are felt to some degree. To be VERY general, it is better to have a great pattern in the sky along with a bad one, than to have neither. Regardless, we would always want to know how each transiting pattern affects your natal chart to make a final judgment.

Question from Donald: "I noticed in my wife's chart that her Juno in heliocentric longitude was conjunct to my geocentric Sun. Is this considered an aspect? The reason I'm asking is because I know that we have not learned about diagonal aspects. So I was wondering if this is what it is. Can heliocentric positions make aspects with geocentric positions? And is this what diagonals are?"

Hi Donald,

Geocentric planets do not make aspects with heliocentric planets in Scientific Astrology. Planets are only compared to other planets in the same dimension. Often, the same aspects will be found geo-to-geo and helio-to helio with the slower-moving planets ex: Neptune sextile Pluto in both geo and helio. These are called trans-dimensional aspects. At times trans-dimensional aspects are also found with faster-moving planets, but these are more rare.

I believe the diagonal aspects you are referring to are those found in the 4-planet symmetrical geometric patterns called Quads. These diagonal aspects could be trines, quincunxes, or oppositions, depending on the Quad in question. The interpretation of the diagonals would be part of the analysis of the Quad in its entirety, including planets involved and the particular symmetrical geometric pattern.

Many Blessings! Helena


I wish you all good luck and many blessings- studying Scientific Astrology is an amazingly rewarding journey!

Online lessons in Scientific Astrology are tutorials in elementary and essential principles. They are not intended to teach basic astrological concepts - some knowledge of simple astrology is very helpful.

Each lesson is an important building block in learning to be proficient in Scientific Astrology. This system makes chart analysis much easier by providing clear-cut guidelines to understanding and interpretation.

Formerly Co-Director of the Magi Certification Program and formerly a Certified Level IV Magi Astrologer, I left the Society in 2022. When I was a member of the Society I was limited in what I could reveal. Now, I can tell you about many exciting discoveries. Check back periodically to see new material.

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