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Understanding Your Love Compatibility Chart [Love Isn’t Blind]

By Magi Helena “America’s #1 Astrologer”



How to read a love compatibility chart?

You don’t need to be an astrology expert! Learn the secrets of love compatibility. Get your real potential for a successful relationship.

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Astrology Compatibility Chart: Top 9 Insights on How it Works

By Magi Helena “America’s #1 Astrologer”

Instant Complete Love Report Box Love-Stars Love Relationship Compatibility Reports Magi Helena Astrology

Want to know how to read and interpret astrology compatibility charts?  It’s hard to sit in the wondering and worrying zone…where you don’t know if you’re investing in a beautiful future or headed for a devastating heartbreak…

Don’t you hate not knowing?

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Top 9 Online Dating Tips When Using Astrology Calendars

By Magi Helena

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Want to know how to date online? Want the dos, the don’ts, and the real secrets to meeting someone special? Let’s talk!

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Video: Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Doomed Marriage?

After 10 years together, why did Miley & Liam split so soon after marriage?

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Married Guy?

Astrology Q&A Married Guy

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Video: The Royal Wedding

Meghan & Harry Royal Wedding Astrology

What’s in store for Meghan and Harry?

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Channing and Jenna – How Negative Vibes Can Destroy True Love

Channing Tatum Jenna Dewan

A Heartbreak Wedding Date strikes again!

Fan-favorite hottie couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum have “lovingly separated” after almost 9 years of marriage. What caused their split?

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Gigi and Zayn – A Heartbreak Waiting To Happen

Gigi Hadid - Zayn Malik

Zayn could have known in advance that Gigi could break his heart…

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Selena and Justin’s Heaven and Hell Relationship

Selena Gomez - Justin Bieber

Why were they on-again and off-again, again and again?

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Bachelor Arie Luyendyk: How can he fall in love with two women at once?

Why Arie just can’t help himself.

As usual, the answer is in his stars!

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Royal Celebrity Soulmates Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

What really makes their relationship tick?

Love, Sex, Compatibility and more…


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Should Bachelor Nick Viall choose Raven or Vanessa?

 Who is best for Nick?

There are a surprising number of similarities in the relationship comparisons for Nick with Raven vs. Nick with Vanessa! Both ladies offer Nick True Love potential, Soulmate potential, plenty of Sexual Heat, and great Companionship potential.

So who would be best for Nick?
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5 Secrets to Meeting your Soulmate

Love Astrology

Find your True Love!

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Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston

Hiddleswift’s Unsurprising Demise

Analyzing Taylor and Tom’s relationship in detail has revealed some interesting insights. The first piece of the puzzle is that Taylor and Tom’s relationship was clearly more friendship-based than anything else. As friends there was plenty of benevolence, loyalty and trust as well as some happy companionship. I have no doubt that they liked each other. So what was missing?

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A Warning to Taylor

Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor,

Your fame stars remain strong through 2016, but you have several progressions to watch out for – you have an Infamy Progression which is influencing you now and which peaks in early April 2017. In fact, the keywords of this progression are “actions lead to infamy.”

People are much more likely to see you in a negative light

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The Bachelorette – JoJo Fletcher

Jo-Jo - Jordan Bachelor Bachelorette Astrology

Why JoJo Was Right To Choose Jordan

Both Jordan and Robby offered JoJo real true love potential and fairly high soulmate potential (in terms of how she feels – JoJo ranks lower in being a potential soulmate for both guys.) In terms of compatibility, both offered her better than average companionship and communication. Both Jordan and Robby also offered JoJo higher than average loyalty and trust, and potential for attachment. Also, the heartbreak potential in both of these relationships is low for each person, so in the event of a breakup, no one is likely to be seriously hurt.

So why was Jordan a better choice for JoJo?
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Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga- Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney – Too Many Clashes

Gaga and Taylor had True Love, moderate or higher Soulmate potential, high Sexual Heat, and high Clash Severity in certain key clashes. Though Gaga and Taylor blamed their long work-related separations for their split, I think it’s likely that their separations kept their relationship alive much longer than it would have otherwise lasted.

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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – Love and Attachment but lots of Clashes & Heartbreak Potential

This post was originally published July 14, 2016 – now that Angelina has filed for divorce, their relationship problems are even more relevant.  From July 14: With divorce rumors swirling again about Angelina and Brad, let’s take a look at their relationship. Angelina and Brad have moderately high True Love potential, and great Communication. Their Sexual Heat is moderately high, and so is their Forever Sexual Attraction. Their Attachment to each other is quite high, and they also have quite a bit of Power and Control over each other.Read more

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

Johnny Depp- Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – Obsession, Control, & Heartbreak

Poor Johnny and Amber had true love and real soulmate potential. They had other great relationship potentials too – excellent companionship and greater than average forever sexual attraction. Unfortunately, Johnny has a much higher than normal heartbreak potential with Amber.
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Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift - Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris – Smokin’ Heat, Lack of Balance & Heartbreak

Taylor and Calvin had major heat for each other, along with moderate caring and some real ability to hang out and have fun together. So what happened? First, though they generated lots of heat together, Taylor and Calvin weren’t really that sexually compatible, nor were they wired up to remain attracted to each other forever. Also, Taylor was much less attached to the relationship than Calvin was, yet she was strongly in control of it.

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Khloé Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian- Lamar Odom

Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom – So Much Love… So Much Heartbreak

Khloé and Lamar are a sad example of a couple whose wedding date was truly a double-edged sword – their relationship was made even more loving by their wedding date, but they were also destroyed by it. Their potentials for True Love and being Soulmates for each other were only average or a little better, but the bright side of their wedding date was bringing a deep tenderness and sweetness for each other and commitment to their marriage. Lamar’s high level of attachment to Khloé made him try to overcome his addictive tendencies, and Khloé’s high level of control over Lamar probably helped him in his efforts.
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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner- Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck – More Victims of a Heartbreak Wedding Date

Jen and Ben started out with pretty good relationship potentials. They had very high True Love potential, higher than average Soulmate potentials, higher than average Forever Sexual Attraction, higher than average Companionship potential and higher than average Duration. This is all very good, but  Jen’s control over Ben is way out of proportion, and Ben’s Heartbreak potential is high for this relationship.Read more