Best-Worst Days Calendar: Australia-Asia: 2024: 2nd Quarter


  • Plan Ahead: Get Best Days in advance.
  • Easy to use: Simple day-by-day calendar format.
  • Compare: One month to other months.
  • Best & Worst Days apply to everyone!
  • Best & Worst Days apply to everything!
  • Instant Download.
  • Access downloads anytime: Create account or login before you buy.



Now you can REALLY plan ahead: Travel, retreats, events, reunions, presentations, submissions, launches.

Displays the exact level of positive vs. negative energies on each day.

Applies to everyone! Applies to everything!
From a major event, purchase, initiative or launch, to small but important things like salon visits, car repair, or calling for tech support.

Best and Worst Days let you put the odds in your favor.
Best Days have the strongest odds of best outcomes.
Worst Days have the strongest odds of worst outcomes.

Who doesn’t want better odds?

Timing really does affect outcomes, Best and Worst Days let you pick your timing in advance!

Daytime best hours shift significantly in different time zones. Get Best and Worst Days  in advance and make your plans accordingly.

Things you do on better days just work out better. Problems are minimized and benefits are maximized, simple as that.

30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Get Best-Worst Days by the quarter-year, or save 33% with a full year.

Available in these 4 standard regional time zones:
South Asia

See all the options here:

Here’s what you get for each month:

  • The month’s calendar, with days broken into 5 categories: Best, Second-Best, Neutral, Second-Worst, and Worst.
  • The numerical scores for the highest- and lowest-scoring days of the month + the average daily score. Compare months to each other easily, apples-to-apples.
  • A short write-up of the month, with timely advice.
  • The actual graph of the month’s daily scores, so you can see exactly how the month flows day by day.

Instant Download.

View Sample Month here: 

Best & Worst Days are determined by >4800 lines of data computation. The algorithm used is a complete distillation of all scientific multidimensional principles taught publicly since 1995, and it has been tested upside-down and backwards.

The algorithm factors in:
>80 bodies: Planets, asteroids, most named Kuiper Belt points, midpoints
Geocentric and Heliocentric Longitudes
Geocentric Declinations
Heliocentric Latitudes
Longitudes: Zodiac 12 and Zodiac 7
Applying aspects, AND tightly separating aspects if creating significant Progressions
Degree Orbs and Time Orbs
Sun/Earth Geometries: ranked in 4 tiers based on number of planets and symmetry/asymmetry
Non-Sun/Earth Geometries: ranked in tiers the same way
Eclipses & Bi-Level Aspects
Trans-dimensional Aspects
Enhancements to Sun and Earth, ranked by pure enhancements and second tier enhancements
Cinderella aspects- Chiron helps EVERYTHING!
Financial Progressions
Financial Geometries: ranked in 4 tiers based on number of planets and symmetry/asymmetry
Positive Financial Aspects
Negative Financial Aspects
General Helpful Aspects
General Unhelpful Aspects
Heartbreak Clashes: ranked in 9 tiers based on time and degree orbs
Nuclear Clashes: ranked in 9 tiers based on time and degree orbs
Sappho Fear Vortex Financial Geometries


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